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April/May 2002

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Their Nature and Ours

It is better to be a lion than a dik-dik, and if there's anything leonine left in us, now's the time to show Marc Moran

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A Form Letter for Fortuyn

A blast against leftist M.X. Rienzi

Jews Plot to Can Cannes

Jews: Jews First, Jews Always. It's iron law. A recurring refrain of I'll-do-anything-to-avoid-the-ugly-truth "Conservatives" and "Li(e)bertarians" is that Jews, like all good capitalists, are motivated first and foremost by moolah, the almighty dollar. One might go so far as to say conniving kikes are shackled to shekels. "If they're pushing miscegenation or ecstasy use, well, dat's juss cuz dat's what da stupid goyim want," the robots sputter, as programmed. Problem is, that point of view is sorta like the truth, but more like its exact opposite. That's where trouble comes into paradise for kosher kahns of all colors, whether from the WND dungeon of lies or the Horowitzian cabal. Hollywood Heebs organize to can Cannes, their international bread and buttah. Get it? They're a collective, a hive. Do something bad for business? Hey, if it's good for the Jews.... But I don't have to tell you I?

Nationalism Nothing New

Here, nigger -- since she and her kike "agent" freely use slurs -- makes astonishing discovery about White Nationalists. They are "not blue-collar rednecks but are likely to be college-educated, financially secure, middle-class Americans. With slick, packaged politics, they have concealed the radicalism of their views and are gaining ground in mainstream America." This stunning revelation is made weekly, whenever the ADL wants money or a Jew has something to sell. We've got news for you; White Nationalists are mainstream America -- in the best sense of the 1920s, when eugenics was taught in schools as a matter of hygiene, when the white-robed Ku Klux Klan marched, 20,000 strong and more, up Pennsylvania Avenue. Doctors, lawyers, merchants, the backbone of the White community. There is no "new White Nationalist movement" -- merely the Old America. We stand for the happy family, the safe, tree-lined street with children playing, the little house with the white picket fence, the booming factory -- the "Beaver Cleaver" "Plasticville" which the world's 14 million Jews hate so terribly. "Swain argues that the best response is debate rather than denial." Sorry. Too late. Goodbye. White "supremacy" in everything that matters is not a "crackpot theory," but an observable fact, and White survival is not open to discussion. We say so. Time for the New Hardness. White Americans know in their bones that we're right -- we simply have the courage to say out loud what they whisper across the fence. No Jews. Just Right. Oops! Now we ruined everything. That's the "concealed radical view" that only Jews and their shills are competent enough to "reveal," "expose," profitably "bring to light" for the book-buying public. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Boy, are we spoilsports.

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Club Sam

You're likely to see just about anything down Sam's club aisles -- from giant bags of tortillas to the third-worlders that consume Marc Moran

The "N" Word

Land of the, Baltimore city government takes it unto itself to police language, outlaw words, beginning with "the six-letter 'N' word," so horrible they can't even tell you what it is. If the word's that bad, what must niggers themselves be like? The mind boggles.

White Vs. Jew

It always boils down to that, doesn't it? Here, telling essay which points up the irreconcilable difference between White racism and Jewish "individualism," the "Objectivism" promulgated by the adherents of Alice Rosenbaum ("Ayn Rand.") The former is based on observable fact, and the latter is wishful thinking to keep Whites fragmented while the ancient Jew-tribe marches forward as one. Confused Strakon pays lip service to White civilization, and seems to instinctively understand basic racial truths -- "It is bootless and immoral to deny the fact and the importance of our ethnic identity. That denial is peculiar to Majority whites. It is virtually unknown among our unchosen rivals -- blacks, Hispanics, and anti-Majority Jews" -- but he cannot yet see that "ethnic identity" involves more than silly hats and unusual foods, cannot grasp that racism is a survival strategy. "I do not propose that we imitate those blacks and Hispanics who identify with their race in an irrational, self-sacrificial way" -- thus taking over vast areas of American cities and seizing political power and influence while producing huge numbers of children to insure the very non-White future which Strakon affects to fear. No "irrationality" there -- just Is It Good For Jews, Negroes, Mex. "The race-warriors among the Official Minorities are on the offense -- they are initiating force, propagating untruth, wreaking injustice, and that is injurious to their own souls. But we are on the defense; reason and justice are with us." If we keep playing this follow-the-Yid game of "individualism," that reason-and-justice line will look great on the White race's tombstone. We will be buried in a shady grove on that High Moral Ground -- all of the "self-sacrifice" will be White, just the way Jews like it. Strakon's work shows what happens when Jew "individualists" exploit the White "religion of civility;" who in the hell cares about the "souls" of the nine Mexicans moving into the apartment you can no longer afford, the "souls" of the niggers urinating in the hallway or stealing the battery out of your car? Is this ridiculous hand-wringing not the very "altruism" which "Objectivists" like Strakon claim to abhor? The irrationality of "rationalists" is unbelievable. "Our individual well-being depends on the survival of the white race and culture." Then, insanely, "There is a danger in admitting 'White Rights' to our vocabulary, particularly when it becomes a slogan that we use unreflectively. We may forget the rule of equal liberty and seek to control things we have no right to control. Often when racists or 'racialists' refer to 'our' country, 'our' culture, or even 'our' neighborhoods, they forget that they do not, as individuals, own those things." How can the Western civilization which Strakon claims to value possibly survive without the nurturing White nation-state which he abhors? "Conceiving of the country as 'ours...' will surely lead us to support a great state apparatus with powerful and intrusive police forces." Surely. After all, there is no such thing here now, no massive, grinding, hugely expensive government to enforce the Jewish notion that America Is Everyone's. Strakon's essay proves, once more, that there is no intelligent opposition to White nationalism. These people make us tear our hair out with their endless "in-group" self-referring, their hair-splitting, how-many-lofty-ideas-can-fit-on-the-head-of-a-pin Talmudic speculation. Time to simplify, time to "get real." Time for the New Hardness. We're not "anti-intellectual," we're anti-idiot. No Eggheads. Just Right. If civilization is Of Whites, and By Whites, it's damned well For Whites -- "equal liberty" in a White land, which even a Strakon can perceive as "a freedom rooted in the natural and primeval bedrock of kinship, friendship, and heart-sprung hospitality."

Crocodile Fears from the Big Greaseball

Oy! Afraid, we're!

More Jews Achieve Warp Speed

Bye, kikes. Good luck in Gehenna, miserable bastards. Good Ron Paul corrective here. Jews don't care about the security of the United States. Jews don't care about its national interests. Jews care about what's "good for jews." NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Good for us, itz. Here on Colditz as tourist trap, so to speak. More kikery here. Always crying, these jews. Never discussing their behavior as the source of their problems. That would be "anti-Semitism," the garden-weasel of "explanations." Of course, it isn't an explanation at all, it's a paralytic sting. Who let those Arabs that hate you haters into their countries? Bless my soul, 'twas kikes who fought for open immigration. Isn't it strange that not a single kike will mention this? No, it's not strange at all. That sort of hypocrisy is par for the course when it comes to kikes. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Here on left and right as unsuitable terms for analyzing modern politics.

Horowitz: A Kike and A Liar

Here he writes about the left's Gramscian march through the institutions, misleading the White man that the movement would have existed, let alone triumphed, without Jews. Jews alone created and pushed through this revolution. Jews killed America. They murdered it. In cold blood, and with malice aforethought. Now it is time for us remnants to dispatch the Jews. There is only one solution to our Jewish Problem: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. When the last jew is underground, the world will be free. Here's a newly prominent suckpoop, the buttery Victor Davis Hanson. Look at the jpg of himself he allows posted, and you get the shifty, measure-my-words-against-their-reception-by-checkwriters vibe real strong. And catch the characteristic kike pretense that he's doing something really wild and daring by sucking for Israel: "What we know but can't say out loud." Yeah, bud. Can't say it out loud, but get paid for publishing it in the big-name con magazine. Very, very izzy, that -- Oy! stop beating me! while you're smashing a rock on a Palestinian kid's elbow. Or shooting a kid in the nuts. Jews are like that, always -- everywhere. Then again, I don't know for sure that VD isn't a Jew rather than a suckpoop. Either way VD's bad news. Oops, didn't read far enough: here's the answer: I am a 48-year-old Swedish-American Protestant and have expressed support for Israel for 30 years but never once before had I been asked, "Are you Jewish?" This past year alone, however, that question usually framed as an accusation has arisen at least 50 times along with printed and electronic invective that would make Mr. Goebbels proud. VD makes us laugh here: as though Arabs can get a word in edgewise in America. They can't, and the average American more or less gets that, hence the cynicism when he encounters a professional suckpoop. "Can't say it aloud," what a joker. Go back to Sweden, shithead. The truth suckpoops can't evade is that Israel was established by terror, and can't complain if it dies by the sword.


