Marxian Jews and What They Mean to You

by Founders' America

Part One: Preface

All about Jews:

Are right-wing Jews -- part and parcel of the Jewish community -- to be attacked for being Jewish while left-wing jews are mostly responsible for Western civilization's steep moral/cultural decline?

May White Christians fairly lump together left-wing and right-wing Jews in their battle against Jewish enemies of right reason? In other words, should White conservative Christians distinguish between Marxian Jews and right-wing Jews when attacking the left?

If right-wing Jews do not oppose the Christian right, aren't they supporting its camp?

Have Marxian Jews really seized control of White Western civilization -- here and abroad -- through media, publishing, entertainment, law, education, big business, and big banking?

Why is there a taboo in mainstream media against any discussion of Marxian Jews' control of White gentiles' race and culture?

Why are there so many White-appearing Jews having no discernible Semitic characteristics (compare Semitic Arabs to "Semitic" American and European Jewry)?

Why is the term "anti-Semitism" used to describe any discrimination (warranted or unwarranted) against White Jews?

If Jewishness is matrilineally determined, are White "Jews" really Jewish?

Who are true Jews (or Hebrews)?

Why do Marxian Jews bring charges of racism against other tribes while Jews are a product of the most racist, long-lasting gene pool in world history?

While Marxian Jews try mongrelizing White gentiles' race with Third World immigrants of color (and with indigenous non-White populations), using forced integration of races and entertainment/ advertisement propaganda depicting race-mixed couples (mostly men of color with White females), they openly discuss in their newspapers and magazines, such as the Forward newspaper and Tikkun magazine, what may be done to protect Jews' race from genetic contaminations -- so why the double standard?

If Zionism is racism (and it is), then how may Jews unhypocritically champion it while denigrating White gentiles for protecting their own race and culture?

How may Jews unhypocritically try mongrelizing White western civilization when their own sacred texts -- the Torah and the Talmud -- instruct Jews not to marry outside their tribe -- not to contaminate their race with gentiles' genes?

Again, considering Jews' religion-based restrictions, whence White Jews?

No attempt is made here to answer all of the above questions, although there are correct answers for each of them.

This [report] is an overview of the Jewish problem in America -- the problem of Marxian Jews seizing control of White gentiles' civilization and driving it to ruin (and about cowardly gentiles' fear of Marxian Jews' power and name-calling wrath).

But keep in mind that not all Jews are leftists -- that there are politically conservative Jews who are fully disgusted with what their left-wing brethren have done to White western civilization, here and abroad.

This [report] may appear to be anti-Semitic. And it is, insofar as revealing the truth may threaten any Jew who defines him/her self by the term "Marxian" or "liberal" or "progressive" -- as they all mean the same thing: leftism (the emotional response to matters requiring rational thought; read my essay, "the Donahue syndrome").

But the term 'anti-Semite' is a misnomer.

Arabs are Semites, too. And this [report] isn't about opposing Arabs' evil works: Islamic-driven terrorism.

This [report] is about Marxian Jews' evil works: applied Marxism.

"Anti-Semite" is a purposeful misnomer, constructed by Marxian Jews -- to use the cloak of opposing anti-Semitic racism against any negative revelations about Jews' works in particular (surely, Jews do not mean to include Arabs in any protective charge of anti-Semitism).

So "anti-Jewism" is the more correct term here.

But that still misses the mark, because this [report] is about left-wing Jews not right-wing Jews; the latter of which fight the former in the Jewish community, and have done so for millennia -- have done so in the manner of Orthodox Jews fighting what I term "worshippers of the golden calf" (liberal/ leftist/hedonist Jews in Judaism); Orthodox Jews' Talmudic, hate-filled proscriptions against gentiles notwithstanding, which religious proscriptions in Judaism (note that Christians are not even to read the Talmud but upon the penalty of death) have made Jews' settlements into Christian nations a recipe for bloody revolution (see Spain's Spanish Inquisition; see Russia's Bolshevik revolution; see Germany's Nazi revolution; see decaying 20th-century America -- all being product of Jews' social/cultural/ political machinations within them).

And so it has been in every Christian nation harboring Jews this past millennium!

Part Two: Letter to readers

January 19, 2002

Dear Reader,

Re: Marxian Jews' impact on America; see "jewhoo":

No other ethnic group has had more damaging impact on White Western/christian culture in America (and across the pond) than Marxian Jews.

Of course, charges of "scapegoating" immediately come to mind in the brainwashed masses whenever any claim is made against any Jew for any reason!

