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Diversity = Insanity: The Shocking, True Story of Nogs and Their Muti

The things nogs do would make a human blanch. And a yid yelp about "civil rights." Of course, Hymie enjoys a little of that blood ritual himself now and again. And animal torture every day of the year. Here find out why we call them animals. Hey, hey we feed monkeys! Here a nigger hate rapes a White in Iowa. Is this heaven? No, it's Booliana. And the goat-screwers are feeling their processed oats. Goat-screwers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your shame. Billions wasted pretending negroes are college material, not a penny spent on Whites. Reclaim your land, White man. The time for revolution is now. We can live in peace and freedom as soon as we destroy the Jews responsible for the corruption and racial strife that plague the U.S. and much of the globe.

Jew Hypocrisy 101

How Israel treats illegal aliens... Good news here. Here Sharon laments not murdering Arafat 20 years ago.

Germany's Old Left

Socialists before the nationalists, early history of the Germanic people too. Here on the real Lincoln. De Pretto, not Einstein, came up with E=mc2. Einstein is more Jewish PR than anything. Here on our criminal government and the midnight knock.

Early Days of American Nazis

Beyond the right-wing drama of the late 1960s and early 70s, one thing that stands out clearly are the frightening and at times dishonest tactics utilized by the FBI in tracking the initial growth of the National Youth Alliance. In reading the early FBI reports -- the reports filed before Pierce took charge and began calling for violence and allegedly selling bombs -- one almost gets a sense of guilt emanating from the pages. In the FBI's words of May 12, 1969: "It is not believed that an active investigation of the NYA should be conducted at this time. Possible embarrassment to the Bureau could incur in active investigation of this matter. ... However, [Washington Field Office] will continue to follow activities of Liberty Lobby." Here on Zionism and its discontents.

Sobran: "How I was fired by Bill Buckley"

How professional conservatism really works. "All their patriotic words were empty. It was all a game, or a way of making a living." Note that Bill White and Overthrow are under attack by Lew for posting an old Pavlik piece on Zionism. Here reaction to Buchanan's new book. Here on anarchists.

Al Fuqra

On kidnapped reporter who may be intelligence guy. More here on Pearl and whether or not he's a Mossadist or ADL agent. Here on the next terror attack headed our way. Here on American empire. Here dozens of izzies refuse to serve.


Jewish swindle?

Ota Benga: Nigger as Zoo Display

This way to the egress! Are Mexes under attack at Cornell? Race-mixing stinks. Niggers belong in cages like Benga. Here on ALF with Molotovs.

Media: Jew Spielberg

Here on AOL Time Warner losing money. Here on Judeo-German attempts at mind control by controlling the Net. Here on Ike the Kike. Would be nice to see actual documentation on his Jewishness, but the atrocities he carried out make claims of his Jewishness plausible. What Americans don't realize, haven't been taught, is that huge numbers of Germans were rounded up after WWII and left out in fields to die of exposure and starvation. Nobody every talks about that, nobody ever gets hundreds of billions in compensation, but it happened. We must destroy the Jews who are trying to destroy us. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN.

Media: Plagiarism and Double Standards

King and Ambrose... Here on the globalization of pop culture. Here Rockwell cries about White posting an old Pavlik piece about neoconservatism being a CIA front. What the heck ever happened to Pavlik anyway? Here Shifflett on media bias, and it's passing up saleable books to serve its ideology. Pretty much hashes the dimwit leftist notion that "corporations" are the problem. Note the piece is titled 'People of the Book' although it doesn't mention the heavily Jewish face of publishing these days. The main con publisher is Regnery, started by a German-American. The main houses in New York are almost completely Jewish. That's why your library shelves look as they do. Here an actor refuses to do a nude scene. A Christian with principles, apparently.

Racist Cartoons

Speaking of posting without permission, here's a site that reprints racist cartoons, including some of VNN's very own Fitz's. Dirty bastards, we'll sue you for every ha'penny in your worthless, AFDC-collectin' loafers. Actually we don't care, although we've sent the clown a letter telling him to at least include a link. Here's the home page. Damn niggers are too lazy to draw their own cartoons! Oy, there I go again, perpetrating the lazy-nigger stereotype. God knows, niggers would work harder than ten Koreans plus two if evil racists like me would quit mocking them. Here's a particularly funny one.

White Literature: Edmund Wilson

His decade diaries, works are well worth reading. One doesn't turn to Edmund Wilson for humor or charm. No, the intellect behind his sentences -- as he tells an old teacher here -- aims for "cleanness, precision, ease and force."

French Fraud

It's Jew-fraud... Here the animal form of Jews. They haven't learned any financial swindling yet, but they have the parasitism down to a 'T.'

Hollywood Changes Clancy Villains from Muslims to Neo-Nazis

In fact, Clancy has always been Semitically Correct.

Our Enemy Israel

Watch the reaction to this one, if they can't bury it. New book talks about kike spies involved in turning things over to China. The Jew is your enemy, White man. That's not opinion, that's fact. Kikes go out of their way not to die for America. The Jew is your enemy, White man. That's not an opinion, that's an objective fact. For the war against Iraq the Jewish Welfare Board estimated out of about 520,000 American troops in the Gulf only 500 were Jews. (NYT, Mar 18, 1991, pB6) If Jews had been there in proportion to their numbers, almost 13,000, some 25 times the number present, would have been in uniform. Mr. Maverick found that not one of the 386 Americans who died was a Jew. (Washington Monthly, December 1991, p10 ( also author communication with Maury Maverick)) Later in the pages of the New York Times there was an attempt to revise the total of Jews present in the war zone upward as had been done in previous wars to bolster the image of Jews. (NYT, May 18, 1991, p9)

Oliver on LaRouche

In memory of the Jew-hating polymath... 1. 'Dennis,' which is, of course, derived through the French from 'Dionysius,' became a very popular personal name in England as early as the Twelfth Century, doubtless under Norman influence. All RPO's work is studded with these nuggets of erudition; go to Kevin Strom's site and hook into the rest of his stuff. Go to our links page to access Strom.

Too Dumb to Vote: An American Tragedy

Where's a Dreiser make sense of our Democrazy? This is why they used to have poll tests. A large percentage of niggers are literally too stoopid to fill out a countable ballot. See, when democracy means a small group of propertied white elderly males picking a leader, it's fine. When it means millions of welfare-sucking 60-IQ niggers driven by Jews to polls so they can "vote" themselves shares of earners' property, it's passing stupid. But then the system's not set up in your interest, White man. It's set up to benefit the Jews. This story is kind of a twist on that old joke about why niggers don't let their kids marry Mexicans: afraid the kids'll be too lazy to steal. These niggers are literally too stupid to vote to steal. Silly porch potatoes, civilization's for humans. Go back to the jungle where you can hoot and holler with your brother apelings, and take Danglestein with you.

