Greedy Shyster Jew + Greedy Shiftless Mud = Big Profit

by Douglas Wright

The personal injury lawsuit is one of the niftier jew-mud tag team con games played on working White America, uniting the shameless all-letter-no-spirit kike manipulation of White law for maximum shekels with the all-suck-no-brain leeching and looting of White property by spics and nigs. It's a spectacle at once depressing, disgusting, pathetic and infuriating, but attracting no attention because Jews have whipped it up so that lawsuits are the American way. Any "conservative" critique of lawsuit abuse inevitably fails to mention the races of the filthy characters behind it all. Like a pimp and a prostitute, the sharpie jew provides the logistics and cuts the deals while the mud meat just lays there, crying that he slipped and fell on a squishy grape. Both take their cut and move on to the next con.

Let's peek inside for a glimpse of how it works. Setting: A seedy shingle law office somewhere in New York City. Character One: Rosa Gomez, a dumb-as-dirt no-speaka-de-Ingles immigrant who's sponged off welfare since she could first get her grimy spic mitts on it. Character Two: Norman Goldstein, a loud, stooped-over greasy hairball with a gaudy gold Star of David around his neck, eager to extort cash with lies on paper.

Norman: Were you injured, Ms. Gomez?

Rosa: Si, si!

Norman: Where did this happen?

Rosa: Uh, no se.

Norman: Well, here's a picture of the grocery store. Could it have happened here, near the produce section?

Rosa: Es possible.

Norman: If it did, that would be good for you. If it didn't, that would be bad for you. Grocery store have mucho dinero! Comprende?

Rosa: Si, the grocery store!

Rosa's dumb, alright, but has just enough gray matter to figure out that with her "demanda" and a sympathetic spic jury, she could win the Puerto Rican lottery. Norman's no fool, and conveniently born without scruples, he's got no problem accusing the local grocery store of keeping a slippery floor, if that's what might have happened to Rosa. "Because oy! It's for the jury to decide! That's the American way! Performing a valuable service, I'm."

So Norman's off, rubbing his thick, dirty jew paws together in anticipation of the ill-gotten cash to come. Like a bushman swinging a discarded rifle as a club, Jew Norman wields the Englishman's suit at law in ways never intended, ruining a White legal device that might once have commanded respect but, in the hands of the jew, has been squalified beyond recognition. Jew Norman has no concern for the broader ideals envisioned by the White creators of the concept, only the immediate enrichment of his stooped-over jewish self. Mud Rosa, meanwhile, puts about as much thought into the process as an amoeba puts into floating across the petri dish. But both Jew Norman and Mud Rosa, though operating on vastly different levels of sophistication, are motivated by the same basic instinct: get the White man's money.

Consider the New York Law Journal's report on the case of one Orlando I. Balacer, a shyster of unknown race but, given his name and the jaw-dropping stupidity of his stunt, is more likely spic than kike:

A Manhattan attorney has been suspended for six months for misleading the public through false advertisements. The attorney, Orlando I. Balcacer, placed two ads in the 1998 Washington Heights (note to VNN readers: this is one of New York City's more concentrated mudvilles) yellow pages suggesting his firm included numerous experienced attorneys and former prosecutors, when in fact he was practicing on his own. The ads -- one in English and the other in Spanish -- also claimed that the attorneys were "Dominicans and Jews," descriptions that Mr. Balcacer believed would give his firm an advantage over competitors. Mr. Balcacer testified that Jewish attorneys "are preferred over any other type of attorneys" in the Dominican community.

And why would that be, Orlando? Because the jewish attorneys are the ones most likely to shy away from a case with dubious merits? Yes, it seems the upstanding Dominican-American community places a premium on principle, according great respect to those wise attorneys-at-law willing to be honest about the aims of the law, even if it means no money for the Dominican-American seeking legal representation or the consulting attorney of the Jewish faith.

But seriously. Your country is being destroyed, White man. This is one of the ways it's being done. What else do you see?


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