c     a     r     t     o     o     n     s

Copy and spread, readers...

Hello! These cartoons appeared this week in one of the largest newspapers here, Folha de São Paulo. Although the media here are jewish like everywhere else, Brazil has a long tradition of neutrality and the recent events in Palestine caused a growing popular sympathy with palestinians, including from some of traditional jewish spawns, the leftists, who attacked some jews in a manifestation in front of an Israeli diplomatic building in Rio some days ago.

The cartoons says:

1) Sharon, here is Bush!I demand the removal of troops immediately! I'm serious!

2) Man! This is for you; intended to you never say again that I never give you anything!

("Kibe!" an onomatopoeia for a punch in the face, "kibe" is an arab food very popular in Brazil too).

The "Esfirra" (another arab food, used as a slang to a slap in the face too), do you want open or closed?

Sven Thorgren

. . . more to come!

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