The Score

by Mark Rivers

From Frank Oz (real name: OZNOWICZ) comes The Score, the latest Jew filmmaking attempt to convince White men that only the noble negro (or negress) can cure them of their ills.

Set in Montreal, The Score stars Robert DeNiro as Nick, a seasoned cat burglar who wants to pull one last job, one last big "score," so he can retire and settle down with his "sexy negress," Diane (Angela Bassett).

Diane, an honest, hard-working stewardess, hates his criminal lifestyle, and refuses to marry Nick if he continues to be a crook. It comes as no surprise, then, that he is reluctant to take the next heist offered to him by Max (continent-sized Marlon Brando).

He is even more reluctant when he meets his partner on the job, Jack (Ed Norton), whose brash, devil-may-care demeanor is sure to be a problem later. Jack's plan is to rob the Montreal customs office of a priceless scepter.

With the help of Nick's dumb White thug, his geeky White computer guy, a corrupt White security guard, and a lax White security staff in the office, the plan goes smoothly -- until Jack double-crosses Nick, swipes the scepter and leaves Nick to get nabbed.

Of course, Nick escapes, pulls a switcheroo, and winds up happily ever after, getting away with the loot and his pet monkey.

If it weren't for the fact that the Jews once again threw in their miscegenation commandment, I probably would have enjoyed The Score more than I did. Frank Oznowicz is a capable director, but, like the others in his tribe, he is on a mission.

Look at Frank Oznowicz' last four big films:

The Score (2001) -- "Race-mixing is good. Whites are crooks and negroes are honorable."

Bowfinger (1999) -- "Negroes are rich and sexy. Whites are dishonest and exploitative."

In and Out (1997) -- "Homosexuals are great. If you are not a manly, grunting behemoth, you're probably gay, so why don't you just admit it?"

The Indian in the Cupboard (1995) -- "Behold the noble red man. Every kid should have a dark-skinned best friend."

Some movies, like Dr. Dolittle 2, Baby Boy, Scary Movie 2, Rush Hour 2, Kiss of the Dragon and Kingdom Come are deliberate attempts by the Jews to actively (and inaccurately) promote Blacks and/or Asians. The rest of the movies simply throw them in as normal, everyday parts of our lives.

Though the target audience of The Score is not White teenagers (for once), the unwashed masses in attendance will see yet another race-mixed couple presented as normal, and they will let the movie convince them just a little further that there is nothing wrong with it.

This is already leading to an increase in the mud-colored population. When the negroes and mestizos are the majority and WE are the minority, I don't have to tell you what will happen. You need only to search the back pages for what is already happening in countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as American cities like Boston, Detroit, Kansas City, Wichita, Washington, D.C., Seattle, St. Louis, Birmingham, Memphis, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Orlando, Houston, Indianapolis, Cincinnati....

This is one trend that must be reversed.

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