PWW -- Policing While White

by Mark Rivers

A friend of mine is a police officer in a small town in the Midwest. I have had the opportunity to ride along with him and see first-hand how the negro utterly despises Whites and our authority. On July 4th, I sat in the passenger seat as my friend pulled up in his patrol car to a couple of niglets who were shooting fireworks into the street. The officer could have jumped out of the car, screamed "Drop the fireworks, jungle-bunnies!" and pumped them full of lead.

That, in fact, is what the Jews have led the blacks (and most Whites) to believe about cops: that they, being part of the White establishment, are the most dangerous members of "the enemy forces." My friend did not jump out of the car, nor did he raise his voice; he certainly didn't draw his weapon.

He pulled up to the kids and said, "Fireworks aren't allowed in town, guys." My friend had also said this to White people of varying incomes (and degrees of drunkenness) throughout the evening, without incident. Most were polite, and ALL were compliant.

However, when he said it to the ape-children, they ignored him. They turned their backs on him and refused to acknowledge him. A few years ago I might have thought, "Well, they just didn't hear him...well, they're just kids...well, they're just showing indignation because of the 400 years of slavery they have had to endure."

I don't try to excuse their actions anymore. The 18-year-old negress mother of the 10-year-old chimps sat on the porch, smoking a cigarette, looking pleased with herself. She had taught her offspring well.

A couple of blocks away, we pulled up to another group of negroes who were shooting off fireworks in the middle of the street. He told them the same thing, and a greasy, fat negress spoke up:

"Why you gotta be messin' wit' dese kids' good time? Dey ain't hurtin' nuffin'!"

Oh, dey ain't? Well, LaQueenta-leeka-mooka, maybe we should just leave them alone, then. Maybe White cops should stop trying to enforce laws. Maybe White cops are tired of being harassed by YOU when they pull over your cousin Jamal-Tyreen-Farome, who has a big bag of weed in the passenger seat, and a gun in his waistband. Maybe White cops should start ignoring negro crime so that City Hall, the politically motivated Police Chief, the Jew media, the loudmouth negroes and the soccer moms will get off their backs.

Frankly, cops are sick of having to deal with negroes. Anytime they pull one over, they have to listen to "Hey, muhfugga, you be pullin' me ovah 'cuz I be black, you know whum sayin'?" Negroes give cops a problem at EVERY opportunity.

There is now a law in the state of Missouri that requires every law enforcement officer to fill out a "racial profiling" form. Oh goody, I guess we can all rest easier, knowing that those bad White cops can't pick on the sweet, innocent negroes anymore.

Every time an officer (whether city, county or state) pulls somebody over, he has to fill out a form, which asks him:

Where did this happen (city street, state highway, etc)?

What was the gender of the driver?

What was the age of the driver?

What was the race of the driver?

Was the vehicle searched?

Was the driver searched?

If so, why?

Were they searched incident to the arrest?

Was anything illegal found on them?

You get the idea. The form is turned over to the head honcho, who compiles the results and sends it to the Attorney General's office. The public can then read in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about how all these evil White cops have been harassing the poor, inoffensive blacks.

White cops are now being required to walk on eggshells, so as not to elicit any more headlines in the Post-Dispatch that say "DWB" (Driving While Black) in big, bold letters. Greg Freeman and the rest of the negroes and Jews on staff at the Post-Dispatch will then no longer have to write tearful articles about how, if you are a black male, you are pulled over 30% more often than Whites, and are searched 70% more often than Whites.

What they don't tell you, of course, is that black males are also much more likely to be criminals, and to have drugs, weapons or outstanding warrants. They also don't tell you what percentage of searches are incident to the arrest.

In other words, negroes who have already been placed under arrest (for outstanding warrants, drug possession, etc.) are searched 100% of the time, just as they should be. Is the Attorney General actually suggesting that police should not search a suspect who has already been taken into custody?

Nevertheless, White cops are now required to tiptoe past hordes of black criminals in order that the results seem fairer to the rabble. The state of Missouri has its Attorney General, Jay Nixon, to thank for that. Be sure you contact Jay and tell him what you think. Ask him why he intentionally "cooked the books" to make it look like White cops in Missouri are pulling negroes over for no good reason, and subjecting them to unfair searches before any arrest is made.

