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June 2002

Non-existant "H. Millard" and the Art of the Jerk-Job

A jerk-jobber writes about other jerk-jobbers. Why do we have open borders and the mud fondue? Millard won't tell you: because of the Jew. Kevin MacDonald and VNN will tell you. Right here. Here's what you'll never see in an H. Millard piece: The defeats of 1924 and 1952 did not prevent the ultimate victory of the Jewish interest in combating the cultural, political, and demographic dominance of the European- derived peoples of the United States. What is truly remarkable is the tenacity with which Jewish ethnic interests were pursued for a period of close to 100 years. Also remarkable was the ability to frame the argument of immigration- restrictionists in terms of racial superiority in the period from 1924- 1965 rather than in such positive terms as the ethnic interests of the peoples of northern and western Europe in maintaining a status quo as of 1924. During the period between 1924 and 1965 Jewish interests were largely thwarted, but this did not prevent the ultimate triumph of the Jewish perspective on immigration. In a very real sense the result of the immigration changes fostered by Jewish intellectual and political activity have constituted a long term victory over the political, demographic, and cultural representation of "the common people of the South and West"... VNN never stops short of the truth. And you shouldn't accept anything less. We have open borders in America and Europe and Australia because it is "good for jews." No other reason. What's good for Whites is NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. And that's another thing Halfway Millard will never, never, never tell you. Don't be deceived.

Jews Get Ahead of Themselves

The Jews seem to think they can write their own laws. A local veteran's group yesterday doubled the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of individuals disseminating hate literature in the Princeton area. Trenton's Jewish War Veterans' post originally offered $500, but added another $500 yesterday after learning of Princeton's more than 80 one-page fliers targeting Jews and the Anti-Defamation League. Arrest and conviction for what? Making jews cry? Keep in mind, this is the "reporter" writing this, apparently unable to figure out that passing out literature is not a crime. Jews pass laws discriminating against Whites, force them to subsidize their own genocide, but if you speak against it, you should be arrested and convicted. Well, you should be underground, juifs.

Police States

The neoconservatives -- the "neocon-men" of this coup -- have engaged themselves in a tireless campaign, fueled by self-righteous absolutism, to fashion upon Americans a police-state transcending that of Abraham Lincoln. Secret trials by military tribunals, from which there would be no right of appeal; the close monitoring of people's telephone and Internet communications, banking and medical records, and credit card purchases; the power of an imperial president, usurped from Congress, to declare war on whomever it fits his momentary fancy to attack; the threatening of those who dissent from any of Mr. Bush's policies; the creation of a "Homeland Security" cabinet post -- whose very name recalls a preoccupation with "the Fatherland"; and an increasing irrelevance of Congress in the development of government policy -- other than to rubber-stamp Mr. Bush's proposals; fail to arouse much interest from most Americans. There is scarcely a pip being squeaked anywhere in the major media over any of this. The irony of this article is that the author is not quite to the point of questioning his own preconceptions about nationalist Germany. Here Gottfried on schools glorifying ZOG. As always Jew Gottfried is good for facts, but a strategic misleader since he never mentions the jewish racial disease causing the symptoms he describes.

Van der Graaf, Cannibal Nut

Anyway, no, the media isn't going out of their way to play up Van Der Graaf's animal rightist background. Can you imagine if he'd been a big-game hunter?! Think they might have broadcast that detail a little louder? Think that might have gotten a little more airplay? They'd be clubbing us over the head with it day and night, ramming it down our throats non-stop, NPR, MTV, Frontline, 60 minutes -- the whole bit. Good points about the insanity of veganism. As one who has recently polished off a heartily satisfying 25 pounds of roadkill deer, let me tell you that there is nothing NOTHING better than meat.

They're down on me, 'cause I'm a teenager. With a litta bita gold 'n' a pager... Check out Tweezerman here. By Haman, dig? Haman's back, back, back... Tell a fren'! He wants his ears, and he knows where ta find 'em. By the side of a lyin' dyin' Hyman...

Bay Area Boobs

A fortnight in Equatorial Guinea could scarcely provide a motlier collection of fauna for the wonderment and edification of the human eye than a sojourn in San Angry White Female

Father's Day

Saluting those who have come before, and made our selves and our lives Marc Moran

Debunking Einstein, Part II

Lorentz (and Poincare and Maxwell) did the work; the Jewish publicity machine saw that Einstein got the credit. Part two of Chris Verral

More Americans See Jews Clearly

"We are greatly concerned that many of the gains we had seen in building a more tolerant and accepting America have not taken hold as firmly as we had hoped, and have to some degree been reversed," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "While there are many factors at play, all the evidence suggests a strong undercurrent of Jewish hatred persists in America." The survey was taken between April 26 and May 6 - 1,000 American adults took part. VNN is greatly concerned that no poll of Jewish attitudes toward Real Americans has been taken. Are god's partners, who teach their young "even the best of the goyim should be killed," free of hate? The ADL teaching tolerance catalog doesn't include one video or training course to help young jews overcome their poisonous legacy of goy-hate. Not a single one. VNN is proud to contribute to the national -- worldwide -- clarification of jewish issues, and we are happy to see that the facts we expose are finding open ears, eyes and minds. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

"Diversity Awareness" Badge

Hands-on training from Father McFeely... Here on Eminem crooning. Here Sobran on English language.

Freedom or Security?

Really a poll on stupidity, since the government is the real threat to your liberty, not Al-Qaeda. How is a government controlled by jews instigating wars across Asia going to make you safer, American? If you can buy a mexcrement gang-banger as nuclear terrorist, hell, what won't you buy? Here's something you can believe: the American government is illegitimate. It lies about darn near everything, and browbeats you into moral submission, while taxing you to subsidize your own genocide. Here a jew yips about free speech and the crits against it. Somehow he doesn't mention the jewish school that is trying to create in the public mind a distinction between what it tendentiously terms "hate" speech and free speech. Jews get up in the morning and tell lies the way some people do jumping jacks. Here on radio host "Savage," whose real name is Jew Weiner. Listen to kike "Poe" (Pogrebsky): One site, posted by the so-called Coalition for Human Decency, makes a point of calling Savage "Michael Weiner" and taunts him for hiding his alleged Jewish background. "On his show, he tries to portray himself as a Christian, who has incredibly strong feelings about Jewish issues," it sneers. But the alert Jew hunters at are not fooled. "He almost comes unglued every time a Palestinian kills a Jew, but not vice versa" the essay continues. "If you listen to his show, for even an hour, you will surely realize he is Jewish." Personally, I have no idea whether Savage is Jewish. Yeah, you bet, Jew "Poe." You have "no idea." Sure. That's what the jews pride themselves on, their "chutzpah." You ever read an article by a jew like "poe"grebsky about, say, jews getting Carol Ward fired from Etherzone? Nope. They only write about fellow jews like jew weiner who are under pressure. And act like they don't even know the guy they're defending is a jew. What could be more jewish than that? Here a leftist site against the savage weiner. This is all a bunch of jewish lies and confusion. Weiner is a jew, and the pretense that he is anti-Semitic is just another way to confuse the White man about what's really going on. Bottom line? As always. No Jews. Just Right. Let that be your North Star and you can't go wrong. Poe-grebsky and Savage-Weiner -- just more jewish flim-flam. Celebrate the kikistocracy! Here an old Jew Rothbard column on Duke. Like Jew Gottfried, Jew Rothbard's analysis is sound -- except he leaves out the core. Duke was attacked in a shark frenzy because he intended to do something for Whites and about Jews - the real establishment. Not because he was a right-wing populist. The program Rothbard lays out is pure wheelspinning. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. That'll get you out of the mudrut.

