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April 2002

Noxious Nigger To Get Needle

There has to be a little good news from time to time. Here, I'll-hump-anything Negro murderer Alton Coleman to be dispatched by the State of Ohio after his voodoo protector, "Baron Samedi," went on vacation. Even Coleman says that he deserves to die. "In the end, one must accept responsibility for who and what he is." Remember, though, that during his "deprived" childhood in the housing projects, it was those loitering middle-aged White men who stuffed Coleman into a garbage can, taunted him, dubbed him "Pissy." Strong, sensitive, vibrant, warm, caring Negroes -- the builders of the Pyramids, after all -- would never do such a thing to their own, no, no. "Lift ev'y voice and sing..."

Izzy-kikes Outbred by Horny, Heaven-Seeking Pals

Married at 15, she gave birth to her first child less than a year later. Six months ago, she gave birth to her eighth. Fatima Shaher, a 31-year-old Palestinian with dark eyes and an easy smile, loves children. She said she expects to have more.

Negroes Suck Poop Too

The only thing the kike ever did for the black man was put a big chip on his shoulder. By comparison the cracker's whip was kindly caress. The jew ain't your friend, nigger, "good for jews" is all he cares about. I'm not your friend either, but I don't hate you enough to degrade and deform you, just kill you. The jew is a sick piece of work, and he gets off on the miserable, misery-spreading underclass. Death to the jews. What wisdom there is in that one, simple policy. Imagine there's no Feinstein. It's easy if you try. Imagine there's no hookies, above us only sky!

We Sold Our Soul, Cheap, to Israel

America is dead, thanks to Israel. When the last jew dies, the world will be free. One dead Jew, a thousand monuments. A million dead Aryans -- murdered by Jewish hand -- not even a footnote. Here's a site where Hate Hebrews track the enemies they create by their own foulness. Jews are the problem that calls you the problem. Here kikes are edgy about Armenian genocide studies. Thou shalt have no other genocides before me, and all that. For I, thy Holocaust, am a jealous god... Jews swindle. It's not just what they do, it's what they are. They lie and cry, too. Here comments on Buchanan.


On Bush connections... Here some of the judeo-government's lies about Iraq rebutted by former ambassador.


Anybody opposed to the Jewish agenda... Here on anti-Pet radio, masquerading as "public." How do jews feel about this, that and everything? Very important to know, itz. Self-absorbed race of crybabies, they're. Tried without evidence. The American (Jewish) way, itz.

Jews Aren't Americans

Jews are one despicable race. They are always a danger to the host, no matter where they infect: When my grandmother heard a surprising piece of news, she asked only one question: Is it good or bad for the Jews?" Here a spot on some suckpoops and the feckless fealty to the feculent feh!-mongers.

Every Jew A Traitor

Back and forth, back and forth across borders hops the Yid, the eternal wanderer with his dual citizenship, multiple passports, and myriad voting privileges, serving in one army, then in another. Israel is for Jews. Jews say so. Go there, stay there, die there for all VNN cares. You'd think that 14 million of The World's Smartest People could make a go of it.

Kikes Hatable Everywhere

People of earth agree: No Jews. Just Right. When the last jew is dead, the world will be free. The U.S., tied by silly strings of sick, vicious, viscous yids, is becoming as arrogant and hated as Israel. Not what the Founders had in mind, but then they were Jew-hating racists, like all good people. What evil is done in your name, White man? Do you know? Not if you read the papers produced by the perpetrators... Here jews decry a shopping center to be built at Auschwurst. Here Duke on Israel, our enemy. Here a protest pic. Here on the Jewish communists of Poland. Like eels through a crab trap, Jews are an elusive, hissy, sideways race.

AIPAC for Europe

The proposal calls for a European Jewish Information Center, modeled on the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, that would respond in an organized and focused manner to outbreaks of anti-Semitism in Europe. It is expected to win approval at the congress, which would allocate tens of thousands of euros to the project. Kikes in Britain say they grow nervous.

Kill Televitz!

No Kikevision, the father of all lies... Good video games teach that jews are evil demons, bent on the genocide of the White race. Here a book on Jews murdering JFK. Here on Hitler. Compare him to Dershowitz -- any Jew will do. Do you think you'd be likelier to get the truth out of a Wiesel, or a Hitler? Which would you rather have in a foxhole with you, a Hitler, or a pudgy little fartfinger like Janus Goldbrick? Only Adolf Hitler started literally from nothing and through the exercise of a superhuman will created the physical basis for the realization of his vision. In 1918, recovering in a veterans' hospital from a British poison-gas attack, he made the decision to enter politics in order to serve that vision. He was a 29-year-old invalid, with no money, no family, no friends or connections, no university education, and no experience. Liberals, Jews, and communists ruled his country, making him and all those to whom he might appeal for support outsiders. [Above: Hitler in 1919; Below: Hitler and Emil Maurice in Landsberg Prison. Ilse Pröhl, Rudolf Hess' future wife, had smuggled a camera into the prison.] Five and one-half years later he was sentenced to five years in prison for his political activity, and his enemies thought that was the end of him and his movement. But less than nine years after being sentenced he was Chancellor of Germany, with the strongest and most progressive nation in Europe at his command. He had built the National Socialist movement and led it to victory over the organized opposition of the entire Establishment: conservatives, liberals, communists, Jews, and Christians.

Poster Monkeys

Most wanted -- they say! Back to the jungle, nigger, and take the spics with you. What's the real American dream? The niggers swimming back to africa with a spic under one arm and a jew under the other.

Jews Applaud as Mugabe Declares Whites "Inferior" Citizens

Welcome to the jungle, where a giant talking ape is master of all it surveys. It will happen in your country too, White man, if you don't get rid of the kikes who made it possible. Don't kid yourself: monkey-man Mugabe is merely the symptom: Jews like Horowitz, Podhoretz and Wolfowitz are the disease. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Cincy Jigs

Hilarious headline: Men: Skin Color Made Us Targets. The Kikemedia goes out of its way to absolve niggers of blame. Niggers endanger humans, period. Harvard law jigs boo-hoo at 'nig.' As we say, these jigs can be ultra-sensitive as one of the condoms they don't wear when ginning up the next generation of Jamals. In fact all nigs do when they aren't stealing/raping/murdering is cry over McKuen poetry.

Declare War on Israel, Our Enemy

Deport kike Horowitz, kikes Podhoretz, kike Charen, kike Goldberg -- deport the whole, sorry, America-hating kike crew. No Jews, no Senegalese in Portland, Maine. Here an article by a Henry Lindner, critical of Israel. Here kikes, tools and fools work to spread notion that there's a big Aryan-Muslim conspiracy. Pals are popular, kikes are hatable.

Diversity, a One-Way Street

Sikhs can carry traditional knifes. Jews are hatable in Colorado, as elsewhere. It's a hard-nog life. Here gooks a-blubber about t-shirts. Poor gooks. I feel for them, don't you? There there, little gooky, console yourselves with a nice, steaming bowl of fishhead soup, me slanties. Here we may have passed the tipping point for Republicunts to criticize our heroic colored undocumented fellow citizens-to-be. Here jibootis feelings protected as top students' names are concealed. Here on economic disparities in Oregon.

