Yahoo's Double Standard

by Mark Rivers

Recently, just out of curiosity, I searched through Yahoo's section on religions. It lists dozens of faiths and practices, and for most of them, it even has sub-categories to make room for "Opposing Views."

Here are some of the better-known religions for which Yahoo has provided an "opposing views" sub-heading.

CHRISTIANITY -- there are 24 sites listed here, more than any other except Scientology (which has 42). When you oppose Christianity, of course, you're not opposed to negro spirituality or Messianic Judaism; that would be racist. You're just opposed to White people who sit in buildings and talk about Jesus, because those White people are narrow-minded bigots. You know those evil KKK guys? They're Christians.

ISLAM -- there are four sites opposed to Islam; three written by Christians, and one by a former Moslem.

HINDUISM -- again, four sites, none this time by Christians. Two, in fact, are by Moslems, and one is by an African outfit called

The following religions have ZERO sub-categories to accommodate opposing views:

Atheism, Buddhism, Confucianism, the Occult, Paganism, Satanism (!), Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, Voodoo, Wicca and Zoroastrianism.

Did I leave anyone out? Oh yes, our friends, the inoffensive Jews, both Messianic and "other." There is an entire Yahoo category dedicated to "Anti-Semitism," but it doesn't seem to be presented as an opposing view so much as it does a criminal act.

You may well have been aware of Yahoo's pro-Jew misdirection tricks before; now is the time to start pointing them out to others...

YOU: "My kid was writing a term paper on world religions, and found something interesting on the internet."

SOCCER MOM: "Nothing pornographic, I hope."

YOU: "No, just a strange coincidence. You know there are 24 sites listed on Yahoo that oppose Christianity, but none that oppose Judaism?"

SOCCER MOM: "Judaism? You mean those jolly, apple-cheeked people who work hard and play the fiddle?"

You can take it from there.

Also, go to "Ask Jeeves for Kids" and type "hate" in the search box; or type in any racial slur. That search engine will point you to one question:

"Where can I go to avoid hate sites on the internet?"

Click on that question, and you will be taken directly to the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith. They have a "hate filter" for sale, which blocks out sites contradicting their own.

Now, go to "Ask Jeeves for Kids" and type in "gay." It will take you to questions like "I think I might be gay; what should I do?" and "Should I tell my parents I'm gay?"

Remember, this is a search engine for 8-year-old kids to look up "elephants" or "Ferris wheels" for their school papers. If they type in "gay," Jeeves will point them to a bunch of links that tell them how normal and acceptable homosexuality is.

Here is your homework, parents: don't let your kids watch TV or play on the computer unsupervised. This is not to protect them from "hate," but to protect them from the Jews, who love to brainwash White children into thinking that:

A) blacks, Hispanics and Asians are their friends;

B) homosexuality is normal; and

C) Jews are always being picked on by those nasty old White people.

Educate your kids. Spend time with them, and teach them what you had to find out on your own; that blacks and Hispanics are criminals, and Jews want to wipe out the White race.


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