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White History: Saxons and Steel

Was steel produced by Saxons 800 years earlier than thought? Here on French cave discovery. More here.

The Essence of Nationalism

What nationalism means, and what nationalists stand guest writer Doug Vandinan

PWW -- Policing While White

Read the perspective of a real White cop who is tired of having to excuse himself for being White. Racial profiling, it seems, is okay as long as it is directed at "the white devil." Mark Rivers

Yahoo's Double Standard

You can oppose any religion you want, except one. Guess which one?... by Mark Rivers

Movie Review: 13th Warrior

If you can overlook Norse brainpower, courage and achievements attributed to an Arab by history-hating Hollywood, this movie's worth watching for an old-style taste of what it was like to be White back when men were men and the race was Angry White Female

Ukraine and the Media Double Standard

Jews butchered millions of Slavs last century, and their brother Jews in today's media keep the fact in deep storage. There's only one "Holocaust" that matters. Only one that serves their interests. Notes on some of the Jew-dominated NKVD's mass killings you've probably never heard C. Corey

The Murder of White America

Fresh from the Barnes revisionism conference, the libertarian kicked off Etherzone by a sweaty publisher hounded by Jews writes freely about the destruction of America and the West at hands of same. There are hundreds of boilerplate "praising freedom" articles floating on the wires today, but this alone touches truth: Things are over in the land of Washington unless we name and fight the Jews and their coalition Carol Ward

Between The Lines: ADL vs. Freeman

Jewspeak vs. White Rob Freeman

Israel: We'll Continue to Assassinate with Aplomb

One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. More here.

Anti-German Panel Recommends 20K More Immigrants

Non-Germans, of course. "Germany Must Be Destroyed," Jew Kaufman... Here more third-world scrubs mislabeled Americans. Here on Nazi plans for Palestine. Here more on suspiciously timed report claiming need for German crackdown on pro-Germans.

York: Trial for Murdered She-gress

Mayor, others... Still nothing about the noggies who killed Schaad.

Your Bank, Your Enemy

Regulations convert it into a spy for the feds... Why have rule by law when we can have rule by Jew? More fun camera technology here. More invaders, more taxes. American people ruled unfit to govern.


What could be better than giving birth to a non-White? Here the illusion of disagreement among Jews. What's good for Jews. That's Jews' political position. The rest is eyewash.

Why Fundamentalists Support Israel

You can go to heaven without dying. If you believe the right things, among them that: In order for most of today's Christians to escape physical death, two-thirds of the Jews in Israel must perish, soon. This is the grim prophetic trade-off that fundamentalists rarely discuss publicly, but which is the central motivation in the movement's support for Israel. It should be clear why they believe that Israel must be defended at all costs by the West. If Israel were militarily removed from history prior to the Rapture, then the strongest case for Christians' imminent escape from death would have to be abandoned. This would mean the indefinite delay of the Rapture. The fundamentalist movement thrives on the doctrine of the imminent Rapture, not the indefinitely postponed Rapture. What was it that Church father said?: I believe because it is absurd.

No Entanglements

Good Raimondo piece on the British and Anglomaniacs who angled us into WWII, along with the Jews. Britain has never been America's friend, it has always been willing to use us for its own interests.

New Censorship

C.S. Lewis' kids books will be reissued, Semitized for Jews' protection... Sobran is right, as far as he goes, which isn't far. Anti-Christian censorship is a small part of the huge complex of censorship maintained by the hook-nosed cabal. And what's more, the Christian cowardice we see in every column of Joe Farah and Cal Thomas traces directly to C.S. Lewis, the very model of the Christian cad. Walking backwards and expostulating like a Jew, insisting that anyone who ever doubted Jesus turned the water he didn't walk on into wine was either insane or a liar. C.S. Lewis was an intellectual coward. Read his laughable Screwtape Letters. Asking why is the devil's question, says Lewis. Stay whipped and stupid, it's good for you. That was what he recommended. You see the results. There is not one important public Christian who stands against miscegenation and for the White race. There is not one merely neutral. They are all advocating Tanman.

NYT Smears British Nationalists

Asians attack Whites and firebomb cops, and the BNP is to blame. It doesn't matter what you do or where you live, White man, you are the guilty party. The common thread is that the blamers are either Jews or controlled by them. The Judenpresse is a snake that needs a hoe to the head. Jews plus time equals White genocide. It's what they are. It's what they do. Dealing with Jews is real politics, the rest is beanbag. "The race relations industry is simply a massive propaganda machine designed to make people feel guilty about wanting to preserve their racial and cultural identity," Mr. Smith said. "We've had multiracialism imposed on us for too long, and the indigenous population is being sidelined by the politically correct politicians who are running the country."

