Divorce and the Racist

by Robert Crockett

Divorce is not an easy task to go through, particularly for the racist. Even with just a lemming man, the court system is stacked against him with the favors all going to the wife. With the racist man, he can only expect even more court bias against him. States are different in how they treat a racist going through a divorce. In some states a man might even get a fair hearing, while in other states a man's racism is often used as a mental defect against a man -- particularly with a black or highly liberal judge.

It is most important that the racist man or woman seeking divorce obtain a lawyer who will represent him with all his racist views as part of the package. It is most certain that your spouse will use your racist views against you in divorce court. You will need to select an attorney far more carefully than the spouse you are divorcing, and this is not an easy task. Most attorneys will ask you to set aside your racist beliefs as well as any literature distributions or other racist activities you're engaged in. But there are attorneys out there who will properly represent you along with your racist views. It is still lawful at this time for a White to be racist, and it is best that you don't have to fight both your own attorney and the wife's attorney in a divorce..

For a racist considering or already underway with a divorce, I can truthfully tell you that yours will be a far more difficult recovery than for your lemming spouse. The lemming spouse has 98% of the White population to choose from, whereas you shall have less than 2% of the racially aware Whites from which to choose -- lest you are a glutton for punishment and wish to repeat the divorce exercise. Still, it is hardly all negative for the racist in divorce -- far from it.

Because I was bold, up front, and truthful in stating that I'm an active National Alliance member -- of which I am extremely proud -- I sent shock waves through my wife's defense team. In all my years of being a married National Alliance member, I never felt at liberty to fully express myself as a racist. I felt guilt at both ends of the spectrum. I felt pressure from the wife to not become public, to be careful in my National Alliance activities, forever enduring criticism about how I should spend more time doing the more lemming activities instead of my National Alliance duties. And I limited my National Alliance activities to literature distributions, monthly meetings, and I endeavored to keep my email correspondence to after hours often going without sleep to get in all my duties. I almost always spent quality time with the wife and the kids instead of being online in their presence. Despite my ever-increasing efforts to keep my marriage together, it was to no avail. The wife finally cracked over her frustration over my being a committed and dedicated racist. She began staying out at all hours of the night, coming home drunk, and having strange men's telephone numbers in her jeans pockets, and I shall probably never know the full extent of her activities. My primary concern was that I should preserve the marriage so that my children would never have to endure the hostile public school environment such I had to endure to which sears me to this day. Would I have endured open illicit affairs on her part in order that my kids not have to live in a trailer park and be subjected to nonwhite schools? She never talked to me though and what words she did have to say were both ambiguous and evasive, so the question had to become a more and more firm no as time went on.

From a National Alliance standpoint, I never felt at liberty to perform my duties to the utmost. I did not feel the fear of being stopped or detained by the police. I also did not feel the fear of having my picture plastered across the 6:00 news or the potential for job loss that accompanies that. In the back of my mind, I've always known in my bones that I would ultimately be public in my racist beliefs. I was among the first children in the United States to be forcibly be bussed to all-black schools. If Little Rock, Arkansas was not the first place where White children were forcibly integrated, then the Little Rock schools were one of the first. I walked the gauntlet through a crowd of blacks each and every day at a school named Washington elementary, and this school was not named after the first president George Washington either. Through the gauntlet each and every day I and my fellow students were made to walk through being subjected to blows which could come from anywhere within the crowd of blacks. These blows always came from the rear. The question which sears me to the core is why I did not stand up and ultimately achieve martyrdom at that point? I knew what was right and what was wrong even at that early age. I will be the first to testify that for a group of blacks which ultimately worshiped the nonviolent Martin Luther King they were neither friendly nor nonviolent. Such a state of dishonor stays with a man, and in my case that dishonor has not lessened over time.

I knew what was coming upon that first day in court. I was asked about forty questions on my membership in the National Alliance. I was asked no questions as to my comrades or anything having to do with organizational structure for which I would have refused even to the point of jail. I had been detained a short while by the police for my placing leaflets on windshields at an Anne Frank play at a local high school the previous Friday night, and this was promptly brought up by the wife's attorney at the hearing. The wife, through her attorney, asked for supervised visitation for my kids and she got it. She also asked that I pay her house note, to which my name is nowhere on the deed, and she got that. She then asked for me to pay for her car, and I was ordered to pay that as well. A lemming would not have had such judgements rendered against him under such circumstances. Such payments are beyond my means, and I have had to file bankruptcy so that I might have some semblance of a normal life apart from marriage.

Divorce is a gateway for the racist going through it. The time for living anonymously in the woodwork while distributing literature or posting stickers has passed. This is a coming out of the closet time for the racist. Being Acting Little Rock Unit Coordinator for the National Alliance or any other leadership position only accentuates the need for the National Alliance member coming out of the closet. A leader is that man or woman who will stand up proudly in his or her racist beliefs while his comrades lay low in the trenches. The leader must always be the first one to stand up, the first to be willing to take the risk. We must understand that when our leaders gain praise as well as salutes, awards, and riding the conqueror's car on into the future then we should all understand why. Because leaders in the National Alliance along with World Church of the Creator and other such organizations have certainly earned the respect of their people. Upon that long awaited day when our race hails the new dawn, such leaders will be shown the gratitude they've worked so hard.

From my vantage point, both the National Alliance and the World Church of the Creator select their leaders in much the same fashion. Those who excel in Proof of The Deed within the guidelines of their respective organizations will be the ones who'll ultimately climb the ladder of leadership to power. You will find no nonwhite organization in the world where leadership is chosen solely on merit.

I tell each and every new member coming under my leadership that I shall do my very best to keep their public profile as low as possible whilst they perform their National Alliance duty in waking our people up. I also tell each of my people that there will come a time when they each might face the possibility that they shall be thrust into the public such as I have been. The popular illusion I held until I joined the National Alliance was that that Germany's SS was always more disciplined than the SA from which it sprang. I believe the opposite to be true now. Like us, the early SA had to be more disciplined, more willing to endure social hostility, and more willing to endure the distance they encountered from within their own families. In retrospect, I have far more respect for the early SA because their courage was there when it was needed most, in the early days. That is how it is within the ranks of the National Alliance. Those who have stepped forward shall be amongst those considered the bravest of the brave and the best of the best.

My divorce is not yet final, but the wife and I have reached the point of no return in our separate lives. Chivalry, duty, honor, and a sense of fair play are qualities I see less and less in the lemming world. In the spineless, honorless, and lemming world, the wife will ultimately find the man of her dreams in spades, but this is no longer my concern.

Like me, those of you going through a divorce based on your racism, will go through most the stages I have progressed. You will seek like Humpty Dumpty first to put it all back together. Then you might go through the Disco Dan stage where you seek to chase anything under a skirt, like me. After 17 years of marriage, I am still a marital virgin. I contemplated whether my priority should be seeking a woman or regaining my manhood? Gaining my manhood after so many years from such a destructive marriage is far more healthy to me and far more fair to any future woman I shall meet. You will go through alternate states of extreme anger followed by the blues, from which I have emerged from after three months. Many tasks remain, such as obtaining title for my truck, so that I might trade it in for a small car which is great on the gas. For I wish to travel places, do much more recruiting, go to racist concerts, and meet new like-minded folks. I have much work ahead of me, but I look forward to the day when I can hail the new dawn. I shall find a girl of that 2% who shall be a racist such as me, and we shall hail the new dawn together. So if you are a racist anticipating a divorce or undergoing divorce, then take heart from me as one racist to another. There is life after marriage to a lemming, and it shall be glorious.


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