Letters to Former Friends, Part Two

by Victor Gerhard


This is my last communication with any of my former friends and if it sounds like a lecture I guess that's basically what I was writing (I have added captions for smoother reading). I didn't want to leave one stone unturned, or unthrown. I certainly burned down all the bridges with this missive, but I think I also tossed out every possible argument for my position, knowing that all of my friends would eventually read the letter. I hoped some of the ideas would stick and just maybe if things in this country did get measurably worse, that some of my friends might come around to our position. I'm still hoping.

November 2000

Dear Joe,

Thanks for the e-mail. I'm responding by letter because I'm sick of the whole e-mail/on-line/web-world already. It's TV for the 21st Century; pornography, gambling, gossip, and mindless chatter amongst anonymous cowards -- every form of deviance and waste the human mind can conceive. One of the few good things is the abundance of information, and to the astonishment of many, the appearance of opinions that actually differ from what's been shoved down our throats our entire lives. But bit-by-bit the Government is destroying that difference of opinion, pressuring web-site providers, passing hate-crime laws, extending its power over the Internet and squashing dissent of any kind that differs from the Establishment line. The Government is working with, and mostly at the behest of, the Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other mainly Jewish front-groups who are outraged that anyone dares to challenge their control of what is inserted into the minds of the American proletariat by TV, Hollywood, the print media, the book publishers and Academia.

You said you read the material I sent Chris. Did you read the letters I sent him? Those provided provide a pretty thorough explanation of why I am down here and hopefully you have read them or can get them from him; I won't repeat those arguments.

Desperately Avoiding Social Stigma...

And ask Chris if he has copies of the letters he sent to me. I doubt he does, he hand-wrote them (probably with a pen made from a feather -- Mr. Technology). In response to my letters full of facts and arguments stating my position, he wrote back with, well, no counter-arguments or facts whatsoever. In the past when we had verbal arguments and he was left without a leg to stand on he would sputter that my victory was based on mere rhetoric and arguing skill. But in all our correspondence he has never tried to argue logically against my positions. He doesn't dare. Because the fact is Chris knows they are correct, but at a certain point in his life he decided he would rather conform that risk being ostracized. For him, avoidance of social stigma has become the guiding factor in his life. He once was braver, expressing opinions that at the time I considered quite to the right of mine, e.g., being somewhat against racial intermarriage. Did I attack him? Did I run around telling everyone what a racist he was? Did I call his entire life into question? Did I "lose respect" for him or refuse to ever speak with him again? No, I listened to his opinion and thought about it and kept it to myself.

Chris takes a little too much satisfaction in seeing others suffer because they took chances he was too afraid to take. It justifies to him that the safe life is the way to go, don't take risks, don't be condemned by others. The last letter from him was pitiful; saying he didn't want to hear from me ever again but giving no real reason. That's what I got after 18 years of friendship. And now he can walk around and talk about what a brave and noble thing he did, axing his best friend without a reason because that's what the Establishment says he should do; "tolerance" at its best. The same Establishment would find no significant differences, for it's own purposes, between my political views and Chris' past views and statements. We'd probably be put on the same cellblock. But until they get some kind of mind-probe thing perfected he's covered all his bases.

Real White of You...

And you? I remember quite clearly you saying to me, privately, that you resented the myriad efforts to force blacks and Whites together, i.e., integration. Why can't they just leave us alone to live in our separate ways? - to paraphrase roughly. Again, that was a view then quite to the right of mine, or more accurately, it was something (racial differences, the tyranny of forced integration, the evil anti-White groups behind integration) that I had not given much thought. It was quite a radical statement (in fact it's enough to get you put in jail in Canada or most European countries), but besides a possible mention to Chris I kept it to myself, and didn't let what seemed to be a real and legitimate concern of yours change my opinion of you. In fact it may have started me thinking along those same lines, i.e., no non-Aryans in our living spaces. Ditto with your occasional comment, "Thanks, real White of you."

Do you still feel that way [about integration]? If you do, why don't you bring it up at one of your staff meetings at work? How long do you think you'd remain employed and would you ever get a comparable job again? What do you call a country where the wrong political opinion can ruin your professional life? Ever think about that? Is that a concern of yours or have you accepted your loss of freedom as just a fact of life? Again, as far as the Thought Police are concerned you're right there with me, only I went public.

Maybe you don't feel that way anymore, maybe you've seen what a stunning success integration has been in American cities. Or possibly now that you have the money to move to a suburb where everyone is White (not that that had anything to do with where you chose to live), and when at least your kids won't be bussed or killed, it's no longer a concern. Or maybe for you it's ok to say things in private but to actually do something about it is for some reason improper. Hey, I was in your neighborhood -- not many non-Aryans in your living space. Or are words and feelings more important than reality?