Jefferson and Jews

What would he say today, in view of the pervading and poisonous Pet perfidy? More here.

The Invasion

Mexicans -- humans lite. How can illegals be licensed? The government knows. It's illegitimate too. Here on the European invasion. Jews won't be happy until every White girl has been raped and infected by niggers. Why don't we pass laws forcing ape-dumb inner-city niggers to be bussed to Jewish schools. Think how much the kikelets would benefit from the diversity. Niggers and babies in South Africa, nasty stuff.

Media: FIRM

Interesting site -- film industry reform. Salon considers print mag. "I have no idea what kind of publisher they could ever dupe into doing such a thing in this kind of market," Patrick Keane, a senior analyst with Jupiter Media Metrix, told the Chronicle. "A Hearst or Hachette Filipacchi wouldn't give them a penny in this market. Launching a print magazine right now, that's suicide."

Cowardly Kikes Threaten Violence to Silence

Jews can't handle the truth. Jews are cowards. Racists, hypocrites, cowards and...uglier than hell, taking one with another. They seem to swindle quite a bit too. Have they redeeming features? No. If none of them were around and someone offered us some -- would we say "Yes!" Of course not. We'd say, like all sane people: No Jews. Just Right.

Hobeika Murder

Proud work of Kikes, Inc., most likely.

Media: New Republic Changes Jew Hands

One nasty Jew gone. Two good new little Jews just in. Here NYT on women in the racist right.

"Gay Hamburgers of Portland"

Goad essay. Very interesting, these gay people. But why are they called gay, when not all of them seem happy? Must be the same reason there's no ham in a hamburger. Another one here. I'm not a religious man. I don't need to be, because I'm not much of a sinner. I'm comfortable with my actions and never try to run from them or blame them on others. For my sins, I've been punished severely. For my virtues, I've been punished even worse. So my conscience is clean. But if there's a God, its name is Truth. Truth is God. And the truth is on my side. God loves me, and he doesn't love my enemies. ... The cream always rises to the top. And I feel very creamy today.

Nutty Nazis: A Review of Goodrick-Clarke's Black Sun

In spite of its flaws, I recommend Black Sun, and borrowing a category from Lenin, I wish officially to proclaim Dr. Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke a Nazi useful idiot. The dirty little secret of Dr. Goodrick-Clarke's career is that most of his readers are the very right-wingers he professes to disdain. Furthermore, for all their cautionary pronouncements, his books draw more people toward the cause than they repel. They certainly can capture and hold one's attention, stimulate the imagination, and can even lead people to the truth in spite of The Cat Lady

White Classics: How the Jews Destroyed the Academy

Sociology is the example par excellence of interested Jewish lying. Everything is gray, not black and white, says the Jew. Except for racial egalitarianism. There we brook no disagreement. A chapter a day from Rockwell's opus White Power keeps Hymie away. I was running into the social disease of our modern life -- cowardice and pathological fear of a strong personality or strong ideas. Dale Carnegie has codified and commercialized this creeping disease as "how to win friends and influence people," which boils down, in essence, to the principle of having no personality or strong feelings or ideas and becoming passive and empty so that the "other fellow" can display HIS ideas and personality. But he, too, is trying to get "popular" by being passive and dispassionate, so that the result is like two dead batteries - no current. That has the ring of truth. And guess who doesn't read Carnegie - or anything else: the nigger.

How Yids Operate, Part 143b.2

Jewess Schlussel, in the time-honored way of her race, tries to foment hatred of Arabs among blacks. Setting class against class, race against race, sex against sex -- it's the age-old divide-and-conquer strategy Jews have employed for thousands of years. Jews like Schlussel are the reason Arabs are in this country in the first place. Jews never take any blame for the results of the policies they push undemocratically on the rest of us. Have you noticed that? Here more from Jew Glazov on Buchanan.

Yahoodis and the Boundless Greed

I'm a Jewish lesbian daughter of "Holocaust" survivors. Pay me! Money I want, it's! A story on the get-out-of-jail-free card being passed down to a whole new generation of criminals. 'Jew' is a con, a scam, a 'racial crime syndicate masquerading as a religion' -- and one which sees politics as a "form of gentile pest control," as Hoffman says. There is a growing tendency to interpret victimisation as a kind of disease that can be handed down from generation to generation. Jews are a psychologically diseased race of parasites, built for swindling and suppressing and little else. Here Reese counters the klicksteins re attacking Iraq.

Soviet Rapists, Encouraged by Jews

The Soviet Union was by long odds the most evil construction in the history of the White race, and it was created entirely by Jews. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Your taxes go to him, your sons are brainwashed by him, your daughters infected by the monkeys his tv presents as plausible mates. The Jew is the root of evil and must be rooted out.

Did the Illegitimate U.S. Government Know? Part IV

Here Jewish public schools promote fag sex. You don't want your kid stuffing gerbils up his butt? Why don't you try to be a little more inclusive and a little lest speciesist? The next thing coming to dinner is a squirrel. Or maybe a marmoset. Bruckheimer and Katzenberg are still arguing.

Judeo-Germans Sue Lauck, Steal Web Domains

The incident is the latest in a series of high-profile legal battles concerning neo-Nazi activity on the web. In December 2000, German legal authorities ruled that websites aiming racist propaganda at German audiences could be prosecuted under German law.

Gates Wastes $24B on Niggers

This is worse than insane. An insane man might produce good by accident. Nothing good comes of subsidizing niggers -- ever hear of the welfare state? Haitians, other African niggers are worse than animals and show no signs of changing. What you subsidize you get more of. More niggers is the last thing this planet needs. Here's what his money will buy. Here on the Harare Harangutang and the delicate art of keeping power. You saw it in the theaters, now see it in person: Planet of the Apes VI, now showing in theaters across Zimbabwe. Kind of like drive-ins, not quite as fun.

Sistas Are Doin' It for Themselves

It's all about the dead yahoodis. I guess she can play cards with the 70 dark-eyed virgins. More here: 1 dead, 115 injured at a cost of one dead Pal female. The Jew creates misery, and misery returns to the Jew. Don't blame others for problems you created, yahoodis. The yahoodis have much power, both real and perceived, but they are in a tricky position. For decades they've controlled the news and completely prevented their opponents from getting a word in. Jews have pretty much reached the end of their rope. More people hate them and understand them -- same thing -- daily. And they can hardly steal and suppress opinion much more than they're already doing! No way to go but down. More here on the she-bomber. Some Israeli sources said the woman could have been a bomb-carrier rather than a suicide attacker. But senior army officials were working on the assumption that she was a suicide attacker. One said: "This is big trouble. We are already stretched and, if we are facing women as well as men, it will make it much more difficult for us. The pressure keeps mounting on the dirty kike kriminals. You did it all to yourselves, yahoodis. You deserve what you are getting.

