Black Riot Season Opener

by Angry White Female

Yes, it is upon us again. Pull up those chairs, Whitey. Get your hot dogs and popcorn. Riot season has just begun! That wonderful season when our African-American brothers and sisters come out of hibernation and turn into rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth racists, ready to collectively pounce on any White person. Springtime. Butterflies in green grass, hummingbirds drinking nectar from wildflowers, birds casing out trees for nests. Lizards and gophers for kitty and last but not least, those "naughty niggers."


This was the comment of NAACP President Kweisi Mfume regarding the race 'riots' in Cincinnati last year. His contemptuous attitude represents many in his tax-exempt organization, and indeed a large percentage of black Americans. They see how Whites always back off in the face of black demands. They see how Whites never defend themselves when physically attacked. They see how we have no community, and how we never rally around White crime victims. Mfume smells our blood, and unless we stand up to these bullies, we will be devoured. What we forget is that when faced with extreme opposition, blacks will retreat, quickly. Given that they have faced NO opposition from White America since the old Klan and WAR days, why shouldn't Mfume have a comtemptuous attitude toward us? Mr. Mfume will not respect us until we show him some opposition. We must be..noble White niggers.

Though Mr. Mfume was denounced as a Whitebasher by European-American civil rights groups, his words, "Belly of the Storm" were prophetic. His reference concerned the unarmed black teen who was shot down by a White police officer. Following this police shooting, black mobs took their anger out on white motorists and pedestrians. Some were targeted while in their own homes. All of the attacks were racially motivated, but the Cincinnati politicians took it easy on them. To call these racial attacks "riots" is inaccurate, since few whites participated beyond getting their faces smashed in. Please, refresh your memories here:

The storm Mfume spoke of is approaching again. No, not in Seattle or Los Angeles. Not in D.C. and not in the South. In Cincinnati, again. Why this time? A White police officer broke up a fight between two black girls. One of them spit in the officers' face, then her brother jumped on the officer. It turned into an authentic black bongo party. First, they blocked traffic on Vine Street. Then they allowed the black motorists to pass, but singled the Whites out for racial epithets accompanied by violent attacks on their bodies and vehicles. You see, every time this happens, the politicians and media cover up for them. Sounds familiar, huh Whitey? Cincinnati reporter Phil Bronson expressed frustration over Cincinnati's KLAN WITH A TAN problem in an article titled "Vine Street: What was the Excuse this Time?" You can read the entire article at:

Bronson: There was no police shooting, no reverends shouting for justice this time -- just 300 black people blocking Vine Street on Monday night, pelting cars with rocks, bottles and eggs and yelling "get whitey." Some cities would call that a riot. Cincinnati didn't even call it a "disturbance." The headline over a 3-inch story in the Enquirer the next day said, "Fight draws crowd; police close street." Witnesses and police reports showed something worse: frightening attacks on cars driven by white people, while cars driven by blacks were waved through.

** Did anyone notice that Mr. Bronson, while being critical of the media for not describing the incident as a riot or disturbance, fails to describe the perpetrators as a vicious, racist mob? He certainly would have had the races been reversed.

Bronson: The crowd swelled to 300, and 20 to 50 people began throwing things. The cops backed off to regroup. Police logs show several calls from trapped motorists". "Group of male black suspects threw rocks, eggs at his car; yelled things about his being white," says one dispatcher's report. "They were running up and throwing things at the windows of cars and yelling, "Get whitey,'" said a woman who did not want to be named because she lives nearby and fears reprisals.

**Fear of terrorism, plain and simple. If you speak, muthafuggin wite bitch, we'll mess you up! Fear is what keeps Whitey's mouth shut and his fists open. Fear is why we have "White Flight."

The reason given for the lack of concern for Whitey:

Bronson: Mr. Howard, who is black, says Cincinnati is reluctant to face what happened because "we don't want to return to the riots of last April."


May I suggest that Mr. Howard doesn't want the European-American community to wake up and start fighting back for a friggin' change! Listen. Black is black. Mr. Howard is black. Niggers are niggers. These thugs are niggers. But what do we call White men who will do nothing in defense of self? I mean, GAWD, look at these White wimps! This is utterly embarrassing! Had a White man defended himself, or at least yelled something we would have heard about it, under the title "provocation." My people do NOTHING to defend themselves, ever. That is why every April is season opener for black riot season. Last April it was Cincy. This April it was Cincy. I wonder if all season openers will be in Cincy? Oh goody, now we all get to sit around and wait for the summer footage of niggers attacking anyone driving or walking while White in the wrong neighborhood, at the wrong time. At Mardi Gras we were a huge majority, yet a small group of roving black thugs got away with dozens of racial attacks, and the murder of the one White man who stood up to several NIGGERS kicking and attempting to gang rape a White woman. Kris Kime was the only White man to resist. Any Black Spring Break (Read: Bongo Party) has Whites being dragged from their cars and violated in one way or another. Some unfortunate, misguided White girl, much like Amy Biehl, gets gang raped. Do Whites fight back? No. Even if we SPEAK in opposition, in a political forum, we are denounced as bigoted and divisive.


When faced with racial attacks, Whites tend to stand there and watch other Whites being attacked, as we saw, on video, in New York's Central Park not long ago. Did Whites participate in a "riot" in Cincinnati last year? No sir. A "riot" requires two sides fighting. During the "riots" in Seattle during a very White Mardi Gras celebration, White men stood there and watched Kris Kime being kicked to death. Only after the blacks retreated did the White men drag his body out. I call this the enemy's "example setting." Kime tried to defend a White woman against a black mob and was killed for it. One man in Idaho spent jail time for calling a black referee a nigger after he assaulted his wife. One of the few men who fought back last year in Cincy was charged with a hate crime. We, as Whites, are supposed to sit there and take it. If we don't, the nonverbal message says, we'll be killed or severely beaten by non-Whites or jailed for saying "nigger" or "spic." The worse the blacks get, the more stringent the measures to keep us from fighting back. Politicians and minorities alike fear the day we collectively lose our tempers. They are hoping they can breed us out or bring in enough non-White immigrants before this "Day of the Rope" comes... Until then, they must rely on street terrorism and guilt promotion via the mass media to keep our majority silent.

Believe it or not, there is a bright side to this "Whitey as Wimp" phenomenon. The more confident they get that we won't fight back, the more White people they will randomly attack. We absolutely know the government, media and "civil rights" community will do nothing, not even hear our complaints. We could have 20,000 black marchers in D.C. attacking White parade watchers and they'll find a way to blame us and give more of our tax money to the violent blacks. More attacks means more people in our ranks. More people in our ranks means more power. It is past time for the silenced White majority to become what we have always been called -- intolerant. Ah yes, the belly of the storm. Let's make it OUR STORM next time.


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