Ukraine and the Media Double Standard

by C. Corey

One of the primary means used by the enemies of our race to stifle upheaval before it starts is the distortion of history. Distortion as I'm using the term does not necessarily mean falsehood, at least not falsehood as it is commonly defined (although in some cases their chutzpah leads the media Jews to blatant story-telling). No, the Jews use their media influence to single out individual historical events, paint them in such a light as to give them the utmost significance, and then repeat. And repeat. And repeat. A tactic similar to that used by the Bolshevik kinsmen of today's media Jews in their Soviet re-education camps throughout much of the last century.

The method of distortion explained above is as simple as it has been effective. Consider the average White American; he/she is not a history buff, he/she skims the newspapers each morning, scanning headlines. How the headlines read is very nearly completely up to the Jews who control the newspapers. If the headlines harp on the evils of the "Holocaust" and other persecutions of the Jews, Average White American won't stop to consider why, he will merely become conditioned to believe in the sanctity of the Chosen, hunted throughout history by evil people who were "anti-Semites" simply because of an irrational malice towards a successful group.

Perhaps Average White American read recently about the Pope's visit to the Ukraine. The Pope made his way to Babi Yar, site of a memorial to victims of persecution, many of them Jews. John Paul prayed, said a few words: "reject violence, blah, respect dignity, blah blah, safeguarding fundamental freedoms blah blah blah," etc. Average White American, being the socially aware and ever-insightful creature it is, shakes its head in wonder at the sufferings of a people who have been innocent victims since the beginning of time. Persecuted -- for no reason -- since the very dawn of civilization. Never have Jews done anything as a group to deserve repercussions, and Average White American will know this, because on page 3B of the local section, there is an article on an historic Jewish synagogue in town, with loads of info on how the Jews have contributed copiously to the local community. Thank G-d.

The news they never print...

But there is other news that never makes its way to AWA's page. For example, the fact that in Ukraine back in the early 1940s, Soviet NKVD forces committed mass slaughters prior to their retreat from invading Germans. I'm sure you've heard the figures, recognize some of the names: the 2,000 dead in Tarnopol; 2,800 in Lutsk; 5,000 apiece in Volhynia and Lemberg; 10,000 in Galicia; and of course the 30,000 in Lvov. What's that? These names not ringing a bell? Well that's funny, because these events are well documented, right down to the castrations and crucifixions. But don't look for big writeups -- any writeups -- in the New York Times or its lessers. Some news is never fit to print.

Here's the key: the NKVD was, for all intents and purposes, a Jewish outfit. Latvians also made up a considerable portion of the organization, along with ethnic Russians and others, but the Jewish domination was so complete that an entire book has been devoted to the topic: Cheka-GPU-NKVD in Ukraine: People, Facts, Documents, by Shapoval, et al. Visit this website to develop your understanding of the Jewish NKVD butchers who massacred innocent Slavs under the aracial guise of communism:

Could it be that the media Jews give undue attention to events involving persecution of the Jewish race, while ignoring the atrocities Jews perpetrate? You make the call, but ask yourself why the newspapers never told you about Lvov, why the Pope hasn't anguished over the slaughters that took place in Ukraine circa 1941, why you had no idea that Jews were over-represented in the ranks of the Soviet NKVD. As for me, I've come to the conclusion that the Chosen only choose to remember the Chosen.


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