From my collection of thoughts about America's steep moral/cultural decline, "paleoconservative thoughts to ponder" ("280 d" is a very long paragraph about progressive Jews, from which this is excerpted):

280 d. When retaliations against Jews' bad works do arise they charge their enemies with "scapegoating," which clever term is a device used by the guilty to try escaping responsibility for bad deeds. That term is used to explain Germans' retaliation against Jews, as if Jews had no culpability for Germans' anger against them -- as if the Jews hadn't manipulated their way into German culture to begin directing it towards a bad end with pornography, immigration, and socialism.

When one thinks of the massive, bad social impact of Marxian Jews - such as Allen Ginsberg (a radical '50s/'60s poet who gloatingly claimed that the Marxist Left would seize control of White Anglo-Saxon's race and culture by corrupting its youth) and Norman Lear (the '60s/'70s hollywood creator/producer of tv's "All in the Family" series, which helped to shift public opinion away from rational sense towards emotional sense) - one cannot but think they are to be particularly charged for engineering America's steep moral/ cultural decline.

But rightist pundits fear to make the charge, for fear of Marxian Jews' name-calling wrath, which may tag a truth-teller as "racist" or "bigoted" and damage one's career, and which fear on the right comes from Marxian Jews' protective -- but false -- Holocaust defense of victimization -- of being victims of everyone but their own evil works.

In other words:

to identify Marxian Jews' evil works today, is to call up Hitler and Nazism's attempt to rid German culture of Marxian Jews' evil works in the first half of twentieth-century German society (but in a negative light, premised on ignorance of the truth) much of which cause-effect history about the rise of Nazism from Jews' social/cultural/political machinations has been hidden from the public, by Marxian Jews controlling media and publishing.

So rightist pundits sheepishly resort to code words to describe Marxian Jews' works as:





but never openly using "Jew" or "Jewish."

And because that truth is never aired in public -- in mainstream media -- the Jew-directed left (jew-directed liberal Christians and secular humanists in the Democratic Party) can't be directly challenged by the right.

And so the left remains in power to lead Western culture, here and abroad, towards a bad end.


to list the names of left-wing Jews
in politics,
in law,
in education,
in entertainment and
in religion

who have harmed this nation by attacking its values would be a tedious work to complete, but there is a self-promoting web site run by leftist Jews to partly inform you (same as above):

And notice that jewhoo doesn't take care to list Jewish journalists, publishers, attorneys, judges, politicians, money brokers and bankers, which listing would dangerously expose the extent of Marxian Jews' control of American culture.

Here's the web site's own comment about not including those above categories:

"Special note - jewhoo has closed many of its categories. we plan a re-structuring of the site to make it more a cultural site featuring pieces of interest to the Jewish community and less a listing of names. We will no longer cover business figures; news and media figures; and government -- except for military heroes. Thank you."

Again, to inform the public about Jews in those now-removed occupations would reveal the extent of Marxian Jews' control of American politics and popular culture!

Do you see that?

Do you understand that that protective measure is clue to the degree of Marxian Jews' evil influence these past sixty years on our once-good White civil society?

Of course, there are politically conservative Jews who fight their left-wing brethren on the battle field of ideas. But their efforts are ineffectual, because it's mostly a behind-the-scenes effort of about 10% of Jewish rightists confronting the 90% left-wing-Jewish population -- and right-wing Jews never openly/publically name the enemy that's wrecking this nation: M-a-r-x-i-a-n J-e-w-s (by the way, "nation" means race, and "country" means a race's bordered land in the field of anthropology).

Many gentiles on the right believe it to be a huge mistake for Christians to make any distinc- tion between left-wing and right-wing Jews, believing that it's really just a good-cop/bad-cop ploy that Jews are playing, to keep Christians divided -- to keep control of popular culture and to keep intact the federal government's left-wing Marxist/socialist/communist policies.

This scribbler gives right-wing Jews the benefit of the doubt and supports their efforts, however timid they may be (there is a wealthy Jewish industrialist who has written to me -- snail mail -- on several occasions, to voice his support. And he has encouraged me to keep telling the truth about left-wing Jews, whose views and social engineering sicken him; and he had once mentioned that if New York's Jewish elites knew of his right-wing views, he'd be ostracized from Jewish social circles, in which he keeps track of their ideas and future plans).

So consider the deep emotional conflict a rightist Jew must suffer to join the gentile right in battling leftism, albeit secretly -- to "betray" his race and historical culture for the truth (actual- ly, there can be no betrayal in being loyal to the truth above any other concern).