Oppose the Jews' agenda? You may well be murdered. Fortuyn challenged one of the fundamental principles of liberal Dutch culture: Thou shalt not be seen as intolerant. Immigration and immigration-related crime are not new problems in the Netherlands, but the ability to speak openly about it is. For years, the ruling elite, which includes the media, has made discussion of the growing immigration problem taboo, on pain of being branded a crypto-Nazi. As recently as last week, Fortuyn denounced this paralyzing political correctness, telling an interviewer that "everywhere in Europe, socialists and the extreme left have forbidden the discussion of the problems of multicultural society." Not the extreme left, the jews. Here on the suspect. More here. More here on Fortuyn.

Jewish Genocide of Zimbabwe Whites Nearly Complete

Let there be no mistake: Jews murdered the White man in Zimbabwe, using niggers as their tools. Death to the Jews. It's us or them. They are doing exactly the same thing here. There is only one Jew policy that works: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. We shall overcome. Niggers are not human, it is merely the Jews controlling the media that make us pretend they are. Nigs are jumped-up gorillas and incapable of civilization. Several Zimbabweans interviewed by WorldNetDaily said that Mugabe's henchmen were cutting off one leg of each of the cattle on white-owned farms and locking horses in corrals before lighting the corrals on fire. Even the black rhino reserve has been overrun by Mugabe's men. White man, you must destroy the Jew. On that all else depends. All else is caused by the Jew. Deal with the disease, not the symptom. The root of the White West's problems is the Jew. The Jew must be destroyed that Whites may live in safety and peace. Buckle said that Wind and his cronies had only a few comfortable days on her farm. "They had nice hot baths and listened to their radio at a very loud volume until Wednesday when they ran the borehole dry and burnt out the electric motor. They sent a message to me saying that as I was still the owner of the farm I should pay for the borehole motor to be repaired, as they could not survive without water. My response to their demand was short, explosive and consisted of two words which I cannot repeat." See, the niggers are so stupid, they can't even operate what they steal for two days. Niggers are not human. Niggers are subhumans. To accord them political equality is no different than according a gorilla voting rights. It is insane. The reason that it seems plausible is that we are browbeaten with propaganda from the day we emerge from the womb that niggers are our equals -- by the lying, canting kikes. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. More here on Zimbabwe.

Tykes Abound at Poofterama

We're the "haters" when we protest goatherd-importing niggers who rape White kids; we're the "haters" when we protest fagitprop in the elementary schools. But this stuff flies. Massachusetts, you are one fucked-up state. Except for VNN's own Kievsky and friends, who are the best thing the Bay State has going.

Mystery Solved! Why Do Niggers Have So Many Kids...

Disposable police dog decoys... Finally somebody found a use for a nigger. Who ever would have thought it would be a nigger? This ranks right up there with peanut butter and stoplights, as far as I can throw it. I smell wall posters! Here a jungle nooby uses a Burmese python to lubricate his sex assault. Niggers have a special genius for rape, kind of the way jews do for swindling. Take a look at the nog in this photo. Then ask yourself how come a kike like Horowitz won't admit Jefferson's Truth: the two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. It's criminal to pretend niggers can live among us without destroying us. Criminal, counterfactual -- and in the kikes' interest.

Sharon, You're a Kike

Death to Sharon and the Jews. A stronger president, say a Harry Truman or a Dwight Eisenhower, would have gotten Sharon on the telephone and said: "Listen, if there is any doubt in your mind as to which of us is the big kahuna, it's me. Get those troops out of the West Bank now or see how you like living without $3 billion in American aid. If necessary, I'll freeze every asset the Israeli government has in the United States and suggest a U.N.-sponsored economic embargo. But Sharon is manifestly the stronger. Why? Because he understands what he is doing, has a clear ideology and mission. He will do anything to advance jewish interests. We should do the same for Whites. Screw over Jews any way you can, White man. They have set the terms, if we wish to defeat them, well, don't bring a knife to a gunfight. We can beat sick, vicious little Israel, the Land Where Hate Began. Worldwide there are only 14 million of these ugly, shifty-eyed diseased little kikes crawling under rocks and laying eggs in rotted logs. We can take this ugly little race of parasitic filth. We are the Great White Shark. They are the remora. With a quick snap of our neck, we can bite this feculent race into fifteen fragments. Here on U.K. pro-kike rally. How much you wanna bet the figures are inflated? Here America's oldest fourth grader, Jew Dennis Prager, collects sob stories from passing sheenies. Even for a kike he's one sorry myopic schmuck. About half of the respondents said that it is ultimately the fate of Jews to be alone. Religious Israelis attributed this to the burdens of being the Chosen People. One pretty, young, religious woman standing at a bus stop in downtown Jerusalem, the area most hit by terror, just smiled and said matter-of-factly, "We are an am s'gulah, a treasured people." Yes, dear schatzie, they're killing themselves to blow you up because you're a treasure. But myopic kike concludes jews are the most forbearing, optimistic, hateless, brave and enduring race in the history of the world. That's the real jewish quality, Prager. Here just a tidbit from Salon Freemium on the Izzy "art" students. 130 separate incidents documented, not worth a yawn in the media. Nothing to see here, folks, move on! Israel is our democratic ally, squawk! wheee-oooo! Polly wanna cracker! Fuck the kikistocracy. Self-absorption is a classic kike trait.

Ban 'Nigger' Says Nigger

You can't ban niggers any more than you can ban cockroaches, halitosis or the occasional pig farmer who hires prostitutes, murders them, then feeds them to his eagerly grunting charges. These things are just going to happen, a certain percentage of the time. Ban niggers? Ban Nature -- she made 'em. You can try to prevent people from observing they exist, and that's what this Baltimore County nigger wants to do. See, folks, despite the lies the kikes who have captured our media and government and education system tell you, our forefathers did not intend their political system to cover the whole world. It came out of German forests by way of British isles. It doesn't work for niggers, chinks, Mexcrement, and yahoodi filth. These pernicious specimens don't come here because they like or respect us and our ways, they come here for the pickings. Nobody will say this openly these days, but it's the truth. America and the White race are identical. We killed and drove off the savages, and the land belongs to us. We made America -- its laws and brilliance are the direct products of our race and our character and our effort, not some boolie-coolie lazily pretending to pick cotton, or the kike swindler who shipped him over here. And we knew this and were racist when we started, and we need to rebuild that racism or we will simply die out, as the Podhoretzim -- "first we preach diversity, then miscegenation" -- intend. America is for Whites. Gooks, nogs, wogs, rogs, frog-people, Hmongs, Mexishits, jeewes, pre- and post-op transsexuals -- get out. And take the assholes who drive too slow in front of me with you.

Germany: Is FDP Anti-Semitic?

Anytime you let the jews frame the question, you lose. Jews are the issue. Not Whites' feelings about them. Jews use anti-Semitism as both shield and spear. If caught, it defends them. If you occupy turf they want, they stab you with it. Jews are the issue. Jews are on the table. Jews are the guilty party. Jews must die. What the Jews think about what we Whites think about Jews is immaterial. No Jews. Just Right. No Jew will determine what is "acceptable" for the White man to believe about Jews. Here tricky Dicky toe-licky "Morris"stein sounds off on anti-Semitism. Delusional Classic, itz. Every other race must prove its bonafides constantly, continually, perpetually -- always playing uphill, always guilty until proven innocent. The Jew never has to justify what he does; the jew's behavior never is held up for examination. A straight-on look at jews and what they are is the very definition of anti-Semitism because jews and jewish behavior cannot survive exposure. That is why you never see any kikes writing in to VNN complaining. What would be the good? They can't factually answer my charges, and I can't be browbeaten into moral submission like Christian and conservative cowards. All they can do is gnaw their tongues for pain, baby, and run around behind our backs crying. Jews can't handle the truth, for Truth is an Anti-Semite. Listen to shifty dick talk about the Arabist bias at the State Department, which placed economic sanctions on Israel at Iraq's behest, starving literally hundreds of thousands of Israeli babies, to which Ward Hale-Ivory IV responded, "It's worth it." Now, there's a fact that can be challenged. You suck, kikes.

