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Blunting the hate movement in America

Arrogant, Boston-based ADL kike Leikind spells out his final solution for Whites

By Robert Leikind, 7/1/2001

THE CHARGES that Leo Felton and Erica Chase plotted to blow up a Jewish or African-American landmark in Boston have provided most of us with a window through which to view a frightening but little understood American subculture.

Little understood because we are blacked out of the media. We shall soon be well understood.

Across the nation there are small groups of people who have embraced a world view that is rooted in a desire to create a racially pure white nation free of any Jewish presence.

Judenrein is the term, I believe.

Many of these groups advocate violence as a vehicle for advancing their ambitions. Some actively promote it. Yet most of us have only a limited appreciation of who these groups are and what their presence means for our communities.

The Aryan Nations, The Order, the National Alliance, The National Socialist White People's Party, The World Church of the Creator, and the White Order of Thule are among scores of hate groups that dot the American landscape.

While their views often reflect significant ideological differences, they are joined by certain core beliefs. First, they believe that America is a white nation and that the absence of racial purity is an attack upon moral order and a denial of our nation's destiny.

Second, they often believe that Jews control the levers of power in our world, have taken over the American government, and are responsible for much of the evil that surrounds us, including, in their view, race mixing. For many of these groups, overthrowing this corrupt state of affairs is a moral duty.

Gee, doesn't sound so bad to me. Sounds pretty good, in fact. Where do I sign up?

The challenge this poses has grown with the explosive growth of the Internet. In 1994, the Anti-Defamation League was aware of a single hate site on the Web. Today there are hundreds. Skinheads, neo-Nazis, proponents of a movement called Christian Identity, and a wide range of other groups now have an active presence on the Web.

As a result, extremists, who in years past might have lived out their lives in relative isolation, can instantly become part of a national and international network of extremists.

And it's great! It's damned fun to be a White nationalist! Meet nice people, build our own infrastructure, have our own informal social groups of White nationalist families! The future looks bright indeed!

In addition, virtually anyone can, with little effort, tap into the vast resources of the Internet, through which he or she can learn the ideology of hate groups, how to participate with other extremists, and how to make bombs and engage in other forms of hate-motivated terrorism. This means that the danger posed by hate groups is increasing. Ironically, this is happening at a time when their place in the United States is steadily becoming more marginal.

Ooohh, we're marginal. I'm so hurt. That's why so many White Gentiles were smiling at me at the Jew-sponsored hate-fest.

There has been a profound transformation in our understanding of what it means to be an American.

No, there has been a profound change in the racial makeup of America thanks to Jews -- the political impetus behind immigration "reform" that let the Third World into our backyard. The resulting disorder is strongly resented by people who didn't want the change in the first place -- the very people Jew Leiken now denounces as "haters," and whose views he and his Jew buddies seek to silence -- again by the very intimidation and violence he denounces. The Jew is your enemy, White man. He is a vicious, nasty, dangerous creature, and to allow him to live among us is suicide.

The belief that this is a white Christian nation and that others are only interlopers may still be persuasive to some, but the overwhelming majority of Americans now aspire to a new ethic.

Can you smell tikkun olam? Maybe we didn't want this "profound transformation," Jews. Maybe the profound transformation is a sick fantasy you people foisted on the rest of us, and which is now beginning to stink bad enough that more Whites smell it every day.

It holds that one of the core virtues of citizenship is a commitment to treating all Americans as equals without regard to race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Yes, we are to be lectured on treating people as equals by a representative of the most racist race the world has ever known; a people that believes it was hand-picked by God, and that non-members are literally 'unclean meat.'... We're like airheaded heirs spending the capital of a racist, sexist, homophobic America. Unfortunately, we weren't sufficiently anti-Jewish, and as Mencken said, "Every country gets the Jews it deserves."

This ideal is embedded in our Constitution, but for the last two and a quarter centuries we have struggled to live up to it.

Hey, Leikind! Are gun control and speech control embedded in the Constitution? Whether it's words or weapons, the Jews at the ADL want to take away your right to defend yourself, White man.

The good news is that we are making enormous progress. Yep, the severe tire damage is undeniable. The sobering news is that we still face enormous challenges. Yep, a very angry opposition is picking up speed. Hate incidents, frequent intergroup tensions in our schools, and even this recent terrorist threat all serve as evidence that we still have a lot of work to do in fulfilling our aspiration to be a nation that is hospitable to all its people. Yeah, you might get this "harmony" with an iron fist, like Tito in Yugoslavia. How long you reckon Jews can be Tito? How long will Aryans fight for them, defend them, feed them, take care of the infrastructure for the parasites?

Prosecuting people against whom there is compelling evidence of criminal activity is one response. Like you crooks and Israel-firsters at the ADL with your bought cops and private, illegal spy networks who are nevertheless allowed to run around the country brainwashing local departments about "hate" crimes and "diversity"? You are monsters and hypocritical liars and smearmongers doing Israel's dirty work on our dime. Fuck off and beam up to the mother ship. But, this is only a piece of what needs to be done. We also need to invest heavily in teaching our young the skills and knowledge needed for life in a very diverse world.

That's called brainwashing. News flash, Leikind. You guys have done an excellent job at brainwashing for several decades already, but like all bad things, this too shall pass. And since you are instilling a lie in people, the backlash to the lie is going to be extremely violent, both emotionally and physically. Won't it be fun when the Whites you tax for the money to brainwash our cops into viewing us Whites as "hate" criminals turn on you? The day's coming.

Doing so will insure that they are equipped to understand the hate sites on the Web for what they are.

Hey Leikind, don't count on Whites not being compelled by Dr. Pierce speeches and the good common sense of the White-nationalist worldview. Everything is falling into place for it, from the backlash to the de-industrialization of America to young White girls getting infected with AIDS when they mix with local hottentots who aren't like the sweet, slick dancers portrayed by yid Redstone on MTV. And have no doubt we will relentlessly pound into these Whites how A = B and Jew = Nushawn Williams infecting our White girls. You filthy kikes are messing with our women, and when White men put 2 + 2 together they come right to our side.

It will enable them to seize opportunities to reach out and befriend people who are different than themselves and catch AIDS or mulattoes. And it will further marginalize the hate groups that would use violence and intimidation to undermine our democracy. Yid fantasies. Go write another sitcom, that's the intellectual level of this sort of thinking.

The most important lesson we can learn, however, from the arrest of Felton and Chase is that we take hate for granted at our peril. Damn right, yids!

Each of us has a responsibility to interrupt hate whenever and wherever we encounter it. Good thing you can't do a damn thing to interrupt it when we go out and protest in a comedic and enlightening way in public.

In doing so, we strengthen our democracy and increase the prospects that the freedoms that we hold so dear today will be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren tomorrow. (Mentioning the future of our children! What chutzpah!)

Stay liquid, Hymie. The exit date nears. You know the routine by now.

Robert Leikind is regional director of the New England office of the Anti-Defamation League.


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