Francis and the Folderol This Time

Everything but the 'why.' In other words, everything but what matters.

Jews Celebrate as Nigger Allowed to Rape-Rampage through Denver

This nigger would have been treed long ago if Jews didn't control America. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Nigger rapist is just a symptom of the disease named Jew. Jews love reading stories like this. In the back rooms of their synagogues and offices, they look at these things in their characteristically matter of fact, calculating way. These rapes intimidate Whites, let them know who's boss, make it easier to advance the jewish agenda. Therefore, niggers raping White 14-year-olds is "good for Jews." It's that simple. They are quietly committing genocide against us, and the fact that the newspapers cover it up doesn't change things. Jews benefit from, enjoy, protect depraved niggers rampaging through the White community, raping your daughters. And the exotic-animal-importing, child-molester preachers you Christians pay heed to tell you to grin and lick it up. When, White man, when?

White Style: Jim Goad

This guy is a writer. If your lips purse three words in, DON'T WRITE ME I DON'T CARE. VNN is not for brittle morons. It is written for men, and no, we won't put our coat on, and we don't care about safety first, or your hurt feelings -- go leak on Oprah. If you are female and can handle that, if you like to laugh and fuck men, then JUMP ON BOARD, WE WANT YOU! If you want to bitchquibble, get lost, excercise your need to deball on that little Circuit-City big-screens-for-small-brains sports chappy you tied off with. Ninety-nine-point-nine-nine percent of society will coddle your brittle, weak, whiny, nut-snipping self and chuck your chinny and tell you nasty Him's to blame. He ain't. You is. So get out of here! There are no dykes in Afghanistan, and that's reason enough to move there. Chicks are ruining the West. Over here in this neck of the world, a sloppy Goddess Goulash stinks up the skies...while the Middle East, with its well-endowed macho God, starts to smell like paradise. Once again, if you don't like his story, there's a 99.9999999% chance you don't get it or are humorless and inflexible of mind. Trust me. Here a long cut from Redneck Manifesto, a stylish work well worth reading, altho Goad pusses on race, pushing some wet-lettuce class revolt. He goes off on the limo libs he worked among well enough, but he must have a jarful of snippy observations about jews he kept aside. That's what I want to read, Goad -- write it. It's scientific fact that more Ph.D's are awarded in Sitting than any other discipline. That's not me talking, that's scientists -- the other white coats. Goad's alive, erect and eructating, and he's worked up one of the better styles now extant; he's leagues, miles ahead of the Doc Clowns who write most of the bookshelf. Hail, Goad!, a light unto the nations, he's. It's not the drugs and violence and hate that set him apart, it's style and respect for tangible reality. And I guarantee he worked at it, a lot harder than most ever work at anything. Goad is not on our side, but he does represent a not-small segment of America that hates mass-pap. He's equivalent to a dot-head or nigger reading VNN just because it recognizes newsstand papers are jew-processed shit, diet water lite.

Whites Attacked by Court

White teens are forced to pay Mexcrement 1.4 million. This report is worthy of TASS in the good old days. Who ever heard of a nigger or Mexcrement teen forced to pay any restitution to anybody? Black/brown misdeeds are excused by the Jew paper, White crimes are invented or trumped up. WHITE REVOLUTION NOW. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Good example is Jasper II: This time it's ignorable. Note that the writer misspells 'Shepard.' Pay attention to details, it's important. Here nigger subs murder a White woman. They won't do more than a couple years' time. If you don't like it, blame the jew. Nigger no-reason shootings are the symtom, Horowitz is the disease. Here they claim it's a "hate" crime to burn out Mex invaders. We have a government of jews and race traitors for Mexicans and niggers. WHITE REVOLUTION NOW. Here on wacky nigger cannibal. Here pro-gun Lott follow-up on Nigo-nog shootup in Virginny. What is so remarkable is that out of 280 separate news stories (from a computerized Nexis-Lexis search) in the week after the event, just four stories mentioned that the students who stopped the attack had guns. Only two local newspapers (the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Charlotte Observer) mentioned that the students actually pointed their guns at the attacker. We have a free press: you can say anything you want as long as it fits the Jewish agenda.


Pending show trial of John Walker in historical context. All queer-gibing aside, it's a very good Raimondo piece because he actually bothers to look at the facts, unlike Suckpoop Farah and Pudge Goldbrick: Walker hated the stoopid permissiveness of American society, was homeschooled, actually BELIEVED in something. That's his real crime in the eyes of the brown-tongued kosher conservatives. The only thing they believe in is ASSET ACCUMULATION. As PodHORetz claimed somewhere, the big success of the middle class was in bringing "obsession" into disrepute. By which he meant, giving up the fight for race and nation and allowing the monkey bandstand of sheenies, mockies, kikes and yahoodis to dominate debate and drive everything harmonious out of the auditorium. These Ziono-cons Raimondo writes about are worthless and fake as Zircon -- too lazy to pay attention to their own arguments: "...his whole odyssey can be explained as a rebellion against social liberalism." Walker's real crime is being serious in a country that's become a joke. Here on PC foreign policy, which is really SC. And note that again Matt Shepard's name is misspelled. It is misspelled at least half the time you see it printed, a rough index of the believability of non-VNN reporting. If you have to be fag libertarian, Raimondo makes the best of that unhappy stew, mocking his fellow poofters with relish! They taste better that way. Here on Jews in Argentina. Here's a sterling example of pure Christian cowardice, piling on Walker. This dumb broad has shown in the past a manifest fear of mentioning Israel or individual kikes in any negative context, but look how she piles on their enemies. These Christians are like dogs: they sniff out the top dog and assiduously kiss its ass, whimper whenever it approaches. Parker -- you stink. Mmmm -- tender young boys! Thanks, kosher cons. Only you can facilitate sodomy. College administrators stink.

Turd-eatin' Thomas on Deporting A-rabs

This guy is an embarrassment. There is nothing too servile for him to say or do when it comes to servicing the sheenies. He's a veritable one-stop suckpoop shop, full-service provider to Moishe and the B'nai. How did those 'rabs get in here, Thomas? Who let 'em in? Bless my soul, I believe 'twas the judeo-kikes who queered our immigration sanity back in the sixties! How 'bout that, Turd-eater? And why don't you call for the Mexicans who make up the bulk of the unwanted sewage to be re-septic-tanked in Mexico? Because they're Christians like you? Jeezuz would be proud -- sycophantic, servile and slavish apparently is a good way to go through life. You remind me of the poop-collectors on the ships in Camp of the Saints.

