The Murder of White America

by Carol Ward

Come In, George -- This Is An Emergency -- George, Can You Hear Me?

Lost in Space. I wait patiently for signs of intelligent life -- some indication that somewhere in humankind, a small cabal of honest, capable thinkers -- having satisfied lower needs, is now ready to begin the journey of reflection. Reflection on the finer points of our circumstance, the human condition.

Yeah, right.

The nation is 225 years old July 4, 2001, and there is slender indication that any thoughts of the original architects of freedom have survived the revisionism of 20th-century mischief-makers.

Our self-proclaimed "intelligentsia" -- having installed themselves within the power elite of every conceivable quarter of our lives, shuffle around musty philosophical closets, emerging from caucuses of like-minded trolls each time they want to tinker with their social-engineering projects.

In June of 2001 I attended a conference on the First Amendment in Washington, D.C. You'd think Americans would cherish and defend just ONE Amendment in the Constitution we revere and discard in equal measure. The Fourth, Fifth and Tenth Amendments have been toast for a decade. The Second Amendment is under revision after a decade of propaganda to weaken it for the kill. Now the First Amendment is being re-worked and reimagined to reflect the tribal politics of the age, even as journalists, historians, scientists and citizens face prison terms in places like Canada, Great Britain, and of course Germany for speaking freely.

At a recent hearing in British Columbia, it was said that "truth is no defense" when it comes to "Hate" speech by journalists questioning immigration and the cultural wars plaguing that nation. Homosexual activists in California are pushing hard for employment protection for their members, even at the expense of the First Amendment. It all sounds so harmless on paper and in sound bites. Why not protection for gays in the workplace?

The Ottawa Citizen tells us a religious ad in the Regina Leader Post supposedly exposed gays to hatred. A complaint was filed. According to complainant, Gens Hellquist, the perpetrator of this 'hate crime,' one Hugh Owens, was "using [his] interpretation of the Bible to direct hatred towards me."

Not surprisingly the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission agreed and ordered "both the newspaper and Mr. Owens to pay the three complainants [yes, there were others] $1,500 each" for running an ad that made references to biblical passages that bore anti gay messages but no direct reference to Mr. Hellquist and crew.

Harmless protection of gays -- right? Wait. It gets better.

Today in Santa Monica, comedienne Paula Poundstone was arraigned for committing lewd acts on one of her foster children. She was met by throngs of cheering supporters yelling, "We Love You Paula." THIS -- after a virtual blackout on the story since it broke last weekend.

So what were they supporting? An open lesbian foster parent charged with pedophilia? Or do the denizens of that great socialist state on the left believe that Santa Monica prosecutors are -- what? -- MISTAKEN? Trust me on this one: If the DSS brought false charges of pedophilia against a celebrity lesbian in Santa Monica, it could only be a masochistic death wish, and said public employees should be on round-the-clock suicide watch.

This Just In --- from Massachusetts

The Ira W. Decamp professor at Princeton's "Center for Human Values," Peter Singer, is telling the nation that sex with animals is fine as long as it does not hurt the animal.

He says that the only reason we have a taboo against this is because of the "Judeo-Christian tradition." If we can get rid of that nonsense, the taboo would fall, he believes.

The president of PETA agrees with Singer's beliefs about animals. She said the following about his article, which appeared, on "It's daring and honest, and it does not do what some people read into it, which is condone any violent acts involving an animal, sexual or otherwise."

When asked how an animal can consent to sex, she said, "It sounds like [your question] is an attempt to make this so narrow and so un-intellectual in its focus. You know, Peter Singer is an intellectual, and he looks at all nuances of an issue, the whole concept of consent with animals is very different."

Here we have yet another example of academia and media gone stark raving loony tunes. And if we speak up? Then WE are engaged in Hate Speech; WE are the haters. AND, if proposed legislation in California is passed there or elsewhere, offending heterosexuals would be subject to penalties, fines and/or imprisonment, should either of the above incidents be discussed at work, or with co-workers not on the job.

Are you Listening George? -- Adam? -- Anybody?

Mass News was one of the first newspapers in the country to report in 1999 that the American Psychological Association had published a study indicating that pedophilia can have a positive influence on a child.

According to the study, the use of "judgmental terms" such as "child abuse," "molestation" and "victims" must be eliminated. Instead, we should use neutral, value-free terms like "adult-child sex." We should not talk about the "severity of the abuse," but instead refer to "the level of sexual intimacy."