Itz Now the Hour When We Say, WHITE POWER!

Fuck the kikes, we want to get off! When they came for the white-power pamphlets I said nothing, for I was not a white-power pamphlet. More here. The dim cops stamp biohazard on the bags the 'flets were distro'd in; the yahoodina reportress beplauds. Why does one's lip inevitably curl when one sees the judie in action? At the same time White pride brochures are stamped biohazard, fags are parading merrily in the streets, while parents bring their kids to watch. Now you tell me what is more ridiculous: witch-hunts or gay pride parades? Are the parading homofags tested and stamped biohazard as a public precaution? Devolution. What a beautiful choice. Whatever you do, don't let kids get in the way of your partying. Here a jewkike encourages Alabama to embrace faggotry.

Media: Hitler Miniseries Coming

From CBS... It will be revealed to the world for the first time that Hitler actually executed 40 million jews. Elsewhere on the good news front, the value of the shekel plummets. Couldn't happen to a nicer currency. Hitler just said no to non-White immigration. How come Hitler's ideas look good in retrospect? Maybe he was right about the jews. Here Buchanan critiques our illogical foreign policy, blasts the bellicose virago Albright. Just a bunch of jew-happy jerking off by bushy, puppetfronting the warmongering kikes.

Anti-Terror in the UK

UK government releases plan for 6000 troops to form so-called 'anti-terror' force. Force to be used inside UK to protect key installations and to back up police (against the populace). Troops will be drawn from reservists rather than regulars (much more amenable to political indoctrination. No loyalty to unit or flag).

Jews Hatable in Greece

Wherever they go, they're despised. The other guy is the problem, LOL. Hebrews...stink! Here the dirty jews -- misnamed "Russians" -- are caught laundering money by anti-Semitic police. Here on the Israeli lobby as America's third political party. More like itz only political party. Here all too typical yoo "Holo" drivel. Good news here on jews potentially making aliyah, which is the jewish word for what locusts refer to as ()*&(*&(, or, the great changing of fields.

Niggers Destroy Zimbabwe

It's like "Charles in Charge," just not quite so funny. Those goofy niggers! What will they do next? "They can't stay here!" Silly niggers. Toilets are for shitting in, not drinking out of. Here chinky-dinks cry about treatment in Canada. Here on France. Here your daily dose of stoopid boolie nooz. Today in stoopid boolie nooz, a useless negroidal ape: A) had to take itz daddybaby to get roach removed from ear; B) burned down subsidized apartment by using stove for heat (oh wait, it's summer); C) infected fifteen Lutheran college girls with hepatitis and AIDS; D) got paid off by Cincinnati to celebrate somewhere else. Negroes -- they make schools, neighborhoods, continents unworkable. "Anybody killed?" "No ma'am. A nigger." Here, the uplifting story of a doofball and his years among the lowland grub-eaters. It took him two years to win their acceptance. Here on yet another attempt to take money from the educable to waste on everts. Here dumb niggers get special treatment denied competent Whites. Without social promotion, hardly an evert would 'scape grade one.

Bonobs, Bonobs, Can't-Make-a-Go-Nobs

Fertile land, temperate weather, no matter. Nigger can't farm. Nigger can murder farmers! Does that count? Nigger can live high off the hog for 2.5-3 days, then back to grub grubbing. Mankind, they say -- and they say it a lot! -- evolved out of a primeval soup. Boolies only evolved to the Bung Ramen stage. Bung Ramen is like Top Ramen, only not as good. Here your kids, in public skools, will be taught African fairy tales instead of good honest ones about witches in candy houses trying to shove kids in ovens. Here a Mexishit commits a workaday rape. Why are Mexicans in America? Jews. No other reason.

The Dog And Pony Show

Here, the usual Jewish put-up show, a distraction, a phony display of controversy. "Peace" Jews affect to clash with "militant" Jews; look! Israeli flags torn down! So what? Only $4.98, they're. The important thing is that America's $10,000 000,000 per year continues to flow smoothly into Jewish pockets. Hey! Yids! You've got a real problem -- we aren't listening anymore. Time for the New Hardness. No Jews. Just Right.

The Dog-And-Pony Show, Part 2

One-two-three-four! We're on the left! We're on the right! Of course we're Democrats, but at the same time we're not really, some Friedman or other frantically shakes mirrors, blows smoke to obscure the fact that a Jew is a Jew is a Jew. This never stops.

White Gun-Owner Control

Not the right time to push it, realize hebrews leading Dems. Here on reanimated COINTELPRO. More on same from Canny Sammy here. Here on the police state built by ZOG. Here we learn that gook queers are all the rage. Everybody accepts them! Tooo-wheeee! Here on the kind of people capitalism produces. Grow the economy by importing violent stupid featherless bipeds; set up bathhouses where they may spread diseases. Women are into crank. Here a list of websites shut down recently. Here jew howie says Amis still not interested in foreign news. Good news for Israel! Here a Swede expounds. Here the kosher ADL on expanding FBI powers. The ADL is a criminal enterprise that is paid to indoctrinate the FBI and other government agents! Did you know that?

I Freed the What??