Ethnically Cleansing the Pals

The Reps are ready, they've been ready for a long time. Jews are the White man's enemy, the "common enemy of humanity," as the Romans called them. See, everybody pretty much sees the Jew the same way. Everybody's wrong, says the Jew. One thing that everybody sees is that Jews lie. You're a dirty race, kikes, and you're going down. One day even Christians will awake to your nature, and we're leading the way in letting them know. Honest Christians: what did Luther say about the Jews? What did the Popes say, back when they were men? What do honest evangelicals -- non-tv types -- still say about kikes? At the Cornerstone Church in Texas 5,000 Christian worshippers cheer in support of Israel. "Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state. Not since Camp David but since King David," says their leader, Pastor John Hagee. Many high profile Israeli politicians have addressed this congregation, among them former Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. You are being played for fools, Christians. Ever ask yourself why jews are wildly popular in hinterland Texas WHERE THERE AREN'T ANY... But if you could think that far, you might start wondering about that "come back from the dead" shtik, eh? Come on, Christians, not all of you are brainless cowards; some of you have an inkling what I'm saying. You worship a Jew who "came back from the dead." Who was "killed by Jews." And you support Jews, who besides having had your Messiah murdered -- and claiming he is now boiling in dung or semen -- teach that "even the best of the goyim should be killed." When do you start thinking, Christian? When do you get embarassed? When do you get angry? Oh - that's right. The Jews have so neutered your religion that "love is the only solution" -- love is the only emotion that public Christians are allowed to display in the Judeo-republik. Love and contrition for...the acts of Christians. When do you think, Christian? Can you think? Oh, bad bad me. Not being nice and "loving"? Guilt guilt guilt shame shame shame. Let me tell you something: I don't feel it ONE GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING BIT. You know what? I'm not guilty. Wake up, look up, get up, throw up, and starting FIGHTING WITH US! If you could still produce men like Johnathan Edwards, I'd be in the pew cheering. But all you produce today are fagerasts, fagitprop and that fat-free ice cream you call luv. It makes me sick. Come with me, and I will make you fishers of White men.

Battle Over Lincoln... a veiled battle over Jewish control of our federal government. Anything that threatens the prestige of D.C. threatens Jewish prestige -- and Jewish interests. And must be destroyed. Still, here's the libertarian at full throttle: He is also deceptive and deceitful by quoting his hero, Harry Jaffa, as once remarking that the late Mel Bradfords discussions of all of Lincolns many racist remarks -- and there were many -- were also highlighted by white supremacist "White Citizens Councils." He is implying that Bradford must have agreed with these characters, as must I. But these people quoted Lincolns racist remarks ("I . . . am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position. I have never said anything to the contrary," Ottawa Ill., Aug. 21, 1858) because they approved of them. I quoted them because they are an ugly side of Lincoln that has been well hidden from public view by state propagandists like Owens. That is the deceit that Owens attempts to perpetrate. Always the leap to the moral judgment, never bothering to consider the facts -- libertarians are every bit as much the moralizers as any other political pushers. Is DiLorenzo -- no, really, let me get this straight -- is he honestly saying that blacks are equal to Whites? Really? 'Cause that's sure what it sounds like. Giggling is encouraged here at VNN. What a spectacle the political press represents, everybody scared to death to state the obvious. Lincoln was right: niggers really do exist. The libertarians are good intellectuals; that is, they play straight, generally, with the small stuff. On the big stuff they are useless because they are me-ists, and where their interests are threatened they will toe the line. They can't prove there's anything wrong with racism, but it's not popular enough for them to treat respectfully -- a degree of the same problem they face in gaining respect from the left. The solution is to reject the left -- the Jews -- as the standard setters, to laugh and make our own way, hackingly. Who cares what a Jew liar like Jaffa says? Who cares what a Jew-scared Prudence Wesley prints in the Washington Times? These aren't the guys who will last because their ideas are built on Jewish sand, and the ocean of racial truth is going to sweep it away. The truth about race continues, just as Lincoln and Jefferson observed: "The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." No matter how little men like DiLorenzo smear their character for stating obvious truths, the truth will not go away. That's why you quite literally NEVER see a libertarian write about Zimbabwe, because it demonstrates that their vaunted individualism cracks like Lew Crockwell in the face of Jew criticism before the rock of biological truth. Lewpus Rockwell and his band of toad-eaters can't handle this truth: namely, that racism is not a moral problem, and it is childish and Semitically Correct to pretend that it is. Racism is politics that humbles itself before biological fact. Racism is the path indicated by experience, tradition, and biology: racism is the conservative, mainstream belief; egalitarianism is a wildly extremist, if useful, Jewish nostrum, and that won't change no matter who is in power, no matter how many ISPs the kikes get to censor it. We are racists, and the truth is on our side, and we are going to win. Arrogant, diminutive little terriers, Homuncufleas, are nothing but laugh-fodder for adult males. Lewpus and the Rockettes need to grow up and quit being cowardly little bitches. Unfortuntely that cannot be done on command. You're showing guys! And we're laughing, although not without an element of bitterness and simple amazement and your sempiternal inability to confront evidence and the jew. White man, if you wish to take the deepest decisions affecting your life and your country, join us. The jews and the jew-afeared libertarians are happy writing about their "freedom of playpen." Hey -- if freedom means the right to fuck, consume or watch on televitz anything you want, then America is indubitably the freeest nation that ever existed. If it means the right to control your own future -- self-government -- then America's just a run-of-the-mill dictatorship, albeit a veiled one. Here some mock patriotic posters.


And in order to pass a piece of legislation that big, that significant, that surrounded by enemies, it takes a Lyndon Johnson, a Bob Bullock, a Jess Unruha legislative master, a craftsman, an almost insanely driven, power-hungry, ruthless, lying, shameless, relentless S.O.B. In other words, a good politician. Having watched some of the masters at work (though I missed Lyndon except at the last, my teachers in Texas politics were obsessed by him), I think it one of the tragedies of our democracy that "politician" has become a dirty word. Of course were entitled to cheerfully despise them, but only if we know what it takes. The prophet Amos said, "Let justice roll down like mighty waters"but then some politician has to get into the sewer system and figure out how to make it work. That's Molly Ivins, and she's unintentionally revealing. Leftists really do admire power-hungry, ruthless liars -- and most "conservatives" do too. People love the big vices they haven't the heart for. The cons love Winnie the Sod, no matter that he did more than probably any other man to kill the Western Civilization they affect to love. Here's what barnyard-crudity afficionado-slash-useless-fat-twat Ivins doesn't like: "Integration is like putting shit on ice cream: ruins the ice cream and dudn't improve the shit." Ms Ivins, she jes' love them niggers; why she often speaks up for 'em on one of her lefty cruises. Folks like Ivins are just like she writes: obsessed with getting power; obsessed with the idea they are somehow moraler than other folks. No, Molly, you're just fatter than regular folks, with your Texas-sized back forty and Delaware-sized brain. Truth is declasse to the high-morals crowd. Facts don't interest them, because they threaten their high opinion of themselves. I will say it again: true humility means acknowledging facts, and little else. All religions are arrogant in this regard. They all assert the most ridiculous balderdash as Higher Truth, and whip the skin off anybody who disagrees. Imagine if engineers worked like that: but they can't, because their ideas must be TESTED against reality. Religion never has to be. Religion is for lazy people; pretty stained glass and wild lies, nothing more. Well, a few pederasts, of course. People aren't all that different when it comes to morals, and the people celebrated as exceptional either didn't do what is claimed: Jesus "coming back from the dead," healing the gimps and no-sees, the First Televangelist; or like Mother Teresa did things that were called good but were in fact bad -- helping the cruddiest boscoes this side of Qwik-E-Mart. Teresa was not admirable, she was a lunatic. You want to help the poor, start a business and employ White people. The world advances by ironies is my pet theory, and it's based on observation. One thinks one progresses toward one's goals; how often one achieves the opposite of one's intention. Why things work that way, I don't know. But they seem to.

Stalin on Churchill

A kopeck-pilfering drunk...