White History: March of the Titans

Kemp's book, read it online... Here on 'Megalithic New Zealand.' Wanna be a nigger? Watch tv...

Whites Screwed at UVA Law School

Little shithead niggers attack Whites with impunity, no mention of hate crimes. And little shithead niggers are admitted to law school without being able to read. Do I exaggerate? Who knows? One thing's for sure: only one in a hundred niggers has an IQ of 110, which is the bare, bare minimum to get anything out of a professional prep school. And more here. Here lucky Whites get to subsidize Latrino derelicts. Here Whites are taxed to teach shitskins how to manipulate the System to mulct even more White money. What if America were controlled by Whites looking out for White interests? Fuck the Jew who tells you "abolish Whiteness" and urges you to be colorblind while out of the other side of his mouth telling the Republicunts to hold "Latrino Summits." Who's looking out for your interests, White man? It ain't the lying kike David Horowitz. How would that kike look at you if you told him to forget about being a kike and go colorblind. He'd laugh at you. Well, laugh at him... His interests are not your interests, White man. VNN will lead you straight. Lying kikes at FrontPageMag will lead you astray.

ZOG and NWO Hate Small Nations

They don't want anything outside the propasphere or taxsphere. When the last jew dies, the world will be free. Imagine a world without Jews. It's easy if you try... Here a guy hopes to cure the invasion by importing Mexicans. Yeah. Here from Rodriguez, a pro Brown writer.

Now Is the Time...

We need to look at ourselves, realize that we are not guilty, pinpoint who is, destroy him and retake the country our forefathers Marc Moran

Be a Kievsky

I want each and every one of you who are reading this right now to imagine what would happen in this country if one thousand like-minded men and women behaved, for one single day, in the same way our brother Andrei Kievsky has behaved over the past year. Imagine. There would be no hiding it, the galvanizing effect of a thousand voices speaking out in unison about the disaster, the absolute chaos that this country has stumbled into because of the single fact, the undeniable reality that so few of us, even among the true believers, have the courage to speak the Marc Moran

Anti-White Racial Slurs OK On WorldNetDaily

Here, one Maralyn Lois Polak -- and that really is her last name -- enlightens WorldNetDaily readers about "white trash" encountered on a train ride. That, as opposed to "George, a sweetly friendly hazel-eyed Georgia black man." No accounting for taste in this vastly overrated web-rag -- not from this alleged writer or from her editor, Suckpoop Joe Farah The Arab Jew. Oh, my! Won't this little shot send those "white supremists" right up the wall! Not really. Maralyn reminds us of the other self-hating, black-talking White girls we've seen putting on the same elaborate, juvenile, I'll-show-you display, rushing to fondle Negro men, rub their nappy hair, eat from their plate when they know that a White man is looking -- as if we'd want some nigger's pale, neurotic, HIV-positive, knocked-up leavings. Ho hum. Is it any wonder that we so seldom bother to even glance at WND any more? This tiny crap doesn't much matter -- here today, here tomorrow. Don't waste your valuable time writing outraged letters to some ignorant Polak; use it to help a fellow White instead -- was that you we saw yesterday, alone in your huge new 4-wheel-drive pickup, driving right past the frail, elderly White woman struggling with a couple of small grocery bags? Shame on you.

Demogogues and Republicunts, chasing the dirty whore Israel, here.

Public School = Jewish Indoctrination Center

If you want your kid taught Jew-approved lies, send him to public school. If you care about him, teach him yourself. VNN stands by its prediction that as the anti-"public schooling" movement grows, Jews en masse will perceive danger and attempt to thwart it. Not just the leftist NEA jews who spread lies about social retardation, but the 'conservative' jews who might be expected to support home-schooling. Keeping your kids out of jewish lie centers is an important part of de-jewing your life, which should be the umbrella goal of every White Nationalist, every pan-Aryan. Kill your televitz, kill your public school, kill the very idea of tolerating jew lies anywhere, ever. The Jew must be named, faced, destroyed. All Jewish influence is negative.

Yahoodis Murder Pals, Whine When World Reacts

When a diseased organism recognizes the parasite that's killing it, the parasite screams "Anti-parasitism!" Cwajgenbaum said far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen's surprise win through to the second round of the French presidential election showed that nationalism and anti-Semitism were on the rise in Western Europe. Note how the Yahoodi quoted here equates resurgent nationalism with Anti-Semitism...there's a dead giveaway. To have any recognition of nationhood, of national borders, sovereignty, identity or cohesiveness is to be "Anti-Semitic." Clear evidence that the Yahoodim want only to wreck nations, destroy national sovereignty and identity, and flood every nation on earth with Third World bubble-lips, headhunters, nigs, nogs and wogs. This way, the host organism is permanently crippled, allowing the parasite to feast to its heart's content. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US.

Raimondo on Le Pen

The stunning victory of the French National Front's Jean Marie Le Pen over Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin has European and American elites in a tizzy. They are right to tremble. For the grandfatherly ex-paratrooper represents everything they hate -- nationalism, traditionalism, populism -- and threatens the values they seek to ensconce: Euro-federalism, multiculturalism, and rule by a technocratic elite. As the world rushes toward the supposedly inevitable cosmopolitan future of globalized governance, open borders, and a "new world order" dominated by the United States, Le Pen's upset is a defiant "No!"

Jews and Pals: Genetically the Same

Jews are madly running around trying to suppress this article. Jews can't handle the truth. Jacob wants to murder Esau, and he wants us to pay for it! Jews: the original Hate Race.

Racial Classification

On movement to ban it in California. Useless cons continue to pretend there's a way for the quarter to land on its edge. The truth? One race is on top or another. Real politics means fighting to put Whites in position to dictate to the Jews who now dictate to us, not fighting for colorblind policies while the mudmen fight for anti-White privilege.

Sick, Vicious Israel Snarls

The cur at, rabid Jew Rosenbaum spins, lunges, snaps at Europeans, threatens world at large. Arf! Arf! Arf! "I suspect that deep in the heart of most Israelis is the idea that this time we're not going to depend on others to prevent it from happening." It! "We're not going to hope that the world will care that they're killing our children. This time, we won't go quietly; this time, if we go down, we'll go down fighting and take them with us and take more of them if we can, and the rest of the world be damned." This brave display doesn't stop the shameless Moishe-mutt from standing up, whining, begging for more and more money-gravy. Here comes the man with the noose on the end of the pole to catch you -- you, Shmuel! -- to drag you out of other people's nice clean yard. "It's" coming. Your behavior guarantees it. The only thing standing between the White race and a reborn West is a paltry 14 million puling Yids who can't even survive without White charity. It is past time for that forbearance to end. No way out but through the Jews...