On the Lincoln cult... Worse even than the Dictator and the monkeys he uncaged are the jews lying about him to further their racial interests. Lincoln is on record opposing equality for blacks, and was a lifetime proponent recolonizing slaves back to Africa. This is beyond dispute, even if the Lincoln partisans don't like to talk about it. In the passage I quoted, he was making fun of the idea of racial equality. It turned out that the context of this quote, among so many making essentially the same point, had Lincoln attributing the view to someone else.The misattribution made no difference to the thesis, but these critics began writing 20-page essays flaming me for this, suggesting I had done this deliberately. It is all disingenuous because Lincoln is on record time after time rejecting the idea of racial equality. But whenever anyone brings this up, the Lincoln partisans go to the extreme to smear the bearer of bad news. One critic called me both a Marxist and a libertarian, and probably a member of the White Citizens Council. Note that DiLorenzo, like the rest of the Lewpus crew, will not name his critics, nor point to their motives. Here's the closest he comes: What you have here are several very well-funded neoconservative foundations that are using Lincoln mythology to advance their current political agenda of strong national and executive power. In my debate with Harry Jaffa recently, one of the last things he said, which drew a lot of boos from the audience, was that September 11 proves that we need a strong central government. This is very revealing. Essentially, these neoconservatives want big government just like Lincoln did. In plain speech, the Jews use Lincoln to provide historical legitimacy for the current Jewish Tyranny. The unfortunate truth is that Lincoln was no better than the Harare Harangutan! Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, he jailed political opponents and newspapers writers, and violated the letter and spirit of the Constitution at every turn. I document all this, as does Jeffrey Rogers Hummel. It is amazing how the Lincoln cartel goes to such lengths to justify these activities. The difference with my book is not so much in the facts themselves, though I bring out many that Lincoln partisans would rather forget, but that I don't go to enormous lengths to provided twisted rationales for Lincoln's behavior. Hermann Belz, for example, says that Lincoln was not a dictator because he allowed the election of 1864 to take place. But Belz doesnt mention how Lincoln rigged this election. Federal soldiers had the opposition jailed. His confiscation acts covered everyone who would dare dissent from the Lincoln line. He patrolled the voting booths to kick out Democrat voters. He also orchestrated the secession of West Virginia just to gain a few electoral votes. In short, this was Mugabe-style democracy.

Cincy's Ranting Jigs

When you pay niggers to riot, they riot. Here the LAT gives jew plenty of room to complain about immigration. Jews are god's partners, as they inform us, and their opinions are worth more. Imported bipeds can't read.

Brazil Going South?

Argentina collapsed, Brazil may be next... Here Taki on the Hamptons. Yet the reason for the clubs is obvious and it has nothing to do with snootiness. It is simply a way of keeping out people who behave boorishly and vulgarly, c'est tout. Imagine having to lunch next to Lizzie Grubman. All apples are equal. Doesn't that sound ridiculous? 'You're white trash,' she told the parking attendant, 'and I know how to deal with people like you.' Grubwoman is a jew, and we know how to deal with her. May you sleep with the gefilte fish, grubina. Gettin' stoopid. An American tradition, itz!

The Wanderer At the Gate

Here, the eternal Jew, the itinerant swindler, with his pocket full of false papers and his tuchus stuffed with diamonds for traveling money. Jews've been tossed out of every bar in town, as it were, throughout history -- to the point that they worry over questions like "Is there a difference between the two Hebrew words for 'exile,' golah and galut?" Not where you're going, Yid. Let VNN's renowned theologians address this delicate issue -- no pilpul, no Talmudic hairsplitting, from honest, straightforward Whites. No Jews. Just Right.. There.

Your Tapeworm Is Doing Nicely, Sir

Worrying endlessly over suffocatingly high rents, spiraling health insurance? Working two jobs? Standing in the aisle carefully considering the purchase of a pair of shoelaces? Here, God's Chosen People prove themselves not exempt from the primordial struggle for survival. "The goal: to host a large, haymish bar mitzvah this past March 2 for our twin sons, Jonathan and Jacob, the eldest of our four children. The mitigating factor: limited funds, even with help from my father-in-law. The solution: to stand back and allow my wife, Marge Eiseman, to plan, design, organize...The result: a meaningful rite of Jewish passage, three feasts totaling about 600 meals and an enjoyable if slightly disorganized party -- all for about $4,000." So glad to hear it!

Jewish "Culture"

This week, VNN feels around in the fetid, neglected turtle bowl of endless, neurotic Jewish self-fascination to retrieve "a lens on the spectacular self-alienation of Jewish intellectuals." The window's over there, Hymie. Jump. Please?

Jewish "Culture," Part 2

Big news from the world of cinema! "At the 55th Festival de Cannes, which ran from May 15 to May 26, Jewish themes flourished onscreen." Who could have ever imagined it? "The Holocaust was represented in strong films, from a stark theatrical first-time fiction work by the American documentarian Frederick Wiseman to an epic that was awarded Cannes's top prize by the Polis director Roman Polanski. As dissimilar as their films are in style and scope, each travels a personal terrain for Jewish filmmakers exploring their origins for the first time in long careers." We at VNN are stunned, slack-jawed in surprise.

Jewish "Culture," Part 3

Here, some Hacker's generic, hand-wringing Jewish anxiety, masquerading as art. "Spring wafts up the smell of bus exhaust, of bread and fried potatoes, tips green on the branches, repeats old news: arrogance, ignorance, war. A cinder-block wall shared by two houses is new rubble." Gosh, was that last an attempt at symbolism? We're floored. How could we ever get along without Jews? Just watch us. Scurry after that bus and suck the tailpipe, Yid.

The Stone In Your Shoe

Here, the perpetual Jewish irritant. Yid Fein bites hand that feeds Israel $10,000,000,000 per year. "Take, for example, the Bush comment on offering hope to the world's poorest nations. This comes from the president of a nation that offers a shade more than one-tenth of 1% of its Gross Domestic Product in foreign aid, of which just 17% goes to the 48 poorest countries...In the meantime, 10,000 children in those poor nations are dying every day..." This never stops.

ADL Assaults Mainstream Americans

Here, pale, disgusting desk-chair-organism Abe Foxman shakes wattles, assails the Whites who conceived and designed the America which now provides such rich pickings for Yids. "The United States is now faced with a dual threat: domestic extremists, whose antisemitic and racist messages have a worldwide reach on the Internet..." Look at the Yid, trying to lock you out of your own yard! America belongs to us, not to the world's 14 million Jews. No Jews. Just Right.

One Word, And A Hundred Get Paid

The world's 14 million Jews comprise a closed system -- like that Biosphere project, with people locking themselves inside a bubble for a year, breathing each others' exhalations and drinking each others' recycled pee. Here, Arab says "jihad," a gusher of hand-wringing Jewish concern, columns, paychecks follows. Who cares? Let's roll the Jewish "Propasphere" off our clean White planet, and gather on the hilltop to picnic, fly kites as we watch it tumble away into space...

Jews Plot To Secede From LA

"With nearly half of...500,000 Jews calling the [San Fernando] Valley home, and because of the traditionally high turnout of Jewish voters from the Valley neighborhoods of North Hollywood, Encino and Sherman Oaks, the Jewish vote is seen as essential in determining the outcome of the secession movement." Just you try seceding from the horribly expensive nigger-burden of your city, White man. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

Vicious Jew Demands Death For Families Of Suicide Bombers

These are the people who tug at your sleeve, affect to weep over some little Jewish girl hiding in an attic. "A prominent Washington attorney and Jewish communal [do they mean "community?"] leader is calling for the execution of family members of suicide bombers. Nathan Lewin, an oft-mentioned candidate for a federal judgeship and legal advisor to several Orthodox organizations, told the Forward that such a policy would provide a much-needed deterrent against suicide attacks. Under the proposal, which Lewin unveiled in the current issue of the opinion journal Sh'ma, family members would be spared if they immediately condemned the bombing and refused financial compensation for the loss of their relative."