C.S. Lewis, the Big Ick

This guy pretty much summed up all that is wrong with a certain type of Christian, moralizing that thinking is the tool of the devil. Friend, everything you need is right here in this one great book. If it ain't here, you don't need it. Read Lewis, then read Twain. If you can't sniff the inherent superiority of the latter, then you have bad taste.

I Was, Sniff, Never Sexually Abused! Not Even Once

Great anti-sniveling column... Here a view from a " meatan." Here on plants screaming. But they were most surprised by the reaction of the cucumber. The vegetable appeared to be in good shape, yet according to the acoustic measurements it was virtually shouting with agony. A closer study showed that it had developed mildew, yet the symptoms were not visible. This finding is likely to make an impact on agriculture. We can detect an infection the day after it has set in, said Dr Khnemanns colleague Ralph Gaebler. Farmers, looking at their plant in the field, have to wait eight or nine days until the mildew spots have visibly broken out before they notice the problem, he said in an interview with Deutsche Welle radio station. There are many things going on we have no idea are happening. Here the suggestion that reliance on diesel could ease dependence on foreign oil.

Mailbox Boomer

Caught in Nevada... Young Luke was an art and industrial design major who played in a punk band called "Apathy" for which he penned incoherent songs. I think you're getting the picture. Here on anti-abortionist Kopp. When the subject of bombing came up, Kopp grew oddly reflective, almost paranoid. "There is a list," he told Grady. "My name's on it. Yours is on it. They are going to pick us off one by one. If you ever hear of me doing something like this, don't believe it." Kopp stayed with Grady in the summer of 1997. That previous fall, the Eric Rudolph manhunt had dominated the news. After failing to pin the terrorist bombing at the Atlanta Olympics on hapless security guard Richard Jewell, the FBI turned its attention to Rudolph, a suspect in an earlier bombing of an abortion clinic. Why an abortion protestor would bomb the Olympics was never quite made clear, but clear to Kopp and others in the movement was why the FBI went after Rudolph. That he would one day join Rudolph on the FBI's "most wanted" list could not have surprised Kopp.

SAT -- Nogs Can't Handle It

By Jewish decree no difference between races may be accounted for by any "explanation" but racism, therefore any test that purports to display a difference must by definition be racist, therefore illegal. In the land of the Jew, reality is a crime. Nogs be dumb. There be no gainsayin' it. Here on overrepresentation of Jews at college. Let's see, if Jews are 2% of the population and have 25% of the slots at the Ivies, then where does that leave Whites? Let's get it straight, people: Jews hate Whites. They discriminate against them wherever they can, and cause them to be murdered where they can, and cover it up in their press. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. Those kikes are taking slots that belong to White Christian kids, and Pat Buchanan is the only man who has ever addressed the fact. Death to the jews.

Orwell State

Anti-anarchy in the U.K.!... Here no charges in the lynx-hair scam. Working for ZOG means never having to say you're sorry. Here on Dobson's call to keep Christian kids out of ZOG indoctrination centers. A very good idea... "In the state of California ... I wouldn't put [a] youngster in a public school," Dobson bluntly stated. His words sparked a campaign that reveals the extent of parental discontent with public schools. That is the bravest thing I've heard a Christian say in quite a while. I'd still like to see a more direct statement that details the reasons why and blames the kikes who control the content of the curriculum. Do you realize that? Nothing that counters the Jewish agenda is allowed to be taught in "public" schools. More here as Mass. fags want to register and control anybody who tries to escape their lies by teaching his kids at home.

Media: NYT Hates Catholics

Buchanan, as always, disdains to mention what's most important: the author of the hatred: the Jewish race. Incidentally, this Keller he refers to is not a Jew, but apparently a German-American Catholic; he is also a graduate of my school, Pomona, and was celebrated in a mater magazine not long ago. Keller is the sort of Semitically Correct wank Pomona produces as a matter of course, and one reason I never send money to it. Until the middle class calls the schools on their scam -- selling indoctrination as education -- nothing will change. You don't need college, White man -- college needs you. If you have anything on the ball, college will just waste your time. Find what you are best at and what you love, find the best people in that field, call them up and browbeat them until they teach you their tricks. If they're dead, buy their books and study the hell out of them until you can do at least a third-rate knockoff. Then you're on the way. That's the way the world actually works. Please note this is not an attack on formal training where formal training is appropriate. But always keep your wits about you, and always know what you are buying. There is nothing better than hard, intense study directed to a defined purpose. Sometimes you can find this at college. But whether you go to college or not, YOU have to make YOURSELF. Your forcing field is your own mind, it has very little to do with the external world. Good quote here from Buchanan, sums up the case against the kike-owned liepaper: ...for a Times' writer to bring up the Kremlin is puzzling. Was it not the Times' own Walter Duranty who won a Pulitzer for covering up Stalin's genocide in Ukraine? Was it not the Times' Herbert Matthews who sold us Fidel Castro as the Robin Hood of the Sierra Maestre? Was it not the Times' Anthony Lewis who told us how much better things would be in Cambodia when Pol Pot came to power? With its record of appeasement and cover-up of the crimes of communism, perhaps it is understandable the Times hates Pius XII and John Paul II, two of the most unyielding enemies of communist tyranny in the 20th century.

Invasion: Kikess Fired for Not Speaking Spanish

Typical... Jews brought about this condition by forcing open the borders. No Jew will allow that truth in print, but it's quite the case: Jews are responsible for the invasion -- Jews alone. No other group wanted open borders. Here immigrants spread TB -- often drug-resistant TB -- to natives. Why should the "American street" suffer foreign, formerly all-but-eradicated illnesses? Because it's "good for jews." Does an illegal Haitian infect your son or daughter? Tough shit, America: "good for Jews," itz. You know what's good for America? A heaping pile of dead yahoodis. Here on Kennedy Skakel admitting crime.

Media: Interview with Guy Behind Survivor

White artists: do you realize that Semitic culture is completely tapped out? It has been in a cul-de-sac for a century. The demonology is so dead it doesn't even stink any longer. Flip the scrip' as the nigger say, make jews the demons, make it funny, make it true, make Whites the hero -- publish it, sell it, create your own culture. Here a kike satirizes African-Americans (apes), and gets paid yo by NR to to write about why itz not available in bookstores. Oy! It's not enough that jews are practically the only publishable people in America, they're the only ones complaining in print, always in print, about not being published. Catch this classic Jew projection: As far as I can tell, I'm being whiteballed. Which is a shame. Not just for me (though of course for me especially) but for African Americans. For, to return to my original point about the effect of satire, no one nowadays needs to be satirized more than African Americans. If not for the French who've retired all such trophies African Americans would currently rank as the most hypocritical, most paranoid, most pretentious group of people on the planet. Uh...kikes? Paranoid, pretentious and hypocritical? Hello? Kikes? Here Jew Hitchens on Orwell. Is this the same article? Or has he written the same thing fifteen times?

White Art: Sheridan

"He danced with all the women at Bath, wrote sonnets and verses in praise of some, satires and lampoons upon others, and in a very short time became the established wit and fashion of the place." Sheridan persuaded one of the most sought after -- teenage singing sensation Elizabeth Linley, already painted by Gainsborough and much written about -- to elope with him to France and later marry. Here on Jew Ozick, good example of jews and their disgusting milieu. Was there ever such an unappetizing people? Yahweh says no. To read the article is to realize that jews are incapable of anything great. All they can produce is an incestuous muck of nepotism. The only metaphor I can think of, itz: When I was a kid, I would walk to elementary school, and when it rained, I would pick up the fattest nightcrawlers I could find, and stuff them in the pocket of my absurd yellow raincoat. Then, upon reaching school, I would pull the nasty ball out and revel in the stinking disgusting, horrible sphere of worminess; the "fermy" (dime to any reader who gets the allusion) soup of the thing, the odd gangliotic excretional mess that is the lubricus terrestrae omnium gatherum. And if that doesn't add up to what I intend to say, then I don't know Latin. if the kikes were any good, they could produce memorable lines, such as I can give you by the boatload from Wilde, Mencken, Twain. What kike ever said anything that anybody repeated? Kikes are just a big stinking nepotistic hermaphroditic New York-based wurmball, all feeding and mating and excreting and eating off one another. And god almighty do they stink.

New cartoon here.

Site now completely uploaded. We were forced to vacate our old server due to "political" pressure from nameless, faceless frog-people ribbeting. Please note that our editor has a new "permanent" email address:, and that you can reach VNN staff anytime at

Viacom Shareholder Letter

Media with global reach are a powerful way to bring about the like-mindedness necessary to sustain the New World Order. Much insight here into the way Big Media operates....