Lord of the Rings Criticism

Jews' Own New Republic critic takes a hack. Review of new Shippey book on Tolkien. Where is the Jewish Tolkien? We'd like to read him. Can't produce him, can you, Hymie? Minorities at Texas A&M bawl over cartoons they're too stupid to understand.

Media: The Sad Decline of Tina Brown

Good insight into the reasons U.S. publishing stinks. Too many yahoodis and social-sniffing British. Here on Lingua Franca and its death. Founded in 1990, Lingua Franca did for academia what The American Lawyer did for the legal profession: it cast a calm searchlight on the nooks and crannies -- and follies -- of university life and conveyed its findings in crisp, lean prose. Here on dateless libertarians. O'Rourke here. Here a good piece on the new Kimball book on the leftist academy. Yidn set up. Yidn knock down. Yidn write profitably about it all. In his monthly bully pulpit in The New Criterion, from which the materials of Experiments Against Reality are taken, Kimball sets their sentiments -- for the Other, for race and gender relativism, for pop-cultural politics -- against his values -- erudition, clarity, high culture -- with consistent results. Their era of liberation, the sixties, is his pandemonium. Variety, fine distinctions, humor, high learning -- these are all good things, and should be encouraged. They are "White." The elite must lead unembarrassed, the inferior, ape. Hierarchy is natural and normal; find your place and fit in unashamed. If something can't make you laugh or teach you something, what use is it? It's just more windy and unfalsifiable junk like Derrida. Respect for objective reality is the beginning of wisdom. What's in you does not need to be expressed, it needs to be flushed. History of Salon here, link by link, by odd, interesting Robotwisdom guy. Here on Salon financials. Here Scruton is busted for being a tobacco-lobbyist/writer. If we applied the standard to Jewish lobbyists, how many papers wouldn't die?

Media: National Review and the Yid Warmongers

The kids aren't all right, they're all left; a motley, multicultural collection of pudgy, pious yahoodis and their cheeksweeps. Every Jew rag pushes the same weltanschauung: raceless mess for you, living below the hill on which perches the clean, white overclass of racist Semites. Here Jew Goldberg attacks Peebs Buchanan, and then Jew Gottfried attacks Boy Pudge. Here a list of books about Maistre. As far as I know, and I doubt that Goldberg knows more about this matter,.... Chooish wit that's actually non-scatalogical and funny! Rare, it's. But note well these words: The rest of Goldberg's attack on Buchanan mixes fiction with copious slander. Do paleos "talk a lot about white America"? Despite my longtime association with this group, most of its self-identified members, including myself, have never focused on racial issues. Pat Buchanan, who is Goldberg's bête noire, has always included black conservatives at American Cause conferences. His candidate for Vice-President the last time he ran was a black woman. What makes him and, I would suppose, myself racists is our failure - as Sam Francis has noted with regard to the use of this slur - to take politically correct positions on social issues. Canny Sammy and Peebs wink out of one eye for Gottfried and the other eye for you!, White man. This is why Pierce and the open racialists are the real deal, while these guys are pretenders, in multiple senses. Either you're an out-of-the-closet anti-Jew like us at NA and VNN, or you're an in-the-closet check-chaser. Nice work Jew Gottfried, thanks for the help. IS HE OPENLY PRO-WHITE? IS HE OPENLY ANTI-JEW? THEN HE'S NOT ON OUR SIDE. Racial equality is silly. I do not consider something that showers under cows' tails my equal. SLEEP. OBEY. CONSUME. SET OFF BOTTLE ROCKETS!

Old Man in Robe Descries 'Morals' Problem

Translation: not enough respect for dirty old men too cool to obey written law. White elites failed to resist the dirty word-twisting mockies, now that spirit begins to turn back on them, they don't like it. Morals programs, we need! Oy! Respect for government not high enough! Throw Jews and money in a corner and a Sheenyrepublik spontaneously generates. The Jew is your enemy, White man. No Jews. Just Right. Yeah, it's an attack on rule of law when somebody strikes back against Judeo-government, but it's living breathing hyperventilating Constitutional orgasm when sheenies frankfurter holes in civil rights under the rubric of..oh, gee..."civil rights." Stop frankfurtering the Constitution mockies, and maybe you'll stop being blown up. Except, it's too late. You've had thousands of years to change your spots and you never have. Well, as the ararcho-little-terriers say, there's no government like NO JEWS. Classic quotation: He warned effort to find rational explanations for the actions of the terrorists. Pretty much says it all.

The Video State

Everything we do is videotaped, heat-sensored, politically censored, Semitically filtered, chip-track'd, GPS overseen. Wrong time to be alive if you like freedom. Did this, microkikes: No Jews. Just Right. Jews enjoy destroying White society for the simple pleasure of it. It's what Jews do. It's what they are. Kosher cons don't have the courage to name the ACLU what it manifestly is: a Jewish hate group dedicated to destroying the Christian religion and the White race. The jew is your enemy, White man. If you can face that fact, join us White Nationalists. If you can't, go to WorldNetDeli and listen to Suckpoop Joe and his Browntongued Band of Renowned Fiddlers on Roofies. There's only one tune I want to hear. I think you know what that is. All together now: No Jews. Just Right.

Media: Censored Says Cienfuegos

The Voz guy; fan of Tenoshitlan, enemy of die Juden. The unfortunate experience of columnist Doug Cuthand of Canada is well known by counterparts in the United States and Mexico. La Voz de Aztlan knows that there is a lot of fear among many U.S. and Mexican journalists to write any article that questions the racist Zionist policies of Israel against the Palestinians. Many have families to support and they do not want to lose their jobs. Our publisher, Hector Carreon, recently had an experience that indicates that the same fear exists in Mexico. Mr. Carreon had a radio interview on the Jeff Rense Talk Show concerning the attempted terrorist attack on the Mexican Congress by two Israelis, one a retired MOSSAD colonel and had lined up a journalist from the Mexico City daily "Uno Mas Uno". When this particular journalist found out what the topic of the radio interview was going to be about, he got cold feet and cancelled. Here Ashcroft has Justice veto all FOIA requests. Mean, dumb and retaining is no way to go through life, son.

Movie Review: 'Harold and Maude'

May-December romance and the telepathy that surpasseth all H. Becker

Multicultural Justice

On the incredible and sickening double standards in treatment of White nationalists vs. Jew-tool non-Whites. Nothing will change until Whites destroy the Jew and reclaim political Dr. William Pierce

The Jews' Wars

A livelier editorial than usual. Here on the Jews of Israel murdering a witness to Sharon's war crimes. The Jew is your enemy, White man. All that is necessary for the Jew to triumph is for the White man to do nothing. All that is necessary for the Sheenyrepublik to disintegrate is for the White man to do something. Do it, White man. No Jews. Just Right. More here.

