Ghost World

by R.C. Leather

This review is written in response to Mr. Hollett's review. To his review I can only say... "Lighten up!"

"Ghost World" opens with a hilarious dance scene from the 1965 Indian horror movie "Gumnaam." The scene features Indian dancers shaking their heads off to "Jaan Pehechaan Ho," (translated - "Let's Get Together") a mid-1960's rock-and-roll hit (in India) sung by Mohammed Rafi. That is one cool song, even if you don't understand the lyrics!

Then we see the two main characters, young Becky and Enid, graduating from high school. They're glad to be out because they don't identify with what everyone else seems to.

They have a friend (a minor character in the film) who teases Enid because she's a Jew. I thought that was funny! He greets the girls with "If it isn't Enid and Rebecca - the little Jewish girl and her Aryan friend." I personally like the use of the term "Aryan" in any movie.

The girls are immature, and play a trick on a man who placed an ad in the personals. They call him, pretending to be the woman he's trying to contact, and set up a date. They think it's going to be a hilarious stunt to watch him wait while no one ever comes. They wind up feeling badly once they see how deeply hurt this dork of a man is by the joke. They secretly follow him to his home and return later to snoop around because they are silly girls with nothing better to do.

The girls make a few stops at a convenience store throughout the movie, with some pretty interesting and funny scenes. Old working class "Doug" was funny. I've seen guys like that, so it's not too far-fetched!

The next weekend, the girls actually meet the man they tricked - his name is Seymour, a 40-ish bachelor. Seymour is out of touch with the world. He collects and trades old 78 RPM records because of a feeling that things were certainly better in the past. "Yes... in the past, I would have been a lot better off" is what he tends to believe. Enid buys a record from Seymour at a garage sale, she actually likes the old music, and that is how their relationship begins.

Seymour works at "Cook's Chicken" as a corporate manager and is familiar with the company's history. The company was founded back in the 1920's as "Coon's Chicken Inn" and featured a happy-go-lucky, winking and smiling "colored-man" as their logo. This didn't bother me at all - doesn't anyone remember the real "Little Black Sambo's" restaurants back in the 1950's and 1960's?

The name "Coon's Chicken Inn" was revised with changing times to "Cook's Chicken," just as "Little Black Sambo's" became "Big Boy" in real life. Seymour has a lot of memorabilia from the old "Coon's" era, and Enid asks to borrow a poster of the happy-go-lucky, winking and smiling colored-man logo. Seymour stupidly trusts the Jew girl with his poster and that decision comes back to bite him in the ass - and her too!

As the summer progresses, we find Aryan Becky working, saving money for an apartment to get out on her own. Her little Jew friend Enid just can't get with the program though. To me, this is a good thing in the movie because it shows the way Jews are tormented by their own instability. (In other words, just plain NUTS.)

Enid finds herself spending more time with Seymour. They seem to identify with each other. So Enid goes on a mission to get Seymour a date. Surprisingly enough, the REAL woman that Seymour wanted to contact in the personal ad he placed calls one day when Enid is at his apartment! She encourages Seymour to go for it! Deep in her confused mind though, she hates it because she has strange feelings for Seymour. (Yes, this does get a bit sick.)

While Becky is working as a productive member of society, Enid is stuck in a summer school art class where the teacher seems like she dropped a ton of acid in the 1970's. Things suck for Enid. The art class sucks. Her bumbling, simple-minded old Jew dad (another good thing in the movie) is getting back together with her step-mom (who Enid hates) and Becky is getting more and more pissed off because Enid won't get a job. (Becky and Enid had agreed to get an apartment together after high school, but Enid has no money and doesn't know what she really wants to do.)

So to get out of her art class homework the easy way, Enid submits the poster from Coon's Chicken Inn as an art project, baffling her spaced-out hippy chick teacher with bullshit about race relations. The teacher even submits Enid's name for an art school scholarship - Enid's only way OUT of the house, away from her incompetent Jew dad and her bitch step-mom. The teacher is so impressed with the Coon's Chicken poster that it is submitted to the upcoming art show, without Enid's or Seymour's knowledge!

When Enid's non-problems come crashing down upon her, she goes to Seymour's house. She barges in, grabs some wine out of the refrigerator, and takes a swig. They both get drunk. Seymour admits he is unhappy with the woman from the personal ad (who he's been dating for 2 months so far), Enid is horny as hell and throws herself and poor, drunk Seymour. Yep - Seymour gets some young, kosher sex from little Jew Whore Enid. Now we all know what a basket-case Enid is!

After screwing young Enid, Seymour breaks up with his personal ad girlfriend (which is good - she was only dating him because she considered him weak) and wants Enid to come live with him, as she had suggested the night they got laid.

Enid's art scholarship, her only way out, is cancelled because of the controversy in the community that the "Coon's Chicken grinning and winking colored-man poster" stirred up! (She screwed herself because she was too lazy to do her homework!)

Seymour gets FIRED after 19 years at Cook's Chicken when his bosses at the corporation see the article in the newspaper describing the "Coon's Chicken" controversy. He winds up seeing a shrink.

Aryan Becky washes her hands of crazy Jew Enid, although she does it civilly.

Then Enid gets on a bus and leaves town. (In my mind this is a symbol of ALL the Jews leaving the country one day!) The movie does end in a somewhat disappointing way though. You'd have thought it would have been a bit more clever.

To enjoy the movie, you must keep in mind what else is out there, and watch it that way. You've got to be a person who senses what is going on with the characters, because it all isn't presented on-screen in an obvious way. I did NOT see any serious anti-white propaganda in "Ghost World." I don't recall seeing a mixed couple in it, or mulatto children. Just a few niggers in the background like you see in today's conditions.

If you do watch it, be sure to watch the entire film because there is a funny out-take at the end.

Music fans will like the "Ghost World" soundtrack! It has some good old music on it, and racially conscious White people will LOVE track 16 entitled C-H-I-C-K-E-N SPELLS CHICKEN. Track 1 is the fantastic "Jaan Pehechaan Ho" -- that track along with track 16 are worth the price of the entire CD.

So mellow out, don't be so serious, and rent "Ghost World". See how STUPID the Jews are, how they always really screw themselves up in the end, how you will screw YOURSELF if you trust them, and how one day they will all get on a bus and drive into the darkness, never to be seen again!


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