The Global Jewish Agenda

This Israeli web site, which tells every Jew in the world to say the same thing at the same time, doesn't exist. "Haters" like the bad people at VNN make all of that stuff up. Keep telling yourself that, MTVers. Oops! Your nose ring's caught on the screen door again.

Got Jews? Got Problems.

Here, the Yid-vs.-Pal battle, two alien tribes playing out their squabbles on the streets of formerly White Canada. No Jews, no Jewish demonstrations -- no weakened immigration laws to let in Arabs, either. We keep telling you -- No Jews. Just Right.

Aphids Assault America

Here, heroic Yids limned against a darkening sky, captured in that primal act of bravely pulling out their checkbooks for Israel! They're not printing that money down in the synagogue basement, White man. Imagine how much healthier the United States would be without 5 1/2 million Special People sucking up vast sums of your money to send to a hostile foreign power. No Jews. Just Right.

New cartoon here.

One Book, One Chicago, One Sheister

Discovered! Re-discovered! Yids affect to fling up hands, spin around, stand open-mouthed in wonderment. "Look, look here!" Jews are the biggest phonies the world has ever seen -- actors all. "More than 40 years after it was first published, Elie Wiesel's powerful, first-hand account of his experiences in Nazi concentration camps has been discovered by Chicago schoolchildren, their teachers and parents." This delivered with a straight face. The book was just laying there in the middle of the street. My, how the Chosen make us laugh! "Wiesel's slim, 109-page volume, 'Night,' was tapped by Mayor Richard Daley's committee as the 'One Book, One Chicago' choice for the 2001-2002 school year." The same ancient, stinking Auschwurst, dished up over and over again -- and gimme an Anne Frank with that!

Izzy -- Is! Isn't! Is! Isn't!

Only 14 million Jews in the whole world -- yet our every waking moment is occupied with their concerns. "A police spokesperson told an Israeli reporter that Jews in Berlin might want to hide their Stars of David or avoid wearing yarmulkes because police can't protect all of them from possible attack. Later, the office of the city's police chief issued a statement denying that police were giving Jews such advice." It was the worst thing in the world when they made us wear the Star of David...and now they want us to take it off? That's the worst thing in the world! Jews have acted like this for thousands of years -- and they still act surprised when people kill them to make them stop.

A Pebble For Pinchas

"PILSEN, Czech Republic, April 24 (JTA) "The 60th anniversary of the Nazi deportation of the Jews here has been commemorated by inscribing thousands of pebbles with the victims' names." There will be no peace even after every stone on the planet has been marked, counted, categorized, arranged. "The pebble-stone memorial is part of the project "Year 2002 -- Year of Memories," which is part of 2001-3001, One Thousand Years Of Gentile Guilt. "The students picked up and washed the pebbles and experimented with different types of paint that would be weather resistant...the stones are lined alphabetically..." No word on whether all concerned flung themselves from the nearest window when they had finished -- just for a change of pace. Jews really think that White patience is inexhaustible.

AIPAC Mounts Offensive In Congress

This frantic Jewish pointing, theatrical tearing-out-of-hair, tugging at our sleeve never ceases. "American Jews are revved up in the fight to ensure that the U.S. government stands behind Israel!" What do they want? More of your money, White man. Yids regard our government as nothing more than "the firewall for Israel." "Lawmakers have introduced several pieces of legislation to display support for Israel in Congress and combat what is viewed as increasing pressure on the Bush administration's Middle East policy from Europe, Arab states and the United Nations" -- i.e., the entire world. America stands alone in its support of sick, vicious, useless little Israel -- a limping, snarling, scabrous cur among nations. It's time for Israel to be put to sleep.

I Ain't Nothin' But A Jewboy, Whinin' All The Time

Elvis a Jew, say Jews. That's OK, they can have him. In their rush to take credit for all cultural phenomena, Jews confirm the worthlessness of these fads; Elvis' pelvic gyrations paved the way for that through-the-pants nigger dickrubbing we see constantly today. "Although he was a practicing Christian, he was philosemitic to the point of wearing a golden chai around his neck and a kitschy wristwatch that alternatingly flashed a Star of David and a Christian cross." "The film crew says Kaddish over Elvis's grave; leaving the cemetery, the rabbi completes the Christian analogy. The first Christians 'took a man and made him into a God,' he observes. 'Who'd they take? A good Jew. They did it again with Elvis. They took another child of our people and made a God out of him.'" Spent a fortune on his junk, too. Ya-ha! Suckers! Everything that comes from conventional radio, TV, movies, press is Jewish. Take back your culture, White man.

Semites Shield Singular Suffering

So special, the world's 14 million Jews, that one cannot even discuss other events in history in the same sentence as Jewish affairs! "'If we are going to take the Holocaust and learn the similarities and differences with other genocides, we are minimizing the importance of the Holocaust...' said Israeli Consul General Itzhak Levanon." Have Yids registered their trade name yet? "Holocaust (TM)?" Profitable, it's!

Sheenie Students Special, Separate, Superior To Shaygets

Only 14 million Jews in the whole world, yet everything must revolve around them. Here, some Zeidel or other...complains. Jews ignored! Jews misunderstood! "Zeidel's complaints were echoed by many other participants in 'Jewbilee,' the first-ever conference of Jewish students at New England's elite boarding schools." Where does the money come from? The teetering, mile-high tower of Jewish organizations. "The conference was put together by The Curriculum Initiative, a project of the Samuel Bronfman Foundation, the Jim Joseph Foundation, the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation and the Lyn P. Meyerhoff Fund." Give the yidn bagels, hire rabbis, turn the dining hall into a "Middle Eastern bazaar," and how do they repay you? "In his room, Epstein keeps an Israeli flag and photos of Israeli soldiers. 'I make myself comfortable,' Epstein said." Every Jew is an agent for a hostile foreign power, and every structure Jews inhabit is an Israeli embassy, a Mossad "safehouse." It's time for Whites to "make themselves comfortable." It's time for the New Hardness.

Desperate Dov Demands Own Demise

"We remember that the food [Whites] eat is grown from soil fertilized by 2,000 years of Jewish blood they have sprinkled onto it. Atavistic Jew-hatred lingers in the air into which the ashes rose from the crematoria." VNN's zany writers on a roll again? Nope! Just "Rabbi Dov Fischer, an attorney...a board member of the Los Angeles Jewish Federation-Council's Jewish Community Relations Committee and national vice president of the Zionist Organization of America." Here, this spittle-source mounts a frothing, frenzied, headlong, hate-filled assault on White civilization, insisting that the world's 14 million Yids are right and the other 6,200,000,000 people are wrong -- the very same mad hubris, the same insufferable Jewish attitude that has led to an endless series of expulsions and pogroms down through the ages. Jews Never Learn. Pack your bags, Juden...