Another Kike Crook Steals America Blind

All Jews are racist White-haters, and most jews are criminals. Judaism is a racial crime syndicate masquerading as a religion, as Hoffman says. As we say, No Jews. Just Right. Try as they never do, Jews can't keep lies out of their papers or hands out of our pockets. Yahoodis flambé -- the answer, it's! Here the instructive tale of greedy Jews and the twice-stolen money. Aesopian, it's!

Jews and God: Partners in Profit

Poor yahoodis. Shed tears for them. Write big checks for them. How can anyone not believe in a God that picked this glitt'ring lot from the rest of us stablers? Plausible, it's! Feeb Republic cries at Jew-crit.

The Evil Jews Do: Red Army Rapes Even Worse Than Reported

They were urged to rape and murder every single German by a Jew named Ehrenburg. The rapes had begun as soon as the Red Army entered East Prussia and Silesia in 1944. In many towns and villages every female, aged from 10 to 80, was raped. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Nobel laureate who was then a young officer, described the horror in his narrative poem Prussian Nights: "The little daughter's on the mattress,/Dead. How many have been on it/A platoon, a company perhaps?" ... How many German women were raped? One can only guess, but a high proportion of at least 15 million women who either lived in the Soviet Union zone or were expelled from the eastern provinces. The scale of rape is suggested by the fact that about two million women had illegal abortions every year between 1945 and 1948. Jews allowed among Whites is a catastrophe of genocidal proportions. There is only one solution: No Jews. Just Right.

America: Run for Benefit of Jews

Uncle Sam, indeed. Nowadays it's more like Uncle Shmuel.

German Fined for Quoting Hess on Internet

What was it we fought for in WWII? Free speech? Or Jewish dictatorship? No Jews. Just Right. Nog tries to become 'Miss Germany." It's that bad, folks.

On Political Correctness

By 'political correctness,' the guy means 'Semitical Correctness.' Here German 'diversity' garbage. German government spends literally millions of dollars de-Germanizing Germany while Jews laugh and profit. The Jew is your enemy, White man. The Jew is committing genocide against the White race.

Animal Tyson Goes Off on Whites

In between eating people, Tyson attacks the race he hates, well, apart from those nice blonde Danish girls. Tyson's twisted maul is perfect photographic proof of Jefferson's statement that the two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. Niggers are animals. The Jews that loosed them on us must be dealt with. Animal Tyson is a symptom, but Jew is the disease.

Corporate World: Attack on White Males at EMC

Put more Bensons on the board, yeah, that'll improve productivity.

Letters to Former Friends, Part Two

The art and science of losing friends but just possibly influencing people: deep racial truths that at first divide, but eventually heal and Victor Gerhard

How to Marry a High-Quality Woman, Chapter Six

Five female archetypes and the strategies for netting Elizabeth Bennett

The Convergence of Ideologies: The End of Liberty

Left, right -- sure if you believe in Santa Claus. Cherchez le juif, find the Troy Hoeft

We Collectivists

In times of stress, clans work as one. We're in one of those times, whether we recognize it yet or not. The Jew clan is threatening the White clan, and it's time we recognized this biological truth and did something about Troy Hoeft

How Jews Really Feel About Niggers

Interior Minister Eli Yishai has decided against citizenship for the 1,500-2,000 members of the Black Hebrews community, but will extend their residence status instead. A year ago, then interior minister Haim Ramon set up a committee to review the status of the community and their demand for Israeli citizenship. The committee recommended not changing the status quo - extending permanent residence status once a year. (Mazal Mualem) ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Back here in America the yahoodis love niggers, Mike King in particular -- why he's a "conservative" this kahnservative tells us.

Hush Crime in Jasper

"A couple of the guys jump him and beat up on him, then the driver of the car runs over the guy," said Jasper County Sheriff Billy Rowles. All were suspected of drinking and smoking crack. Niggers...Completely, utterly, violently useless.

Jews Applaud Canadian Censorship

The Jew is your enemy, White man. The Jew is your enemy, White man. The Jew is your enemy, White man. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Back we creep into the swamps of prehistory: "The Tribunal has in effect declared that Canada will not be a base for the transmission of hate via the Internet," Morgan said. Michelle Falardeau-Ramsay, chief commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, also welcomed the ruling, which came after six years of hearings and deliberations. "Hate messaging and propaganda have no place in Canadian society," she said. "The Tribunal has confirmed that this Internet activity is against the law and Canadians will not tolerate it." What is hate? Why, anything a Jew hates. Meet the " Holocaust" - the gift that keeps giving all century long, Clark. If the "Holocaust" didn't exist, the Jews would have Um, yeah. That's kind of the point. Tourism cut by over half in Israel. Must be all the izzies stinkin' up the place. Know your yahoodis: Moses Hess. He was a weiss guy before his time, Herzl's precursor in Zionist prophesying. Here, for example, is Hess on German attitudes toward the Jews 80 years before the Holocaust: "Even an act of conversion cannot relieve the Jew of the enormous pressure of German anti-Semitism. The Germans hate the religion of the Jews less than they hate their race - they hate the peculiar faith of the Jews, less than their peculiar noses." What other race is consistently as hatable as the jews? Jews see themselves as hated everywhere, blameless everywhere. Dirty kike Hess was also a proto-commie: Hess was also an important figure in the development of socialist thought, a mentor to Karl Marx and Frederic Engels, who later split with them by advocating in place of hard-line communism a more "humane" version of collective economics.

Russia Closes Non-Official Tv Station

State control may mean Jew control.

Sowell on Buchanan

Here Jew Glazov, one of Kike Horowitz' boys, expresses his disdain for Whites. Another Semitically Correct view of Buchanan.

Jews: Vicious, Hateful Terrorists

Don't wait for your favorite Jew or suckpoop to report this, he won't. Here LAT makes Jew Rubin sound like a good guy. Here's what one kike says about Irv: "He gets into fisticuffs with people nearly twice his age. I've seen it with my own eyes," said Yaroslavsky... Beating up Captain Kangaroo, that's our Hymie! "Never again," they say. "Nope, just once," we reply.

Did U.S. Know Beforehand?

Usually the answer is yes.

ALF Brags About Terror

How come we only hear about evil racists and the horrors they perpetrate? The terrorism carried about by these folks is about 100x as costly and damaging as the stray cross burning. And what about the terrorism of the JDL, and the cop-buying of the kike krooks at ADL?

