Letters to Former Friends, Part One

by Victor Gerhard


When I left New York state in July 2000 to become counsel to the National Alliance it caused some consternation among my friends, to say the least. Unfortunately for me, my friends are a pretty tight group of about 20 guys and it was going to be all or nothing as to their reaction. Since the group includes a black, an Asian and a few Jews, it was nothing -- I was out.

Anyway, here are two letters I sent to one friend, my closest. Several things jump out at me after all this time. One, I'm pretty obnoxious; it's a wonder I ever had any friends in the first place; of course, I could see them slipping away and I wrote with a combination of anger and an intent to get in the last word, because it really was going to be the last. Two, it's amazing how almost every White person in this country can avert his eyes from even the most blatant facts of life in today's Police State. Also, as all this took place before the 9/11 incident, my concentration on bombing, Israel and immigration seems pretty prescient. And no, even with 9/11 proving me completely correct, I never heard a word from them again.

I edited out a few unimportant inside matters and cleaned up some of the grammar but otherwise the letters are as written. I haven't included their letters to me, but you can discern what they said from my replies fairly easily.


July 2000

Dear Chris,

Enclosed is some National Alliance literature; enough for you to pretty much grasp the whole ideology.

I determined the National Alliance was the best organization to solve the problems that White people face today. I'm sick of being lied to, of being intimidated into keeping quiet, of watching my government bomb every country that doesn't want to fit into the New World Order.

During the Serbian bombing a Serb radio station broadcast anti-Clinton information, so Clinton had it bombed. Fourteen civilians died. Am I wrong in assuming you didnt hear about it and wouldn't do anything even if you did? And yet you call the National Alliance haters. The U.S. acted as the air force for the KLA, who quickly killed or drove every Serb out of Kosovo, which is legally part of Yugoslavia. The Alliance protested; so we are haters. Did you call Clinton a hater when he bombed a factory in Sudan and a site in Afghanistan in order to take attention from his own problems regarding getting blowjobs from interns in the Oval Office? He killed people to change the news for the day. Did you call him a hater, did you protest, did you do anything? Did you write your Congressman or Senator or the President himself? Or did you do nothing? The Alliance protested; we are haters. Violence isn't the answer -- so why do people in power keep using violence? Clinton and Madeline Albright sure feel violence is the answer. If someone told you he worked for Clinton would you have nothing to do with him?

According to the Government's own statistics blacks are up to 250 times more likely to do violence to Whites than the reverse. The Crips and Bloods kill Whites as part of their initiation. Yet the media ignores Black on White crime and shoves every White on Black crime in our faces. We protest at the lies; we are haters. Every racial group in the world is concerned about promoting its own interests at the expense of other groups; this is encouraged, except for Whites. When the National Alliance promotes White interests we are called haters.

Countries around the world are sending their surplus people to flood our country and take the pressure off their failed socialist systems - the immigrants will send cash back to their relatives, and so they can use the immigrants to influence U.S. foreign policy. We're a colony of the world. Only haters would protest. Lately blacks in Zimbabwe and South Africa are attacking Whites to drive them out of both countries. Did you protest? The Alliance did, so we were called haters.

Have you noticed the changes in the Executive branch? After Clinton and Gore a Jew holds almost every office. If any other ethnic group making up 3% of the population held such a disproportionate number of positions, as well as being a disproportionate number of lawyers, judges and legislators, as well as being the richest per capita ethnic group, it would be news. But no one seems to notice or care. Its no coincidence that Jews control the news media. And the way we send six billion dollars a year to Israel and another six billion to Egypt so they dont attack Israel, while Israel is selling our military secrets to China, is perverse. We make enemies of the entire Arab world to support one small country. Thats because Jews control our foreign policy and media. Can a fact be true and also be hateful? Why is telling the truth so dangerous in this country?

Every anti-White movement or social science was started by Jews or taken over by Jews and used to attack White society. Sociology, psychology, feminism, communism, afro-American studies, critical race theory, deconstructionism, anthropology, mass immigration and political science - the list is almost endless. So you feel that we scapegoat other groups because of our own problems? What do you call it when White men are blamed for everything bad that ever happened and when that message is hammered into White people every day? Did you ever call that scapegoating?

I guess to sum it up, since you never get upset or protest or do anything about what is happening to America and Whites in general, your credibility in criticizing the activities of the Alliance is zero. If you have the name of anyone the Alliance has every harmed feel free to send it to me.