Germany Blasted for "Racism"

Every country but Israel is racist for wanting to stay a nation.

Mexico Dictates American Policy

Mexico has declared war on the U.S., and we are doing nothing to fight it. We pay literally billions of dollars a year to pay for what she excretes into our country. The U.S. is not meant to be a Mexican outhouse. Here a White might have shot some beaners. If so, it will be played up nationally, as it fits the framework, gives the libs a two-fer on gun control and "hate" crimes.

Jew Jacoby, Hypocrite

He's all for freedom of speech -- for him. Not for those who criticize Jews. Here Fred Reed on problems caused by Jews, not that he puts it that way. Here on Israel's Arabs living in third-world conditions, while yids live plush.

Goombah Gambino Blast Clintons as Trailer Trash

Ha. Anti-McCain here.

Will: The Yiddization of American Culture

Of course he doesn't put it like this, but this is where his analysis leads. Contrast Huck Finn -- America White and free -- with Holden Caulfield -- America whiny and Jewish.

Where to Live

Some city lists... Washington liked to sell the booze. Here on the nig who murdered White in North Carolina, after carjacking. More here on the dark shark. And here. Notice how we good whitemice politely avoid noticing just who's doing the murdering. NIGGERS. In your face. NIGGERS. At your throat. NIGGERS. Murdering your neighbor and dumping her baby in a field. NIGGERS -- they look sorta like humans, but they aren't. NIGGERS belong in Africa, feeding the tse-tse flies. But for all that, niggers are only the symptom -- JEW is the disease.

Media Analysis

Mainstream, but some points... Here on Warren Beatty: a monument to man's inability to see himself as absurd. His new movie Town & Country tops Ishtar as all-time money loser. Taki twists the knife in this one...

Anthropology: "Human" Remains Found in Florida

Evidence of cannibalism coming soon! Indians were people who ate ants and acorns and each other.

Russian Nationalism Strong?

Let's hope so.

Presbyterianism Succumbs to Lib Wasting Disease

Traditional Christianity has been almost completely denatured by liberalism and fresh Semitic nostrums. Here Bush finds inner peace through the wise counsel of phone-a- bluegum.

Nigs Go to England to Recruit Christians

Nogs all dressed up and human-like descend on the septic isle to learn the natives in their advanced theology. More here on the evangelizing nogs. And here. Very interesting article here on the general screwed-upedness of Britain these days. Great Britain 17 years after 1984, the following serious dangers exist: 1. There is a large criminal class, much of it imported, and a lot of crime. 2. Murder is not punishable by death. Sometimes not even by imprisonment. 3. You are not allowed the means of self-defense. 4. If you do defend yourself, you can expect to be punished. 5. You aren't allowed to complain about this. Here vintage BBC twaddle.

Boston Whines

...about the "hate" of those who demand the White America yids like the writer destroyed. No Jews. Just Right.

Israelis Kill More

It's always retaliatory when yids do it, even when it's preventative. Israelis never initiate problems, at least according to the controlled media. More here. Here Sharon whines at Belgium.

Cin Police Demoralized

Just like Seattle. The Jew-toady gentile pols have made it clear that nigs will be allowed to do what they want unchecked. So cops are looking for jobs in the suburbs. Demoralized cops and nigger riots are symptoms, Jews are the disease. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Niggers Recreate Africa Wherever They Go

She-niggers in the rural south are heavily infected with AIDS. "More like the developing world" than America, admits the liberal paper. Here ridiculous brief on who stole black music month. Every month is black music month, you can hear it beating in the cars as they drive by. Heavy beat is all dumb niggers can understand. Here a site that fights immigration.

Breslin, the Liberal Bunker

Nice column... Here Reese lets off one last angry fart as he walks out the door. Brimelow on immigration and Barone's book. Here the Jewish squabbles we know as conservatism. Never assume that more than a handful of people really understand what's going on in anything. More Brimelow. He writes about immigration without focusing on the Jewish issue, i.e., without mentioning the reason the doors opened in the first place. He also says that it was accidental that the '65 act resulted in turd-world swamping. Nope. It was intended, just the way "civil rights" and equality were always code words for black privilege. Has it ever occurred to anybody like Brimelow that inferiors who seek "equality" with superiors -- demanding something they can't earn -- are already demanding they be treated preferentially? What a world. Every commentator goes as far as he dares, then pulls up. And calls the guy willing to take the next step a racist. When will Brimelow write what he knows about Jews pushing the invasion? Here "Americans" do battle with "American" landlord.