As a result of our efforts and a four-page report we mailed to residents in Newton, the leaders of that city responded with a rally against "hate mail." It was in reality a "hate
Mass News" rally with all of the political leaders, teachers and homosexual activists attending.

We had only an Internet site at that time, but it was apparent after the Newton "hate" rally that we would be totally silenced by all the media unless we also published a print newspaper, which we have now done for two years.

In addition, we revealed at that time that the American Psychiatric Association was getting ready to support the "normalization" of sex with children. It had very quietly changed its Diagnostic Manual so that a person no longer has a "disorder" simply because he molests children. To be diagnosed as "disordered," the psychiatrists now look to the psyche of the adult. If the adult does not feel anxious about the relationship with the child or if the adult is not impaired in his work or social relationships, then he has no "disorder."

The purpose of proposed hate crimes legislation, whether its object be acts, thoughts, or words, is to normalize the abnormal, vilify the virtuous, and silence FOREVER the moral majority that created America. Should the demons of the left crack the First Amendment, we will be silenced forever. Once the architects of the New Amerika criminalize dissent from their noxious social experimentation, we truly are finished.

It occurred to me the other day while I was driving, that the First Amendment is already dysfunctional for all but the chosen tribes in this jungle. As I flipped through AM stations looking for the news, I stumbled on Public Radio Albuquerque from the UNM campus. The program was called Singing Wires, a Navajo music hour celebrating indigenous "culture" and lamenting the arrival of the "white man." Honest.

Doors are kicked in, bank accounts seized, and lives and property are destroyed EACH DAY, by Internal Revenue Officers pursuing the noble goal of financing not just Indian tribes but also the public airwaves over which they can complain of invasions by the white man 225 years ago. All on our dime.

I called the radio station at 505 277- 8009 and asked for the General Manager, Richard Town. I asked him how a publicly funded radio station could play such obviously racist music. He said it wasn't racist. I reminded him he would be out of a job if he played white supremacist music that complained of an invasion of Mexicans and Africans. He pretended there was no equivalence. I reminded him that if I were a Jew calling in about someone playing "Adolph, We Hardly Knew Ye," he would not only be out of a job, he would be on the receiving end of a professional death sentence that would end his career. Our PR manager then ministered to me, telling me that the only one who sounded "hateful" -- was ME.

Can you imagine this station manager telling a very distressed Sol Hershowitz he was hateful for calling-in to complain about a few choruses of "Been Jewed Again?" on his car radio, courtesy of the American Treasury and National Public Radio?

I remember a story from Aspen, where a group rented an entire restaurant and conference center to discuss, privately, the "problem of Jewish monopoly" and the political agenda of Jewish Americans with dual loyalties. This group was discussing the propriety of Jews, as a group, controlling everything from academia and the courts to the Federal Reserve and Hollywood. They were particularly disturbed at the corruption of the movie distribution process, whereby the First Amendment has been thwarted for years by Jews who, for self-serving political and economic reasons, control which movies are released, and more importantly -- where. (Don't believe me? Ask Jon Voight.)

Remember, Jews routinely meet to discuss the "problem of Christians" and the disproportionate influence of White Christians in America. They don't have to hide. They advertise these events, with elected officials attending!

As for the Aspen restaurant, my sister tells me they were put out of business within a year by Aspen Jews, who not only boycotted the place themselves, but went so far as to seek out and punish any who continued to frequent the "offending" restaurant. Even the bank that carried their paper came under fire for de facto anti-Semitism when it didn't call the notes!

We're talking nasty here, folks. These are some nasty, nasty people. This is tribal. And it's primitive. It's also very dangerous.

When any tribal culture such as Jews, blacks, homosexuals, even immigrants, forms a coalition against the host culture, and seizes the airwaves, the schools, the government, the courts, the movies AND the radio, it will manipulate those systems to its benefit, and to the detriment of disfavored groups such as whites and Christians, Moslems and the private sector.

As I type, this coalition is readying the nation for legislation making it a crime to type this essay. This coalition is now the sole arbiter of what is legal, illegal, proper and improper, hateful or benevolent. Its members protect each other at the expense of the rest of us.

Readers need to know that a board of Jews runs the American Psychological Association. These are the people who are redefining homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, and probably necrophilia next. The American Trial Lawyers who are going to sue businesses for the mistakes of their HMOs are largely membered by Jews as well.