The Stench Of Jewish "Culture"

This week, VNN cuts a broad swath through the New York salons -- confirming once more our suspicion that that city's heroic firemen, cops, other workers are, by and large, too good for it. "Gender-Bender Bar Mitzvah: Drag queen 'Miss Understood' (nee Alex Heimberg) made an appearance last month at celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan's party...CBS president & CEO Leslie Moonves told the Forward that he is the great-nephew of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Moonves's grandfather's sister was Paula (Munweis) Ben-Gurion, a nurse and Po'aley Tzion member, whom Ben-Gurion married in 1917." Oi! Feh! Yids really do constitute a sanitation problem; they have the same effect on clean White society as garbage that's allowed to pile up. No Jews. Just Right.

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Is there a single Gentile at PBS? Here, the tax-subsidized network to squeeze Joan Nathan's Jewish cooking show in between its Yiddish radio series, Ketzel Levine's plant program, and Terry Gross's "Fresh Air." "A show about Jewish food, Nathan said, 'breaks down barriers.'" Always that destructive, re-make-the-world ulterior motive, even in a latke! "Greeks, blacks, Asians, they all come up to me and say, 'It's not so different.'" Nor is shit. Who cares?

Germany -- Land Of Eternal Guilt, Say Jews

$61,000,000,000 in "reparations" later -- German politicians acknowledge their country's "historic burden," continue to defend Israel. German Foreign Minister Joschka Fisher even wants "an international military force, including American and European soldiers, to police a future Israeli-Palestinian border...German troops deployed along Israel's borders to protect Jewish lives from future terrorism." "Germany has 'a duty' to support Israel, and Israel 'has high expectations of Germany,'" insists Zalman Shoval, a Sharon adviser. A tapeworm, with "high expectations?" Now that's chutzpah!

We're Suffering. Send Money.

Such hysterics, phonies, dramatists are the world's 14 million Jews! They credit you with no sense of perspective. "The recent attacks on Jews and Jewish sites worldwide have made the last two weeks 'the worst...since the Second World War,' a top Israeli minister is saying." Do top Israeli ministers ever say anything else? "Israel bashing" -- beeashing! They're beeashing us with a big beeasher! -- "[has] become the new antisemitism," which proves to be "strikingly similar to the age-old variety in that 'it delegitimizes and dehumanizes and demonizes the Jewish national existence and also the Jewish individual existence.'" Funny how that works, hm? Jews are demons. They "delegitimize" their own continued existence because of the awful things which they do. There.

Black Riot Season Opener

They riot, we bleed, judeo-government and Kikemedia cover it up. And if we resist by word or weapon, we're clapped in jail. The anti-White System the Jews have fostered is producing more White Americans daily who understand that a New Hardness is needed to defend our race against the Jewish ringleaders and their minority Angry White Female

New cartoon here and here. Not for the faint of heart.

Immigration: Jewish Plot to Destroy White America, White West

Only now that it's turning back on the kikes through Arab terrorists do these most hypocritical children of the devil start complaining about it. Never once will you see this point made in the Jew-controlled media. No Jews, no 1965 immigration act that flipped immigrants from 90% White to 90%+ coloreds. "Good for Jews" is all kikes care about. What's good for you and your nation, White man, they don't give a damn about. Got Jews? Got problems. No Jews. Just Right. A solution we can live with, itz. Here the Original Suckpoop shows why he's number one. Here Said. Here Denny Prager, a prize jackass if there ever was one, urging fraud Wiesel to give back his Nobel in the service of the almighty yid, that he might be spared to go and swindle much more. The media? Vast jewish echo box, nobody else save suckpoops need apply. You are an evil people, Jews, and you deserve to die, and the world will be better off without you. You wouldn't have to remove your very name from the dictionary if your actions hadn't made it a byword for swindling, lying and all manner of deception. Elie, the Jewish people are in business to smash false idols. Some Jews have been doing so for millennia -- and the Jews have paid a horrific price for it. But that is the Jews' task. To smash idols? Jews? One laughs. To smear, spread shit, swindle as much as inhumanly possible and escape town between days, is more like it. More puling for Israel. How many of our columnists aren't out and out Israelis? This guy, like the rest, can move to Israel and receive instant money and benefits -- all because he is racially a jew. Do you think that has anything to do with the words he writes? We have truth in labeling for insignificant things like hotdogs: why not for media? As a sign their heart's in the right place, all media kikes should place a yellow star adjacent to their photo atop their opinion column. Just so we know kike what kike we're getting kike.

France and the Quaking Jews

The "Holocaust," they say. First you pay, then you play. Never again! they say. Once is enough, we agree. Death to Israel, death to the Jews committing White genocide. Here Jospin and the black frog brigade. Here on the invaders remaking France at the behest, up until they started suffering recently, of the Juden. Here Le Pen interviewed in Ha'aretz. "There was no reason to label us as anti-Semitic. No reason at all. I do not know one person in the National Front who committed even the most minor hostile act against a Jewish person or Jewish property. As for me, even though I have been accused of anti-Semitism countless times, no one has ever heard me make anti-Semitic statements or engage in anti-Semitic behavior. There just are people, organizations, that need an adversary and they want the public to believe that this adversary is dangerous." More here on the right in France. The high moment of the campaign, shown endlessly even in the U.S. on the "Tonight Show" by Jay Leno, was news videotape of French center-right candidate Francois Bayrou slapping a small Arab boy whom he says was pick-pocketing him. This widely-shown act, and the fact that it sent Bayrou's popularity soaring, spoke volumes. The Arabs should be dealt with right after the kikes who let them in and now hypocritically cry about them. Arab breeders and pickpockets are the symptom, Jew is the disease. The resurrection of the White race depends entirely on the destruction of the Jew. Here Le Pen promises to pull France out of EU. Here Buchanan. Hearing the election results, 10,000 French radicals stormed into the streets shouting, "Le Pen is a fascist!" as they smashed windows, trashed restaurants, threw up barriers and fought police like the black shirts and brown shirts of the 1930s, showing all but the ideologically blinded that the real fascists of this century reside on the Left.

We Don't Want Your Stinking War, Chickenstein

The Puffwell Key Klicker Brigade will never reach the front, hiss and spit mightily though it may. Let Izzy die for Izzy. Stop the hate, Jews.

Möbus on Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice

Media vs. reality. More here.

Jews are Vicious Murderers

"Horrid beyond belief," they say about the mass-murder scene the Jews built at Jenin. Vicious, dirty, lying killers -- and they're doing it all on the American dime. The White man pays the Jews' bills, and the Jew drags our good American name through the mud. No Jews. Just Right. More here. Here suckpoop Bushy describes Sharon as a "man of peace." Pieces is more like it. Here on American foreign policy, which is decidedly not controlled by Americans but by America-hating Jews. George Washington, Jefferson and Adams advised no entangling alliances. The Wolfowitzim counter anything, anywhere, anytime, wherever Israel's interests are threatened. Israel is our ally? No. Israel is our enemy. The Israelis are spoiled, murderous children. They want us to pay the piper, but they want to call the tune. End the Jew, free the world. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Hoffman shows you what the Izzies are up to in dead color. When Hussein ignores UN sanctions, big problem. When Izzy does it... ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Here a Jew makes some admissions that what VNN says is true. Are Palestinians less deserving of freedom and independence than, say, Bosnians or South Africans? Why was it a terrible thing to intern Japanese during World War II but acceptable to intern generations of Palestinians in the same kinds of camps? I can't take the double standard anymore. Jewish stench will linger, says mass-murder-facilitator Sharon. Here on the myth of Camp David. More here.