The rest of this [report] is about Marxian Jews' bad influence on White Western/Christian society in America. May those right-wing Jews on my mailing list understand why the enemy must be openly named (I lose one or two of you whenever a mailing discusses Marxian Jews' evil works).

Part Three: Getting to the crux of the matter

Excerpts from "paleoconservative thoughts to ponder":

14) Who controls the news rules the mind; who controls entertainment rules the heart; who controls both rules the commonwealth.

32) Nationhood ends when the originating gene pool is so diluted by other gene pools that its founding culture -- its religion, language, art, government and laws -- no longer can be maintained, when the founding race and its heritable talents no longer prevail.

453) Marxian Jews had toppled White western civilization in America by seizing control of news media, publishing and entertainment in the twentieth century -- toppled it by repeatedly denigrating its traditional moral/cultural values, especially Christianity, through those mind- and emotion- directing venues. And Marxian Jews' most potent/useful tool was to create and attach negative-sounding terms to White social conservatives' views, such as calling opposition to open-borders immigration "xenophobia" and opposition to homosexuality "homophobia," as if any opposing views to Marxian Jews' Orwellian machinations were psychological diseases to be excised, not their civilization-wrecking policies. Similar social engineering by Marxian Jews had occurred in pre- and post-WWI Germany, giving rise to Hitler and Nazism, which political/social movement was, in part, a nationalistic response to elite Jews having taken control of German culture and driving it towards a communistic end: universalism. all of Marxian Jews' sacred cows in the twentieth century -- radical feminism (for "liberating" women from familial responsi- bilities), forced integration (for mongrel- izing the White race and building a one-world, multiracial america), welfare transfer payments (to enslave the productive to the needs of the unproductive and strap the poor to dependency and the state), women's sexual "liberation" (for destroying the nuclear family), free-speech "expres- sions" (for making private sexuality and pornography public fare), right to slaughter wombed babies (for killing "accidents" from one-night stands), special "civil" rights (for advancing minorities and women at the expense of White males and their constitutional rights), children's right to deny parental authority (for giving minor daughters easy access to contraceptives and abortions), politically correct HIV (for protecting homosexuals' deadly sexual craft), racial quotas (for making the inherently unequal appear more equal), dumbed-down school curricula (for graduat- ing blacks and Latinos, leaving White students unchallenged in the classroom and a once-high-culture civilization infected with low-culture savagery), and open-borders' multiracial/multicultural/multilingual diversities (for effecting the genocide and culturicide of White western civilization in america) -- had had but one evil end: Marxian universalism. and White social conservatives' gravest miscalculation was to respond to the left's race- and culture-wrecking policies with mere words -- rather than with armed, bloody rebellion. Alas, White Christian males had become so feminized and emasculated by radical femin- ism, that any bloody recovery of White western culture had become impossible to begin, and which emasculation explains why bloodthirsty/terrorism-fomenting Islam had become the fastest growing religion in the west. Finis!

456) Jews' impact on White Western civilization has been both good and bad -- but mostly very bad. What good is material progress, which Jews have greatly aided, while good civili- zation is being ripped apart by leftists among them?

457) Forced integration -- and White Christian males' fear of offending minority and female colleagues in newsrooms and faculty lounges -- had effectively shut up the right; for how does one keep peace in the workplace and still reveal any truth about Jews, blacks, Latinos, Asians and women's emotion-driven, anti-White/ anti-Western, civilization-wrecking, social- engineering schemes? besides, White Christian males wished more than anything else to keep peace with their women in the workplace -- for both legal and sexual reasons -- even though their women had betrayed their good race and good culture and good nation for Marxists' mendacious equality and "liberating" hedonism.

Part Four: Essays

Progressive Jews, evil works

Progressive Jews created and control Hollywood (a propaganda machine for indoctrinating the populace -- especially children -- into embracement of racial mongrelization, deviant sexuality, radical feminism, socialism and other left-wing causes);

They were the architects of President Johnson's failed great society programs, which taxed productive Whites to pay for growing and advancing the cause of minorities;

They nudged and shoved pornography into mainstream culture while financing and promoting blacks' vulgar/violent rock, rap and hip-hop;

They were the power behind Senator Ted Kennedy's successful passage of the 1965 Immigration Act; and they presently control America's immigration policy, which policy is "open borders" for both ensuring unlimited importation of Jews and to dilute White Christian males' power and influence -- by importing non-Whites to entrench multiracialism (they also protected their stooge Ted Kennedy by using weak press coverage after he escaped his drowning car, leaving for dead his possibly pregnant girlfriend);

