Radio Review: The Right Perspective with Frank & John*

by Victor Wolzek

June 9, 2002

Hal Turner rocks. As my recent soundboard tributes testify, I'm a big fan. I dig the radio show's live call-in free speech format and the personality it showcases. Hal's smart, funny, and isn't afraid to say the word jew -- the three key requirements to getting "cool guy" status in my book.

But I wasn't always so sure about Hal. I first listened to his program on February 8, 2002, and at the close of the show I feared he was just another apparently smart, seemingly funny commentator who runs from the word jew like a negro from a job fair. It bugged me enough that after two days I finally decided to email him the note I hacked out while listening to the show:

From: Victor Wolzek
To: Hal Turner
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2002 10:03 PM
Subject: On Duke & Communists

Hi Hal,
I'm listening to you for the first time tonight -- the 2/8 show -- and am enjoying it immensely. A gentleman just called in and asked you about the cultural shift in the 60s. You referenced communism and "free love" liberalism, but the word jew wasn't said once, by you or the caller. I was shocked because the caller said he read Duke's "My Awakening," which covers the jewish issue in great detail. Communism was a jewish movement that took over Russia. The Frankfurt School -- Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse, etc. -- was a jewish sectarian cabal masquerading as "social science" that explicitly set the agenda to undermine white, Christian homogeneous culture. Chapter 4 of Buchanan's jew-free "Death of the West" charts this in great detail. The best, most scholarly exploration of jewish influence in 20th century western culture is Prof. Kevin Macdonald's "The Culture of Critique." Whatever your view, I look forward to your interview with Duke on Tuesday, because he will certainly make one thing clear: black crime, open borders, pc academia and public policy -- these are symptoms. Jews are the disease (see VNN).

Victor Wolzek

I wasn't quite sure what to expect. From what I'd heard of him, Hal seemed very knowledgeable and, more importantly, open-minded. Would he agree with me? Would he be stymied by question? Would he assail me with vitriolic condemnations for my transgression against the chosen? His response?

From: Hal Turner
To: Victor Wolzek
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 5:38 AM
Subject: Re: On Duke & Communists

"Jew. . . . . .commie. . . . . same thing."

Sweet. Just what I wanted to hear. And from there on it just got better and better.

Frankly, despite his cavalier response, I think Hal was still breaking in his shiny new open-toed anti-semitic shoes. I don't know this for sure -- I haven't gone back and listened to all of the shows preceding the first one I heard -- but with each show thereafter the jew came more and more into focus. Slowly but surely all the vestiges of novice anti-semitism gave way. The qualifiers, the aversion to generalization, the tendency to go out of one's way to differentiate the "zionists," "hassidics," "Israelis," as well as the "orthodox," "media," "banking," and "dual-citizenship" Herschelesque jews from supposed average, ordinary, everyday jews, all sloughed off like so much ideological dead skin. Getting rid of such superfluous baggage is like a diet for your dialogue. Once these pounds are shed, conversation is free to run and dance and cartwheel its way to truth, or at least honesty.

If Hal weren't an Extra-Strength Anti-Semite at the time I encountered him, he is now. And he was led down that yellow brick road by ZOG itself, trudging forth with its Bolshevik agenda in the wake of 9/11, as well as his myriad of jew-savvy callers, including Jay from Wauntau, Mike from Roanoke, Phil from Omaha, Al from Colorado, Yankee Jim, Joe from San Francisco, Sonny from Vegas, Paul from Lambertville, Bob from Texas, and author Ward Kendall, to name just a few. Yes, Hal still has some confusion regarding the significance, import, and strategic genius of Hitler and National Socialism (he's known for saying, "Hitler lost and I don't want to associate myself with losers). But there's a steep learning curve to the WWII issue, one most folks can't even summon the courage to approach let alone surmount. The point is this: if Hal's show ever pulled punches on the jewish issue, rest assured the gentle-on-jews gloves have come off and today it's a bare-knucks slugfest, and the kikes are getting kicked around like rented mules, slapped silly like a circus monkeys. Just the way I like it.

But now a new, live, call-in radio show has joined the Hal Turner Radio Network lineup, "The Right Perspective" hosted by Frank & John. It premiered Friday, June 7, 2002, and, as Yogi Berra might say, "It's like déjà vu all over again."

Based on the format of the premier, the show opens with lengthy, substantive commentaries on current events, first by Frank and then John. Smart, humorous, high-octane opinions. Frank's the more eccentric and charismatic of the two. He's got a peculiar, high-pitched but grizzled voice. And he coins phrases early in the show that he repeats throughout the program to underscore points. His inaugural mantra, given as advice to those who want our borders sealed but fear being smeared as insensitive, was "Better to be alive and insensitive than dead and praised for being sensitive." I've never seen him, but the voice and the penchant for mottos evokes the image of a cantankerous old bastard, and they're fun to listen to. Compared to Frank, John seems almost the straight man.