The Far Right and April 19/20

And here Jews cry they're under pressure in Germany. Hate Jews at the ADL did their part to encourage Germany to abandon blood-based immigration laws, now the same kikes cry about the refuse they demanded be let in. Kikes are like that. No hypocrisy is too brazen for them not to yammer it. They call that 'chutzpah,' and they pride themselves on it. Yes, jews are the people proud to be known as a race of brazen swindlers. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. A policy the world can live with.

Greedy Shyster Jew + Greedy Shiftless Mud = Big Profit

When the spics and the sheenies unite, no honest man's money is safe. Still more proof that when you let shit into your country, your country turns to D.W.

Le Pen Beats Jospin, Kikes Keep Whistling

But this comes neither as a surprise nor, indeed, as an especially damning reflection on the French public. Le Pen's figures remain pretty much unchanged. In previous elections, more than half of those who voted for Le Pen admitted to having no desire to see him as president. He remains a protest candidate, not a serious contender. And he will be trounced by Chirac in next month's final round of voting. So says the Jerusalem Post, full of hope. More here, NYT. "Don't be afraid to dream, you little people, the foot soldiers, the excluded, you the miners, the steelworkers, the workers of all those industries ruined by the Euro-globalization of Maastricht," Mr. Le Pen said referring to one of the founding treaties of the European Union signed at Maastricht. "I call on the French of all races, religions and social conditions to rally round this historic chance for a national recovery." Here on the exultation. More here.

Racial Gulf in Oldham

Researchers from Mori say young white working class men felt the divisions most. They claim to feel threatened by the Pakistani and Bangladeshi youths in the town. Just as in America, Whites are disproportionately victims of minority crime. And, again just as in America, White reports of victimization are always presented as "claims" or "allegations" where nigger reports are taken at face value. The important thing here is not to blame the third world shit that is the direct physical problem, but the Jew who set the problem up and hides behind the scenes.

Those Arrogant, America-Using Jews...

They will not stop, they must be stopped. All that is necessary for Jews to fail is for White men to do something.

New cartoon here.

Movie Review: 'Frailty'

WOW! See this movie! Warning...this review contains Mark Rivers

Movie Review: 'Big Trouble'

A new entry for the 2002 "Jour de la Corde" awards, from the makers of anti-White films "Men in Black" and "Wild Wild West." Mark Rivers

New Wolzek promo here. Groovy, itz. Happy Hitler's birthday, everybody. May his spirit linger. May multiple kikes be blown to kingdom come in his honor.

Between the Lines

Is heard mucho yappe of 'The New Anti-Semitism'; -- herewith a not-so-gentle alternative reimaginary revisionarily repurposed retro-futuristic retransposal of re(al)ity. Dig, Marc Moran


The aftermath of the Jews' outing of Rob Freeman, and the coming aftermath of the Jews' destruction of the White West, including the North Shore of Massachusetts - and the implications for White race traitors who think they can run away from the truth Andrei Kievsky

"Take Back This Day" Review

M.X. Rienzi reviews Kendall's novel... It means that all side-issues must take a back-seat to White survival. It means that the Christians must stop insisting that we all have to be "believers" in order to save the West, and it means that anti-Christians must stop stating that Christian believers cannot be pro-White activists. It means that the male-dominated "movement" needs to start attracting support from the female half of our race. It means that materialist issues about economics and constitutions take a back seat to survival. And, most of all, it means that the intra-Euro divisiveness of "the movement", the "ethnic question" of Nordicist/Nordishist extremism, must be absolutely eschewed. Of course all of the intra-Euro diversity that exists must be preserved, and no one argues for a mass White homogenization, and no one argues against the validity of narrower subracial and ethnic concerns. BUT...this divisiveness has to end...AND IT HAS TO END NOW!!!

New cartoon here and here.

New promo here.

The Plague Called Nigger

Niggers don't need a reason to riot, they are the reason. Notice the lying kike criminals of the Jewish hate group ADL never denounce attacks like this on Whites. Why do you suppose that is? Is it possible the Hate Hebrews at ADL enjoy and profit from racial attacks on Whites? Is that why they helped rewrite "civil rights" laws to foster discrimination against Whites? Of course. But enough about land sharks; here on sea version. Nice work shark, decreasing the body mass of a mo-ron. The Discovery Channel was featuring Dr Ritter in a program about how to properly interact with sharks. Indeed, he was right in the middle of demonstrating how he could -- by controlling his heartbeat -- interact safely with a school of them without triggering any hint of aggressive behavior on their part when one rushed in, chomped down, and interacted the good Doctors leg right into his gullet. Dr Ritter went into shock from blood loss and lies in hospital as I write.


Here on Cold War as Big Myth...

Archaeology: Inca Mummies Discovered

Archeologists have unearthed more than 2,200 remarkably well-preserved mummies, some in bundles containing as many as seven individuals. The find includes some 60,000 artifacts--including textiles, wooden implements, pottery and burial gifts--that will provide a wealth of new information about the short-lived Inca empire.

New Hush Crime in Kansas

The European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) today expressed horror and outrage at the vicious attack and kidnapping of Michael Streeter, a 20-year-old White male, who was kidnapped from a truck stop on April 11 by two Black attackers. Michael Streeter was kidnapped by two Black males on April 11 and taken to Milford Lake, where he was viciously attacked. Streeter had an ear and multiple fingers hacked off, an eye gouged out, then was repeatedly run over with his own SUV, breaking his ribs and puncturing his lungs. Jews have declared open season on the White race, and instructed their black tools to murder us. Death to the jews.

Europe Utterly Sick of Kikes

Spray 'em, don't pay 'em. Here on Switzerland's Populist Party. Here the Hate Hebrews shake down Austria, just like Jesse Jackson, who would not be able to conduct his thievery without Jewish media greasing the way.