Money Buys White Obedience...

Which brings me back to your letter. Yes, I guess you have lost another member of the Brethren [our group of friends]. Not because I only associate with Whites but because among other things I can't stand to be around such rank hypocrisy and cowardice anymore. Boy, everyone is always so brave in those ten-against-one arguments. Because of money and intelligence almost every single one of those purported liberals has been able to remove himself to the greatest degree possible from the evil and poisonous effects of liberalism. From their all-White neighborhoods they condemn me. Their jobs aren't being exported to China and Mexico, they aren't victims of affirmative action, they're not being threatened by third-world immigration, and their neighborhoods aren't cesspools of crime and degradation. Why, they're doing just fine -- let the good times roll. Of course for all their chin music not one of them will ever sacrifice any significant amount of their own money to those poor people they're so concerned about -- with Ernie being the most nauseating example. (Hey Mr. Slumlord, I hear the winter evictions are the most fun.) Again, what's important is that they have the right feelings.

But there is another world out there; let's call it, just to pick a phrase, the real world -- out among the "White trash/trailer trash," whatever you want to call them. These people don't have the fancy degrees and commensurate money and they bear the brunt of all that liberal compassion. See, diversity, integration and the Global Economy are such wonderful things that liberals graciously sacrifice their share so that others may more fully enjoy the benefits. And so lower-class Whites see their factory jobs go to Mexico, and watch as illegal immigrants replace them in construction, farm and service-industry jobs. Affirmative action is aimed squarely at them, as White policemen, firemen or other civil servants become the victims of strangling quotas. They get to live in integrated neighborhoods, which quickly become crack alleys - the neighborhoods the rest of us make sure to avoid. Their children go to those wonderful inner-city schools because they can't move or afford private school. They are the ones whose kids get bumped from college by lesser-qualified minorities getting a free education paid for by the property taxes leveled on these same Whites. And when arrested for hate crimes and unable to afford a good lawyer they get to go to prison where Black gangs rule and millions of White men are raped each year -- a statistic that causes only laughter amongst liberals. And these Whites are the people portrayed on television and in the movies as evil blots on the history of mankind.

These are the people the campfire brigade are willing to sacrifice as long as their lives are not affected. That is the deal that the Democrats and Republicans have made with the White middle and upper class; keep quiet, don't make trouble, don't stand up for lower-class Whites, and you can keep your cushy lifestyle. Real compassion. But hey, I'm the hater.

These Whites are people I now know. The ones who get fired for saying the wrong thing at work or get arrested for passing out political leaflets and can't afford a lawyer that all other races get for free. These people don't have the luxury of hiding their heads in the sand and hoping the country stays together just long enough for their lifespan; they are faced with the reality the rest of you will face in maybe 15 years -- we are being dispossessed of our own country, the country our ancestors built. The people who will one day rule us have nothing but hatred for Whites.

I guess you see by now, it's [White liberals] that I don't want to associate with...due to my inability to socialize with traitors who eagerly sell out their country and their race for more money. It's not possible for me, knowing what I know now, to associate with any White male who could vote for Bill Clinton.

White Surrender...

Example: John. His formerly White neighborhood transforms into a Black crack-bazaar. He moves to Miami where, he notes, Cubans rule everything and far from assimilating require others to adjust to [their culture]. His reaction? -- Learn Spanish. Not quite the ethic that sustained the past 50,000 years of White civilization. For me, such passivity in the face of racial and national annihilation does not compute. I don't want to live in a Mexican, African or Asian country. I've seen enough of such countries to realize the squalor, chaos and corruption we are going to endure.

All-White Equals All-Wrong...

Of course, in our society it's admirable when blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, etc., worry about [their race]. When a White worries about Whites, your response is "How can you be good friends with them (people of other races) one day and disown them the next?" See, I know this may be hard to believe, but there are countries that are all-black, all-asian, all-hispanic and all-Jewish (OK, a few token Arabs with no rights). And, amazingly, despite the many benefits of diversity and multi-culturalism, they still continue to exist! In many of these countries White immigrants were killed or driven out in an effort to regain racial control, to maintain racial purity. Colonies of Whites are wrong we were told -- Yankee Go Home. The Jews murdered the British, black Rhodesians murdered Whites, the (East) Indians drove out the British, Algerians murdered the French, Vietnamese killed Americans, and so on. History doesn't note these actions as unusual. But to want an all-White country -- utterly and absolutely not allowed. Why? Well, just because; TV says so.