These guys know what they're doing, and they've clearly and accurately pinpointed most of the key symptoms plaguing white America at every turn, in every limb, organ, and bone of our ailing nation. They bash blacks, mexicans, liberals, leftists, psychotic democrats, traitorous, slavish republicans, communism, bolshevism, and affirmative action. They clearly state that whites, particularly white males, are the truly oppressed social segment in America and all western nations today. They concur with guest callers who assert that white minority status -- if not full-blown genocide of the white race -- is the goal of both Democratic and Republican parties.

And yet, as I scan the lineup of suspects they shove against the wall, there's nary a jew in sight. In fact, every single reference to jews made in the premiere of "The Right Perspective" was not only sympathetic, but went so far as to compare - or even conflate - jews with Whites! For example, John pointed out that Jews were far too liberal with Arabs. He noted that Israelis foolishly permit Arabs in the Knesset, as well as allow Arabs to work and even enter Israel. Listening to this, one would think that Israelis were as slavishly bound to treat respectfully their scourge (the Palestinians) as we Whites are ours (blacks, mexicans, all non-whites). They overtly praised the Israeli move to wall off the Palestinians from Israel and said that long ago they should have decided to wall up Israel and shoot on sight any Arab discovered inside the gates. What they fail to mention is that when a Palestinian suicide bomber enters an Israeli pizzeria and kills 3 jews detonating himself, the jews descend on and destroy entire blocks of Arab homes with Apache helicopters and tanks. When a black shoots three Whites in a pizzeria in America -- or, say, kidnaps, robs, rapes and executes 5 whites in Wichita -- what happens? The media ignore it and officials play it down. If the monstrous, murderous non-White haters aren't easily found they aren't found at all. Neither the state nor federal military makes any grand gesture to illustrate that this sort of savage groid violence against good White citizens will not be tolerated. And any U.S. citizen who takes it upon himself to make this point risks a media smear campaign and a life behind bars with the very groids he wants walled out of his community. (Israeli citizens, meanwhile, are armed with UZIs and expected to use them.)

Frank and John suggest that America lacks the fortitude of the jews instead of acknowledging that the jews have intentionally, collectively, and systematically deracinated, emasculated, and legally hog-tied Whites, preventing them from adequately addressing racially motivated assaults against them. Meanwhile jews stoke the fires of black-on-white hatred and violence by promoting, romanticizing, and validating bogus historical narratives, films, TV shows, MTV videos, and pop and rap musicians in academia and the mass media. Far from addressing the sinister double standard, they frame Israeli jews and White Americans as enduring a common problem. Why?

If the jewish problem is not addressed in political talk show forum it's for one of three reasons:

  1. Ignorance - the hosts, for whatever reason, simply do not know or understand the ethnic/religious/cultural animosity jews have for gentiles and their culture.

  2. Strategy - the hosts are dodging jew wrath; they compromise truth for mainstream acceptability; they are not interested in correcting real problems but with advancing themselves in a jew regulated system.

  3. Disagreement - the hosts understand the arguments regarding the jewish problem but are unconvinced; they subscribe to the liberal aversion to generalization, at least when it applies to privileged groups; they're of the kahnservative camp of "there are bad people of every race, religion, and creed, we must judge people individually."

If it's ignorance, perhaps they too, like Hal, will eventually comprehend the depth of the jewish problem and start really speaking truth to power. If it's strategy, who needs another neocon Horowitz talking tough on blacks but marching in lockstep with the jews and their monkey-man minions? If it's disagreement, well, fellas, get the arguments out on the table, we're dying to hear 'em! To be honest, I suspect they may actually screen and dismiss calls that address the jewish question. I don't know this, but it's strange that NONE of the callers had anything critical to say about jews. Even regular callers to Hal's show who ALWAYS address the jewish question skipped it in their calls to "The Right Perspective." Hmm.

Whatever the outcome, it's easy enough to rationalize and accept such programs as "gateway" material. Folks who run screaming from VNN may spend enough time with Frank & John that they catch on, get a taste for truth-like substances, and seek out the real McCoy. That's all well and good for political pantywaists, but if you're like me you need the straight dope.

A final note, because I can already hear some folks saying, "What if these guys just want to do something different? Geez, does EVERY political talk show have to address jews?" Put simply, yes, every political talk show that purports to be serious must address the jewish question, because it is THE question, the fundamental question, the question without which all else is what Linder refers to as "beach ball." See, once you've abandoned the project of serious thought and solving real problems based on factual information -- which is exactly what all jew approved columnists, commentators, personalities, authors, scholars, even scientists have done -- difference, variety, and novelty are the only virtues you're left with. If, like Hal Turner, and especially VNN, you're interested in understanding and correcting the REAL situation, then you address the key issue again and again and again, and measure the value of novelty relative to the inventiveness of the answers to that key question. Novelty for its own sake is stuff to preoccupy yourself while your world is destroyed. It's for suckers and opportunists. As for "The Right Perspective" with Frank & John?

We shall see.



*"The RIGHT Perspective" w/ Frank & John
Premiere: Friday, June 07, 2002
Regular Time Slot: Fridays, 10:00 - Midnight (EST)

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