Suckpoop Joe Classic

Suckpoopery at its most audacious: Remember who is behind these attacks -- remember who sponsors them. It is Saudi Arabia -- our other supposed ally. Who stands to benefit most in the Mideast if Israel is destroyed or reduced in influence and might? That's right. Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is already too powerful in American life. The Arab sheikhs are calling too many of the shots as it is. They do not have our best interests at heart. They do not share our values. They do not understand freedom and liberty. No, but those kike boys our good ol' cloaca-remora Suckpoop Joe supports sure do! Yeah, Riyadh's calling the shots, and it doesn't have our interests at stake. Suckpoop Joe's tongue is so far up Hymie's ass he probably feels like a hand puppet. Why don't you just convert, you America-hating traitor? Keep in mind, when asked directly whether he was paid to shill for Israel, Suckpoop Joe fobbed off the question. If he's not -- and he well may be -- he should be. Good stuff from Buchanan here. Don't particularly like the guy, but he's a great writer. Have you ever noticed how the most talented people are almost never Jewish? But the second-tier is filled with them -- pure networking. Swindling and organizing and networking and conspiring is where the true jew genius lies. But, in the light of White presence, as the Hate Hebrews at ADL have displayed in Boston, the roaches shriek, flee. Stand up to the Jew, the Jew disappears. He's built that way. His whole game is based on behind-the-scenes pressures. He doesn't have the numbers or character to do otherwise. Good example of what shiteater Joe defends loquaciously between swallows: "I'm not going to count the number of dead Arabs, it doesn't make a difference for me if they are five or 50 or 500." Grandiloquent, evasive, full of shit -- that's our Suckpoop! Here again the story of Jews attempting to dictate to librarians.

Jews Take Time Off from Murder to Lie, Smear

Criticize Jews, you're an anti-Semite. It's good to be an anti-Semite. Truth is an anti-Semite, that's why the Jews murder him every chance they get. There's only one solution to the world's Jewish Problem: No Jews. Just Right. Mars awaits, kikes. Start flapping! Some people don't want to fund Jewish wars with White taxes. More here on what the dirty, dirty shmuels are allowed to get away with. Here on Mossad awareness of 9/11. Jews are increasingly unpopular in Europe among the Muslims they let in. Why do you suppose it is that we never hear about the Jewish crowbar that pried White societies open to Third World pests? Jews aren't much good at anything other than causing problems for their host nation.

GE Agrees to Food-Spitting, Bastard-Siring, Doggerel-Intoning Nigger Jesse Shakedown

Negrotopia, itz. Between welfare, "civil rights," corporate shakedowns, "affirmative action," repamarations, food stamps a nigger ain't gotta do nuthin' but sit on his greasy black ass all day long. Eat a little 'melon, shlook a little 40, sire a few wild weeds, sell a little crack. Is there anything funnier than negroes teaching negroes? Here on nogs controlling Philadelphia. More here on nigger Jesse.


The stinking race revealed... Here some KKK lit distributors "busted."

Rally Accounts

Jerusalem Post at title link, Washington Post here.


Here a tale that's as plausible as the rest of them. How can this guy be dead and alive at the same time? Only Jews are capable of that... The "Holocaust" isn't real, but the whopping amount of money we've given the nasty kikes in its name sure is. Here again on Sharon's good buddy Safire. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew, whether in Israel, U.S., or Iceland. Good Fisk here. Jews want no competitors with their lachrymose, lugubrious Lie. But they have no problem harvesting Pal kids they've murdered to prolong the life of some greasy sheeny. Here on lack of education producing sympathy for Israel. Here on pro-Israel PAC money.

Will Israel Nuke U.S., Blame Saddam?

How do you tell the difference between an izzy nuke and an Iraqi nuke exploding in the USA ? The israelis wouldn't dare light one off here and blame it on Saddam Hussein, do you think? Jews are just good people. Rush Limbaugh said it. I believe it. That settles it.

Keep Jews Away from Our White Babies, Says East Europe

Very wise. The jews like to employ shaigetz as sex slaves, organ farms, ashtrays and other disgusting things...

King Feared Race War

Pretty sad... Here Cornel West, living proof that each era gets the clown it deserves. Old flopfoot is moving to Princeton, where he will pretend to be a professor. Here nog and shitskin gangs have the upper hand in L.A.. Colored street gangs are the symptom, Jew is the disease. Nobody wants his business located on MLK alley... Here a workaday example of nogs unable to cope with the truth, or much of anything else.

Shit-Fish Big Hit with Bangs

And Britain imports these things like they're going out of style.

Another Big Helping of Mexicans, America?

Just say no to shitskins and their apologists and the fucking kikes who let these erect turds in. More here.

France: Cops Arrest 15 Pro-Pals

More Germany-soaking here. When do Jews reparate the world for all their "fixing"? Are zionists the problem? Even Jews say yes.

Jews Hate, Jews Murder

They control Bush too.

Cut Into an Abscess, Find a Jew

Hitler said it, and it's true. The posh waterfront mansion owned by businessman Steven Feder, who has made millions on a telephone psychic business helmed by a would-be shaman named Miss Cleo, is on the block for the low, low price of $8.9 million.

Thought: Anti-Semitic, Itz

Here on why we should end aid to Israel. Time to quit succoring the hate bandits, itz.

Same Race Lies in France

All non-White, non-male groups are discriminated against and deserve free money, jobs, platforms, etc. White males are evil and must die. Those are the classic symptoms of the Jewish disease. Fact is, wherever Jews or nogs are in charge, Whites are in danger.

Earl of Oxford

The real Shakespeare... Sobran said it. I believe it. That settles it. Here on media and Italian-Americans. Here on psychology lies. Here Jews bitch about nog deficit on British televitz. Here Hendrik Moebus on death of the West. Here on one of the largest school-subcontractings to date. Here on Edison.

Movie Review: 'The Beach'

Dopers, hippies and a tropical setting; not a particularly noxious film, but not one worth wasting money on J.R. Colson

Book Review: "Killing Time"

A new Random House (AOL Time Warner) novel makes a couple feints in our direction, but stays Correct where it Charles Williams

New cartoon here.

New promo here.

New personal from Lisa here.

New cartoon here.

Great new Sven promo here. Prepare to gnash your teeth, guilty kikes! We're on to you, Shmuel!

Who Is To Be Master of the World?

Lecture III, on the transvaluation of all values; a crystal into the crystalline philosophical stylings of F. Nietzsche, not posing as an anchorite. This is the stuff, people. Read, reflect, Anthony J. Ludovici

A couple Brazilian cartoons on the Middle East here.

The White Man, He Never Learn

While the White man retreated southward, ever southward on the Dark Continent, native numbers swelled by hundreds of millions over the 20th century thanks to White medicines and mistaken morals. The scene is set to replay across the rest of the White West unless the delusionmongering Jew-led egalitarians can be done away with and cool, hard White reason reasserted... A review of Graham Boynton's Last Days In Cloud Cuckooland: Dispatches From White Gregory J. Krupey

New Sven work here.

Jews Spread Big Lie About Liberty Attack on Free Republic

Here America-hating Jim Rob -- ex-Navy, no less -- allows his site to be used to spread the Jewish Big Lie that the attack on the Liberty was a "mistake." That's treason, pure treason. You are detestable, America-hating, Semitophilic suckpoop, Jim Nob. What a craven little piece of shit JimFeeb is. I'm truly surprised such a blatant example of lying is even put out there for the cattle. The truth is that the Jews knew that Liberty was an American ship, and that they attacked it on purpose, intending to destroy and sink it. But the truth has no place at Free Republic, which is run by a coward for fools, at the wirepulling of professional kikes. Jim Robinson should be hanged for treason. The Jew pisses on America, America says thanks for the free shower. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. This freeper thread is a classic for anybody seeking to understand the nature of the "cons": "It was all a game, a way of making a living." Here Taki on Jews and criticism of them. Comments from Finkelstein here. Here on the Hate Kikes controlling American foreign policy. Under pressure from the Israel lobby, 89 out of 100 senators and at least 280 congressmen recently demanded Bush give Sharon carte blanche to crush Palestine. As the Israeli writer Uri Avnery wryly noted, if the Israel lobby gave orders to repeal the Ten Commandments, Congress would vote in favour.