New promo here. Latest Herschel cartoon here!

Movie Review: 'Spider-Man'

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Mark Rivers

Lickspittle Congress Creeps Conduct Own Foreign Policy

Disgusting -- and illegal.


Right-wing Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, whose anti-immigration party stunned the public with its strong showing in local elections last March, was shot six times and killed Monday as he left a radio interview. It is time for Europe to destroy the Jews who let in the coloreds, and then destroy the coloreds themselves. The alternative is genocide -- the death of the White race. Here on future of Le Pen's National Front after the election of Chirac. More here on Fortyn.

Americans Want No Part of Middle East

But the Jews who control the country do.... Here on something else that America didn't want, but Jews did, and so we have: third-world invasion. Here on another angle of the Swiss shakedown, in which crooked Jews extorted honest Swiss for billions of dollars. Jews are like that.

Izzy Shoots Journalists

What Izzy can't control, he shoots. Here on Bill Maher, possibly kaput.

Goatherds Develop Diabetes

Is anything dopier than a Minnesota Lutheran? The niggers these hopelessly befuddleds import will end up on publically funded life support for the next 80 years. Good ol' Minnesota, land of the hopelessly delusional, "nicey-nice," stupidest honkey nigger worshippers that have ever existed on the planet... Wake up, Lutherans. Nothing is more destructive than someone who's just sure he's doing good.

Synagogue Singed in Oakland

Those brave Jews will carry on...with their swindles. Here pro-kikes gather at Berkeley, exchange fantasy tales about israel, swoon, resume lying and swindling. "We are for peace. We are not against the Arabs. We are not against the Palestinians," Amrani said. In closing, he said, "Israel's future is only as a Jewish state." Diversity for America, racism for Israel. To say jew is to say hypocrite. Here Horowitz employs an ex-cop and apparent non-kike to spread hatred of Arabs. Hey, Davey, how 'bout an article on the Jews running the American slave ships?

Media: "Diversity"

By which they mean, as always, pigment 'n' pussies. Why would you want diversity when you could have quality? Here Ovitz sells talent agency. Here Calif. bans "Indian" names.

Irving Speaks

Digging into the past turns up things the victors would rather leave Marc Moran

Neo-Conservativism and the Jewish Strategy

Jews are neither conservative nor liberal. Their sole concern is what's "good for Jews." William John

New Herschel cartoon here.

Northampton Luvs Itz Qweers

White pride is "hate" and must be quashed; sick fags must be celebrated. 8,000 attendees. Goatherds and gays joined hands and circled in a ring.


Chirac has evaded every opportunity to debate with his challenger. He has avoided interviews and television appearances, thereby enabling the media to deny Le Pen a platform on the spurious ground of equity. The authorities have closed ranks against the National Front leader in a manner which simply could not happen on this side of the Channel, but which in France seems entirely normal. The English concept of the Establishment is inadequate to describe the power, arrogance and homogeneity of the French political class. This is an elite which has never had the slightest hesitation in crushing its enemies - if necessary by executing them.


The Jews plotted to murder Germany, and this is the result: "For idealistic motives, born of the experience of the Third Reich, we have taken in far too many foreigners," former chancellor Helmut Schmidt said recently. The elder statesman of the European left stunned the country last month with his attacks on Germany's inability to form a comprehensive policy to integrate its immigrants, who now comprise nearly 10% of the German population. In addition, some 500,000 to one million illegal immigrants arrive every year, according to government estimates. "Now we have a heterogeneous, de facto multicultural society and we can't deal with it," he said in his new book Hand on Heart. "We Germans are incapable of assimilating all seven million foreigners. The Germans don't want to either; for the most part, they are xenophobic deep down." The kikes insist that Israel take only Jewish immigrants, and that every White country admit millions of non-Whites. Have you ever heard of Israel taking in a single third-worlder? Have you ever heard anybody call for Israel to admit foreign refugees? For Israel to become "multicultural"? Of course not: those are merely code words for White genocide.

Swedes Poorer Than American Blacks!

Cleaner, act better, though... You're never too poor to pick up your yard. Unless your skin is black. They say the nigger is the product of circumstances. They lie. The circumstances are the product of the nigger. Here on the non-inevitability of the income tax.

Reverse Racism Article Banned

Why did the 'lost cause' lose? One good reason here. Here an odd article on sex abuse in Ireland, where it is apparently quite high. A mildly interesting subject; more interesting is that you never see a similar article published about the peculiarly jewish realm of swindling.

Goycott Israel!

No blood for parasites. More here, on Jews trying to avoid goycott. See the future of the UN here. America is hated because of its support for the evil state of Israel.

Get Rich by Breaking Things!

Diversity is good for business. For instance, when a nigger throws a trashcan through a window, that window has to be replaced. That grows the economy. Everybody is better off. Could it be clearer that the road to riches is paved with riotous niggers?

Synagogue "Attacked"

Who did it? Who knows? It pays to be cynical when Jews claim others are attacking them, since Jews have a long history of accusing others of what they're doing around the clock. (Must register - try vanguard/vanguard.) ANTI-Semitic vandals ransacked Finsbury Park Synagogue on Saturday evening, targeting a community that includes many Holocaust-survivors in the worst such attack in living memory.

Sicko Nog Vegans Malnutrition Niglet to Death

A vegan couple has been busted for starving their baby daughter - by denying her breast milk and formula, feeding her only nuts, fruits and vegetables, and allegedly failing to get her medical help for severe malnutrition. Joseph and Silva Swinton, both 31, were arrested Friday and charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child for failing to properly feed and care for their baby, Ice. ... The Swintons, who say they approach veganism as a religion, fed the child a diet of "ground nuts, fresh-squeezed fruit juices, herbal tea, beans, cod liver oil and flax seed oil," a complaint said. Hitler would have won the war if he hadn't avoided meat.

The Road of Excess: False Alternatives Always Seem Real

Many and varied are the bogus philosophies laid at the feet of today's Victor Wolzek

You Tell Me

Revisionism is only a crime in the eyes of those with a vested interest in the official Marc Moran

Movie Review: 'Pitch Black'

A half-breed hero and a bunch of White zeroes; same-old race-prop, turning White females against White males, encouraging them to look to non-Whites as their heroes and Mark Fulmer

New cartoons here and here. New promo here and here in Portugese, and here.

We Do Not Like Them

Why are Jews hated? No. Why are Jews hatable? The world can easily answer that one; itz known the answer for thousands of years. Jews. They're not "good people." And check this about kikes -- read this headline and subtitle: Desecration of synagogue shocks U.K. Jews / Swastika on pulpit, excrement on floor seen as a warning to Britain. Hmm. In normal times jews speak incessantly of their special differences, unique virtues, their chosenness. But comes a threat, and "Britain" is warned. Well, kikes, they didn't shit on Britain, they shit on your synagogue. What kind of a god would choose jews? The god jews invented, is my guess. As the Romans knew, the Jew is the enemy of all humanity. This broad says "Anti-Semitism Never Seems to Die." She means, the Jewish nature that produces anti-Semitism as a natural reaction never changes. Anti-Semitism is a biased word for the natural reaction of a human to a jew. This Jew says he's afraid. Yeah, yeah, buddy, -- we're all "Holocaust" survivors. Move on. He lies too, this Jew: I still believe what I told my son at his Bar Mitzvah: "You must listen to the Palestinians. And even if you decide they are wrong . . . you must reject the extremists in your own tribe who say Jewish blood is worth more than another." There's nothing at all extreme about that view -- it is, in fact, the very essence of Judaism. Lying is first nature to the kike, as is shedding false tears about bogus atrocities committed against him. There is one solution to our kike infestation: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Here the scats of some of those poor little Jews in the land of milk and honey.

ZOG vs. American Street

Let's make it public: the kikes running the U.S. hate Whites and hate America. That doesn't stop them from using us to destroy their enemies.

Taiwan Says Yes to English

English to be made an official language of TAIWAN, for chrissakes, while school is taught in 50 different languages in San Francisco.

Barney Fag, Kike Felcher of Foreign Filth

Fat, kikoid butt-boy nation-wrecker wants to allow infected wogs to stay. He also wants Congress to buy them all season passes at the gay bathhouse of their choice, but he doesn't think that will fly yet. Rather than submit a bill, he's quietly whispering in Sumner's ear to press the accelerator on the fagitprop, eagerly anticipating the new Channel Rectum. I want my AssTV.

