Letter from David Duke

Dear [ ]

It has been so long since we have spoken, and I must say that I have missed our conversations greatly. In doing the work I have been in America, Russia and Europe over the last couple of years, I misplaced your email address, but hopefully from your web page, I have it now. I am now in Italy doing research and hope to be back in Louisiana at the end of summer.

I have been speaking, writing and organizing racial resistance in what I believe is the most fertile ground right now: Russia and Eastern Europe. Much of what has occurred is very heartening. For instance, my new book, Jewish Supremacism, an updated version of the Jewish chapters from My Awakening, has now gone into three editions in the Russian Language and even had been sold in the Russian Duma (Parliament). Our traditional enemies are so incensed that they even tried to pass a special law, an updated, so-called anti-hate law in the Duma. It failed by only 6 votes.

Moscow is an amazing city, the only major capital city in the world with a practically all-White population. You can go all day in the Metro and on the streets (see tens of thousands of people) and see not one Negro. And, the people here are also the least propagandized and conditioned by the Jewish media. There are even members of the Duma, including good friends of mine, who speak openly about issues of race and Jewish Supremacism! I believe that I have helped guide many patriots here not to make the same mistakes in this country that the racial movement made in America, and how to make the most convincing arguments.

It's not just Russia that is awakening, the Romanian right has just translated and published the book and the rest of My Awakening will come in the fall. I have been to Croatia, Estonia, and many other areas where our Movement is growing rapidly. I don't want to discuss all of my journeys in an email, but those are just a small sample.

My big writing project is one I first told you about two years ago. My new book is tentatively entitled, For Love of My People. I have been doing research for the book in the centers of the Ancient Western World, in Rome, Turkey, as well as the major museums and universities of Europe. This book though, is not about facts, it is about building a deep and abiding love for our people that will motivate our activists to action and help them transcend persecution. Three thousand of us, as you may well know, are in the prisons of Europe right now, for daring to speak or write the truth. In Moscow I have met and become very close friends with Jürgen Graff, the Swiss academic who has been sentenced to two years in prison for simply daring to write a convincing and brilliant book questioning some aspects of the Holocaust. Jürgen speaks 12 languages fluently and can communicate effectively in 21. He is an example of a man of magnificent intellect who has such passion and devotion borne of a great love, (the love of our people) that he can endure all for us. It only this kind of passion that can save our genotype at this late hour!

My favorite writer, Dostoyevsky, said it more succinctly than anyone. "Only beauty can save the world." It is our race's beauty, both in its intrinsic genotype and the creations that have sprung from it, that can motivate us to victory.

In America, we have no such Draconian laws as in Europe, not yet, but we have a government willing to go to any means to persecute and destroy those who dare to stand up against the NWO. As you know, we have this image of free speech in America, but it is chimera, as almost all means of mass communication are completely controlled by our traditional enemies.

Vincent told me that your discussion has had a lot of titter about the Federal Investigation of me as well as the latest of the many scurrilous Jewish media defamation pieces about me. I hope all your readers are not so naive as to believe even a word of it. Even famous media personalities the Jews love are sometimes seriously defamed by "enquirer" pieces based on untrue quotes. Even these immensely poplular figures often suffer from the most outrageous lies and distortions. They face little of that compared to what I have faced, a man who is the ultimate purveyor of political incorrectness in America.

What does your discussion group think would be the accuracy of articles about people the media bosses passionately hate! Whenever quotes are used to attack someone, one must ask, is the person quoted really closely involved with the person that he (or she) speaks about, are the quotes accurate, does the person speak the truth or is he (or she) making something up for whatever reason? What information has the writer invented, or what has intentionally left out? And, as you know, you can even have a conversation even with a favorable person for an hour and then twist or take something out of context to create a bad impression.

One of the problems in our Movement, is that 99 percent of our people just sit around and talk among themselves, rather than take the risks necessary to reach new people with the truth. And too many of them are like old ladies at a church picnic who entertain themselves by repeating all the latest gossip, every nasty rumor that they hear. Twain said that the people he most despises are his enemies and his friends. His enemies for telling lies about him, his friends for telling him (and others) all about those lies.

I am sending you a little piece I just wrote about the Federal persecution going on against me. It is brutally honest, and tells of both my successes and my mistakes. I have not even closely proofed it or cleaned up the grammar yet, but I will send you this draft and ask you offer any suggestions, even though it is still raw, you can post it to the discussion group, and you are welcome to make this letter available to them as well, in fact, please do. I am one man who has no secrets, no private life, and no inviolate refuge from the relentless enemy who seeks the annihilation of our genotype.

I miss you [ ].

Your friend as always!

David Duke

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