Somehow you can look at the world and only be concerned about the probably doomed efforts of a few Whites to fight back against attacks of all kinds physical, financial, intellectual and political. You are more influenced by TV, movies and the rest of the mass media than you know. Your reaction to the Alliance is the exact one they want you to have. You believe you are a free thinker, making all your own decisions. Its just a coincidence they correspond to those of the Establishment.

Once I was convinced of the basic facts, I had no choice but to act. Doing nothing was not an option; it was a matter of conscience. I'm not backing out now or ever.

Yours truly,



August 19, 2000

Dear Chris

Well, you got me again. I thought I could slip some National Alliance propaganda by you but you're too smart for me, why, you didn't even bother to [individually] refute all the obvious lies I printed.

No, American planes didn't bomb Serbia; they certainly didn't blow up that radio station or that train. And of course the American Government uncovered the graves of thousands of Albanians killed by the Serbs, just like they said they would. The mass graves have been on the news for months now -- what is the number up to, ten thousand? And Kosovo isn't under Albanian control now, because of course the Serbs weren't driven out of Kosovo.

And you're right, no U.S. planes bombed Afghanistan or the Sudan. And even if they did they had a good reason, which everyone knows, which in fact is so obvious you didnt even have to tell me. And the idea that Clinton dropped bombs to take people's minds off his blowjobs in the Oval office -- you and everyone in the world knows that's false.

Clinton doesn't think violence solves problems - his administration hasn't used violence to solve problems domestically or internationally. Violence is wrong to Chris P., which is why, if Clinton did use violence, which he didn't, you would so strongly protest and lead demonstrations against him.

And of course, all ethnic groups commit crimes equally and the media reports all crimes equally. The media in fact has no agenda, and all its creations are propaganda free.

There's no influx of third-world immigrants and Jews have exactly as much power over the U.S. Government and the economy as any other group making up 3% of the population, such as Austrians. We don't send six billion dollars a year to Israel or six billion a year to Egypt, and even if we did it surely is not so they don't attack Israel, it is for another far more obvious reason which you don't even have to tell me.

It's not dangerous to say whatever you want in America; why, there are no people more admired by the Establishment than those with the courage to dissent from the social values portrayed by television and movies.

Sociology, psychology, feminism, communism, afro-American studies, critical race theory, deconstructionism, anthropology, immigration lobbying, and political science are fields containing only 3% of persons of Jewish ancestry, in accordance with their percentage of the total population.

And most of all, I was wrong about you. You always loudly proclaim your political views and work publicly for their furtherance. Your political philosophy, which is so well known and established that we needn't bother to name it here, contains truths that have been proven throughout history. As said by the famous philosopher of your creed, can't we all just get along?

And you would have held these same views even if you had been born in, say, 1865, because they are the result of your independent thinking, not of twentieth-century media propaganda. Living in Rome, New York, in 1900, you would boldly proclaim the exact same beliefs you do today regardless of what your neighbors and family said.

And of course, its just a coincidence you live in an all-white neighborhood - you and all the other sheep. The question is - when will you finally stop living a lie? When will the facts that are in front of your eyes every day finally explode the myths you try to hide behind? The truth about what is happening in America is terrifying; most people are too deluded to comprehend it. Out of those who can comprehend it, most are too afraid to admit it; we are being turned into a third-world country. In the end, we both know you are aware of the same facts I am. You desperately search for things, a quote here or there, that will allow you to do what you always do in the face of a problem nothing.

Example par excellence you once said you support the current immigration laws because your ancestors were immigrants. First, under todays anti-White immigration laws your ancestors would not be allowed into the country. Second, what would your ancestors (feel free to ask your Grandmother) say about the third-world deluge into America? They would be against it, you know it and I know it (just like they would be against mixed marriages and Jewish control of the media and government).

Therefore, to honor your ancestors you support laws which would discriminate against them and which they would despise. And I have a problem? I don't see things clearly? Your immigration position is just an excuse to avoid an anti-Establishment stance, because you know the real facts. Your ancestors from Sicily would despise you - congratulations, that's your heritage. My beliefs, so outrageous to you, are as near as I can tell in full agreement with those of my ancestors. But then you are modern man personified; so sure of your beliefs culled from the Boston Globe and Odd Couple episodes that you can laugh with a superior air at thousands of years of European History. Those fools - what did they know about life?