The Fraud of African American Studies

It's a White-subsidized political entity within the university. How could anything blacks dominate be genuinely intellectual? The same is true with women's studies. Leftist agitators masquerading as academics. Their views can't make it on the open market, where they're recognized as rubbish, so they have to make their way by deception.

Amtrak Snitches, Just Like Bank and Post Office

The government spies on everybody. Here Jews complain about busway disrupting their community. Kind of like when their judges stick subsidized nigs inside White communities.

Poundstone Pleads Innocent

She adopts minority kids and licks them. Jews and ecstasy here. Here a she-stizo sticks up for Whites. How pitiful is that? Here on Ford and its open anti-Whitism.

German Traitor Kolbe

Turned over all sorts of info to Allies. Here some info on Hjalmar Schacht, a freemason Nazi.


The Jews and their neocon water-carriers don't like it. Actually, there's an odd alliance against it: left-wing Jewish "scientists" like Gould and Lewontin and anti-materialist Christians.

U.S. to Dismantle Mexican Border

We will be dragged back down in the dust with the mestizo subhumans, just as D.H. Lawrence said we would. See here the moronic site of a group putting up asinine billboards in the wake of the Cincinnati riots. Here an international court claims Arizona court has no right to go against its orders by proceeding with the execution of a German national in Arizona. The German and his brother stabbed a bank manager to death in a robbery. Both have been put to death. Why can't we get the same treatment for diseased Mexicans dripping all over Arizona?

Immigrants Destroying Germany

Just like America, no one wants 'em but they come anyway. That's because, just like America, Germany is controlled by Jews, who paralyze our will with poison through the papers and courts, and eat our societies alive. Jews are the enemy, White man. It doesn't matter where you live. Anti-German cant here. Here Albanians and Macedonians battle.

Click Here!

German Roeder Locked Up for Opinion

Jews determine which are acceptable opinions in Germany, and which get you jailed. More here. here you too can get gassed and paid for it.

American Murderers at Dachau

Camp guards were rounded up and murdered by Americans. This is agitprop, but a bit of truth creeps through. Check out the probably yiddish scum lording it over their better, an SS man who has been shot in the legs by American troops, and whom they are about to beat to death with a shovel. Look pretty well fed, don't the yids? When those shits from Mexico move in next door to you, when your daughter is raped by an HIV-positive nigger, keep this picture in mind. It's your payback for your unwillingness to confront the truth about your own country, and your docile acceptance of rule by Jews. Sorry to say that, White man, but it's the truth. You won't do what it takes to keep your race alive, so you are being displaced and erased. Note that the photo of the SS man presented as news by the Boston paper was published in NA's National Vanguard years ago. It's not news, and it certainly wasn't "forgotten" as the yids pretend. It was covered up, just like Katyn. Jews are the enemy, White man. A lot more Germans were murdered at Auschwitz and other camps than this article says or even implies. And they weren't murdered by a couple rogue soldiers, they were murdered under direct orders. Boy, those Jewish prisoners look real emaciated, don't they? Funny how they never made it into any of those agitprop films we're always shown. I'm sure the yids wouldn't lie or distort or exaggerage things the way they do everywhere else. This story is basically an unpaid ad for the "Holocaust" in the guise of belated "news" about American atrocities. Here on NATO civilian casualties in Yugoslavia in response to non-existent massacres of Albanians. The beat goes on... Here the Pope ignores Christian victims to suck up to the descendants of Jews who murdered them. More here.

NA on the Move in Alaska and California and Arkansas, North Dakota...

Everywhere. Send the Jewish cockroaches scurrying back under the floorboards where they belong. America for Whites. We're in Alameda too. Here Arkansas. Here North Dakota. When nigs disrupt something uselessly all we hear about is "civil rights" demonstrating. NA hangs a "racist" sheet, and the liepapers get all long-faced and legal-like.

Dictators Plan to Mexicanize Iowa

Nobody wants it, as polls show. But the governor does, and he and the Jewish papers that control the state plan to foist it on unwilling subjects. Vilsack should be horsewhipped and removed from office. Defend your state, White man. Get out there and send Vil and his sack of pernicious yids to the delousing center. Here yid papers try to use the paralyzing sting of racism to ease Iowa up for destruction. Lose your fear of "racism," White man. It's just a word used as a syringe of paralytic agent to prevent you from doing what Hymie does: protecting your race. The Jews hate you. Look at what they have done to your country. Whatever they tell you is bad is obviously not merely good but urgently necessary. Mexicans must be kept out, and Jews should be kicked out. America is for Whites, not Jews. Juden 'raus. More on Iowa here.