By the way, China, India, Mexico and many other countries do not allow any immigrants whatsoever. They want to maintain the ethnicity of their countries. Isn't that racism? Any concerns there? However, each of those countries deliberately sends immigrants to America. These immigrants congregate and form economic and political power groups within our country. America externally is an Empire. Internally, America is a colony of the world. This colonization is not allowed to be opposed because in return for allowing this colonization, and allowing these same countries open access to our markets which destroys our domestic industries, these countries agree to integrate into a Western-designed world economy, which those Elites that now control America and Europe hope will allow them to someday control the world. But by objecting, by just pointing that out, I'm a hater.

It is only White people who will be "diversified" the way of the dinosaur. Whites were 30% of world population in 1900, now we are about 10% at most. Large majorities of Americans are for slowing or stopping immigration, yet the floodgates remain open. Someday during your lifetime this flood will make to your neighborhood. Someday there won't be anyplace else to move to. Someday you'll wake up surrounded by people who couldn't create successful countries where they were, and who now are going to tell you how to live. It's no mystery why the media stopped all the reporting on South Africa soon after the turnover to black rule. The economy is in free-fall, it has the highest crime rate in the world, and goats graze on grass that grows in the middle of what were once successful clean cities. That is where we are heading.

Integrated societies don't work. Non-Whites in any significant number will always cause problems with White society, whether deliberately or not. Because these other groups quite reasonably will be looking out for THEIR interests that will of course conflict with OUR interests. This is why almost every non-White country prohibits immigration. If I am right and our diversity leads to civil war, will I still be a racist?

Race is of utmost importance as every race but ours acknowledges. Race underlies every problem in this country; crime, drugs, poverty, illegitimacy, welfare, education -- these all are racial problems but we can't say so unless it's to attack Whites. And of course it is Whites themselves who pushed the idea of racism in the first place. Other races were quick to use the idea to extort benefit after benefit from us, after we taught them how evil we where and how we owed them.

On the Road to Yugoslavia...

Now about my original e-mail that started this whole thing: I see what is happening in this country and truly believe we're headed to a Yugoslavia-type situation. That being the case isn't it my moral obligation to warn my friends about this danger? That was the purpose of the e-mail. Anyone who took offense is an idiot; I denigrated no one, I just issued a sincere warning. I'm not going to remain silent for fear of being called names or having people think bad things about me; I thought what I had to say was important. I did what I thought was right. What did you think my purpose was? Election problems, in particular in this century, have often been the precursor to civil strife.

Rob's response in particular struck a cord. After 15 years of us listening to that screeching loud mouth and macho talk of his he finally shows his true colors. For a guy who never shuts up to suddenly start making up rules about what's to be said to him was a wake-up call. His return e-mail was absurd; it had nothing to do with what I said. He was just showing off and blowing out that hot air as he constantly does. Like I said, I put up with 15 years of that, with nary a complaint, because I figure if that's how he wanted to act it was fine with me, then that Clinton ass-kisser is suddenly treating me like a pariah because of one e-mail? Absolute, 100% pussy. I just assume the e-mail went to his workplace computer and after he was through wetting his pants he wrote what he did to square things with the bull-dyke they put in charge of him. He sure is in a awful hurry to get his kids into those great schools where they can teach his son how to be a homosexual; I bet he won't dare say one word in opposition to that. Feel free to show him this -- it's not like I could ever be afraid of a sheep.

Our Religion Says We Must Die...

OK, where was I? Oh yes, the Catholic Imperative that White people must become extinct. I've checked but I can't find this particular doctrine. Concern for your race and concern for keeping your country racially unified did not conflict with Catholic teaching in between the periods from about 50 A.D. to at least 1950 A.D. You have to admit that's a pretty clear record. If someone now says something different I'd have to say that THEY are not being consistent with the history and teaching of the Catholic Church. Now, Mexico is an all-Catholic country, but they have no hesitation in prohibiting immigration and keeping their country all hispanic. Never heard a word from the Vatican. Again, it is always Whites who must give away their countries to non-Whites. How do Mexicans, deliberately planning to annex American territory by force if necessary, justify their religious beliefs? How do blacks, who kill Whites at astonishing and unreported rates, justify their religious beliefs? How do I justify my beliefs? -- self defense. I want to prevent the extinction of the White race. If God created separate races, why does he want one to become extinct? Why are Whites so concerned about dolphins and snails when they are on the endangered species list themselves?

Anyway, too bad things have to end like this, but I guess it was inevitable. I suppose everyone else just thought I was talking and had no plans of actually doing something; in other words, that I was just like them. Well, I am doing something and ... if I were the only person in the world that believed what I do, I'd still do the same thing, because it's the right thing.

I hold no grudges against anybody -- they did what almost all other White people would do, unfortunately. I don't want to ruin anyone else's good time so you won't be seeing me again. Memorial Day alone won't be easy; I'll think of you guys on that weekend for the rest of my life.




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