Black Hawk Down

by Mark Rivers

"Black Hawk Down" might just as well be called "Brave White Men versus Stupid Niggers." It's just that good. Although (as usual) some Jews are involved in its production, there are very clear racial differences between the heroes and the villains.

"Black Hawk Down" is based on the true story of a conflagration that took place in the African pig-pen of Somalia in 1993. U.S. Army forces stationed there go head-to-coconut-shaped-head against the black-as-coal animals in the nearby capitol of Mogadishu. In a testimony to the futility of providing aid to the unworthy, the military tries to provide food and supplies to the natives, who have been driven to starvation during years of fierce fighting between rival tribes. One powerful tribe has been taking away the monkeys' food pellets and mowing them down in the streets with machine guns. The predominantly-White Army men's mission is to swoop in and take out the tribal leader, thereby (they hope) restoring order, so that the natives can go back to living civilized lives, curing cancer and designing skyscrapers, instead of once again collapsing into feces-throwing chaos.

Problems ensue for the military men when a "Black Hawk" helicopter gets shot down in the middle of the city during the fray. Things go downhill for the brave soldiers from there. The movie is about two and a half hours long, and most of it is butt-kickin' action. Best of all, the negroes in the film (with one exception) are irredeemable villains. Not even the negro rabble have much in the way of positive features, unless you count the emaciated tar-babies jumping and hooting for the soldiers after the good ol' U.S. of A. has shooed away the troublesome regime.

The one "affirmative actor" in the film is a negro soldier who takes up fewer than five minutes on screen. It almost looks like his scenes were inserted when producer Jerry Bruckheimer took a look at the dailies and said, "OY! There are no schwarzes in this picture! Put one in, quick!" The negro has a couple throwaway lines, and is seen firing his rifle once or twice, but he doesn't make nearly the contribution of his human counterparts, nor does the solitary Hispanic-surnamed soldier. Dozens of clean-cut, all-American White soldiers are shown fighting the black scourge, braving enemy fire and carrying out their mission with expert precision and heroism. For once, they are not misrepresented along racial lines like a WTC tribute statue.

There is little in "Black Hawk Down" about which I can complain. It even showed the Somalian rabble (to whom the soldiers referred as "skinnies") raiding the downed helicopters and scavenging the soldiers' bodies. There is even a moving scene of the apes stripping and carrying the body of a dead White soldier like a trophy. The image of that White hero bobbing upon the sea of stinky chimps should be enough to stir the blood of any White fence-sitter, especially if he saw the real-life pictures on which that scene was based. The movie didn't show the Somalian soldiers using their women and children as human shields (which was also the case in real life). Doing so might have caused the audience to sit up and say, "Hey! These animals need to be put down! Countries like Somalia are the reason nuclear weapons were invented."

In another scene, a pair of U.S. soldiers braves the firefight to rescue a wounded helicopter pilot. The three of them keep the black beasts away for as long as they can. Then, only after they become hopelessly outnumbered, they are swamped by the coon flood. The two rescuers are brutally murdered. The pilot is beaten, the photo of his family is trampled, and he is taken hostage.

The hostage has a little talk with the ape-in-charge, who tells him that war and killing are so essential to the Somalian nature that the U.S. forces might as well give up trying to take out the leader since another will just pop up in his place. I tell ya, sometimes the self-hating kikes really do us a favor when they allow realism in a movie like this.

Since the whole world is supposed to hate rag-heads now (despite what the Kosher PSA patrol are saying out of the other side of their mouths), the jungle beasts in Somalia are played up as Muslims. Familiar Islamic names, practices and symbols pop up everywhere, just to remind the White American Rabble who the REAL enemy is. They even refer to the enemy as "the Somali Militia." This way, Mom and Pop America can understand that not ALL non-Whites are evil; just the few bad apples who form MILITIAS (just like those nutty pro-White groups).

Despite that smattering of Semitic tripe, there is no non-White brainwashing in "Black Hawk Down." On the contrary, it is quite possibly the best pro-White war flick ever made. I highly recommend that you see it, and that you tell everyone you know why it is such a great war movie.

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