The Invasion

Swamped by Mexicans in the nineties. Another 12,000 subhuman Somalis headed our way soon. If America were controlled by Whites rather than Jews, this wouldn't happen. It is complete insanity to lard the country with this sort of refuse, but mixing up peoples is the NWO's way. Jew Feder here.

White Literature: In Cold Blood

The start of New Journalism, an exceptional work. Read it.

NAACP Afraid to Debate Hale

Imagine some dumb nig-bunny trying to argue! Note there have been offers to televise, broadcast, but the nigs want no part of it. Nigs are good for doggerel and street demos, out of their league when it comes to those nasty letter-things.

Media: Queervision

On MTV, Showtime considering launching homotv. Here criticism of LRC's beloved Jew Rothbard. Miniseries on Hitler in the works.

Buchanan -- Libertarianism Leading to Statism

Here on redskins and whiteskins.

The World of the Nigger: Chile Pimpin'

Niggers belong in trees or dangling from them. Back to Africa, jigs! Practice your evolution, naughty chimps.

"Ultimate" Stem Cell Discovered

Can turn into every tissue in the body. This may be one of the very rare huge contributions to science by a woman.

Carl Nielsen, Another Neglected White Genius

Why was Nielsen neglected? BECAUSE he is so good a composer who happens to be Scandinavian Nordic echt-Germanic -- and still worse from the perspective of kosher kultur kontrollers his music breathes a spirit which is very positive and George Amberson

Divorce and the Racist

A sample of what folks like $56-million Larry King keep from you; a little of the truth about the way the world Robert Crockett

Letters to Former Friends, Part One

Racialism has serious implications. Even more serious are the implications of ignoring the truths racialists Victor Gerhard

Strangers in a Strange Land

Holiday in Bongonia -- and you don't even need to leave Edgar Steele

You will find interesting this old political brochure put out by a Baltimore-area segregationist candidate around 1970. Look how the world has changed in thirty years: "He pledges loyalty to only one fraction.....the White Christian taxpayers of Baltimore county." Contrast his sober honesty with the cynical "colorblind" lies of kahnmunist-kahnservative Davey Horovitz.

A new cartoon now posted.

VNN promo 11 -- it's in the hole.

Marxian Jews and What They Mean to You

At the root of nearly every American ill lies the progressive, liberal, feminist Jew. In a word, he's killing us. It's time we returned the Founders' America

VNN promo 10 ready for dissemination here.

Movie Review: 'Black Hawk Down'

SEE THIS MOVIE! It has the best pro-White messages I've ever seen in a war Mark Rivers

In Defense of Nazis

Nothing's more kosher than apologizing for communists. Let's give the boys in brown their due -- stalwarts against Judeo-Bolshevism, they J.R. Colson

Jews Cry as "Holocaust" Submerged in Urine

Figuratively, that's.... Among the more objectionable items in the exhibition are a "LEGO Concentration Camp Set," complete with crematorium and a plastic inmate on a toy gallows made with the popular children's building blocks; a "Giftgas Giftset" of three poison gas canisters packaged with the distinctive designer logos of Hermes, Chanel and Tiffany & Co.; and a cardboard model of a "Prada Deathcamp." Aw...come on Jews -- tough world-beating godspartners like you can't take a little ribbing? Only dish it out, huh? Well, I expected as much. Kikes! I will only allow one or two fiendishly gleeful cackles to escape my trachea. Jews are doing it to themselves: not just artistically: here a yid calls a hebe 'kike.' Oy! Can't ve all just get along?

Jews: Parasite in Human Form

The times, they are a-changin'; the tent worms, they are a-mewlin', like corpulent she-spiders in unspelunked sewers. It's time for Whites to file a class-action suit against Big Jewry. Cough up, Tobaccostein. It is time for Jews to acknowledge their deep racism. I am continually surprised how many Jews maintain they aren't racists. Deep reform is needed in the Jewish community; centuries -- millenia! -- of anti-White teachings must be overcome. Being born Jewish means being born with unearned privileges denied others. We must destroy the social construction that is Jewish privilege. Destroy Jewishness, we must. Here on reaction to Van Pelt speech to "Holocaust" fan club in Miami. Jews handle in previously owned Pal-parts. Oy! Vertical integration, it's! Nice Belmondo column on fashion, fags and worons.

New Translation!: Devi on Jewish Intolerance

By Irmin...

Revisionist Weber in Tehran Times

Stupid factual mistakes. You'd think the Muslims with all their petrodollars would be able to pay the fee of a competent English-writer and fact checker. You'd think that. Why are you Arabs so miserably incompetent? Why has everything you've wrought a patina of gross negligence? Why? We've got the dirty yid in a hotbox, and you desert doofs stick the glove on your head like Howie Mandel. Raghead incompetence is largely to blame for raghead misery. Quit puling about your oppression by the vermicious knids and clean up your own feculent act. Simple competence on your part and the dirty sheenies would long ago have been swimming for open sea. Simple competence. Look into it, Abdullards.

Stolen Aryan Nations Property Greedily Grabbed, Pocket-Stuffed by Shifty-Eyed, Hypocritical "Human Rights"-Prating College Pukes

I mean, if you don't want to be objective, why get into journalism at all? How clear does he have to say it, man? Acid is groovy, kill the pigs... "North Idaho College has long served as a beacon for human rights in Idaho," school president Michael Burke said. "This gift will allow us to continue that tradition." "Human rights" like receiving property stolen from unpopular groups, eh, Berky? Miserable little podium lice like Burke don't even have the guts to do their own thieving. Even a Mexcrement may justifiably curl his lip when looking at a college administrator. Here Pravda's White says German government-IP hackers are attacking The Judeo-German government outspokenly opposes the First Amendment and considers criminals foreigners whose websites can be accessed from Germany.

Open Season on Whites

Not a "hate" crime say authorities of the recent murder of a White hitchhiker by a truckload of nigger robbers. Perfect proof of the double standard, as this happened in the same area as the suitable-for-framing Byrd dragging murder. Please aid VNN in spreading the use of the term "hush" crime for this type of covered-up darkling-on-White atrocity. Hush crime is, simply, a "hate" crime against Whites. Wichita Massacre being the perfect example. Niggers. Their very presence is a sign that something has gone dreadfully wrong.

Canadian Flag Unacceptable (to Jewish Dictators)

It might offend the Third-Worlders they let in.

Africa's Funniest Home Videos: Sixty Ooga-Boogas Kiss God as Fuel Caper Goes Boom!

Sixty nogs launched, it's a gas, gas, gas! Find out why we call them animals. One man, barefoot and in rags, emerged with his hair singed yellow, triumphantly rolling an empty petrol drum over the piles of burning lava. Another stumbled along with two sheets of corrugated iron on his head. Africans aren't humans, they're failed apes. Giving money or any kind of government power to aplers is like giving monkeys a pack of cigarettes. Good for a laugh, but really not defensible on other grounds.