They control and run the State Department and foreign affairs (the state department now is embarked on a massive importation of every ethnic group in the world, paying the logistically efficient Catholic charities - which receives 40% of its income from this project -- to distribute new arrivals into every White community);

They wrote the pilot legislation for "hate crime" laws, which tyrannical legislation amounts to Orwellian thought control -- to silence Whites;

They are behind the push for drug legalization, to advance their god tolerance (Jew billionaire George Soros leads in financing the pro-legalization forces);

They comprise 2% of America's population but 22% of America's lawyers, which profession does the most harm by suing to challenge rational sense at every opportunity -- to make profit and at the same time wreck traditional American society, which they hate for its White Christian underpin- nings and conservatism;

They began the anti-Christian/anti-American "beatnick" movement of the fifties (beatnik progressives such as Allen Ginsberg rejected tradi- tional American values for free sex, open vulgarity, black music and socialism, which interests they foisted on youthful minds whenever they could);

They rallied to create the sixties' new left, which movement resulted from transformation of the more muted and isolated beatniks into the blaring and ubiquitous hippies, tirelessly undermining scholarship and studies in western civilization, demanding open and gradeless classrooms while support- ing socialism everywhere, even helping the communists defeat American forces in South Vietnam;

They were the intellectual architects for advancing abortion on demand and removing Christian ethics from the public domain (Christians don't realize that progressive Jews are anti-Christian, stealthily undermining Christian traditions and values whenever and wherever they're able);

They sought to protect San Francisco's gay bath houses when aids broke out and, then, wrapped the AIDS plague with political protections by forbidding contact traces and public disclosures, which insane policy ensured an expanding infection rate to threaten all of humanity;

They organized and still run the Marxist/socialist/ feminist and anti-American ACLU;

They conceived and promoted the idea of forced integration through forced busing, affirmative-action quotas and proportionalism (again, they dream of a racially mongrelized America to advance the cause of a socialist utopia where everyone is truly equal, and which degree of equality necessarily requires interracial breeding, en masse. Bill Clinton recently espoused progressive Jews' mongrelization plan -- the "browning of America" -- by calling for creation of "an America that has no ethnic majority," which browning policy necessarily includes letting Mexican indians, Central Americans and South Americans invade White communities across the U.S., using both lax border controls and a "family reunification" policy, otherwise called "chain immigration," to dilute White communities -- and while the INS only feigns action against the invaders because it and other federal agencies are controlled by the left and complicit);

They built the pro-socialist/anti-American New York Times, Washington Post and major radio and tv networks, and they nearly have total control of major publishing houses;

They protect Democrats' lies and criminality while viciously turning on Republicans for even the most innocuous of transgressions;

They are the wheeler-dealer force underpinning America's transformation from a self-reliant nation into a globally dependent, debtor nation;

They are the architects for global economic socialism and for technology transfers to communist China (Jew billionaire Edgar Bronfman is a conduit for relaying policy decisions between chinese leadership and President Clinton, as was Jew billionaire Shaul Eisenberg before his death);

They are the movers and shakers undergirding the feminization and defanging of america's armed services;

They are the multiracialist- and multiculturalist- driven social engineers wrecking the Founders' America;

They are doing to America what they tried to install in Weimar Germany: "universalism," which helped foment the Nazis' horrible reprisals;

They, those progressive Jew men and women, are destroying White civil society -- the founding race and culture of American civilization -- for acquisition of power and profit, and for forging america into a universal nation comprised of every ethnic group and nationality, in order to build one world government and to install global economic socialism under the auspices of the United Nations and other one world governing bodies;

They, those progressive Jews, are evil.

Maximum Mumpsimus on the Marxist/socialist/feminist Left,
Cowardice on the Right

Marxist/socialist/feminists [Marxian Jews, Christians and secular humanists; a/k/a liberals] obstinately cling to their failed policies while cowardly conservatives retreat from exposing that stupidity to the American people.

Liberals' record on social issues these past sixty years demands that they shut up -- that they not have any voice whatsoever! But conservative media elites (like folks at National Review and American Spectator magazines) won't publically call liberals on their very bad record.

Why not?

This scribbler has been astonished that liberals now have any voice at all, after so badly messing up the Founders' America -- after wasting trillions of dollars of treasury on failed anti-poverty schemes, and after trashing hard-won lessons from past generations' gruelling experimentation in what works to keep good civil society; lessons found in sacred texts and in history and law books.

