by Andrei Kievsky

Today I took my daughter to an ordinary day care/nursery school. The new teachers are decent and trustworthy people, but they are also cookie cutter lemmings. I assured myself with the thought that we would take her to all the things like music lessons and chamber ensemble groups and ballet class and gymnastics and aikido and Russian mathematics school and so on, but it hurt to see her in a lemming environment after having spent a year in a Waldorf school. We were basically expelled from the Waldorf school in Lexington after the Boston Globe "outed" me. We were not officially expelled, but the administrators had a meeting with my wife and me, and it was conveyed to us that the other parents would probably be very hostile to us and probably say nasty things to us, and it was recommended that I not engage the parents in an argument.

I had a long debate with my wife about whether or not to continue at Waldorf. I was perfectly willing to take my daughter to her classes and face the Talmudic hatred and lemming self-righteousness of the other parents. Confronting anti-White ideology is something I have a track record of doing -- from the "excellent adventure" (as Maguire of FAEM called it) confronting Jack Levine at the lecture on racism and anti-semitism at Temple Beth Sholom in Framingham, to the monthly Human Relations Commission meetings, to the baseball-bat-swinging Zionist fanatic in Hamilton Massachusetts. If anything, I'd been very disciplined about hiding my views at the Waldorf school, with the exception of a small debate with the white daughter of a diplomat to Ivory Coast about the fate of Rhodesia and South Africa, which I wrote about in an earlier Vanguard article. I really couldn't help myself when I met someone who knew the history of Southern Africa, I could not help but see if I could get the bespectacled, rainbow flag flying, short-shorn Universalist Unitarian Marxist liberal dominatrix to admit that handing over Rhodesia and SA to the blacks was a mistake. She wouldn't admit it, but instead cut off the conversation and fled.

For my own part, I am not inclined to run. I seek out anti-White meetings and provide the White nationalist viewpoint. But my wife and daughter cannot fight my battles. I should remind the Jews and race traitors who complained to the Waldorf administration and effectively drove my daughter out of her school that even Sicilians have a code of honor whereby they don't attack the family of their enemy, but of course Jews aren't Sicilians, and white race traitors are about the lowest form of life that there is.

When I grew up, I went to a public high school in a working class town until I was 16, and then I went to a high school and then a private college in the wealthy shoreline of Connecticut. There was a world of difference in the quality of education, and now that I am in my 30s and have seen the world, I know the difference.

The teachers in working class schools haven't seen the world, and haven't had a solid classical education. Though they make a living from "education," there is little chance that they read the works of Western civilization -- Homer, Thucydides, Aristotle, Cicero, Seneca, Lucretius, Bede, Boethius, Dante, Balzac, Dostoevsky, Dickens, Bronte, Conrad to name just a few. Their music teachers herd them into awful sounding, 20-piece symphonies instead of breaking them down into much smaller (duets, trios and quartets) but higher-quality ensembles as my former violin teacher Beth said of public school music programs. They don't have a global perspective on the world -- they are only vaguely aware of the issues of food security, environmental degradation, overpopulation, and the root causes of wars and world conflict, and really, they don't care. They are "lukewarm" about the world, and that is the tragedy of modern American sheeple in general. The very people who (temporarily) have the financial and political clout to to set us on a path of environmental sustainability and safeguard the future of their race instead choose to be herd animals. Local agriculture, powered by humans and draft animals http://www.leevalley.com/garden/index.asp?SID=&ccurrency=2 with permaculture techniques http://www.thefarm.org/permaculture/index.html, bicycles http://www.lightfootcycles.com and golf cart type electric vehicles for transportation, racially pure Northern nations for Whites, who are necessary for the maintenance and continuation of civilization, and gently coerced population control of non-whites would pretty much ensure peace and prosperity for the foreseeable future.

But it's not to be. It's not the White nationalists who want conflict and war. We want our living spaces and beyond that we really don't care. The historical record shows that it was Jews that agitated for American involvement in World War I and II, and it's Jews that are agitating for America to subjugate the Arab world and force our Corporatist State on them. Dr. Pierce has stated publicly his desire to leave the Arabs in peace and self-governance, and this is a representative view of White nationalists. What is more reasonable than wanting living spaces for one's own, while acknowledging the right of the non-whites to their living spaces in their native countries? It's the Jews that want a mixed up world full of conflicting nationalities, because they think that it will be a perpetual source of power and profit for them to act as the middlemen of ethnic conflict with all their "Team Harmony" and "No Place for Hate" programs.

It is a conflict between two fundamentally opposed world-views -- the Aryan worldview and the Jewish worldview. I realize that dependence on foreign and non-White labour is a cause of "diversity" and miscegenation. That's why I am an organic gardener, and why I use a human powered broadfork instead of a gasoline powered rototiller. Of course I don't accept the notion that we ever really "needed" Mexicans to butcher our chickens or pick our lettuce, but rather agribusiness calculated that violating America's borders and labor laws would increase profits. As a result, I believe that the solution is not to "reform agribusiness," but rather to destroy it altogether by replacing it with local agriculture. After all, people who commit treason are not reformed; they are executed.