Good For Jews, Bad For You

Jews terrified of public funding for private schools -- unless there's something in it for them. "A report by the New York State attorney general could pave the way for more state aid for private -- including Jewish -- schools." ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

Jew Criminals Give Tour Of Mansion

Here, $60 admission fee to gawk at the excesses of disgustingly rich whiskey-smuggling Jews. "Onlookers oohed and ahhed at details such as crystal chandeliers, miniature Napoleon statues and marble toilet seat covers." "Arriving in Canada as a poor immigrant from Russia, Samuel Bronfman amassed his multi-billion dollar fortune during Prohibition, during which some say he accounted for half of the liquor illegally traversing the Canadian-U.S. border." Yesterday, rotgut. Today, "ecstasy." Forever, the Jew -- unless you do something. No Jews. Just Right.

The Second Holocaust, It's!

Here, the endless pretense continues apace, with the world's 14 million Jews affecting not to understand each other as the money pours in. "A rash of doomsday articles in the American and American Jewish press, warning of the approach of a 'Second Holocaust,' is prompting a rash of, well, bewilderment in Israel." America's credulous Christians, Holy Land Tour Guides like Falwell and Farah, are the only ones who believe this crap. The books pour forth! "Oz Almog, a sociologist at Emek Yezreel College and author of 'The Sabra: The Creation of the New Jew,' argues that 'the Americans have a very strong foundation for their fears.'" It's Good For Jews!

The Rabbi Gets A Discount

What could be more Jewish than not having to pay? Here, bio of the celebrated Rebbe Shmuel. "...he decided to purchase a plot of land on which to build a large house...Count Lubamirski instructed the manager of his estates to donate - from his forests - whatever boards and timbers were needed to build the Rebbe's house. The peasants were to deliver the lumber and the construction workers were to build without charge." Tales like these are the mother's milk upon which Jews are raised. The tradition continues today in the charming Hasidic village of Swindlerville (New Square), New York, a taxpayer-subsidized, segregated enclave where unemployed Yids rear huge families at your expense and spend their idle days in endless, hair-splitting Talmudic arguments. How many welfare checks can fit on the head of a pin? It's a life apart for the world's 14 million Chosen People. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

Racist Museum

Sigh...remember the good ol' days, when niggers were niggers? We can call 'em Liverwurst-Americans, but they're still shit when you get taste 'em.

"Diversity" In Action

"Our strength and our progress depend on our diversity," insist Jews, from their safe suburbs and walled-off subdivisions. Here, the policy bears fruit. One Jose Padilla, a/k/a Abdullah Al Muhajir, arrested for plotting to attack an American city with a "dirty" radiological bomb. Keep the dirts coming!

Once I cruise history, I'm not coming near your side of the building. Cruise history, Jeff? Baaal! You're not gonna flunk me!... First mini-iteration of the IMP is here. Do not miss it. Much to learn. Know your manipulators and their evil scheming focus-grouping wayz, White man. I had to eat 34 pairs of Blue Oyster Cult, I was this close to working at 7-11!

Seizing a Piece of Free Speech at a Palestinian Protest

It's there for the taking. So take Andrei Kievsky

New Sven promo here and here.

Radio Review: The Right Perspective with Frank & John

A new show on the Hal Turner Radio Network nails all the symptoms, but avoids the Victor Wolzek


The duplicitous kikes murdered Americans, 34 of them. Rusty Limbaugh won't tell you. Suckin' Sean Hannity will avert his eyes. Wet Willie Buckle will twist his rotten-pumpkiny face to avoid acknowledging the fact. We White Nationalists will stand proud and speak the truth: The Jew is the enemy of the White race. DEATH TO THE JEW. Here Army admits its Maxi-Squads policy failed. The idea was that after the males took care of the beachhead, wimmins would come in for the mop-up.

Psychiatry Is a Jewish Disorder

Anybody who can listen to the Oedipal theory without laughing is an idiot. Psychiatry is a jewish disease, nothing more. Psychology starts with biology, and the tools are barely in place to make a start at genuine understanding. Home-schooling works; jew schooling doesn't. Scratch a famous jew, find a liar. Einstein's theory -- which he, uh, didn't come up with but charitably took the praise for -- is coming under doubt. All jewish "greats" are in time revealed as frauds. White greats perdure. Where is the jewish Schopenhauer? I want to read him. Where is the Jewish Nietzsche? I want to read him. Where is the Jewish Wilde? I want to read him. Where is the Jewish Mencken? I want to read him. Where is the Jewish Twain, him to read, I vant. All I hear is a lot of bellowing! You suck, judies. Your writers are a heaping hill of maggots and shit compact. Which of you would be hired, if quality were the criterion? Here in praise of fat women. Here on the insane starting nog-home in Minnesota, the cry of "racism," as always, used to bludgeon the sane into submission. Don't worry about what the jew and his tools call you, White man. You know what they are. Says the insane woman who fought to bring the ghetto to suburbia: "I met the challenge of my life," Copeland said after the vote. "I'm feeling grateful to God and his mother that I don't have to fight anymore." Are Chrisitians by definition insane? This woman honestly believes that by sticking a bunch of no-good niggers in the middle of humans she is doing the Lord's work. And when White girls are raped, infected, sold drugs to, etc., as all evidence and history guarantee will happen, this stupid broad will be on her knees church bibbing idiot's wine, sucking down bread out the hand of Father O'Lester. Who can look at a Christian and not feel the urge to spit? "Doing good" is a vice, and not an attractive one. When next we hear of this stupid broad, she will be protesting one of our guys passing out flyers condemning the rapes committed by her charges. Woman's compassion, out of its proper sphere, is deadlier than poison. Here mud from Honduras murders White. "Homophobia" is a political "disease" invented by jews to normalize behavior that breaks down White America.

Jews: We Don't Care

The alarm bells shrill! New threat to Jews! Now, the horrible specter of "Jew-baiting leftists" arises! Here, Jew "Poe" (Pogrebissky) defends Jew "Savage" (Weiner). Can't tell these yidn apart without a scorecard. Look! Here comes Pogrebissky's paycheck! Only 14 million Jews in the whole world, yet Jewish concerns are made to occupy our every waking moment. Here on pilpul: the art of Jewish lying -- as practiced by Jew Ari Fleischer and observed by his fellow pilpulistas.

Christian "Science"

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Glover Paplovich Diplodocus Eddy is the single most non-falsifiable book ever written. Not a single thing in the "science" textbook can be reduced to a testable proposition. It is a perfect marriage of female fashionability and illogic. "Science" was hot in the second half of the 19th century, hence the name of the religion. As for the testing and ability to reproduce results that lie at the heart of genuine science, CS lofts into the ethereal. I remember laughing as a friend of mine read to me an incomprehensible passage of Derrida. No one who's experienced S&H could ever take D's word games seriously. The way to go -- and I speak as dogmatically as Pavlov -- is clarity and precision and humor -- but only the last if it comes to you naturally. In other words, Mencken, Wilde, Twain...these are the guys to pattern and point to. Here, made to order, is a perfect example of what I mean when I say A) women should not vote; B) anything women get into drops in quality; and C) women are constitutionally, biologically incapable of understanding freedom. They are geared to security, and always see the state as a father. Politics is for men, breast-feeding is for women.