BNP on Top in Burnley

May be more than flash in pan, kike-ridden BBC concedes...

Jews Cry About Le Pen

Jews let in Arabs as part of their campaign to destroy White France, White America, White Germany, White Britain, White race -- but the plan backfires now that significant numbers of racially solid Arabs are turning on them. Take an example from the Arabs, White man. Drive the Hate Hebrews from your countries, then deal with the others. Jews first, the rest later. A special people requires a special solution. France now has 4,244 crimes per 100,000 residents annually, according to European Union statistics, making it a higher-crime society than even the long-belittled United States. During a week when the top story on tabloid TV was the bloody beating of an 80-year-old man in sleepy Orleans by a gang of beurs who had invaded his house, Le Pen focused, as did Chirac, on the dramatic upsurge in violence over the past decade. But while crime was what brought voters to the polls, France has an even more ominous problem: a wave of attacks and threats against the country's 700,000 Jews that is unprecedented in the last half century of European history. It includes what Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center describes as "the largest onslaught against European synagogues and Jewish schools since Kristallnacht" in 1938. What is surprising and confusing in all of this is that the "new anti-Semitism" in France is a phenomenon of the left. It has practically nothing to do with Le Pen. In fact, its most dangerous practitioners are to be found among the very crowds thronging the streets to protest him. All jews care about is jews. I cannot emphasize this enough. "Good for Jews" is the only thing that motivates the kike, no matter the country he's lodged in. The country can change, but the kikes's mentality can't. The Jews destroyed America by changing immigration law. That shows you what they truly think about Whites: they hate us. Now they cry, but don't be fooled by their tears, White man. All the jew cares about is the jew. Rusty Limbaugh won't tell you that, VNN will..

Apes to Judge "Human Rights"

Murderous apes invited onto UN "human rights" panel as judges; - the natural result of egalitarianism. Here Baltimore population drops, as humans shrink from contact with niggers -- just the way they do in Zimbabwe, where the human population has dwindled to perhaps under 50,000 - I haven't seen the latest stats. But twenty years ago Rhodesia had more than a quarter million Whites. But, as the Harare Harangutan said -- merely putting into words Jewish policy over here -- Whites are second-class citizens. Here Malibu says no to niggers. They're fine around you and your neighborhood, but the poshies don't need them, even as they make shows and sitcoms celebrating cool, cerebral, celestial coloreds. Jews are big on property rights -- as long as it's their property. With yours, feh!, they could care. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US.

Hating Whites Is Big Business in California

Releasing names of slaves and slaveholders, what an intelligent idea. The sole reason this move is being made is to demonize Whites, prepare them for the tax- and repamarations slaughter. You can't say boo to a boolie without paying a political price. The Jews made it that way. A White pol observes this truth, the jaybirds set to squawking. The fact is, White standards presuppose White people. They are not general, generic rules that fit all of humanity, which term itself is a rather crude abstraction incoporating, I'm told, a thing like Monkey Mugabe and the people next door. White justice doesn't work for niggers because they are naturally more violent. You can only have "it's better that ten guilty go free than one innocent be convicted" if the populace is predisposed to be orderly. In our burgeoning negrotopia, Gresham's law applies -- the bad drives out the good, and the law of the jungle rules. Here on the monkey spreading AIDS in South Dakota (must register).

Media: Jew to Head MSNBC

Ex-New York Post editor Jew Jerry Nachman is named editor-in-chief of MSNBC.

Movie Review: 'Van Wilder'

At least three Jews were at the helm of this feces-and-flatulence Mark Rivers

Movie Review: 'The Scorpion King'

Non-Whites (the "good guys") team up against White tyrant ("bad guy"). They want kids to watch this stuff? Mark Rivers

Movie Review: 'Jason X'

Ho-hum. Jason kills people, the people kill Jason, he's not really dead, bla bla Mark Rivers

Cybercast News Service Writes Up Vanguard Group's Attack on Vanguard News Network

Here's the first bite on our press release from last fall -- a controlled media report about Vanguard Group's attempt to steal our domain. They don't quite frame it like that, of course, but they do give us some chance to get our position across.

Somebody do up a cartoon along these lines. "Solution to the Middle East": underneath a picture of a jew-girl holding hands with a rag-boy. "Diversity - Israel's greatest strength."

Excellent new cartoon-promo here.

Arabs "Flood" FBI with Job Applications

Remember -- this is a point that the White-hating Jew "conservatives" at National Review and kike Horowitz's FrontPageMag will hide from you -- none of these Arabs would be in the United States without Jewish pressure to overturn our pro-White immigration controls. Now that these Muslims are here, they are taking advantage of other Jew-promulgated "civil rights" laws that privilege them over White natives. What a curse Jews are. Our country is immeasurably worse off because of Jews. Every Jew should be driven underground. There is only one Jewish policy that works: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Germany: Neos Not Rushing to Convert to Jewfag-ism

The German Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which monitors far-right activity and runs the controversial Aussteiger (Exit) programme, has admitted that so far fewer than 40 of the country's estimated 33,000 neo-Nazis have signed up for the scheme. Jews don't understand Angles, Jews understand angles. Here kike Stern yips about "hate" on the Internet. Here cops are "warned" by some government stooge about the danger of anti-government extremists. Read it as satire. Don't worry about racially conscious Whites, worry about niggers and the feds who protect them -- and the Jews who set up the anti-White System in the first place.

Jews Prepare to Drive Pals Across Jordan

Nuke Israel!... Here an interesting report that the IRA is training Pals how to booby trap, blow-up kike soldiers. Paul Collinson, a former Royal Engineers bomb disposal officer working for the Red Cross, said that the devices he had found were identical in every detail to those he had encountered in Northern Ireland. One should necessarily not believe everything that passes before one's eyes. Here on the plan to attack Iraq for no reason except that the Jews who control America think it in Israel's interest. Here 54 ways you can help Israel. Now why would you want to do that?

Fumigate Israel

So, the charade is over and we can stop playing pretend. Izzy refuses to allow any U.N. team into Jenin. Apparently Sharon couldn't bulldoze, bury or burn evidence of his atrocities quickly enough... Can you imagine any other nation, race or people on earth getting away with this? The Jews are murderous, cowardly, sly, sinister, disgusting human vermin. They must be fumigated immediately. Death to Izzy is Mankind's Only Hope.

More Lies from the Kikistocracy of Sharon/Peres

"After initially welcoming the committee, Israel raised objections over its composition and mandate." Utter bullshit -- these Jews blocked the U.N. investigation for a full week while they hurriedly bulldozed, buried and covered up evidence of their massacre in the Jenin refugee camp. Nothing is slimier, fouler, more pestilential, evasive, cunning, rat-faced, back-stabbing, deceitful or loathsome than the Eternal Jew. All the evidence for Mankind is in: No way out but through the Jew. GOT JEWS? GOT PROBLEMS! Death to Yahoodi: It's mankind's only hope...

Catholics Throw in the Towel

Says Sobran, the Catholics stick to their principles in a world of flux. See you at the bathhouse, Joe. The Church doesn't use the words, but in effect it's saying, we can't run our church without a bunch of faggots. What exactly is it your church produces that we want more of, Catholics? If you'll tolerate fag priests spreading your boys over the altar, what won't you tolerate? And don't write me that the media obsessively harp on Catholics for this - I already know that. The important thing is that the problem does exist, it is widespread, and your church is doing, essentially, nothing about it; worse than that, it's shifting the priests and shushing those who speak up. That is disgusting, feculent, and if I were a Catholic, I'd stand up in the pew and say something. Race makes a better religion than Christ-worship. No need to get all metaphysical, i.e. hyperfervid about things nobody can reach a conclusion about beyond that odious chest-burn that leads to finger-pointing pinheadism. Just straightforward, willing-to-fight insistence on living in a clean, White world. That's my "religion."... No pederasty at VNN! Can your church say the same, White man? VNN maintains unaltered its support for straightforward, heterosexual vaginal sex. Go, team, go!

Gun Control in Italy

And here on a poster of Mussolini that mysteriously appeared in Rome.