We already know from our research that blacks are committing more crimes than Whites. What we may not yet fully appreciate, however, is that White cops are right there on the front lines. They know better than anyone what kind of animals the negroes are. They could be more racially aware and active, but they would rather just look after their own.

I talked at length to my friend about racial matters, and for him, it comes down to this: he figures that, since he doesn't live in a huge city like Atlanta or Detroit (or Cincinnati, Orlando, New Orleans, Chicago, New York, L.A., Boston, D.C., St. Louis, etc.), he will just look after his own, and defend his home, family and property against any negro invaders.

Well, that's all fine and good, but it doesn't do much for the family of Ginger Lynn Hayes.

Ginger was a 23-year-old White female in North Carolina who was murdered by a 31-year-old negro named Andre Edwards. This happened on July 1, 2001. You didn't hear about it? Well, what a shocker. I'll bet you also didn't know that the anonymous "American serviceman" who raped a girl in Okinawa a few days ago is also a negro (as were the Marines who raped a 12-year-old girl in Okinawa in 1995).

The Jew media will not report crimes by blacks. If they did, Whites everywhere would start waking up and saying, "Hey! These animals need to be put down!"

Ginger Hayes's 11-month-old baby was left in a field to die after the negro was "finished" with the mother. The baby lived, and will now grow up, without a mother, in a country where the Jews will tell him every day on Nickelodeon, "Blacks are your friends!"

What if a White police officer had seen the crime, and had stopped it? What if he had pumped the jungle-bunny full of lead? It's more than likely that the cop would now be facing hate-crime charges. The mother might even have chastised the cop.

This is not right, and every White American with any sense is fully aware of that fact. The negroes, as a race, are criminals. I don't care how many "decent" ones on the janitorial staff you chat with civilly as you go to and from the office; as a race, they are a worthless lump of crap. No amount of reparations, urban outreach programs or "koom-by-ya" will change it.

White police officers are no different from the rest of the semi-lemmings, in that they see the negro scourge as "somebody else's problem." My friend believes that his weapons, a few hundred rounds of ammo, and a month's supply of preserves in the basement will protect him and his family in any eventuality.

I told him what I'm about to tell you.

Picture this scenario: The year is 2051. If you are a strapping 25-year-old now, you will be a wrinkled 75-year-old by then. Maybe you taught your kids and grandkids to think racially, and maybe all seventeen of you live in a heavily-fortified compound somewhere in the country, or the woodlands, or the mountains.

Life in 2051 is less than pleasant. The standard of living in the cities has been declining steadily for decades. The population of the U.S. is now 15% White, 30% black, 45% Hispanic and 10% Asian. Whites are victimized daily. White women and girls, three years old and up are dragged from their homes, raped, tortured and murdered by the muds.

White men are murdered by blacks, Hispanics and Asians daily. The television networks blare that the "minorities" are perfectly justified in committing violent crimes against Whites, in return for "so many centuries of cruelty by Whites toward other races."

The Whites living in rural areas are the only ones left unmolested...until the number of urban and suburban Whites dwindles to the point that society starts to crumble. City-dwelling muds start invading farmland for food. White farmers are unable to hold back the invaders for long (you try fighting a war with only seventeen people on your side, versus half a million of the animals). The muds overrun the White farms, slaughtering the Whites, whose ancestors, 50 years earlier, thought that everything would be fine as long as they looked after their own.

The White race IS our own, and the more we allow victims like Ginger Hayes to disappear into the sea of statistics, the more "diversity" and "multicultural melting pot" propaganda we let ourselves believe, the faster White society will descend into the scenario I just described. This scenario is already taking place in sub-Saharan African countries, most notably South Africa and Zimbabwe. The Jew media won't tell you about those horrors either.

White police officers, you are our only line of defense. Here is your homework: the next time a negro gets in your face, you deal with him accordingly. You deal with him as though you are still a White man, and you put him back in his place. If City Hall and the media give you a problem, dare them to fire you. Already, police officers are quitting, and that's exactly what the Jews want.

They want White officers who would enforce the law to be replaced by mongrel officers who will do the Jews' bidding. Don't let them get away with it. Stand up for yourself and your race. Stop being afraid to discuss racial matters. Free speech still exists in this country, no matter what the Jews tell us about "hate." Like I told my policeman friend, if a lion in the jungle attacks me, I don't "hate" the lion.

I will, however, fill that animal full of lead.


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