Dickhead Foxman Supports Police State

This guy heads a criminal organization that is paid money to brainwash FBI instigators. If you have any doubt that what VNN, National Alliance and White Nationalists in general say about Zionist Occupied Government is true, you have to get past that fact: the ADL was busted with literally THOUSANDS of illegal files on its enemies -- and it is today, now, even as we speak, paid money to hold educational seminars for government agents. If you want to be jerked off by professional whores, vote Republican, read Wet Willie Buckle. If you want the truth, read VNN and "vote" White. WHITE REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION. No Jews. Just Right. Ass-kissing sixies can't mention their jezuz in public; their jewish masters don't want them to. Here watch the jewish academic cockroaches run from their lies. What a loathsome race jews are. Any country that has jews is truly cursed. America needs to be scotch-garded against this repugnant pest. There are 500 FBI agents in Pakistan. What interest does the U.S. have at stake in Pakistan? Not a single one. Let the oogas knock themselves to smithereens. All American troops should come home, and in their place we should expel the jewish warmongers who sent them in the first place. Feds are grabbing land and liberty as fast as they can clear their jew-stuffed mitts. What if America were controlled by Americans, rather than foxmen? Here, six million other farmers across the USSR were starved or shot during collectivization. Stalin told Churchill he liquidated ten million peasants during the 1930's. Add mass executions by the Cheka in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania; the genocide of 3 million Muslims of the USSR; massacres of Cossacks and Volga Germans. In total, Soviet industrial genocide accounted for at least 40 million victims, not including 20 million war dead. Kaganovich, and many senior OGPU officers (later, NKVD) were Jewish. The predominance of Jews among Bolshevik leaders, and the frightful crimes and cruelty inflicted by Stalin's Cheka on Ukraine, the Baltic, and Poland, led the victims of Red Terror to blame the Jewish people for both communism and their suffering. Fight the real haters: fight the Jews. Fight the real terrorists: fight the Jews. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. A policy the world can live with. When the last jew is underground, the world will be free.


Free advice from the Spectator, which knows best. Germany, in the opinion of many Britons, is an insufferably dowdy country, inhabited by perpetual students with bumfluff moustaches and satanic fetishes, who cannot even get out of bed in the morning, who are alternately hysterical and depressed, and whose layabout lifestyle is paid for by a dwindling number of diligent metal-bashers who, unfortunately for them, are expert at manufacturing heavy goods for which there is less and less demand. The Germans are the second fattest people in the world, and yet the food is poor, the service in restaurants is unbelievably slow, the shops are shut half the time, the schools are mediocre, asylum-seekers are burnt alive in their hostels, the motorways are jammed, and only a few years ago one of their trains crashed killing 100 people, which makes Hatfield look like a tea party. German jokes are thin on the ground. As for that gangster Helmut Kohl, he was bankrolled by arms dealers and others who secretly handed his minions briefcases full of banknotes. Well, at least it's not Britain, eh, wot? But imagine these British writing so cavalierly about the shitty country, bepeopled by the shittiest race. Hitler was right. Britain didn't save Germany from anything, Hitler attempted to save Britain from what it's now enduring. Not the fruity toffs at the Spectator, they still have the money to avoid the problems, but the average guy in the street knows that colored Britain ain't Britain, and he also know that there wouldn't be any Nigerians in Ireland or Paki filth in London if Hitler had triumphed. Who won WWII? Jews. Everybody else lost. This dim writer goes on about the unnaturalness of German democracy with an unselfconsciousness that is perfectly touching. It's as though he thinks democracy is something desirable, I'm almost tempted to conclude. You don't need faith in something if it works. Nobody ever says, "I have faith in my refrigerator." "I really believe it will keep my food cold." "When I go on vacation, I don't even worry about it." One only has faith in something there's good reason to doubt. It is very sad, but probably true that elite Germans are afraid of being German. This jew-instilled doubt is the reason millions of Germans are going unborn. Germans are being intimidated into genocide by the Jewish apparat that sets policy in the West. That is one reason that perhaps the single biggest act of defiance toward the jews is to have kids. The fact is that Germany has nothing to apologize for. The other fact is that the Jewish race must be destroyed in order to save the West and the Aryan race. ...the trouble with Germany's present political class is that in its panic-stricken determination to avoid sounding unduly nationalist, it has become incapable even of defending German civilisation. The baby is thrown out with the bathwater and ordinary Germans sense that this is happening. They know they are being betrayed by a political class which, far from representing, or at least respecting, all that is finest in the German tradition, is instead given over to a cowardly and venal flight from responsibility. Come on, Germany. Wake from your slumber. Throw out the ZOG gangsters and reclaim your nationhood.

A Bad Feeling Across the Land

Why? Because we aren't racially unified. No White American feels any commonality with a Mexican invader. And we reached the point twenty years ago where you couldn't make that plain observation in the newspapers. This isn't a free country, not even close. Only VNN is free. And nothing will change until the Jew who created the misery because it was good for his people is destroyed. And by destroyed I mean destroyed. As in, destroyed. If you want to jerk off as the Titanic goes under, keep watching the Republican soft core. If you want the real thing, come to us: White Revolution is the Only Solution. Russians detest Jews. Here on pieces of shit with brown skin stealing luggage in Miami. Here profs at Cal say yes to Pals. Here dopey Lutherans spread the jesus disease in Liberia. As disingenuous davey horowitz knows, Liberia is a great success story: niggers imbued with American culture went back to the Motherland and built a sparkling democracy.

Sicko Sixth Column: Fools for Israel

Here's a hint, Christians. There ain't never gonna be no rapture. There ain't never gonna be no second coming. All there's gonna be is more of the same bullshit you see outside your window. Unless you wake up and start fighting the kikes you now worship. Here on 9/11 for dummies. Here on homeland security and the lies surrounding it. And not just lies, but bribery, as Overthrow has discovered. Yes, the zoggies are looking for leftist-punk-anarchist faggies through which they can bribe White men. The solution to America's problems is to 1) bring home the troops; 2) kill the jews who lie and angle us into war; 3) shoot invading Mexicans; 4) ship the niggers halfway back to Africa. That will lead to 5) Whites living in peace and civility until the sun burns out. Here from an ex-congressman, Findley, victim of Jewish hate. Stop the hate, Jews. Yet another dope-smoker for Israel.