Brits Mustn't Object to the Invasion

Bubble-lips and mooncrickets are our greatest strength... Note Lord Oulsey's careful wording as he steps through the verbal minefield of Semiticial Correctness: "If you are saying we have been 'swamped' by asylum seekers and we are going to do something about it, we are going to lock them away and educate them separately, what you are saying is these people are a problem and they will be seen as a problem." -- DUH! Yeah, and?...

Fighting Fags in Topeka

Ever see one of the Jew papers accuse the networks of flooding America with pro-miscegenation, pro-fag fagitprop? Of course not, because the jewfag media approve of that propaganda. The minute someone scribbles something on a business card they don't like, it's a "flood" of evil... "The vast majority of his targets have been heterosexuals, corporations and businesses owned and operated by heterosexuals, the courts, prosecutors, the media, entertainers, elected officials, police, mainstream Christian churches, Jews, and African-Americans,'' she said. "He and his family are actively engaged in anti-Semitism and white supremacy and are part of the violent antiabortion movement,'' she said. Phelps deserves credit for his guts and activism. Here on crooked judges. In a kikistocracy, they're par for the course. You don't need thousands of pages of legal code unless you're trying to be obscure, trying to hide things, trying to trick people. Law today is set up to prosper jewish parasitism, jewish barratry, to enrich jewish lawyers, to impoverish and chain you.

Jew Jacoby: Christians Are Next!

Another whiny column by Jacoby, but a pretty comprehensive collection of recent events, with an absolutely preposterous conclusion tagged on at the end ("next it's gonna be the Christians"... ha ha ha, yeah, sure, that's what you're worried about, that the Christians are next.

African Niggers

Foolish White man, giving these unevolved brutes medicine and food just increases their numbers. Let them die like the human flies they are, rather than reproduce and spread their kind. Get over your "kindness," Chrisitians. It's a weakness and a vice when misapplied -- as you usually do.

The Death of Free Speech on the Net

This story should send a chill down every thinking person's spine. Simply replace the word "racism" with "free speech." Best of all, this Norwegian's Web page was on a server in the U.S., where free speech is still supposedly protected (as long as it's Semitically Correct, of course). The Bolshevik-like tyranny of the Left is here. For the first time, a European is imprisoned for free speech uttered on a Web page in the U.S. that the Thought Police discovered... Take one guess as to who's behind the suppression of thought and speech on the Net: The court says it put special weight on Tevdt's efforts to draw children and young people into anti-Semitic and racist beliefs. Here on the ADL crooks, busted in San Francisco.

Media: Jews Cry About Coverage

Nobody anywhere, ever had a tighter grip over the media than the kikes do today, but still they cry. There is only one solution to the world's Jewish Problem: No Jews. Just Right.

Between the Lines

It's "hate" when the goyim do it, it's "holy" when we do it, remember that! Kievsky shows yet another Jewish double standard at work, dissecting a story about Chosen infiltration of New England prep Andrei Kievsky

New Herschel cartoon here.

New promo here. And here.

No Free Speech, No Free Press in Canada

CanWest Global owns 27 daily newspapers. That's a fact. They include the National Post and major newspapers in Ottawa and six of 10 provincial capitals. They distribute 11.4 million copies every week. This is dwarfed by Global's television network, which beams itself to 94 per cent of English-speaking Canada (Source: CanWest Global). The company's radio, film, Internet and entertainment holdings give it unprecedented control over the information Canadians use every day.

The Invasion: France

People here said that crime in Calais is rising, though not at the rate it has in Paris and other big cities. What really concerns them is the presence in nearby Sangatte of a Red Cross-administered camp for illegal refugees, which houses 1,500 people from places as far away as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and countries of Central Africa. They are here because the mouth of the rail tunnel to Britain is just a few miles from town, and most every night they climb security fences and try to walk down into the tunnel or make dangerous jumps onto fast-moving Eurostar trains. Most are caught and returned to the camp, only to try again the next day. Wherever Jews are in control they see to it that White nations are murdered by colored immigration. Calais wogs is the symptom, Jew is the disease. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Here on how Le Pen can win. More here on Le Pen battling Brussels.

Poles Fighting for Ethnic Interests in Chicago

Here a new letter from Paul Revere to G. Washington.


The time is fast approaching when Bush is going to have to choose among allies. If he sides 100 percent with Sharon and refuses to use his leverage to force Israel to talk and trade land for peace, his own reputation in the Arab world will come to resemble that of Sharon, and no Arab nation will be able to be seen as an ally of the United States. But if he chooses to confront Sharon and tries to force him to give the West Bank to the Palestinians, he will face a firestorm inside his own party -- and accusations from Democrats that he is forcing Israel to submit to terror. It could hardly be clearer that Israel is not our friend, not our ally, but our enemy, and that it endangers our interests and our nationals around the clock. Latest Raimondo here. Raimondo uses our racist arguments, while shrieking whenever racists come near Buchanan, and acting like he's the only guy in the world to realize that yids are crooks, oppressors, murderers, swindlers, and everything else our pages show them to be. The world advances by irony. Have you ever noticed that? Conservatives imagine that "politically correct" campus speech codes are the product of a sinister leftist conspiracy -- David Horowitz has made a career out of that claim -- but the reality is that the neoconservatives also want to ban "hate speech." This means not only silencing the juvenile satirists of Rutgers, but also smearing as "anti-Semitic" any and all criticism of Israel in the adult world.

Jews Feel the Heat

It's nothing like what you'll experience first-torso in Gehenna, trolls. How ironic that anti-Jews regularly compare Jews to Nazis, demonstrating the depth of their brainwashing. But if the Jews lie about what is good -- multiculturalism and diversity -- how likely is it they're telling the truth about what is Bad? The German nationalists were honorable. The Jews are not. Who ever heard of a Nazi swindler? I can name 100 Jewish swindlers. The Jews built the golem now kicking their ass, and nobody ever mentions it. Not one suckpoop at the kahn rags will make the point MacDonald made in his famous paper: that Jews and Jews alone are responsible for the open borders that resulted from the 1965 Immigration Act. Jews let in the shit-world that is now turning on them. Death to the jews. They richly deserve it for their lies and the corruption they sow wherever they go. Is there anything in this world that isn't controlled by these pestilential parasites? A reader points out that all the major sports are headed by kikes: football - Tagliabue (yes, he is a jew), baseball - Selig, basketball - Stern, boxing - Arum, hockey - Bettman. Under every leaf and log, a yewish roach to choke on. America needs lizards. Hear this toad Hanson yelp: The truth is that a lunatic fringe similar to Hitler of the early 1920s is also active now in America, and has tried to galvanize resistance to the Untied States by using the events of Sept. 11 and the recent fighting in the Middle East. But this time the racists, fascists, and faux-victims are from the purported Left and not the Right. If the Democratic party will not denounce these totalitarians and their extremist supporters like Al Sharpton -- as the Republicans once ostracized the militias and white supremacists -- then all ordinary Americans must step up to employ clear and honest language in opposing their frightening agenda. They are not progressives, not even socialists, communists, or anarchists. Rather, their language is pure hatred -- as well as anti-Semitic and fascistic. The governments they support overseas are murderous and dictatorial; their currency is race oppressed "people of color" are good, other "oppressors," especially Jews, less so and their message is violent and wishes an end to the present democratically elected government in the United States. The Jews' favorite twist on their favorite tactic - the Big Lie - is accusing you of what they're doing. They let mudmen in, they teach America is an idea, not a blood and heritage nation, they teach that our forefathers were evil racists. Now they stand back and glub-blubber at the horror of it all. Why? Because 1/1000000000000000000000000000000 of the shit they've directed their minority shitskin-boolie-coolie brigades to direct at honest White folks is now coming back on them! Folks, Jews are cowards. Look at what Hitler did: that's what we need to do. We can take this country back from these sorry criminals, these swindlers, these Big Liars, these physically repulsive yapping little dogs, these paunchy special-pleading shifty-eyed carbuncled little gnomelet-munchkinds. They have nothing on us but a certain crafty cunning conspiringness; we have the numbers and the honor. It is time we destroy the Jews and retake our country. Vomit your Jews, America. Your stomach will feel a lot better. Earth has the flu, and Jew is the virus!

Camp of the Stains

Flush the boat babies!

