Bad Company

by Mark Rivers

June 8, 2002

Jew Joel Schumacher directed "Bad Company." Most of the writers and producers also sound like they came from the cast of "Auschwitz: The Next Generation." The movie is about a negro chess hustler/ticket scalper (Chris Rock), whose long-lost twin brother, a CIA agent, is killed while handling a sensitive operation involving European arms dealers. When a CIA agent (Anthony Hopkins) recruits the negro to finish the deal, the negro demands "fitty thousan' dollahs," so he can marry his mulatto girlfriend and go to college, which he was unable to do up to this point because of Whitey always keeping him down.

Over the next nine days, the negro manages to magically transform himself into a debonair spy. For a touch of realism, the Jews-in-charge had the negro lapse into typically hysterical behavior when the shooting started. During a gunfight or a car chase, the negro would squawk, "Lawdy lawd!" and hop around like the chattering monkey he is.

Still, the negro manages to (completely unrealistically) outwit the European arms dealers, even after they are double-crossed by European terrorists. When the European terrorists kidnap the mulatto girlfriend, the negro's patience comes to an end and he snaps at the White CIA chief: "You call yo'seff a spy? Big deal! You guys can't even find Saddam Hussein!" This line was repeated every time the trailer for the movie aired. The target audience for this movie now thinks that we are (or should be) on the hunt for Saddam Hussein, because...well, we all saw "Hot Shots: Part Deux" and "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut."

Don't bother with "Bad Company." The only reason I'm glad I saw it is that I got to see a trailer for the upcoming Whites vs. dragons movie, "Reign of Fire."

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