Africa, Failed Continent

This sort of retarded article is the very reason VNN exists. Africa's problems are due to the fact that the average African "human" is retarded. Not famine, not tse-tse flies, not spreading deserts, not political instabilty. A bunch of dumb ass niggers running around like monkeys is the "problem." Even to say Africa is backwards is to operate on a faulty assumption, the Biggest Lie that race doesn't exist. Get rid of niggers, populate Africa with White men, the continent will miraculously turn around. You can't make a civilization out of retarded niggers. It doesn't matter how many addlepated Biehls ship their delusional daughters over to be slaughtered: dumb niggerz is dumb niggerz and it ain't never gonna change. Niggerz are monkeys, whether in Botswana, Amsterdam, London or Central Park. They always act the same way. The problem is in the monkey, not the money. Africa fails just as badly when imported to Detroit. Instant no-go zone, just add niggers. God, I despise niggers. Don't you? Even when they're young girl-niggers, they are still nasty and lethal. "The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." Jefferson's Truth stands. Horowitz's Big Lie falls. More nigger depravity here. Remember, you don't blame the animal, you blame the handler: the Jew.

Jews Persecute Old Man

Old Christian-butchers snooze happily in Tel Aviv rest homes, while their young relatives keep up the harassment of the jews' racial enemies. Sucks having your government controlled by jews, eh, White man? Here on Fox embarrassing Bushio. Here on bell hooks, one of the silly niggers that had itz profile raised by davey horowitz in his whitey book.

(French) Niggers

Every bit as stupid and violent as American, British, German, Nigerian, Botswanian, Lesothian, and Polar niggers, if such exist. The problem lies in the nigger, not the neighborhood. Only the kike liar says otherwise. French nogs are the symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE. Batten the hatches, the PRs are having a parade. When you're called trash by Mexcrement, you know you're at the bottom of the barrel. Yawn. Nothing here. Just more White women. Gang raped by coloreds. In Australia. These piece of shit Muslims should be put to sleep. Here six apes with guns rob 60 White teens. The apes have lost their fear of humans. It needs to be restored. The way we do that is by killing jews, who let them out of their cages. No good in England either, are niggers. Wherever they go, coons wrap the local humans in a cocoon of horror, just like Cooney. EU supports cultural destruction.

Christians Played for Suckers by Laughing Jews

When you befriend the yahoodi, you clasp a viper to your bosom. The jews destroy the nation you built, and you kiss their hand. You are cowards and fools. In every way they possibly can, the jews are up to their time-tested trick: setting class against class, brother against brother. They run around wild-eyed, afraid that, at long last, the White race is going to wake up and realize what deviltries the malodorous kike has been up to. Right now they are trying to set White Christian America against Europe. Here's one truth you'll never read in Wet Willie Buckle's National Review: THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. He knows it. Do you? Jews lie. Brazenly and repeatedly.

American Judy Says Families of Suicide Bombers Should Be Killed

Jews are a curse to the nation they infest.

Kikistocracy and the Battle Over the Civil War

More on the intra-libertarian battle, which is an undeclared war between anti-White Jews and cowardly paleocons. The paleocons lose because they don't have the guts to name their real enemy, preferring the imaginary statist and liberal to the all-too-real judies. The libertarian and the conservative alike are fake opposition. White Nationalism/Pan-Aryanism is the genuine opponent of the Jewish Tyranny. Here's a little fact nobody will tell you because it's a little too obvious. Nobody asked to be born. Therefore, nobody is morally obliged to do anything. So when they say -- and they say it a lot -- you MUST do this, you MUST do that, rejoin with me: "Spare tooth for Buzzer: $350," and be off with a jaunty wave. History shows that DiLorenzo is right. Lincoln and the Republican Party believed in big government -- the American System: national bank (inflation); high tariffs (protectionism) and internal improvement (corporate welfare). They believed in the majority imposing its will on the minority. They believed in martial force to achieve their goals. Why get mad at Lincoln? The real guy to get mad at is Robert E. Lee, because he didn't have the heart to do what needed to be done. He wanted to go down as a gentleman, screw the south. And that's just what happened. If he had burned Washington to the ground, who knows how the world would have turned out? Libertarianism is one long whine against human nature; human voles squeaking "should" all the live-long day. Man "should" be like this. He "should" forswear aggression against his enemies. Why should he? A Lewpus says so. Lewspus: the OTHER egg-laying mammal.

Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves

So said Wilde. I find it not at all surprising that the sight of eco-tourists makes meercats vomit. Here femmies cry about Canadian event. Here on jew fags shaking their disgusting buttocks in Assholia. Even the devil is too disgusted to recruit in Israel. Here Ohio fags throw amoebiasis sock hop. Here fags set to profit from 9/11. Every suicide bombing has a silver lining!

Contra Evans

The scowler fronting for the howlers.

Rockwell on Gold

He's no good on goldsteins, lacking the nuts to criticize jews, but he's good on gold.


Kosher email. Here Alan Keyes loves his jews.

Monkeys Escape, As Other Monkeys Chase Coney

They don't make 'em much funnier than this. A congoids-'n'-coney spectacular, itz! Here Cal is gooking out big-time.

Primate Pushes Pet Padagogue

File this one under "Shmuel Sometimes Shares Shitskin Shenanigans." No mention of the "student's" race, but, given its behavior, chances are it's a boolie. Elkhart, Ind., is about 90% chimpazoid, plus notice the article's careful usage of the term "incident." When a space-cricket attacks a white, it's merely an "incident." When a white defends himself against a Felonius Monk, it's a "hate crime." Several give-aways as to the chimp's race here... The teacher, Benjamin, is almost certainly a weak-kneed, limp-wristed, bleeding heart liberal Jew, and therefore of no consequence -- except that he must now share our misery thanks to the coons he and his tribe has loosed upon us all. REMEMBER: Space-cricket attacks are merely a SYMPTOM; JEW is the DISEASE.

Female Cops, Making the World Safe

Half the body strength, 80% of the brains: all cops should be female! What, really, do cops do? They bust people for making, buying drugs. Or renting women. We pay them to play cops and robbers. How often do they actually catch murderers and rapists? Here on Wal-Mart as top grocer.

Media: Eminem

The White man as nigger. And far more talented than black niggers like P. Diddly, as P. Diddly well knows. The idea that Whites steal and exploit nigger music is ridiculous. Almost every substantial claim advanced along that line is a lie. Nigger music is nothing but drumbeats and simple refrains. It is neither complex nor sophisticated; nothing niggers do is. It is a jew lie that the White man stole it from him, just another way to put a chip on the nigger's shoulder, make him hate the White man -- which is "good for Jews." Everywhere he goes, the jew does that: sets White against black, male against female, America against Europe. The Jew is the principle of discord, disharmony, disease and devolution. Everything Hymie touches he makes worse. China doesn't want free 'Net, has no problem with Jew Redstone's wares. Here on parody web sites. Here on hacking the gay laddy. Music industry dead. A frenzy of mergers radically changed the recording industry from a diverse collection of scrappy and independent operations to a monolithic corporate machine dominated by the five ''majors'': Bertelsmann, Sony, EMI, Warner Bros. and Universal.