Death to Israel

Paul Johnson knows the line that pays: Israel, Jews: learned and intelligent victims of world history. This is truly embarrassing stuff, from a guy who's supposed to be a professional historian, not an apologist for racist, hypocritical, genocidal Hate Hebrews. How this impudent little sausage grovels before the mighty! The Jewish faith was the first religion to preach this sanctity and to magnify the value of each individual human being in the eyes of his Creator -- hence, equally, in other human beings. This is the main reason that Mosaic law differs so markedly in humanity and reason from all the other fiercely retributive codes of the ancient Near East. Gee, the famed British toady doesn't see fit to tell you that kikes preach to their young: "Even the best of the goyim should be killed." No, he prates on about nothing "fiercely retributive." He knows where his bread is buttered, our Pauly. Here again: The value placed on human life by Jews has steadily increased over the centuries"... Think of Mad Albright saying, "We think it's worth it," when it comes to the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi children, thanks to Jew-set "American" foreign policy. Yeah, nobody values life like Jews. Paul Johnson, keep in mind, is not a Jew. He's just scared of them. What a gutless little twerp. No sac on the right, that's why we call them Republicunts. And that's why we say: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. A policy the world can live with.


"If you want to be embedded in your own culture," Wolfram said, "you don't want to talk white."

Pierce: Two Crucial Tasks

There are two things that, together, can finish them. One of these things is the breaking of their media stranglehold in America, and with it the spell they have over the lemmings. The other thing is an independent-thinking elite that understands them and is morally and psychologically prepared to move against them when their media stranglehold is broken or weakened significantly. We are working now on both fronts.

Jews Swindle

Hardly a day goes by a new Jew scheme isn't uncovered, and an old one -- the "Holocaust" -- celebrated.

The Occidental Quarterly, Vol II, Number 1 Out

Loaded with good stuff, don't miss the review of Buchanan and his latest book.

France Has Jews Worried

If it's not on the jews' agenda, it's hate. It's racism. It's anti-Semitism. And it must be outlawed.

Jews Murder

They're good at it, almost as good as they are at swindling and lying.

Intransigent U.S. Jewry

Jews will sacrifice America down to your last dollar and blood-drop to preserve Israel, White man. Never doubt that. All Jews care about is what is "good for Jews." Non-Jews are nothing but animals to them. You are a stupid cow, to be milked and disposed of as they wish.

Update: Nigger of North Peckham

More on the Nigger of North Peckham, niggered to death by niggers. Four other niggers charged with niggering death, all exonerated. The result? "PO-lice must learn from this." Somehow, whitey's to blame. The lesson de PO-leece 'must learn' is to arrest a whitey -- any whitey -- and all will be forgiven.

Gray Prepares to Buy Off Niggers, Gooks and Beaners

All non-Whites deserve repamarations to make up for nature's deficit.

Media: Reality

On the Osbournes, Ozzy, et al...

Viacom Posts Billion-Dollar Loss

Murray Rothstein's group owns CBS and MTV, among many, many others.

New cartoon here.

AIDS-Dripping Big-City Dirt Spreads Death Among Small-Town Whites -- Again

Oh, there's opposition to White Nationalism. There just isn't any intelligent opposition -- because no one in their right mind wants 6'7", disease-carrying, halfwitted spic monsters with names like Nikko Briteramos busily humping their way through the clean White breeding stock of little Huron, South Dakota. That, however, is exactly what has happened -- and it's not the first time that urban filth has stepped forth from a bus station, gym bag in hand, and cut a broad swath through the trusting, MTV-raised White female population of a peaceful rural area. In 1997, AIDS-infected New York City crack dealer Nushawn Williams spread his drugs and viruses through Chautauqua County, infecting White girls as young as 13. "Oh, look, Dawn! He's a real African-American person, just like on TV!" "Oooo, I love his hair!" You can be "nice," or you can survive. It's as simple as that. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN TO AVOID NON-WHITES. It means their very lives. DON'T FUCK NIGGERS -- YOU CAN DIE FROM IT. Other news sites endlessly point out the disease; VNN will tell you the cause -- Jews. From "civil rights" to out-of-control immigration, there's always a poison-peddling Pinchas pushing things along from behind, where it's safe. We passed a segregated Jewish school just the other day -- it was a scene from the 1930s, with all the little Jew-girls in their uniforms, their identical dark, conservative, mid-calf-length skirts and black, heavy stockings. It's your stupid shaygets kid with the lipstick, nose ring, the thong panties under her sky-high mini, the purple hair -- and the HIV. No "diversity," no AIDS for special Sarah, elite Esther, chosen Chanah and racially-pure Rachel in their precious private academy, no, no. Jews live A Life Apart. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

New cartoons are here! New promos are here! Jump up and down all you want, we'll make more. Tsun promo here. New Wolzek promo here. First-time Byron promo here. New Herschel Danglestein cartoons here and here and here. Truly, we are blessed.

Won't somebody please think of the children! Only you can prevent Ms Strothers from eating them. We need one of you fine artists out there to come up with a "Tweezer Man" -- able to pick small shards of yahoodi off pizzeria ceilings, date palms and metropolitan buses in a single bound. Oy!

Evil Hymie

This Jerusalem Post kike manages to belittle and sneer at Britain while gloating and claiming that the world is in admiring awe of israel, all in the same article. VNN looks forward to the day that the earth is cleansed of this smug, self-regarding filth once and for all.

Iraq War

All obstacles must be removed, bogeymen built, facades propped, demonization sustained... Here Norwegians say maybe Israel should pay reparations for destroying Pal infrastructure. Here Daschle sucks Israeli poop. Israel doesn't need American support, Israel needs three yards of cord and a sliding board. Death to the jews. Jews hate. Stop the hate, Jews. Just stop.

Race-Mixing: Ongoing Jewish War to End White Race

Jews who promote race-mixing sign their own death warrant.

Le Pen

Observe how the leftist press reports the success of a conservative candidate in France -- as if it were a national tragedy! Note carefully the wording.... Pure hack job here: In a showing that shamed many French..." -- not the ones that voted for him, presumably. "In a vote that deeply angered many Jewish editors and their tool reporters..." See, the kikes think you should be upset by a vote for a nationalist, not by the violent unrest by 10,000 of their colored and uncolored tool-thugs. What's shameful? The Jew is shameful. Jews make lousy newspapers. The shameless lecturing on shame, to laugh, it's. More on the shock and horror of it all. Here Denmark boycotts foul Jews. Rienzi thoughts here. More on Le Pen here. Here Izzykikes tell Frere swindlers to make water - then aliyah! More here on Le Pen. Cancel classes, pass out kleenex, write wills, time to, it's!

Avenge Jenin

Many kikes will die for the crimes kikes committed here. On Carlyle group here.

New Party Says Go Home to Mexcrement

'Raus!, shitskins... Nothing ever improved by adding Mexicans. Here on capitalism and the underclass. Somonkeys love their camel- kebabs. More on the Emigration Party here. Invasion: name the Jewish cause, or why bother writing about it at all?

Britain: Racial Rumbles in Preston

Apparently between Whites and Asians. Contrast this sort of useless, indecipherable report with, say, a Victor Gerhard report on an NA rally, and you will see just how bad most newspapers are. They will seemingly do anything but tell you what actually happened. That's because the Jew-script they hew to doesn't allow deviations. Reality doesn't square with Jewish lies and demonology; reality goes out the window. "Good for Jews" makes for crappy news.

Elie Wiesel, Jew's Jew

He's the ultimate victim, the "Holocaust" rock star. He flies from mawkish ceremony to lugubrious memorial in his tricked out limo, with a hidden cache for depositing $25,000 checks, bitching querulously when his support staff forgets to cut the crusts off his sandwiches or de-green the M&M bowl. An age is known by the frauds it celebrates, and with Cornel West and this professional victim, we aren't looking real good. We live, my friends, in the Golden Age of Jewish Fraud. And, Christians, consider this highly revealing quote from the weasel: Do you believe that the Jews stand alone and isolated in the world today? - We are not alone because we still have America. Our ties with America rest on a tradition of shared values of democracy. The bible communities of the Middle West in America love Israel so much it is a true blessing. They love us no matter what we are doing. No matter what we are doing. "Judge not, lest ye be judged." Just love, lov, luv, luv, luv. That's all the Christian can do these days. Ick, ooh, don't get any of your love on me, Christian. Disgusting stuff, it's. Think, laugh: judge and be judged, say I. I'm right, "saint" Matthew is wrong. Here kikes gabble about growing numbers on to them. More Jewish crying here. It never ends. It's what they do, who they are. Note the Vanguard Group ad at the top of the page: subsidizing anti-White hate, it's.

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