Yahoodis and the Grim Horizon

Kike Kantor seems to have a racial problem with Arabs. Come on, Kike Kantor, I thought you believed in democracy? And I could be wrong, Kike Kantor, but are you implying that diversity is not Israel's greatest strength? ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. "Israel is currently populated by 5 million Jews and more than 1 million Arabs (an increasingly vociferous, pro-Palestinian irredentist time bomb)." * "At its current rate, the Arab birthrate will overwhelm the Jewish state sooner rather than later, just on the strength of sheer numbers." * "The great Arab weapon in the battle against Jewish Israel is: babies." The time has come for Israel to die. It's time for the evil kikes of the Original Hate Nation to swim down and repopulate that city just discovered off the coast of India. What is Israel to do? asks Jew Kantor. Die. Nothing more, nothing less. No Jews. Just Right. Here a kike criticizes Buchanan on Israel. Here's a good example of the genocidal Jewish racism supported by mental cripple JimNob at Free Republic. Free Republic, playpen for children and professional Semites.

Jews Worm Their Lies into Prep Schools

This Heather MacDonald is one of the better mainstream journalists currently operating because her reports dig deeper, although she keeps up a steady Jew-acceptable colorblind individualist sough. Here she details the way the voguish jewish lies are transmitted to preps to precondition them to the nation-killers' agenda, which is pretty much summed up in the term 'abolish whiteness' -- i.e., White genocide is good and necessary. Ameisen is a crucial link in the transmission of university-level oppression theory to the prep schools. Her specialty is "critical whiteness studies," a thriving academic field that seeks to expose how whites are unjustly privileged. Ameisen is a board member of the Multicultural Resource Center in Philadelphia, which for the last two years has been providing whiteness studies materials to schools in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey; this February, she led a seminar in critical whiteness theory at the annual conference of the National Association of Independent Schools, the private schools' main lobbying group. Expect prep-school whiteness classes to burgeon. Education these days means Jew-inculcated hatred of Whites. Death to the Jews. Dividing, exhausting, demoralizing White kids -- it's business to Jews. This is beyond pitiful: The adult version of the diversity value system is merely pathetic. In 1999, an admissions officer at Oberlin College, Paul Marthers, published an account of his experience advising students in Andover's summer minority math institute. His article is the anatomy of a nervous breakdown, the perfect expression of heightened diversity-consciousness: "There was fear of inadvertently saying something offensive. Of course I did -- using the expression 'low man on the totem pole.' . . . There was the fear of acting too white. There was the fear that I would mistake normal adolescent opposition to authority for race-based resentment. There was the fear that colorblindness was inappropriate. There was the fear that I might seem to be favoring Latino and Native American students because they looked whiter. There was the fear of guilt-induced over-compensatory niceness to the students of color. . . . Should I address racism? Should I avoid it? What could I do to not appear defensive or insensitive? . . . I discovered that I had to confront the Caucasian tendency to stress the melting pot and assimilation into the dominant culture. For students of color, maintaining their own ethnic identities is as essential as breathing." The land of the double-clutch, brought about by Jews. Death to the Jews who are murdering us and destroying our children. Read this article, and think about it. The Jews have wrought an insane and horrible, world, and it is now time they die for it. Here on feminist bitches.

Jews Murder, We Pay

The refugees I had interviewed in recent days while trying to enter the camp were not lying. If anything, they underestimated the the carnage and the horror. Rarely, in more than a decade of war reporting from Bosnia, Chechnya, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, have I seen such deliberate destruction, such disrespect for human life. Non-Jews aren't human, according to Jewish religion. Non-Jews are animals, dirty ones, and even the best of them should be killed. That's Jewish RELIGION. That's what they teach their kids. That's what Jews believe. Death to the Jews, who hate us and use us. Here on suckpoop sans pareil, Bill Bennett. No shabbos goy he, everyday goy, try. Shitting on whom he can, sucking poop where he can't, he's a common East Coast strain. Neocons are about 90% Jewish, 10% Catholic, with the odd Southerner thrown in here and there. Bennett is one duplicitous ghostwriter-employing, 60-page-Ph.D.-thesis-writing garden-weasel goy. I heard him speak once at a Heritage Foundation event, and he has perhaps the most condescending delivery I've ever seen. He comes from a big family of pukes; Bennetts are like the girlish, obnoxious Baldwin brothers, actors on a different stage. More here, on Billytoad, garden-weasel goy, attacking Lewpus Rockwell. And here, including pinhead-con support for Sharon. Here on government, "structure of sin."

Justice for Ukrainian Jews

Never forget that the evil Jewish race is responsible for the deaths of 10 million Ukrainian Christians. This fact is not mentioned in a single American textbook. Here photos from anti-izzy rally. Imagine there's no sheenies -- it's easy if you try. Jews continue to be their hatable old selves in Europe. Jews are fire in human form, and they need to be doused. Here O'Rourke on war without reporters.

Jews Rally 'Round Their Hate State in D.C.

The Family Research Council also spoke, claiming that Israel was given to the Jews in the time of the Old Testament, and repeating that "God never broke his covenant with the Jews" -- in one broad swoosh destroying the founding religious principle of both Judaism and Christianity and pronouncing the key tenet of that Semitic heresy "Judaeo-Christianity". And: Coming out of the rally, I can only conclude that the average Jew is the most self-deluded and insane type of person that exists in America today. Here pre-rally predictions. A tidbit of Jewish tribalism here.

Fired for Criticizing Israel

Whether you use slurs and facts or just facts, it doesn't matter. There's a Going Line, and if you cross it, organized hymie's on your ass, hounding you out of business. Jews are not things you bargain with, Jews are things you eradicate. Got Jews? Got problems. No Jews. Just Right. Imagine a jew-free America. What a beautiful dream....

Not Enough Jew Support, Say Izzies

Hate slackoff?

ADLpates Out with New Enemies List

More here. The Jewish hate criminals brag that it will be widely distributed among the cops they pay off. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Here Reps. me-too race-bait the Dems. Both parties are controlled by Jews, both parties are anti-White. That's all you need to know, White man.

$30m Free Money -- Yours -- for Ne'er Enslaved Jigs

Just another welfare program, as IRS allows many, many claims of 43k slavery tax credits. Won't talk about how much it's got back. In other words, this is a jew-approved giveaway to darkies. You're the real slave under ZOG, White man.

Banning Mein Kampf

Here Moscow readies for Hitler's birthday. Here on Martha Stewart, the product of a super-critical father.