The television network executives who decide that the liaisons of an obscure congressman are the lead story night after night -- are Jews. THIS for a solid week, while Paula Poundstone, comedienne, lesbian, and foster mom is arraigned -- in silence. The entire visual medium is now controlled by and for this tribal coalition of Jews, homosexuals, immigrants and blacks, [JHIB's] AND their socialist leadership. It's a protection racket. It's effective. It's not even subtle anymore; it doesn't have to be. And these bastards have the cheek to tell me I disagree with them because I am somehow defective.

Oh, and that Canadian who said, "Truth is no defense" when one is accused of racial discrimination? Her name is Elinor Caplan, a Jew from the Human Rights Tribunal. She and her border vigilantes protect our northern neighbors from the likes of Eustace Mullins and David Icke -- because they question the power of Jews like Ms. Caplan. She serves her narrow political/ethnic/religious interests on the taxpayer's dime, and to the detriment of the Canadian Majority. Nobody dares to tell her she is forcing her "religious views on other Canadians," even when she tries to deport an ethnic German whose only crime was that he was recruited as a 17-year-old translator for the losing side in WWII.

The problem for those of us who question and openly challenge this attack on White Christian America is that we all have jobs and lives apart from this struggle for the soul of the country, while the demons that would destroy us are also employed full time at the task. They ARE the Tribunals, the ACLU, and the Public Radio and Television networks. They are the endless government bureaus and schools, the science labs and the university offices. They are the Federal Reserve, the AMA, APA, and the government-employee unions.

We who oppose the agenda of the coalition are denied access to the system. We are not the journalists, the television producers, directors, news faces, writers, or regulators. Dissidents are not allowed to publish, or even MEET with like-minds without endangering our reputations and livelihoods. The JHIBs and their lackeys in media, publishing, government and the courts control the definition of all that is good, and decent. They decide what is legal, and what must be punished. They decide what can and cannot be taught to our children. They decide if we will remain free, should we disagree on the "rights" for their membership.

Tribal songs about evil whites are not hate speech in New Mexico. Angry whites who resent paying for the music have no venue for their complaint AND are condemned for their efforts.

The European variety of this sickness has metastasized in Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Belgium and France. If you don't like Jews running the economy and the media there, you are discredited and removed from any position of authority. Your license or educational degrees can be taken away. If you complain loudly about North African immigration policies resulting in marauding gang rapes in suburban Paris, you go to jail for inciting racial hatred.

And the Big Gulp -- The Super Nasty With Extra Cheese and Pickle the discovery of WHY Europeans are no longer allowed to speak frankly to each other. It's the Hoax of the 20th Century -- committed not against Jews, but by them.

It seems the science is IN. But the scientists are under arrest. The disinterested eyewitness testimony has been gathered, and the disinterested science is not good for the lucrative little scam called the Holocaust racket -- 'cuz now we know who really died at Dachau, at Auschwitz, and at Buchenwald. That blue residue in the showers? It was from de-lousing inmates -- inmates who were dying by the thousands -- NOT from poison gas, but from typhus -- in and out of the camps.

There were dead Poles, Catholics, Russians, Gypsies and yes, Jews. But this was no genocide. No door-to-door round up of Jews. This was war. People on both sides were imprisoned.

And 6 million Jews DID NOT DIE. -- Not in WWII or WWI, when the screaming headlines announced the first 6 million dead Jews.

The Holocaust racket is big business. Retributive business. Power-hungry business. The political alliances formed by Jews -- the JHIB -- are not ideology, but tools. They're also insurance against any pesky science that might upset the power structure constructed on the myth of 6 million dead. The Holocaust racket survives only if Jews can control the books, the history, and the economies of Europe, America and the Middle East. To this end men and women are imprisoned for their thoughts and words. In Israel they die.

Freedom-loving American Christians are at war and don't even know it. We are excluded from world dominance and haven't a clue. We are herded and imprisoned by minds more sinister than anything produced by the national socialists of Germany, yet we pay eight bucks apiece to see Steven Spielberg distort history with the fiction he purchased called Schindler's List.

And if we complain -- we are haters. If we meet, we are dangerous. If we communicate we must be tracked, and labeled, monitored and muzzled. We will either abide by the new rules established for us by our shadow governors or we will be ruined financially, professionally or legally. Some of us will end up dead.

So George, if you are watching this unfold on July 4, 2001, pray for us.

Pray that there are still ears to hear. That there are still minds uncorrupted. Pray that we are not alone against these beasts, for they imprison us as surely as if we were buried alive. They manufacture reality and legislate morality according to the needs of their enterprise.

Surely a just God would protect us, even from the myth that the son of our God is one of them.


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