Conservative elites argue with liberal elites as if liberals have any rational sense -- as if liberals haven't been proven liars if not simpletons on social issues (liberals stealing conservatives' ideas to stay in power, in order to secretly empower their old and failed ideas, notwithstanding).

This scribbler has written to editors at major conservative magazines and asked them to list examples of liberals' lies, but to no avail! It's as if conservative elites are deaf and blind to the power they hold in simply reporting the truth, in publishing the truth about how much damage lying liberals have done these past sixty years to American civilization.

Here's a short list of liberals' lies, used to destroy White Judeo-Christian society -- America's founding race, religion and culture -- in order to install their mongrelist utopia under one-world Marxist/socialist/feminism:

  1. Recall the marxist/socialist/feminists' lie that black men wouldn't be chasing White women if anti-miscegenation laws were removed (now black men prefer White females over their own kind when given the choice -- and prefer raping White females);

  2. that black children needed only to be seated next to White children in schools to raise blacks' academic performance and social graces (the exact opposite has occurred, as academic standards and the social graces have been severely diminished to accommodate black culture -- to make black children feel included);

  3. that skin color didn't reflect any inherent, race-based differences in intelligence, temperament and character potentials between the races (differences now scientifically established);

  4. that men and women would be the same but for certain sex-biased, child-rearing practices (it is nature not nurture);

  5. that forced busing wouldn't damage America's public education or communities (public schools were dumbed down to chaos while communities were torn apart);

  6. that passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act wouldn't lead to racial quotas for minorities and discrimination against Whites (the Founding Fathers would have gone to war to stop quotas);

  7. that title IX of the 1964 Civil Rights Act wouldn't lead to gender quotas for women and discrimination against men (now men's athletic programs are being abolished in order not to accommodate one or a few girls' desire to wrestle or box);

  8. that President Johnson's Great Society programs would end poverty in America (now reptilian- brained liberals are raising again the question of whether we can spend our way out of poverty);

  9. that passage of the 1965 Immigration Act wouldn't lead to Third Worlders overrunning White america (now Third Worlders are overrunning White communities, forcing Whites to flee to rural towns and communities to be with their own race -- to avoid genocide);

  10. that abortion rights for women wouldn't lead to an abortion-on-demand slaughter of millions of wombed babies (human slaughterhouses are everywhere while Whites' population plummets);

  11. that single-parent families are just as effective in rearing children as two-parent ones (single- parented children suffer from the neglect);

  12. that divorce does no lasting harm to children (children are damaged by it for the rest of their lives);

  13. that fathers weren't needed to raise children to healthy psychological maturity (a father's influence is critical);

  14. that working mothers who spend "quality time" with their children are just as effective as those who stay home and raise their children (statistics reveal the damage from "quality" time);

  15. that violent/vulgar music wouldn't badly impact America's good civil society (such fare has psychologically damaged children);

  16. that sexually explicit and violent movies, books and magazines wouldn't badly impact America's good civil society (now kids are killing kids and teachers in our public schools);

  17. that pornography wouldn't harm our nation but provide a healthy outlet for those who might otherwise resort to rape and other sexual deviancies (such fare has radically increased sexual abuse of children and women);

  18. that no fault divorce wouldn't lead parents to abandon their children -- for escaping responsibilities and pursuing pleasure-seeking relationships (now divorce is the first answer to conflict);

  19. that recreational drug use wouldn't harm society because it's a victimless crime (drugs now destroy lives and good civil society).

That's maximum mumpsimus on the part of Marxist/ socialist/feminists. And conservatives are cowards not to publish it!

Part Five: Marxian Jews' evil outcomes

"Most late-term abortions are performed in the womb by either killing the fetus with a saline solution, injecting potassium chloride into the heart or by dismembering it. but Christ Hospital uses a method called induced-labor abortion, in which labor is induced weeks before a child is viable outside the womb. those who are born alive are simply left to die.

"Despite all the bad publicity, it still is practiced, the nurse says.":


Regarding the demise of White Christian America and its English language, here's a bit of what Marxian Jews have wrought:



Paul Craig Roberts charges the left with betraying science and scholarship for political/ideological allegiances, which kind of betrayal is Marxian Jews' modus operandi (keep in mind that liberal Christians and secular humanists follow Marxian Jews' leadership in their collective march towards a Marxist/utopian/universalist society, and bold lies serve that purpose well):


And this stunner, resulting from Marxian Jews' setting immigration, refugee and asylum policies for America (in the state department and united nations; a joint collaboration to effect the death of Christianity and the mongrelization of the White race):


Patrick Buchanan supplies details, but he doesn't identify Marxian Jews' grave culpability:



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