Who Was Russel "Rusty" Frasher?

by Angry White Female

According to the Las Vegas media, a homeless man was awakened from his sleep and brutally murdered by four "teens" on April 1, 2001. End of story? Not by a longshot. This is the story of ongoing attacks against White homeless men, mostly Vietnam Veterans, carried out by racist minorities and covered up by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

On the morning of April 1, 2001, employees of DT's Lounge wondered why European-American Russel "Rusty" Frasher had not reported to work at 6 a.m. Rusty was a homeless Vietnam veteran who had been brutally beaten on several occasions by minority "youth" out "bum-bashing" or "troll-busting" as they call it. Twice in the last week, Rusty had been attacked. The month before, he was hospitalized because of a beating by these same "teens." Rusty and other homeless vets were reluctant to call the police because "bums" aren't taken seriously by the police, especially White bums whom black politicians want to evict from city limits. Lately, the hate group "New Black Panthers" has been telling minority folks there that police are "racist whites," and that they should not cooperate with them in any way. As a result, cops have been reluctant to "profile" minorities in Las Vegas.

To make a long story short, the employees at DT's Lounge found Rusty in the lot, with his skull crushed. A few hours earlier, a woman in a neighboring apartment building called the police after she heard screaming and saw "youths" jumping up and down and throwing bottles. The police called her back for better directions (?), and said they "didn't find anything." In cop-speak, that means they didn't show up. Subsequent articles say this area is well known to cops, so I don't buy their "I couldn't find it" CRAP because they damn well know their beats, especially the high-crime areas. This particular area had been plagued by attacks on the homeless since at least late last year. The bottom line is that this area is a no-go zone and a place where minorities smoke crack on balconies and talk about how much they hate White cops. It is not surprising that it was Rusty's co-workers who found his body, rather than the incomptent White mice who are called "Las Vegas law enforcement officers."

But these White mice had to come out and put the little yellow ribbon around the crime scene and ask a few questions. Lucky for them the killers were dumb enough to get themselves caught within a week. Two blacks, one brown and a yellow Indian (three of them lived in the apartment building next door) were arrested, and as I write they are the prime suspects in 6 other attacks in March. They admitted they murdered Rusty Frasher and gave the following reasons:

"We were drunk."
"I don't know."
"I only stomped on his head 10 or 12 times."

Oozing brain matter...

According to the coroner, it was a little more brutal than a couple of youths out "troll-stomping." After they awoke him in the wee hours of the morning, they used rocks, bottles, fists, feet, a shopping cart, and finally, a cement block to smash his brain in. Anthony Quickbear, the Injun, was the one who threw the shopping cart at him, then "jumped up and down" on it. The autopsy revealed a severely bruised brain and broken bones throughout his face, including multiple fractures to his nose and jaw. Frasher's brain matter and TEARS oozed from his head.

"In essence, his skull was smashed," said the coroner.

This was the end of the life of Rusty Frasher, who served two tours of duty in Vietnam and will be remembered as being a homeless man who was bludgeoned to death by four "youths."

For this heinous, executable crime, Anthony Quickbear (18), Donald Jones (17), Edward Hayes (17) and Rocky Arbaugh (17) all will be eligible for parole in 7-10 years. They were not convicted of premeditated, 1st-degree murder or tried as adults even though there were special circumstances, namely, two attacks on him earlier in the week and conspiracy. Why? Because the incompetent, idiot police didn't read them their rights, and a sleezeball lawyer took advantage of that fact. Two of them pled guilty to 2nd-degree murder and will be eligible for parole in 10 years. The other two (who will be eligible for parole in 7 years) pled guilty to "battery with use of deadly weapon causing substantial bodily harm." No, not attempted murder, conspiracy to murder or even hate crime.

Hate crimes?...

I am sure 77-year-old homeless White man Arthur Cramer would have described it that way. He was bludgeneoned to death as he slept by a gang of 10-12 NIGGERS, in the same vicinity. He died this March after three months of fighting for his life. But these aren't the same guys who killed Rusty, though it is suspected by European-American activists that they are all part of a racist gang. Oddly, there were no news articles in the Vegas paper focusing primarily on Cramer's murder, since it's not kosher to let us know when gangs of blacks are murdering homeless White people. But Rusty was the second to be murdered in the area recently, and the papers can't keep covering up the truth.

In the last article on the trial of Rusty's killers, his photo was not next to the photos of the black, brown and yellow hate criminals. Whenever they run a story and show mug shots of minorities without the victim, that means 99.9% of the time, the victim is a European-American. I searched the archive of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and found one. It was of Rusty holding a kitten. I learned something else very fascinating, something which disappeared from subsequent articles after the killers were arrested and exposed as minorities. One of the "youths" wore a white robe during the attack. Lest I be accused of making this up, I will quote the relevant part of the article, which was not specifically on Rusty, but generally concerned attacks against homeless people in the area. It seems to suggest that Rusty's killers were a gang of White males, "possibly" accompanied by a non-White.

While Stoops labels such attacks as hate crimes -- and though one suspect in Rusty's death was described as wearing a white robe -- Peterson said detectives haven't discerned a motive in either slaying. A witness in Cramer's beating told police as many as ten black juveniles attacked him in his sleep at A street and Owens Avenue, Peterson said. The latest attacks have been carried out by a group of white youths, possibly accompanied by a Hispanic or black person, he said. The victims in both instances were White.

Can you BELIEVE it?! This is what the authorities were saying before they arrested four non-Whites for the "latest string of attacks." Why would they boldly assert the attackers were White youths? It is because of the white robe, and as all lemmings think they know, only the KKK wears white robes. They had an emotional need to believe the attackers were Whites who misled some brown or black youth. But their attempts to frame our youth have been exposed, and now they cover it up by sending the white robe (a good clue!) down the memory hole and pretending they don't know why this happened. "Golly gee," says the police chief, "I wonder what their motives were?"

This reminds me of the Mardi Gras "riots" where White folks were attacked by roving groups of blacks. The media made sure to run film of drunken White youth acting badly to make us believe they also engaged in the violent gang attacks which left Kris Kime dead. Thanks to the Internet, our people downloaded the images of blacks kicking Whites while they were on the ground and sexually assaulting White women as they beat and kicked them.

Do you see what the authorities along with the media are doing? The police are sacrificing our safety to appease the media for fear of the smear. The police are charged with our safety, but their hands are tied. Their pensions are more important to them than our safety and the safety of the tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans who live in the streets of our cities who are targeted by resentful minorities who hate NOT White privilege, but White people, regardless of their lot in life.

In closing, I should say that since the police, politicians and the courts in Las Vegas kowtow to black racists, perhaps the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang should be informed that minority racists are killing White homeless people as they sleep. Yes, I think there are some in Nevada prisons...and I pray that retribution will be visited upon these "youths" who, unless they "accidentally" run into several metal pipes in prison, will all be free within ten years to prey upon you and your family.


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