We Collectivists

by Troy Hoeft

History proves that when faced with adversity tribes become extremely cohesive. When faced with external threats, distant ethnic relatives with a history of conflict will band to expel the outsiders. This is the rationale behind the Nation State.

History also proves that all groups and individuals wish to gain or exert power. In fact, this was a major concern for our Founding Fathers and the reason they implemented a form of limited government with checks and balances to thwart a dictator or oligarch's influence. In fact, the U.S. was set up as a Republic, a government of law under a Constitution based on an electoral college intended to restrict mass-appeal politics inherent in democracies (mobocracies). This is also why there is a separation of church and state (i.e. social engineering). This "limited government" and "limited social engineering" has been subverted over the years by the manipulation of fact, opinion, and principles via special interest groups, academia and the media. Make no mistake about it.

I am not opposed to special-interest groups. I am opposed to special interests that thwart the constitution, break the law, manipulate the facts, and seek to undermine our culture and economic system. The current state of affairs in America today is a "buying and selling" of power and rights. This is illegal, corrupt and unconstitutional. This is neither capitalism nor democracy. However, it is the normal state of affairs in socialist/mixed-economy Europe.

Fundamental rights (morals)...

Is any group or individual entitled to destabilize our culture and society? Is any group or individual entitled to undermine our constitution? Is any group or individual entitled to expropriate our assets (eminent domain, estate taxes, etc.)? Is any group or individual entitled to protected-class status? Is any group or individual entitled to dictate where our tax dollars go? Is any group or individual entitled to control information? Is any group or individual entitled to assert his views as "objective history"? No group could do any of the above in a "free" society based on the rule of law (in particular real and several property laws) and the respect of Fundamental Rights because the laws, institutions and the U.S. Constitution protect citizens from the expropriation of assets, restriction (or granting) of rights, and coercion.

Methods of coercion...

You ask, well how did this "group" accomplish this if we have a system of checks and balances? The answer is: by infiltrating the commanding heights of government, media, and academia. Once in place it utilized transparent tactics such as economic and political coercion, history "revisionism" via academia and Hollywood "docudramas," massive misinformation campaigns labeled "science," manipulation of foreign and domestic economic and social policy, and emotional-appeal propaganda hiding itself from public scrutiny.

On collectivism and ethnic competition

As a collectivist group, the controllers have sought to undermine the fabric of our society. This is no fantasy. This group instigated many revolutions in Europe, including the French and Russian revolutions. While successful in instigating revolution in France via its puppet Jacobin societies, its coupe failed. However, the Jewish-Bolsheviks destabilized Slavic Russia and implemented complete and total dictatorship, in the name of the people of course. This group has been highly organized internationally for centuries. This group has one goal: protecting and advancing its interests at the expense of the host. The members of this group are not victims. They merely present themselves that way as a cover for activities outlined. If we are all collectivists, then are we not all natural competitors? As stated previously, world history is the story of one tribe dominating another. Driving off instinct, the human animal supports and defends its clan. Hence, Israel extorts billions of dollars from the U.S. to subsidize its society with support of Jews all over the world. Israel uses the "Holocaust" to extort billions of dollars from Europe to subsidize its society (read the book by the Jewish academic Norman Finkelstein -- The Holocaust Industry) with support of Jews all over the world.

Jews and welfare statists control the Democratic Party...

Does it strike you as profound that the Democrats tend to promote the welfare state? Does it strike you as profound that European-Christian culture is incessantly under attack in the media? Does it strike you as profound that immigrants vote Democrat because they get welfare handouts? Does it strike you as profound that Jews held most of Clinton's key cabinet, administrative, and ambassador posts? Does it strike you as profound that all the major news networks, which are Jewish owned, declared Gore the winner of the Florida electorate prior to the final count? Does it strike you as profound that the "objective" Jewish media went on an all-out assault on the Republicans after Gore lost and even claimed the Republicans won because of racial bias (as if the Republicans were the reason that the poor black districts couldn't afford new voting machines)? Does it strike you as profound that the "objective" news media concentrated on Democratic opinion during the election fiasco? Does it strike you as profound that Jews dominated all the counties "selected" for recount? Does it strike you as profound that Bush is the first President to have a sitcom based on him and also portrays him as an imbecile? Does it strike you as profound that, based on ethnicity, the Republican Party is the majority party in America, but is constantly portrayed as a "conservative and extremist fringe" of American society?

Immigration policy...

Who do you think has set our policy permitting massive immigration of non-Europeans? We all claim, "low-wage immigrants are good for the economy." The simple reality is that we have plenty of able, low-wage bodies in America. However, we give citizens a fat welfare check that induces them not to work and thus creates an "artificial demand" for immigrants. Historically approximately 200,000 immigrants arrived in America each year. Most immigrants were Indo-European peoples with similar cultures and languages. Upon arrival they were heavily indoctrinated in American culture and the English language. Since the 1960's this number has increased to approximately 1,000,000 immigrants each year. Overwhelmingly, these immigrants are not of Indo-European ancestry. Moreover, immigrants are no longer heavily indoctrinated with our culture and language. This is not an attack on immigrants and minorities. It is not an attack on their rights. It is an attack on the subversion of social solidarity. Social solidarity is important to all societies, as demonstrated throughout history. No society has open immigration policies. All societies have immigration and naturalization policies that ensure their ethnic population maintains its cultural, linguistic and genetic integrity. It is a collectivist response to preserve the tribe, which is an extension of the family.

Divide and Conquer...

Why do our immigration and social policies favor non-Europeans? Divide and conquer is an age-old strategy. There are many different tactics. In the Middle East, under colonial rule, the British supported many different tribes/kingdoms. The purpose was to play them off of each other and thus maintain the upper hand. This was official policy. What are the ethnic demographics of the Democratic voters? How can many different tribes hateful of the "white man" be beneficial to a highly organized, exceptionally bright, ruling-class minority in America?

In America, one group in particular preaches the virtues of mass immigration of non-Western cultures. One group preaches diversity. One group preaches "there is no such thing as race," urges "colorblindness." One group preaches "isolationism is bad." One group preaches that European/American culture is barbaric, racist, backward and evil. One collectivist group has infiltrated our highest levels of government, media, and academia. One collectivist group practices racial exclusion and ethnocentricity like no other. One collectivist group promotes international socialism, control of the media, a revision of history, the corruption of the U.S. constitution, and protected-class status and privileges for minorities.

World Zionism...

Who is behind the pervasive teaching in American academia that all forms of tribal/ethnic/religious allegiance stem from a primitive, racist "us and them" mentality? Do some research into who founded "cultural anthropology" and what political and racist organizations he was affiliated with -- could they be socialism and Zionism? Could it be any clearer that the egalitarian policies mentioned in this article are promoted exclusively by Zionist and Jewish organizations to detriment of their host countries throughout the world? Is it coincidence that THE OPPOSITE OF these policies is taught and promoted in the synagogues, Jewish social organizations, and internal Jewish press? Is there an overall strategy at work by this one group of people? Do you seriously doubt it?



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