ATF - Crooked Punks

War on drugs? Jobs scam for second-rate football players. Democracy breeds corruption, gives it all the elbow room and breathing space it needs. The press could counter that, but doesn't. Here you can read about a guy who had all his guns stolen by the government because he got in a shoving match two decades ago. This too is democracy. Chicago's own Cooter Daley has said that if it were up to him, nobody would own a gun. Some of his thugs are making good on that promise. Rich Whites to get soaked for decades to come. Third-World wants your money and the time's passed when you could outvote it. White Nationalism is the only solution if you don't want to be dispossessed by disease-peoples. Here your Bushy wants to take more of your assets and turn them over to alchemists pitching their conversion of everyday 85-IQ niggers into college graduates. If: colored college, then: phrenology, necromancy, jemimah's witnesses, divining the future from the entrails of a fried chicken. Now, if the money were put to something practical, I could understand it; say a trade school for shakedowns, felonies, race-baiting, advanced pimping, phly-ho-snaring "and whatnot." Dig, dog. Gov't snoops 'n' murderers know your credit. Here on e-ID in Germany.

Army Down to a Few Good Men

Even sand fleas are hard to beat when all you've arrayed against them are niggers who can't read the manual and 'split-tails' fighting for two. Here the feds consider classifying obesity as a disease. That would make it a problem that requires a solution. And a solution requires a bureacracy. A bureaucracy requires...obese women. Hmm...let me be the first to shout: "Conspiracy!" Neocons and the fire-setting this time.


Cox cites a subsequent U.S. Army investigation of organized racism in the U.S. Army, which concluded the problem was particularly serious in all-white, so-called "elite" and "Special Operations" units. Such racial separatism could lead to problems, the report warned, because it "foster[s] supremacist attitudes among white combat soldiers" (the Secretary of the Army's Task Force Report on Extremist Activities, Defending American Values, March 21, 1996, Washington, DC, p. 15).

Media: Diversity Blows

Why do sites like VNN exist? Read the book. No pro-White can be hired by any "respectable" publication, and if he conceals his views, he will be fired when found out. Here NRO on diversity. All that matters is naming the Jews the number one enemy and standing up for the White race. Rockwell blasts O'Reilly as "repellent neocon," and we can't find it in our heart to...disagree. O'Reilly has the big-city Jewish biases, his spin makes that clear. Country folk are evil racists, need big daddy fedgov to meliorate their atavism with Sagacious Laws writ by Learned Elders. O'Reilly, you're a two-pump chump. The world doesn't care how you got here, it just wants to know if you brought beer. Well...didja, punk? O'Reilly's just another ignoramus, too witless to see through himself; perfect model for his middle-class market. One giggyantic reason we're in our mess is the inability of the corporatos to conceive they can be deceived. "Can't bullshit a bullshitter," they repeat cannily, they imagine. False conclusion, my friends. You cannot apprehend the world by reading Dean Koontz printouts and Seven Habits of Highly Constipated People.

Learn About Jews at UCLA

Maybe they'll bring in Kevin MacDonald as a guest lecturer.

White History

Whites colonized Americas 28,000 years B.C. How about that?

White Science: Self-Replenishing Energy Machine Claimed in Ireland

Who knows? Here on sex and smell.

WND Columnist Gets It

Public schools are not failing - they are working just as designed. Virtually no con analysts achieve this intellectual breakthrough. And let me share something with you parents who think that while most schools are in bad shape, yours is OK, and your good little children are doing just fine. The vast majority of you are totally wrong. They're not OK, and I know it for a fact because I knew parents like you back when I was in high school, when I was out partying with your sons on the sports team and having sex with your daughters in the youth group. The fact that you live in a nice community where everyone goes to church and drives a German import means nothing, and the fact that a school might send a few academic high flyers off to Harvard doesn't indicate that the moral foundation of its students has not been destroyed. It is important to understand that there is no fix for this, because it is not a problem with the system. The school system we have today is exactly what it was designed to be -- a place to detach children from the values of their parents, destroy their moral foundations and degrade their ability to think independently. There is no excuse for any parent who would knowingly sacrifice his son or daughter to the fires of this Moloch, no excuse for wittingly allowing a child to remain within the system for one day longer than necessary!

Nog Madness in Zimby

Thousands tear-gassed... Journalists not working for government-controlled media already have very limited access to areas outside main towns. Pretend that niggers are equal to Whites, this is the result: King's dream brought to life - a nightmare. Blacks, essentially jumped-up apes, need to forget about voting and put their effort into evolving.

Mourning a Laughable Coon

MLK, as in mulct, which is all the American Nigger does. Here the grays fight for flag in South Carolina. Here on Klan rally in Tennessee. Here on a nigger who apparently raped some schoolgirls. Strange fruit we need. Jews enjoy seeing black felons let back onto the streets. The Jewish community celebrates the rape of White schoolgirls, even as it profits from "take back the night" bullshit. Jew sets up problem, Jew knocks it down. Jew sets up new problem. They're a race of peddlers, and what they peddle are lies. Here read what Jared Taylor wrote for BET, or MNN - Monkey Nation Network. Like all good kosher conservatives, he carefully couches his arguments in terms of what's good for blacks. What about Whites, Taylor? Nobody gets along with Somalis, not Minnesotans, not Maoris. So why are they exported everywhere? Here a "Millard," whatever that may be, on a hit and run by a Mexcrement. When is 'nigger' appropriate, asks Salon lib. Wherever you'd use White trash, peabo. It's not the word but the thing that has no place in America.

French Jews Growing Nervouser and Nervouser

On Dec. 31, in the waning hours of 2001, vandals set fire to a classroom of the Jewish school Ozar HaTorah in Creteil.Days later, in perhaps the most serious episode, witnesses saw some thirty youths between the ages of 12 and 20 hurl rocks and Molotov cocktails at a Goussainville Jewish home that also serves as the local synagogue. For more than a year, French Jewish leaders have called on the government to confront the dramatic rise in anti-Semitic violence that began with the outbreak of the Palestinian intifada in September 2000. Jews, of course, say that France is not a nation, just a collection of people, a sales district. They force the borders open on that bogus claim. The influx contains large percentages of Jew-hating Arabs. The kids of these invaders throw stones at Jews. So who's to blame: stupid, corrupt, hypocritical Jews, or stupid, corrupt, hypocritical Jews? Yes - stupid, corrupt, hypocritical Jews.

Second Issue of The Occidental Quarterly Out

Put out by the Charles Martel Society. Link is to main page. A number of excellent articles are posted including review of MacDonald's Culture of Critique and a review of the new book -- Dreamer of the Day -- about Francis Parker Yockey. Here on LaRouche.