As a quick digression, I would like to point out that while promoting illegal immigration is a sufficient reason to replace agribusiness and factory farming with local agriculture, it is not the only reason. Factory farming is also cruel to animals, unsustainable (likely leading to mass starvation when it crashes suddenly, Enron style), and degrading to the environment. If "liberals" had any character as a whole, they would promote local agriculture and backyard gardening as a small effort that would solve a lot of the world's problems, and the fact that they don't is yet another reason they don't deserve one iota of credibility. Would you convert to the diversity religion because of a missionary who had no clue about the problem of the food supply, environmental degradation and overpopulation, and who essentially took an "unlimited resources" Julian Simon view of the world? This is essentially an "Enron" view of the world -- so long as the times are good now, you should place your bets on the future being even better! Or at least not getting any worse.

The hippies became the "Enron" baby boomer generation, and though they lost their ideals, they didn't lose their sense of unquestionable rightness. They agreed to inherit the material wealth of their fathers while rejecting the pro-white morality that sustained it. And therein lies the contradiction that will eventually bring about a cruel and violent reckoning for us all.

In the meeting with the rainbow-flag-flying upper middle class administrators, I did not backpedal at all. I spoke just like I do here on Vanguard. It must have been strange for them to hear someone dare talk about the destructiveness of race mixing and the tribal ways of the Jew, and how these liberals' very ideals depended on the continued, unmiscegenated existence of the Aryan race. It was like I was swearing, though saying fuck and shit and cunt would not have been nearly as bad as saying "Aryan" and "miscegenation is genocide."

Waldorf School in Lexington is basically a last bastion of White education, yet my daughter's class was over half Jewish. The Jews ruined White America and destroyed our education, and now they go to a "last bastion" place like Waldorf. It was always a tremendous irony to me to hear Jews at Waldorf curse the television. The Jews used television to subdue White America, and now the Jews in the "last bastion" Waldorf complain about the effects of their own tribe. I wanted so badly to say, "Yeah, I wish we could turn off the Talmudvision permanently." Wish I had.

So now the Jews and race traitors have the moral arrogance to complain about me. I was willing to continue the charade if they were. But they really seem to think that they have a leg to stand on. They don't see their poorly scripted show for what it is. Folks, listen up -- ZOG is a Ponzi scheme. The reason I am such an activist is because I can see clearly, as though it's right on front of my eyes all the time, that it's going to crash, and crash hard. Remember the Soviet Union in 1990? ZOG is next, and sooner rather than later. ZOG requires massive capital growth all the time, even when the growth requires autophagy -- eating yourelf. Destroying White societies amounts to autophagy. If you start barbecuing (and seasoning with tasty diversity sauces) your own limbs and chowing them down like it's 1999, you aren't long for this world, Mister. VDARE has been running articles about how open immigration has been fostered by connoisseurs of ethnic restaurants who fallaciously believed that "restaurant food would be bland if we didn't import an alien majority."

That's right, White man. The Jews and liberals are making you a minority in your own land because otherwise the food would be bland and life would be "boring." That's the justification. Heaven forbid the food be bland!

You know, it's funny, I never in my life worried about the possible blandness of food. Nor did I ever worry that being around only White people would be "boring." These sorts of concerns really have never crossed my path in my life. But now they are presented to me as though they are some kind of "mandatory concerns." How can I take such a thing seriously? Come out and say it, "America is no longer a White country." This is despite the fact that the current state of America depends on White acquiescence, which by definition means White survival. We can't acquiese to something if we are not, by definition, alive.

But of course then the argument goes that "we," that is, White people, are not by definition necessary to the world. Mulattoes, spics and Asians can replace us no problem, according to the anti-whites.

But of course the very people who believe this are the people who are rich and soft and make American policy based on their restaurant habits. White Americans lose their jobs, get their wages lowered, get raped, murdered and miscegenated by the immigrating diversity, all because Jews and liberals are afraid to be "bored" or have "bland food." That's what they sold you out for -- remember that. It wasn't for any high ideals or even material necessities. It was boredom and a bit more profits. Putting out 110% for the company. Of course it's impossible by definition to give more than a 100% effort, so what's with the 10%? That 10% is about selling your soul, "more than you could give." That's what that meant. If you give out that 10%, then by definition you have given away the other 100% of your soul. Gone. You're done. The Jew has taught you to sell yourself cheap. Personally, I've reserved a significant percentage of my soul to activities other than making money and maintaining middle class lemming respectability.

So you won, Jews. You won through deception, and corruption. But it's an unsustainable victory. It's as though you found yourselves in a world where the very ground you stood upon was made of precious gems. You could have paradise, so long as you didn't mine the gems upon which you stood, so long as you didn't eat your seed corn you would have eternal abundance. You couldn't stand it, you had to mine your own foundation for JEWelry, you had to eat the seed corn. You murder civilization, and call it a Righteous Victory. Fuck you.

You think you are so cool because you stole the country from us. OK if that's what you want. I shrug my shoulders, because I can see clearly that you think, "America won't last, but the Jews will."