Further, you act like what the National Alliance believes is some new, evil ideology. In fact, what you believe is the new, evil ideology. For thousands of years Europeans distrusted Jews (as did the rest of the world), considered themselves a superior race and fought off alien invasions of their territory. The fake liberal crap which you spout, and you are a liberal, was made up mostly in the last hundred years by Marx, Freud, Boas, the Frankfort School of Sociology, Thomas Dewy and a bunch of other Jews and their pet gentiles. Its all garbage and it crumbles at the slightest application of logic which is why we have political correctness, which is reality is simply a debating technique. Political correctness allows liberals to argue their position and prevents anyone from arguing against them. Amazingly they always win.

Enclosed is a copy of this week's article by Dr. Pierce; you many not like it because it has facts that will upset you and are therefore hateful. Did you read the past article on slavery in Israel? As reported in the Jerusalem Post, slavery is legal in Israel, as long as the slaves are gentiles. White girls from Russia and the Ukraine are enticed to Israel where they are bought and sold like cattle, all perfectly legal under Israeli law. I'm such a hater for mentioning that, why, it's as if I'm accusing all Jews of being accomplices to slavery, since they don't protest against it and they try to hide the evidence from gentiles by keeping it out of all the media they control.

Well the rules are different for Jews, the Holocaust you know. Ever read anything objective about it? In every White country but ours it's a crime to question any fact about it. It was in fact invented around 1967 and is almost completely phony. But don't investigate it on your own, just go back to reading your papers. Hey, why dont you look at the inside of the front page and see who owns your paper and who is on the editorial staff? Im sure its 75% Whites, 2% Jews, 12% blacks, 12% Hispanics and so on.

I despise the direction in which the world is heading. I despise those who are trying to consolidate power over the world. These people have such powerful resources that only the strongest methods can stop them. Clearly, ethnicity, or tribalism, racism, whatever you want to call it, is probably the most powerful force on earth. Blood ties, real or perceived, can bind people together and encourage sacrifice and courage in the face of adversity. The only possibly successful opposition to the consolidation of World Government is racial unity. Not only White racial unity but unity of other races also. The Elites use black, hispanic and asian racial unity to try to destroy White civilization because Whites pose the strongest threat to World Government. Once Whites are out of the way the racial unity of other groups will be broken down also.

I'm fighting back and no moderate or conservative ideology posed the slightest threat to liberalism they are in fact now merely co-opted branches of liberalism. Why does liberalism attack racial identity by Whites so furiously? That indicates, does it not, what they fear the most?

So I'm going in with the heavy guns, and if you don't like it, feel free to suggest some other strategy to avoid White extinction and World Government by Clinton's predecessors.

Of course, another even more important reason for White unity is because I am White, because I believe we are the superior race, or bluntly the Master Race, and I do not want my race and heritage destroyed. Whites invented about 95% of everything of value on earth and are so clearly superior to other races that colored peoples must resort to outrageous and laughable lies to try to refute it.

So in sum you're the one with the problem, you're the one with the evil ideology and you're the one without respect.

If asked, what are you? you would probably answer, an American. What a unique thing to be. The Mexican that just snuck across the border to steal from the stupid White people would say the same thing. That's what being an American is - a person currently within the geographical boundaries under the control of the Clinton Regime.

There is utterly no ideology, belief system or connection of any kind between those who today call themselves Americans. What a proud distinction. In other words, you are nothing. You repudiate your ancestors and do nothing while your Nation is taken from you except to criticize those with the guts to stand up and fight. Youre a deracinated drifting atom, cut off from your past and headed nowhere.

The proof is in your actions not your words. You will always criticize what you call White racism even if it is merely an article written on a website, while accepting the deliberate murder of Whites in Rhodesia, South Africa and America as just a fact of life. If a black person joined a group that had identical rhetoric to the Alliance except with black substituted for White, I know you would not have as strong a reaction as you had with me. And that is when Whites are far fewer in numbers in the world than blacks. You asked for it -- it's a knee-jerk reaction. You don't even stop and think.

You refuse to give my position the slightest credence whatsoever when I can show you books full of quotes from 100 years ago that show the views I hold were by far the dominant ones in this country's history, not yours. And of course my views prevailed over 99% of European history.

You dont like my views? Well, then jettison George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Ben Franklin and every other founding father, even that simian monster himself, Abe Lincoln. Also toss every Greek, Roman, and even Renaissance philosopher, practically every man of Western civilization whatsoever. Theyre all jokers in your view, right?

You have repudiated all these people correct? Can you tell me who has replaced them in your pantheon of heroes? Perhaps Martin Luther King, a/k/a Mike King, a plagiarizing, Jewish communist-controlled, anti-White sex-fiend and women beater.

I think you can agree with this -- time will tell. When the shooting starts, whose side are you going to be on then?




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