The Fast and the Furious

by Mark Rivers

From the very beginning of The Fast and the Furious, we are subjected to non-stop, loud, pulsating rock/rap mish-mash, and it doesn't let up throughout the ENTIRE MOVIE. That alone is reason enough not to see it. But if you must, be prepared for yet another racially divisive propaganda treat from the brothers Juden.

Directed by Rob COHEN and co-written by Erik BERGQUIST and Ken LI, The Fast and the Furious stars Paul Walker as Brian, a blue-eyed blond bumpkin who tries to infiltrate the big city drag-racing scene. The film is set in a thinly veiled (and unnamed) Los Angeles; a smog-free, litter-free, gang-free Los Angeles, in which every car is shiny (even the taxicabs), everyone is built like a model, and only White people (or sometimes Chinese) carry guns.

Brian the Bumpkin discovers four racially exclusive teams amongst the twenty-something dragsters: White, negro, Mestizo and Chinese. The White team, led by Dominic (the ethnically "complicated" Vin Diesel), is the only one hostile to the corn-fed, whitebread newcomer; the negro and Mestizo team leaders welcome Brian with open arms.

The most detestable character in the movie is Vince, the White guy playing second fiddle to Dominic. He hates Brian throughout the entire movie, but Brian saves his life at the end (whatta guy!).

At the beginning we are shown the hijack of a semi by a trio of unknown dragsters. Brian, as it turns out, is an undercover cop sent to find out who is responsible for these hijackings. The Mestizos and Chinese are suspected briefly (the blacks NEVER are), but -- gasp! -- it turns out to be Dominic and his White friends. They receive a call from a corrupt, White accomplice at the loading docks, then they intercept trucks loaded with with expensive items.

Brian's police advisors, a nominally friendly White sergeant (Ted LEVINE) and an ill-mannered White detective, are working in cooperation with a strong-willed, no-nonsense, take-charge FBI agent. The FBI agent, of course, is a negro.

The bumbling White SWAT team (police, by the way, are the only REAL enemy to the fun-loving dragsters) go after the Chinese team leader, Johnny Tranh, who of course is innocent. For making him lose face, however, Johnny comes after Dominic (who he thinks ratted on him) and winds up killing his mousy, White, computer geek friend, Jesse (Chad LINDBERG).

Brian, by this time has befriended Dominic (and fallen in love with his beautiful, swarthy sister), so, knowing that the White truckers are going to start resorting to vigilantism, he blows his cover to get Dominic to change his ways. Brian and Dominic have it out in one final race, and Brian, finally realizing the folly of trying to enforce the law, allows his new best friend Dominic to take his car to elude the police.

Besides the obvious racial overtones, there are a few other race cards in The Fast and the Furious worth mentioning. In the two hijackings shown, the drivers (both White) try to defend themselves against the robbers; once with a baseball bat and once with a shotgun. The cops, FBI and the viewing audience (the Jews hope) are horrified at the prospect of White people actually arming themselves and shooting at criminals.

The Jews hope to convince the audience of this movie (13-24 year olds) that they should let the authorities handle all matters pertaining to justice and criminal-stopping. An armed public is a gun-toting, looney public, they are preaching to the youth.

Also, the dragsters periodically hold a super-race, which they charmingly call "race wars." No, really! We see Dominic's girlfriend, another swarthy White, race against a smooth-talking mulatto male (the girl wins), and the geeky White Jesse race against Johnny Tranh (the White geek loses).

Honestly, though, "race wars"?? Why not just call the event "Whitey sucks"? Also, no mention is made as to how all of these young, sleek-physiqued fashion plates are able to afford their vehicles, jewelry, housing, FUBU jackets, etc...only that the WHITES are the only ones resorting to crime to pay the bills.

The Jews really want to get some points across to the young people with this movie:

A) White people are thieves.

B) It's okay to steal as long as you look cool doing it.

C) Your only enemies are the people trying to stop you from stealing.

D) Cops only exist to break up your drag races and spoil everyone's good time.

E) Blacks don't steal.

F) Mexicans are friendly to Whites in California.

Those in the target audience will not realize they are being manipulated by this particular piece of Judenscheiße. In fact, the kids will eat it up, just like they ate up Point Break, the (non-racial) 1991 version of this movie.

The Jews are revealing their true nature more and more conspicuously, since the average moviegoer is less apt now to spot their insidious intentions. It is up to US to start pointing out the Jews' robbing White youth of racial pride, while simultaneously building it up amongst the non-whites.

This is a 1-hour-45-minute music video with bad acting, and an all-too-familiar Jewish flavor. Do NOT see The Fast and the Furious. Its "Whitey is the Devil" theme will make you furious -- fast.

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