Media: Who Owns What

Provided by Columbia Journalism Review... Here's what sort of script Hollywood's buying these days. Gales of protest as rapper hits monkey. Rape, murder White girls -- yawn. Spank a monkey, horrified shrieks. Here the Palestine Chronicle shuts down.

White Art: Wilde

Here on Amis on the novel. Here on the half-cocked half-kike Kahlo. Another promotional jew, talent need not apply. Here on Sinclair Lewis. Are there five people left in America who understand that writing a review does not mean repeating what happened? Here on a new book on Cicero.

White Science: Ice Man Found

Scientists would say later that the hunters had found a man 550 years old, one of the most complete humans found from the "pre-contact period," the age before European explorers arrived. He would be given the name Kwaday Dan Ts'inchi, meaning Long Ago Person Found. Here's an interesting story about tunnels under Moscow. Sounds like a good place for jew-kennels. Here Iceland is going oil-free.

Tips on Awakening Whites

Different types require different F. Lee Conscious

The FBI, the ADL, and Christina Long

Filthy, criminal Jews indoctrinate young girls through MTV and Nickelodeon, and adult cops through the ADL's partnership with the William Pierce, Ph.D.

Movie Review: 'Bad Company'

Stop the presses...Jews have made a movie about a negro hero who fights European Mark Rivers

Funny one here.

Four beautiful promos by Raina here, here, here, and most certainly here. All promos created through great gales of tears at my statement women should not be voting. Remarkable how easy life becomes when we quit blaming others' attitudes for our failures. REFUSE TO BE BLOCKED AND YOU'LL GET THE JOB DONE! Got that off an Inside the NFL tape, and I like it. My philosophy, itz! Another Pearl for the ladies, courtesy Bill Parcells: Don't tell me about the labor pains, SHOW ME THE BABY! Dig it, ponybroads: YOU ARE THE CAPTAINS OF YOUR OWN SHIPS!

The Jew Triumphs with the Lie

The story of Paul Joseph ramifies Dale Peterson

Global Genetic Warfare

Multiculturalism is really a code word for white Aryan Species

Movie Review: 'Amelie'

A beautiful French picture about a beautiful Alexander MacDonald

Doofy Dots on the Warpath

Saw a funky little confrontation dance performed daily at the border by insane Pakis and maniacal boscoes. These creatures have the bomb...s? Torture is a way of life in Israel. Pearl video here. As an employed rabbi said, all the world isn't worth a single jewish fingernail. Here on Mossad infiltrating radical Moslems in Asia.

"Hate" Lit, Everwhere Itz! Ooh, Get It Off Me

Cops are "investigating." What are they "investigating"? Who tells them to "investigate"? Here on public libraries and censorship. Feel free to split your tongue in Michigan. Or sleep with a boolie-coon. You can do that too. Any state. Here on niggers swamping Des Moines school. Rape, violence and stupidity will ensue, as sure as darkness follows day. Here a jew who has no trouble identifying racially as a jew decries same in porch howlers. Here on not-nice girls. As Mencken said, a misogynist is a man who hates women as much as women hate women. Sugar and spice and everything nice? The alpha girls were more like napalm and bile and everything vile. And try this: Grown women are still haunted by the thought that, somewhere, there's a party they're not invited to. When you think like that, you're going to go with the flow. Whether that flow is jewish racist, or White racist. This is the second article in two days I've rechecked to make sure it wasn't some high-school insert. Papers aren't written for adults these days. Since the real decisions are made by jews behind the scenes, they don't need to be. Just sports and lib pablum. Here on what women want. Here auf Deutsch on the EU's intent to control the 'Net.

UPI Promotes Nation-Wreckers' Agenda

The media are just another branch of organized jewry. Here an article on EAIF. Note the smug bias of the writer, probably a mulatto intern. Here Guardian toads cry about Denmark not making nice with the wogs. Here on "far right" in France. More dirts, more problems -- a few Whites waking up to this fact. Zim monkeys demand AIDS drugs. Here on Hitler art taken by U.S. Army.

The Kizombe Correspondence

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a nigger to read and write, and he'll send letters to faraway White Man Land, begging for money -- a mere million or two. Here, fun with "The Nigerian Scam" -- Nigeria's national occupation, second only to extortion and heroin smuggling. We definitely need more Nigerians in our country. Thanks, Lutherans. British apes eat their fellows -- and other tasty fauna, probably including long pig.

Fags Spreading in Puerto Rico

Disneyland, Key West, now Puerto Rico...go back to closeteria, poofs. Here an NYC choad attends a gun show, wets himself. Here on Social Security. When fags aren't polluting rich coast, they're holding rodeos! Here Howard North celebrates. Head negro stays! Negroes, just like us, they be.

Mexishits Can Squirt Leafblowerlets at Fire Station

There aren't many fires these days. Rather than accepting dingy pups, the firemen ought to drive around extinguishing spawners. Here brown stinkies lost in the desert call the INS. Not many Americans left in SF. Mmm, choco-bunnies: they're niggalicious!

Jews Hatable In Russia

Nobody likes 'em. They're nowhere likable. Three posters saying "Death to Jews" appeared in the Russian city of Voronezh on Wednesday, a week after a similar sign posted outside Moscow exploded in the face of a woman who tried to remove it... Why are jews hated? No. Why are jews hatable. Forty-two U.S. governors are in the bag for Israel. What if America were controlled by Americans?

Pro-Israel Pac Contributions in 2000

Very interesting... Here the hymies try to stir up hatred of Iraq. Jews: they always try to make their problems yours. Jews: who needs 'em? Jews are special people, follow special rules.

Samoans Demand Automatic New Zealand Citizenship

These blockish long-pig specialists put the micro in Micronesia. Chi-town brothas be representin' and edumacatin'. With alacrity, yo! Here South African bonob "composer" -- two scratches means tap the o'erturned paint drum fortissimo, dig? -- calls dooga-boogas worse racists than Whites! Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends... Here on shits in Washington. By that I mean mexcrement in state, not jews in capital.

White Minor Raped, Abused by UAB Niggers

The jew writing for the jew magazine guides this horrific story into politically safe channels. Note the "white-knuckled" remark at the start. If the girl were black, the apes white, which in itself would be biologically impossible, the ESPN jews would have fallen over themselves to lambaste the White racist football players. Nigger rapists are the symptom, Jew is the disease. Here on lesbian child killers. Here on sundry shitskins crying about legal status. Here miscegenator Ward Connerly calls for more colorblindness. Why would niggers want colorblindness when they enjoy privilege?

