From Wiggers to Whites: Reclaiming Our Young

by C. Corey

Having recently graduated from high school, I'm left with some overall impressions of the environment, its causes, its results, and its spiritual ramifications.

America today, for teenagers and adults alike, is largely Jewish in nature. Through their control of the mass media of news and entertainment, Jews have transformed a society that was once healthy, stable and rooted into a cesspit in which debauchery of all forms is promoted while racial instincts are denied, and those who believe in the importance of race scorned and persecuted. However, although organized Jewry has brought our nation to its knees, the Jews could not have done this without the complacency of White America. White Americans chose not to be aware of the problems we face for so long that now our struggle for renewal seems hopeless. Most White children live in a raceless environment now because those who came before us opted for comfort instead of duty.

Throughout my high school years, apathy was the primary feeling I dealt with myself and witnessed in others. It would be easy for me to give a complex explanation for the existence of widespread apathy, but why make things complex when they are really quite simple? Teenagers today are apathetic because they have no consciousness of race and are therefore rootless. Rootlessness leads to a longing for purpose, a longing which goes unfulfilled in most cases, leading finally to an apathy tinged with skepticism.

The skeptically, cynically apathetic teen not only fails to see the importance of race, no; high schoolers today often carry (surprise!) anti-White sentiments. The Jewish essence of American "culture" approves as fashionable any sort of sham "political statement," as long as the statement isn't in favor of White values. This is why we have MTV and its "Fight for your Rights" television show, designed deliberately to propagate multiracialism, homosexuality, and various other perversions of Nature. This is also why we have teenaged "punks" today who style themselves as politically conscious, when in fact their minds are filled only with the ideas the media Jews want them to have.

I wish that I could say that apathy is the sole problem in the high schools today; apathy can be countered fairly easily. The spiritual sickness that accompanies immersion in the culture-products of the Jewish mind is not so easy to treat, for the reason that it perpetuates itself. So many high schoolers adopt a Jewish outlook because they are looking for comfort in their rootlessness. The media Jews foment a cultural revolution that leaves White youth alienated and restless. Then the media Jews fill the void with any and all things opposed to traditional White values.

An example of a mindset the Jewish spirit promotes and provokes among Whites is nihilism. During my first two years of high school I listened to "death metal," a harsh style of music played very fast and usually accompanied with growled lyrics lacking any positive aspect. Because Jewish American culture blinded me to the Natural, family-based, Folkish course of life, I adopted one of the Jews' pet mindsets, an anti-life, anti-duty, materialistic doctrine. Part of the attraction to death metal and nihilism can be traced to healthy instincts which, having no obvious place in a Jewish world, react violently with disgust. Those who wish our racial spirit to survive must work uncompromisingly to set an example for these hurting and alienated youth, an example consisting of our own efforts, sacrifices, and discipline.

On to the actual conditions and curricula of the schools: This area is where the influence of the Jews is best seen. To be considered "cool," one must deny racial values and shun racially responsible behavior. In the minds of most Whites, the races truly are "equal." Even if White students intuit subconsciously that there are racial differences, most will not act accordingly nor will they bring the realization to full consciousness. Fortunately, I had just a few Black teachers in my high school years. One was an individual who was teaching at my high school only because he had been forced to resign his position at another school for giving alcoholic beverages to Black students. On his car was a sticker pertaining to the "Million Man March." This individual taught a "Law and Justice" course, making a mockery of our anti-Nature system with every arrogant word issued from his mouth. Another Black teacher continually praised the virtues of affirmative action and put a spin on every event covered in the "Current Events" course he taught. I'm sure similar situations exist across America.

I remember one particular episode in my sophomore English class that serves as a wonderful illustration of the spiritual currents underlying teens' behavior today. The class had just read Jewish "Holocaust Survivor" Elie Wiesel's account of his experiences at the hands of the Nazis in a concentration camp, titled Night. Some of the experiences Wiesel relates seem utterly untrue, perhaps the product of an overactive Jewish imagination. However, I will refrain from judging the accuracy of the account and get to the point. The class is watching a documentary feature on the dangers of "Holocaust" revisionism. Spielberg says a few words, and we see many Jews sitting at computers compiling the accounts of survivors, etc. I turn around in my seat and have a look at the young man behind me, a youth who could best be classified as a "wigger." The look in his eyes as he watched the Jews typing and Spielberg talking, accompanied by the sounds of a violin, will not soon leave me. He had a very somber look, this kid who at any other time could be seen slapping the hands of Blacks in the hallways, flirting Black-like with girls, listening to Black rap music, or "smokin' weed" with Blacks. The moralizing Jewish characters with their "Holocaust" stories wiped the smile off this kid's face with their distortion of history, their focus on certain aspects of certain episodes of history. Such Jewish rot could only reaffirm this young man's anti-White sentiment, his self-hating materialism and aracialism. The Jews are manipulators; they create this garbage culture, then poke and prod the atomized and deracinated victims of their venom as they writhe in uncertainty and rootlessness. The Jews are manipulators; they can turn a child into a "wigger," then make him feel guilty for being White, thereby securing his opposition to the survival of our race and its spirit.

Stories of the racially unhealthy school environment abound, but one image should remain clear in every reader's mind. Picture a White male at school who feels that something is wrong with his environment, that somehow his environment and his spirit are in opposition. This White male walks with his head down as the calls of Blacks assault his ears and the sights of decadent indulgence flash before his eyes. Then picture for yourself a young White man from a generation long past, looking out over a virgin land of wilderness and Natural beauty, preparing to make a life for himself and his family. Spiritually these young men are the same, the difference lies in their environment. For a modern high-schooler, the environment is essentially Jewish in character; for the young man of a time long past, the environment was Natural. Jewish influence is opposed to Nature, and the conditions in high schools today reflect this fundamental opposition.

White high school students are, in general, racially unhealthy simply because there is no guidance, no healthy example for them to follow. The responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of those of us who know the importance of our racial values to lead those who can be led in every way humanly possible. Our struggle is concerned with the identification of who we are, the purification of what we are, and the assertion of our will, through our actions, with conviction and perseverence.

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