Taking It to The Man: Getting In Hymie's Face at Boston ADL Rally

by Rob Freeman

On the way to work this morning I found out about an ADL rally in Boston in response to the guy who wanted to blow up the Boston Holyhoax memorial and the bridge named after the dead ADL leader Leonard Zakim.

I called the mayor's office and found out the time and place. At work I made a flyer, printed out some anti-ADL propaganda from Jeff's Archive site, and off I go. I caused some serious outrage. One black guy in an expensive suit asked me for a flyer because the White girls wouldn't give it to him because it had anti-mixing propaganda and they didn't want to offend the poor monkey. I had no such protective attitude towards his feelings and gladly gave him a flyer. He asked if I think he shouldn't date White women, and I said yes, it equals genocide. I asked him didn't he agree and won't it be a shame if there are no more White people, just mulattoes? He wasn't used to a White man who stood up to him, and walked away without a word.

I gave flyers right to all the various ADL-associated and salaried diversity workers at this thing. I distributed NA literature within ten feet of Elie Wiesel (I think it was him). The diversity workers were at first curious and didn't understand my sarcasm when I handed them the flyer saying, with a straight face, "I am here to support the ADL in its drive to abolish the Constitution." Then one of them with a pin on her that said "A World of Difference" came and found me and gave me back my flyers. I thanked her because now I could hand those flyers to more people.

The police were very friendly! Wow! If the Jews saw that they must be scared. The ranking cop asked me for a copy of what I was handing out, and I gave him one of the anti-ADL articles. He skimmed it, gave it back to me, and said I could distro so long as I was quiet during the speeches. I chose the ADL article because maybe he'd have judged the flyers too offensive, and he didn't check and see if I had anything else.

Then I went to the sidewalk and started handing out flyers. I would say with a yiddish accent, "Support zee ADL to abolish zee Constitution! No more Free speech or guns for Americans." There was an ADL guy right there, Jerry Tarsy, whom I noticed after a bit. He was gauging the reaction of the crowd as they walked by, and one of them refused my flyer saying, "I am in favor of the Constitution!" I explained I was being sarcastic and that the ADL is destorying the Constitution. He said "Oh, Ok," and took my flyers and articles.

When I noticed the ADL guy, I said, "Oh, here's the ADL right here!" and smiled big. An old Irish cop who was following me around jumped in between us and said, "Now be nice!" like he was about to prevent a brawl between two schoolkids. I said, "Oh I won't do anything, it's Ok." The ADL guy looked back at me and tried to look me in the eye, but he glanced away, sheepish, and said, "We support your right to free speech, we just want you to speak softly during the speeches and not disrupt." I said that's fine and offered him a flyer, which he took with an air of gathering intelligence. I had the big smile and the feeling of Wotansvolk in me the whole time, a happy warrior.

A LOT of people were psyched that I was there and took my flyers happily, I got to say. I was very surprised. One older guy, probably a White nationalist, took my flyer and thanked me, and when I tried to give him anti-ADL articles he refused, saying, "I know all about the ADL." One young guy who was also a White nationalist started quizzing me about what was wrong with the ADL and when I was not able to argue articulately and "quick on my feet" he criticized me harshly and said I shouldn't be doing the distribution if I couldn't argue well. But he failed to realize that nobody engaged me in debate at all, it was just about passing the stuff out in the first place. I know I'm not a quick-on-my-feet debater, but for street operations like this you don't need that. He was the only one who even debated me at all, kind of a funny character. Probably a lone wolf.

What else, while the memory is fresh... I gave the flyers to a lot of Jews, and some reacted with outrage, throwing the flyers on the ground or tearing them up. When they threw them on the ground I would say, "Oh don't litter," and I'd pick it up. During the speeches, at one point I was way in the back of the crowd where I was allowed to be loud and obnoxious, and I heard snippets of things like, "White supremacists are desperate losers" and I made a mime act of having my feelings hurt. Another snippet, "There's still a lot of hate out there!" I raised my hand, "Yep, there's some right here!" Then a nigger got up and said, "We won't ever forget the Holocaust or the Middle Passage," and I yelled, "What about the Ukrainian holocaust, which was committed by Jews?"

But the cops, wow. They were all smiling at me. They know the deal. And a lot of plain old Gentile citizens did too. I also handed literature to nigs, but I would give them anti-ADL articles and say, "The ADL supports Israel's apartheid system and they are murdering Palestinian children."

I wonder if this will make the ADL think twice about holding rallies. It was a perfect opportunity to distro NA literature, and I'll do it again. Wish I'd had more time to prepare.

I had to leave after a half hour because I had to be back to work. Too bad, because it was good. But I did my damage.


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