[French language, with English subtitles]

by Alexander MacDonald

June 7, 2002

The vast majority of movies made these days either contain subtle (or, increasingly, blatant) attacks and slanders against Whites and the civilisation we have built, or they glorify the noble negro, or both.

Here's a film which does neither. Indeed, "Amelie" (named after the main character, a young French waitress called Amelie Poulain) is a refreshingly life-affirming and (albeit unintentionally, we can be sure) race-affirming love story. However, to label "Amelie" as merely a love story would be an injustice: Amelie Poulain's quest for romance only concerns the second part of the movie. The first half mainly deals with her inventive -- and often hilarious -- plans to straighten out other people's lives.

Laced with a dark sense of humour that never threatens to overwhelm the upbeat heart of the film -- look out for a suicidal goldfish -- watching "Amelie" is akin to taking a deep breath of clean, Alpine air after wading through the sewer of Hollyjüde. Forget your preconceptions about watching foreign-language films. This movie is so touching, magical, and hugely entertaining, that you'll almost forget it's not in English.

I could write at length about the many things which make this film great: the wonderful acting; the naturalistic, elfin beauty of the lead actress; the rich humour; the quirky, whimsical look at life in Paris... but you can read about these factors in any of the film's rave reviews by the mass media. What VNN readers want to know is how "Amelie" stands up when viewed from a racially conscious angle.

The answer is very well indeed. While not specifically racially conscious, it is pleasantly surprising to note the almost total absence of negroes in this movie. I say surprising because in real life, beautiful Paris -- that once wonderful city of lights -- is absolutely infested with blacks, browns, and all sorts of racial undesireables, thanks to jew-know-who. In crafting such a wholesome and life-affirming work, the director has, like most White lemmings when they envisage their ideal world, unconsciously (?) come up with one that is almost entirely White... a sort of French "Bedford Falls," so to speak.

I say almost entirely, because there are a couple of brownflies in the ointment. There is one non-White character in the movie, a retarded North African named Lucien, who is (inevitably) picked on by his nasty White boss. Apart from that, there is barely a jigaboo in sight, which must surely cast French minds back to the good old days when their country was as clean and White as it is portrayed in "Amelie."

(Note: the French surrendered to Germany in WW2 rather than see Paris reduced to rubble, yet they have since allowed their historic capital to become a sprawling Islamic ghetto within only two generations - a fact which should make the lemmings question which side REALLY won the war. Even the Semitically Correct history books are forced to admit that the German occupiers behaved like gentlemen, while the modern negroid occupiers are notorious for gang-raping White girls. The West needs Brownshirts, not brownwogs!)

The other flaw in the movie is that Amelie's love interest is played by half-kike Mathieu Kassovitz, who also directed anti-White hate film "La Haine." However, Kassovitz has limited screen time and -- although he has a typically French, "Charles De Gaulle" type of nose -- doesn't appear obviously Jewish. It would be churlish to fixate on these small flaws, given that nearly every movie which comes out of Hollywood these days is metaphorically swimming in yids 'n' jigs.

I make no apologies for again mentioning the luminescent beauty of the actress who plays Amelie - Audrey Tautou. Most White nationalist males seem to uphold the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Nordic Viking Maiden as the ideal standard of White beauty. Seeing "Amelie" should remind them that the women of our race needn't look Scandinavian to look beautiful.

Of course, if the Jews have their way, there won't be any beautiful White women -- whether blonde or brunette -- in years to come. In fact, there will be no White people at all. That's why Hollyjüde and Murray Rothstein's MTV are working hard to pair off White women like your sisters with violent, AIDS-ridden jungle beasts like LeRoy the crackhead.

And that's why you should join the National Alliance.


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