Niggers Murder White Hitchhiker

They ran him over -- this in the same location as the Byrd dragging we never stop hearing about. Here another White killed, and one seriously injured, after fight with shitmix of nigs 'n' sewage. "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." David Horowitz says Thomas Jefferson was wrong. I say David Horowitz is a nation-killing Jewish racist. What do you say, White man?

Sewage Vending Fake IDs to Fellow Turdlings

Except for college administrators, Mexcrement is the lowest form of life on the planet. We should put our army on the border and shoot invaders. Pay-per-pelt is the way to deal with Mexcrement. Rockwell sees reason for hope. Not exactly clear why. Two more people believe in low taxes, something like that.

Blame Oklahoma Dead on Feds

It's time for a revolution. The kike-riddled government has to go. Despite statements to the contrary preserved in a national best-selling book, a hotel record obtained by the McCurtain Daily Gazette indicates the director of the FBI's Terrorist Task Force and founding commander of the Hostage Rescue Team, Danny Coulson, checked into a hotel in Oklahoma City hours before terrorists struck the Murrah building on April 19, 1995. I'm from the government -- I'm here to kill you. Keep rowing, tax-slaves, lest the Jewish galleon go under. Published in May of 1999, Coulson wrote that he was in Fort Worth the morning of the 19th, when the bombing occurred in Oklahoma City. He said he and his wife were down in the Lone Star state, house-hunting and staying with friends. Why are there so many liars working for the FBI? It really seems to attract a low crowd. Army can't control its anthrax. When you subtract dishonesty and incompetence and murder, what's left of the fedgov?

Reps Pick Pro-Homo, Pro-Abortion Jew Fundraiser-in-Chief

Liberal position plus twenty years equals "conservatism." Republicans are adamantly against man-boy love. In 2020, why nothing will be kosherer. Your only option is White Nationalism, White man. We are the only ones sticking up for your interests. Bushies are fixated, "obsessed" with the votes of the Mexcremental "citizens," as Bush has called the invaders. Screwing Whites, hewing to Jewish agenda? -- that's why we call them "kosher cons." They serve Jewish interests first, last and always. They're mini-me yahoodis.

Hitler's Relatives

They came to America to chew bubblegum and kick ass. Unfortunately, they're nowhere near out of gum. Japan is stark, raving broke. Review of Ford-Jews book here. Here a critique of Heilbrun and feminism. Here on Boswell. The model biographer, according to popular perception, should be a discreet and sober presence, steady of demeanour and subtle of eye, a neutral conductor who can draw out the vivacity of his subject and allow it to sparkle and fizz. The perception doesn't survive a reading of Boswell's Edinburgh Journals 1767-1786, in which the greatest of all biographers reveals himself as a rash and impulsive soul, easily foxed, fuzzy-brained, vastly bipolar and a martyr to booze, gambling and rabid fornication. Still, a thousand thinlips for his Life of Johnson. And what an excellent article this is, too, from the Irish Times. Contrast with the crappy sludge speckling the Moronically Correct sheet fecally sprayed over your town.

Media: Safety Cons Laugh at Libs

It's all so cozy. Safely between the poles of respectability, and you know, that's what really matters. Isn't it? There, there, just let the jews do all the thinking. Let me stick the tv-pacifier back in your mouth, watch the little niggies run and throw balls. You'll feel better in no time. Sowell here, in the most weakly reasoned piece I've ever seen from him. Folks we bomb for decades on end have no reason to hate us? Is that the best you can do, Sowell? Weak. If our military weren't spread out all over the globe propping up that shitty little country guys like you are afraid to criticize, most of our problems and most of that hatred would disappear.

Media: Suckpoop Joe Brags About WND

Today, aside from WorldNetDaily and a few other dissident voices, the media have gone establishment. They've been neutered. They've been homogenized. They've become partners with the government they have a responsibility to watchdog. You are neutered on the question that matters most, Suckpoop Joe: the existence of ZOG. You are a pro-ZOG "partisan rag" of the type you deride, your good investigative work on various scandals and coverups notwithstanding. More here on con-web news sites. The important thing to keep in mind is that all the sites mentioned in Jew Poe's piece are Semitically Correct "alternatives" to Semitically Correct liberals. VNN is the genuine article, not WND. You can search us high to low and not find one word of suckpoopery directed at any miserable office-holding or paper-writing sheeny. You can't read one paragraph in Suckpoop's rag where the sheeny isn't exalted as the world-beating paragon -- God's partner -- he takes himself for. Here Jew Goldberg responds to critics. More here. Free Republic - for fools, by tools - its real slogan. Interesting inside-media analysis here.

FBI Twiddling Thumbs in OKC BEFORE Bombing

Hotel receipts show the FBI's top terrorist was in OKC nine hours before bomb went off. Get it? It's that simple. This is the kind of government we're dealing with, folks. Read Evans-Pritchard's "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton" and learn all you want to about the way FBI agents flat out lie and change testimony. The FBI is a rotten, corrupt, criminal group, and it ought to be disbanded, and many of its members hanged. You should have no faith in it at all, and you should refuse to cooperate with it in any way you legally can. Above all, do not speak to its tentacles. And what we're going to find with the WTC attack, eventually, is the same thing: the feds knew about it beforehand, and conspired with the Israelis to let it happen, the better to shift public opinion. Don't wait for Alan Jackson and Aaron Tippin to do a song about that, though.

Kikes More Hated Than Ever in Britain

And deservedly so... Jews are the folks paid by government to spread hatred of others, then they cry when 1/1000th of what they dish out is returned. Auschwitz -- we've already paid for the ticket. Now it's time to redeem it.

Integration Fails in New Zealand

Like everywhere else... More on jailed pro-Norwegians here.

Texas Coons Cry Over Cartoon

Not bad work, actually. No organized Mardi Gras in Seattle this year: too much danger from violent niggers. Niggers destroy everything. Jews let them. Blame the jews. Niggers are just doin' what comes natural.

Mexcrement Gets Tuition Break in California

America, a Jewish production... And now, as Steve Sailer notes, Bushy Jr and other official sources have begun to refer to illegal shitskins as "citizens."

Dead Yahoodis Slave No White Women

Good work Pals; may many more yahoodis follow. When Jews die, God rejoices. Here Yid Dershowitz pushes for government torture of non-Jews. How about starting with Pollard, kike? The Jew is your enemy, White man.

York to Bill Hale?

Why not send a bill to the NAACP for the damage niggers do yearly if you're going to itemize police costs? And Hale was doing nothing illegal. Here NA suing to get confiscated guns back. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us.

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