Claimed White-on-black crime in Atlanta. Being promoted, unlike the nigger attacks up in Charlottesville. Here Order's Tate affirms his Christianity.

Nigerian Evolves

Hope, there's! More here on muti and other strange practices in the Dark Continent of Horror.

White Art: Stendhal

"The great DRAW-BACK of being witty is that you have to keep your eyes fixed on the semi-idiots around you, and absorb their worthless sensations." Here on Jew Primo Levi, who wrote some interesting things about Auschwitz. Here on Wodehouse. Here O'Rourke on Nobel winners. Here Grass-Bordieu discussion of what they call neoliberalism, the global money chase. I believe that among the signs of a derailing of the Enlightenment is that it has forgotten how to laugh, to laugh in spite of pain. The triumphant laughter of the defeated has been lost in the process. ... In France, anyone who is not a highly established name has virtually no access to the public realm. ... I never take part in talk-showsthe form is hopeless, it yields nothing. Amidst all the blathering, the person who wins out is the one who talks longest or most completely ignores the others. As a rule, nothing of note is said because the moment anything becomes interesting, or issues come to a head, the anchor changes the subject. Both of us come from a tradition stretching back to the Middle Ages, of disputation. Two people, two different opinions, two sets of experiences that complement each other. Then, if we really make an effort, something can come of it. Here on science fiction, the genre. Here on socialism and its death, now that the Jews have come up with better scams. Here on American mass culture and the Americanization of the world.


Recollection... Where is wet kitten Kurt now? Good songs, but his 'alternative' was safely styled to suit jew suits. Discombobulated, melodic anger is always safe; specific anger is dangerous. Live Everclear can write nice melodies about "the white men in the black suit, I think they are the new machine," but nary a word about the jew, no not never not one. Nevermind. Exactly. These guys have the experiences. Alexakis writes "Father of Mine," about the guy who abandoned him, "a scared white boy in a black neighborhood," to a difficult life in poor San Diego. But that's the sole nod to reality, another name for Semitical Incorrectness. The rest of his rants are safely confined against the Sytem, just the way it prefers, with White Males as the Bad Guys, fought by fagsjewswimmin and deracinated angry non-white white guys who always seem to do it best, even when the System is rigged against them. Natural, strong-looking Aryan types -- Cobain -- can dress down with faggy pea-green grandma sweaters, but you can't hide quality. I prefer my aristocracy unashamed. The Jews have set up a cardboard white Authority, and trained their minstrels to strum against it, even as they cavort and conspire kikily behind the scenes. 'Alternative' means against the Jew-System. To the casual observer, whatever "it" he's referring to doesn't sound or look like teen spirit, something found at a high school football game. It smells like it. The reference is sexual, but it's also a nod to a product that's marketed and sold to young people like songs on the radio. It smells like something fake. And the singer wants, above all, something real. We White Nationalists have that. Don't channel your anger into tats and piercings and crappy music and dreadlocks and jailin' wear and stupidity and dysfunctionality -- channel it the right way, the White way. That means personal competence (see Martha Stewart) and racial responsibility. At the moment Cobain should wrap up his point in poignant reflection, he does the entirely accurate thing. He sings, in a tired, cracked voice: "I find it's hard, it's hard to find/ Oh well, whatever, never mind." Exactly - that approach is dead. Our approach is alive. It's not over. It's beginning.

New Creationism

How do we know it's fittest? More here. Here speculation on genetic engineering and eugenics. Here a child is cloned. Earlier this week, Clonaid revealed that a 59-year-old man in the terminal phase of an incurable disease has asked Raelians to clone him. A previous cloning candidate, US lawyer Mark Hunt, dropped an effort to have his dead baby cloned, after having invested $US500,000 ($953,000), due to a public outcry. Here on an ant colony extending from Italy to Spain.

Media: PBS = Pet B.S.

Rundown of some of the facts about these Jew-owned and -operated entity that, like everything Jewish, lives in White pockets like a pet mouse. Here some interesting media analysis from Robert Locke, one of the few goys (as far as I know), who writes for Kike Horowitz. Like 99% of what passes for analysis, Locke's never mentions Jews, the all-important point. Horowitz wouldn't have it any other way. Here Suckpoop #1 fights for his right to party in the Senate Press Gallery. For 15 months, my news organization, the largest independent newssite on the Internet, has patiently waited, answered irrelevant and often insulting questions about our ownership, our associations, our content and received the runaround as we have sought nothing more than to fulfill our obligation to our 2.5 million readers by covering the Congress on an even footing with our competitors. Here Fisk on the biased and gutless sheenie shitpress that's all America's served to eat. Note the reaction of the Freeple. But note this: for the first time in more than a decade of lecturing in the United States, I was shocked. Not by the passivity of Americans -- the all-accepting, patriotic notion that the President knows best -- nor by the dangerous self-absorption of the United States since 11 September and the constant, all-consuming fear of criticising Israel. What shocked me was the extraordinary new American refusal to go along with the official line, the growing, angry awareness among Americans that they were being lied to and deceived. Fuck you, kikes. We're on to you. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

International Criminal Court

Tried by wogs for crimes created by kikes. One future, its... Death to the Jews. Another future, that's.

New cartoon here.

New cartoon here. And here. And here. And here (should load easily now). And here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here. Is there another one here? Why yes, yes, there is. Right here. And there's one here too, don't think there isn't.

New Wolzek promo here. General promo here. And here. New Sven promo here, and here in Portugese. Excellent promos from Rob Grey here.

Thought for the day: The only service the government unfailingly provides is check reception.

The Rich History of Jewish Terrorism

Do you live on Sirhan Sirhan Lane, or work on Lee Harvey Oswald Boulevard? Of course not...but Jews have streets named after killers. "The Israeli government supports museums that honor assassins and terrorists." All on your dime, White man -- and America is not the only extortion victim. Here, Germany coughs up, forks over "reparations" -- $61,800,000,000 since 1951, all for only 14 million Jews -- 14 million in the whole world. Mexico City has more people than that -- yet every Jew an eager, sucking aphid, a parasite. Is it any wonder that the White West is slowly bleeding to death? Only one way to stop this hemorrhage. No Jews. Just Right.

Niggers in Uniform: They're Uniformly Niggers

Under the uniforms, blacks are just what they've always been -- small-brained, wooly-haired, jut-lipped subhumans, some 50,000 years behind Whites in terms of human evolution but dressed up to look like us in a valiant attempt to Make It D.W.

Between the Lines

Jewish hyperventilating reaches a fever pitch as the yidn madly accuse us 'unclean animals' of not caring enough about them, not doing enough about the evil Arabs they, the Jews, let into our countries -- along with the rest of the third world -- as protection against White cohesion and cultural integrity. Got Jews? Got problems. Not that you can discuss those problems in the papers, which are full of little but Jews like Dennis Prager whining about the media bias against them! Well, that's why we have Between the Raina Wilhelm

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