After Gas

Run out of fossil fuels? No worries. Fuel cells can run on hydrogen or other fuels, such as ethanol, methanol and gasoline, that can be converted into hydrogen. Hydrogen is combined with oxygen from the air in a chemical reaction that produces electricity that powers the vehicle. Pure hydrogen-fed fuel cells produce only water - no harmful emissions - but hydrogen is a flammable gas that poses safety questions, especially when crashes occur, and engineers continue work on safe onboard storage systems. Those using other fuels pollute less than gasoline engines but have some emissions and produce less power than pure hydrogen. Here a paki claims to discover substitute for oil and gas.

Hitler's Priestess Review

In Biblio...

Pigs Mewl Against "Hate"

Jews teach their larvae: "Even the best of the goyim should be killed." I had the ADL send me one of their catalogs, and there's not one single offering for Jewish kids who wish to unlearn the hate they've been schooled in by their parents and rabbis. It's almost like this "hate" thing and this "tolerance" thing are just words to the jews who promote them. Our terms or actions don't matter, it seems: if we oppose anything organized jewry thinks desirable, we qualify as "haters." But they can slur us and pass laws to discriminate against us, yet they are never called haters. I'm starting not to care what jews call me or my race. They don't seem to have my race's interests at heart. I'm starting to think the jews are hypocrites who only pretend to care about others. I'm starting to think jews only care about themselves. What do you think? Have I got the bacon-avoiders pegged? Never allow the jews to frame the question as an issue of your attitude toward them. Instead frame it yourself as their actions and attitudes toward us. Put the kikes on their heels. They are guilty. They deserve every possible damage we can do them. They killed 10-20 million in Eastern Europe, and they covered it up. And they are working a variant of that theme in our country today. THEY must be destroyed. First verbally, then violently. Here a shabbes butt-goy bravely defends Jews. Think about it: if the jews were as great a people as they present themselves to be, would we hate them? Of course not. We might be jealous of them or think they had a high opinion of themselves, but we would hardly dedicate our lives to criticizing with intent to destroy. The Jews have made their own genocide necessary and inevitable by their attitude and actions toward all other races.

Media: Hollywitz-ZOG Connections

Here on news as entertainment. Take a girl who cares about her hair, a twispy lisping weather fag and a jock sniffer and what do you have? The local news... Another reason the jewish race merits the death penalty. More here on White females seeking niggers for sex, frustrated by the masculinity White men no longer display, in large part because it is legally forbidden and socially stigmatized. Whites who defend their own can be accused of hate crimes, and White males on televitz are always portrayed as tag-along wife-fearing wimps. Dominate your woman, White man. Listen to no jew. Here bitchy yid complains kikes don't control 'Net. Here on kike Sumner pushing fag agenda through his Nickelodeon. Here on Walser novel jews in Germany are crying about. It's not hard to understand why jews are a universally detested race, is it? Here MTV Awards posted before show -- the black-homos have it! Here a shifty jew? writer leaves Dallas paper, conceding 'inaccuracies.' As someone said of the boys around Nixon, these damn jews are so crooked they have to screw their pants on.

Media: Not Enough Niggers on Televitz

What televitz are they watching? Just because you put a robe on an ape doesn't make it a judge. Televitz: jewish science fiction.

Media: Goy Butt-licker

America's media - dominated as it is by those claiming to be liberal or leftist - is nearly unanimous in its condemnation of Israel's self-defense. Well, isn't that interesting. The minute Izzy's perceived under attack, they blame media leftism they deny exists when cons criticize them. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Here the ADLpates on CCC.

Money: Depression Coming

P. Brimelow makes some points. Here jew bolshevik Feinstein doesn't rule out run for president.

Anglia Man

Earliest Briton...

How I Spent My Weekend...

Flyer distribution at pro-Izzy rally gets the coppers hot and bothered. [Pics to follow] Yankee Jim

Movie Review: "Ghost World"

This review is written in response to Mr. Hollett's review. To his review I can only say..."Lighten up!" R.C. Leather

Behind The Transcaucasian Mirror

A translated look at some of the actors and actions in the Transcaucasus Para Bellum

Negro food pyramid here.

Racist Horoscope

Think horoscopes are a bunch of B.S.? Think again! Mark Rivers

Movie Review: "Ghost World"

A jew makes a movie about a jew too sensitive and refined for our White-trash Stephen Hollett

Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength

Prime example of Affenkultur, as always, a jewish production.... L.A. schools worry about a new dance craze based on a funky little step the Crips do after murdering rival baboons. C-Walk is the symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE. Here the dim woman "barkeep" at Sierra Times forum praises me fifteen ways to Sunday, doesn't even have the right guy. Sweetheart, I don't waste my time at neuterspouts. You wonder why America has gone down the crapper? Try this reasoning: "...even his email addy,, confirms his neo-nazi status..." That's the level of reasoning a "patriot" is capable of. Keep trying, Henrietta. A name change might help your romantic prospects, doll. The jewels you're afraid to allow criticism of have made it more than possible -- easy! Here a sample of Henrietta the Fair's forum; see how local drinkers respond to the ADL labeling one of their patsyfests "extremist." Judge for yourself. If I'm not mistaken, scholars of film inform us that Sagebrush Saloon was the inspiration for the bar scene in the original "Star Wars." Impressive!

Campus Battle

They radicalized the campus, they radicalized immigration: now the jew-extremists are getting pitchforked in the ass by the devils they loosed. Kill 'em all, let Yahweh n Allah duke it out.


Some interesting ruminations by a jew... The fact is, what this writer is struggling toward, are these twin ideas, the conclusions anybody who has spent any time studying kike history must come to: namely, there is only one definition of anti-Semitism -- anybody, anywhere, anytime expressing any opposition to any jewish agenda item; and only one true definition of anti-Semite: non-Jew. Corner your local rabbi at cocktail hour and he'll concede what I say. Jews are a biologically brazen parasite; they don't even, really, hide what they are up to. They just don't think we can do anything about it. But with enough Kievskys, we can. Fourteen million kikes on this mudball. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of Whites. The other races? So many fruit flies. The Palestinians aren't 'collateral damage' in a war against well-armed communist or separatist forces. They are being shot because Israel thinks all Palestinians should vanish or die, so people with one Jewish grandparent can build subdivisions on the rubble of their homes. Quite right. Jews are biological racists who denounce racism in opposing races -- White suckers don't even understand the game being played. Wake up, White man. Almost everything you read, heard or saw today besides these words was a lie intended to lead you and yours to genocide. The Jews are a race that destroys other races, and you belong to their chief competitor. That's reality, White man. Your skin is your uniform. The proper policy toward jews is genocide. Not dialog, not constructive criticism, not interfaith councils: complete, utter and total eradication. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Good Sobran here.

"Radical Hollywood"

New book out by Buhle and Wagner on red Hollywitz. Scanning hundreds of wildly diverse films, including gangster pictures, horror flicks, women's weepies, westerns, war films, society comedies and serious political dramas, Buhle and Wagner search for covert lefty messages. Interesting addition to the likes of Jew Medved's book and Jew Gabler's book. Apparently, big surprise, B&W don't mention the jewish taproot.

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