Be a Kievsky

by Marc Moran

I am a coward.

People who know me would question that statement. I am a combat veteran, having fought in the 82nd Airborne Division. I once jumped into the surf at a rocky beach to pull a child out of the water who would certainly have drowned because the lifeguards were too busy trying to get laid by a group of teen-age girls and didn't think it was important enough to do the job they were being paid for. Once upon a time at a deserted intersection in North Carolina, in the middle of the night, I jumped out of my car with nothing but my fists to help a homeless man who was being beaten severely by four punks in the middle of the street.

Yet for years I have held my tongue each and every time I have observed a mixed race couple walk down the street. I have ignored the immigrants who set up shop in my little town, adding pornography to the bread and milk that were once the staples at the corner grocery when Whites ran it. I have turned my head as they pulled down the Washington Boulevard sign and replaced it with the name of a man who was a known communist and plagiarist, Martin Luther King, Jr. I have closed my eyes to the fact that the mission statement of our public school was changed from "To teach our children the importance of understanding the history of our Nation and the accomplishments of our founding fathers," to "Promote a culture of respect which values diversity." I have ignored a thousand other insults and abuses that take place as a matter of course these days, again and again, over and over.

I have failed to do what I know to be the right thing for my family, my community, my nation and myself, not because I was afraid of death or dismemberment, but because I was worried what others would think of me.

No more.

I am through with being afraid and it feels great.

I have reclaimed what was mine all along, the voice of my ancestors.

From this point forward I remain firm in my conviction that I will speak the truth, face the music and fight for what I know to be the future of my people. If a man like Mr. Kievsky can walk into City Council meeting and stand up to monsters like the ADL in the presence of his neighbors and speak the truth about the fallacy of diversity and the threat that unchecked immigration poses to this country, so can I.

I have a voice, I have a mind and I have the Truth on my side.

And I intend to use them.

Now is the time, brothers and sisters, to rise up and give voice to the Truth. Arise and go out into your community and put up a flyer, buttonhole the mailman, attend a meeting where they ask for public input and give it. Reclaim the right to say, "You are wrong, not I."

Take your children out of the schools that would teach them that they are the problem instead of the solution. Stare back and point your own finger at the effrontery demonstrated by the homosexual, the feminist, the illegal immigrant, the Jew and the lemmings who think that they can call the shots, because only we are spineless enough to accept anything and everything and applaud them while they do it.

Write letters to the editor of your local paper and be prepared when the offended either call late at night (for that is their hour) or write back with venomous attacks on you and your family instead of addressing the issues you raise. Go to the library and request books that you know they don't carry and then ask them why and demand that they order them. Read those books. Write an essay about your own awakening and read it to your children. Take them to the city and show them examples of the failure of diversity. Take them to the country and show them the success of homogeneity.

Talk openly in your home, your business, your neighborhood and your community about your beliefs and be prepared to support your arguments with hard facts instead of warm fuzzy feelings.

More than any of these things, you must be prepared for the backlash. Prepare your family to defend itself both rhetorically as well as physically from the attacks that will come. Stand up for yourself so that those who respect you can do the same for themselves. Be truthful, sober and hardworking so that those who you encounter can find no fault, but rather must manufacture it on their own, setting themselves up for failure should they ever be held to account. Demonstrate your support and your solidarity with those who are struggling to come to grips with their own dawning sense of racial pride and encourage them with unflagging confidence that in the long run, even if we never see it, that the Truth will win in the end and that one day the children of your children and their children as well will live in a world where altruism isn't a weakness, but a strength, where racial pride isn't hateful, but a loving expression of blood-brotherhood and where cowardice is not the norm, but a weakness to be eschewed.

For once in your life, be a Kievsky.


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