Mi Padre Es Tu Padre?

Mexicans are human shits, as this article shows. They run around copulating like so many stupid rats in a cage, none of them knowing or caring who his father is. This is the reason these erect turds must be kept out of Iowa and other successful White areas. Mexico is in a state of war with White America, and we need to start shooting back.

Vidal Attacks Lib Icons, Promotes White Racial Unity

FDR and Lincoln and other dictator/nation-killers die under his pen, and the paper of record for Jewish queers doesn't like it at all. The guy the yids and toady-cons hate actually says that Whites from here to the Urals should unite and fight off the gooks. Amen to that.

Media: Destroying "Bush Agenda"

Here more self-praise for "boldness" at Rockwell. You know what that means: valiant cutting and dicing of Jonah Goldbug. Whale wins again! The country ripped apart on race, foundering on the flats of Jew, and all the mouseketeers can bitch about is taxes and Lincoln. Yes, these prating paramecia are the bull goose loonies of the fifteen square inches of their petrie dish. It doesn't get any better than this! Not even in a beer commercial... Here review of weenie Spielberg's new movie. What I did discover was a movie filled with global warming propaganda, one-dimensional characters, and tiresome attempts to compare conservative populists to Nazis. Here con proposes system to rate bias of Hollywood movies. Jews love to see niggers attack and rape Whites, you can tell by the way they agitate for any measure that removes a White's ability to own a gun. In a state controlled by Jews, like the one we now live in, Whites have no rights that Jews or their German Shepherds are bound to respect. Jews take to porno like waterbugs to water.

Tampa Installs Cameras

They will scan faces and match them against database to find criminals. Of course, criminals are anyone they want to locate. For whatever reason... More spying at the Post Office.

Gook Goes Ape, Kills Gooklets

More of that diversity we need so badly. Remember when the nation really was a nation instead of a used air-sickness bag filled with Cuong Trans? Gooks out. America for Whites. Here the latest on the buffalo soldier rape in Japan. Here nigger sentenced for doin' what niggers do. More here. They are good at carjacking and rape/mutilation. So they've got that going for 'em. And the Jewish media.

White History: Renaissance Ships

While the negroes were flying their helicopters around the pyramids they built, according to that janitor-intellectual in Portland, White men were building ships.

Yids Hate Him, But Fans Love Rocker

Even though he backed off his objectively non-racist comments, fans still appreciate that his heart's in the right place, as evident in his Cleveland reception.

Big Media Targets Children

Much more dangerous than big tobacco.

Language and Control

Lots of interesting ideas and quotes here...

More Attacks in Burnley and Accrington

Smokin' Pakis...

U.S. Is Over

So says a letter writer to American Patrol... It's a cholo-gook dog's breakfast. Sell your California home while you can still get something for it. More. And more.

Activist "Crashes" Peace Rally, Says Globe

America, home of the free and the brave. All you have to do to get it shaking -- and produce front-page stories -- is pass out pieces of paper. "...a member of the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group, handed out fliers warning of race-mixing and "Jewish propaganda" to the shocked crowd." More here.

Black Conservatives

Great letter... Note that the writer uses Joe Sobran's term "Semitically Correct." We all should, but few do. Given that "Politically Correct" is one of very few terms -- and certainly the most recognizable -- that publicly concedes the reality we live in a "controlled" environment, twisting the term ever so slightly to get at the all-important Jewish essence behind that control is important. Note what the writer says about Elizabeth Wright, a black conservative who doesn't get pumped up by the yid neocons. Why? Because she understands the way organized yids have used and destroyed the nigger community with welfare and whining. They taught the niggers to whine, and so destroyed them. And us.

Travel vs. Wisdom

It doesn't breed it. Here on church splits, as not everybody wants she-preachers and queer marriages. Here The Lay of Odin's Ravens.

Australia: Traitor Fraser

A leftist British paper reports the lies of an Australian liberal and calls him a "conservative." Fraser pushes the old, old lie that Australia, like all White countries, is somehow hogging the wealth, as though it didn't create that wealth by its own hard efforts in the first place. But now it is greedily keeping it from the deserving gooks he wants to flood the land with.