But you forget how awfully comfy you've gotten with your fate so closely tied to America's in only one century. Until a century ago, this was pretty much a Christian nation without a significant Jewish population. We haven't really gotten used to each other, after all, after only one century. It's been kind of one-sided, ya know? You write the marching orders, and we White Gentiles die.

The Jews will destroy America, and then say what a lame excuse for a country America was -- just as they created the modern media, then fled to Waldorf schools and pointed with intellectual superiority and moral righteousness at all the dumb American cult-minded chump consumers of the product of the Jewish mass media. "Every country gets the Jews it deserves," as the saying goes.

This answers one question for me -- namely, that the parents and administrators are not part of the conspiracy, but rather they simply lack self-knowledge and an understanding of what's going on in the world. I think that they imagine that they are fair-minded in their own sheeple way. I can't hate them for simply lacking in self-knowledge. Lacking in self-knowledge is its own punishment, and comes back at you like an HIV positive gang rape of a family of anti-apartheid activists in South Africa.

If they understood the internal contradictions and unsustainable nature of their judeo-liberal religion, they would have kept their mouths shut, they would have continued the charade. It took me a long time to be able to function in Baby Boomer middle class society, and I was only able to do so by taking it as a charade. "Live and let live, anything goes, kill your parents, if it feels good, do it, make love not war" and so on. The world view summed up in the those slogans is insanity on the face of it to me, and the only way I can accept people who live by these slogans is to accept them as the actors and actresses of an insane charade in which I am supposed to play along, but which I don't have to believe in myself.

So now you want to call me on the charade, and pretend that your concerns about the blandness of food and the dullness of a White civilization are truly valid concerns for which patriots should fight and die, and our taxpayer funds should subsidize, and you should whisper and point at my wife over? You really have confidence in this charade, you really can't see even a bit into the future and see how harshly your whole world-view is about to be overthrown, when the White race is finished off? Why do you think I called you "self liquidating?" Just extrapolate what you are doing a generation or two into the future. As your mutual fund prospectuses say, "Past performance is not indicative of future returns."

The white American settlers conquered and settled the land and fought your wars. Now you are forcing us to live in the "multicultural wilderness" while you take refuge in the "high income majority-white gated community fortresses." Are you beginning to see the internal contradictions?

You have banished us to the "multicultural wilderness." That's FINE! I stand with my White brothers and sisters even in this television benumbed consumerist wilderness, because it is to them I am and always have always been loyal, even in the forcibly integrated pit of racial decreation to which you have condemned them.

The North Shore of Massachusetts is a horrifying place to live. The racial decreation happens openly on the streets, and the fruits of racial decreation clearly fall short of the promises of liberal promises of egalitarian utopia. It's an opportunity to see a once Italian and Irish American area fall into Third World chaos and debauchery. Any time we step out the door we may be treated to blasting rap music or a black drug dealer/pimp beating up his white ho' (my 4 year old daughter and I got to see this from our driveway, and I told the White woman that it was a mistake for her to mate with non-whites, and her Negro pimp said to me 'well, why don't you take her then?').

All the banal vice that used to be confined to the worst quarters of metropolitan cities are spreading to your neighborhood, non-rich White man. The black drug dealer and his white "ho'" (maybe your own daughter), will soon be right out your front door. I still remember a time when a White neighborhood was a White neighborhood, and that sort of thing simply didn't go cruising down your street, ever. We should never accept this, just as we should never legalize sexual exploitation of our women and children. Israel holds Slavic women as forced sex slaves, and the Israeli embassy in Brazil was caught prostituting children and Ariel Scher, the Jew who was doing it was protected by Israel and brought home rather than prosecuted in Brazil for the crime of sexually exploiting Brazilian children. This is the sort of world that Jews create. If we accept these things, then we deserve to be utterly destroyed.

We can't afford to be neutral on a moving train. Not making a choice is a choice. More and more of us are becoming White nationalists because the defining down of deviance and the replacement of Whites is affecting us directly. The internal contradictions grow more glaring by the day.

And that's why I am ultimately not too upset at our family being thrown out of Waldorf. Ultimately the comfortable rich liberals and jews will run out of places to run, after they kill off the White hosts and then they will be fucked but good. Your average White nationalist would have a hell of a lot better chance of surviving in a Third World country than one of these rich race traitor liberals, and the Jew would need a robustly swindling and profession-dominating Jewish community to survive in such a Third World country. If you are reading this, I'm telling you now -- you people are fucked. Race traitors like the diplomat's daughter who supported the blacks in Rhodesia and South Africa will run out of places to run to, and Jews will run out of White nations to swindle and to fight their wars for them. White race traitors will face a radically altered political climate. If there are serious hardships ahead for the developed (White) world, then there will be serious reprisals from the rising generation of White kids. They'll put two and two together easily, the will read the handwriting on the wall. It's already started, the seed has been planted. If you try to stamp us out, you'll only make us stronger, but eventually we will get strong enough that you'll have to try to do so. You will need functioning governments, though. We will profit off chaos, not you. Whites can create a big "o" Order if there is the freedom of a world in chaos. We pray for the Mad Max world, because from that we'll be free from the Jew, our necks will be loosened from the Talmudic yoke.

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