Serviceman Held for Gang-Rape in Japan

We're guessing they're monkeys since race unmentioned. More here. And here.

Buh-Bye to Charlie Reese

Old man's bought out by staff-reducing paper. Can't wait to read the crayonings of the pissed-off illiterate Jemima who no doubt replaces him. Make way for darklings; staff reductions only apply to humans.

American Roundup

Half of Ohio prisoners are negroes. Yep, the accused rapist serviceman in Japan is a nigger. Big surprise, huh? You didn't see that one coming! The truth is that the Nips fully realize the difference between niggers and White Americans. They understand our racial problem. Here, it's niggers bein' niggers. Here on the Shifflett hush crime.

Media: Pierce on Mike Wallace and the Sick Jewish Media

Growing more unstable, out of touch with White American thinking...


Buckley maunders on, interesting but not sure what the point is.

From Wiggers to Whites: Reclaiming Our Young

White teens must reject the White-hostile Jewish anti-culture fostered in public schools and reclaim their racial heritage. We who know the truth must lead by C. Corey

Taking It to The Man: Getting In Hymie's Face at Boston ADL Rally

Obstacles evaporate when you take action. Here the author meets and greets and passes out National Alliance material at a local ADL rally, belling the fox in its den, demonstrating that we only have the rights we'll defend, and that a lot more people than the conformist media would have us believe are on our side. Act up, White man -- the future is ours. One man with courage is a Rob Freeman

Solzhenitsyn on Hymie

The Jews are on tenterhooks. They don't like this at all. There's no way they can lie away Solz's quality nor his courage. There's no way they can ignore the truth about Jews alive in his "fiction" -- that Jews are dirty mass-murderers responsible for huge amounts of misery suffered by White Russians. Question: which gets more news ink? "Pogroms" against Jews in Russia, or the Jew-carried-out Ukrainian Holocaust? His new book's attempt to provide a neutral assessment of the relations of Russians and Jews inevitably will offend one side or the other -- or both. The simple assertion that both sides have a share of guilt could easily trigger vigorous debate. Oy! Jews guilty? Kidding me, you are... Note the way the "review" of the book completely ignores the Jews-as-persecutors side of the equation. About what you'd expect from a Jewish rag like the Washington Post.

Der Ewige Jude

Jews writing about corrupt, sleazy Jews -- and proud of their fellow yids. Just like Hitler said, you flip the log or flash the light or lance the abscess, and the yids go a-runnin'... More of the damage Jews do here. Double standards here. Sharon is up to no good, as always. Here Israeli female pilot graduates. Here on IBM and "Holocaust."

Griffin Profile

British National Party -- BNP -- chairman appears to be repackaging his party in the way David Duke has repackaged himself. Modern, no slurs, no hate. But get-along politics won't work. Note the curious photo. Typical profile, all about the man and how shifty and weird he is, nothing about his ideas as they apply to multicultural Britain. National Front recruits in Oldham. The coloreds and Jew-backed media dismiss the NF and other White advocates as fascists. Here marches banned in Burnley. Here on Lara Croft in Britain...

Jews Involved in Slaughter of Russian Kids

As Shamir speculated...

A White-Nationalist Classic: The Irmination of the Peevish Poofter

This is just too good not to run again. Irmin leaves Justin Raimondo warbling weakly for JimBoob to throw in the White towel. Lapidary argumentation broaches the weevil on the pin, all six legs waving feebly...

Milosevic Sold to NWO

It's illegal to disagree with the NWO, the EU or the Jews. By definition your disagreement makes you a hate criminal subject to bombing.

Jews: Racial Crime Syndicate Par Excellence

Noosed by their own hand. Here blacks kill brown in New Jersey. Poor little nigger-murderers. Nobody ever sprinkled them with magic "culture" dust so they would be nice and pencil high SATs. Just nigs bein' nigs. Truth. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Can you tell the differencia?

Queers Gain Legal Privilege in London

Cheek chiselers now can register partnerships.

League of South Wants Reparations

For Civil War...

Open Letter to Doc Lipstadt

Good stuff from a revisionist...

Jews in the USSR

Persecuted? No. Persecutors. Here refuting Jewish lies about Poland. The simple truth is that Poles are good people and Jews are a repugnant race, part cockroach, part swindler -- a racial crime syndicate.

Movie Review: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Thanks for the Mammaries! There is enough slow-motion jiggling in this movie to fill eight seasons of Baywatch. Other than that, there's not much to it.... by Mark Rivers

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