Pitch Black

by Mark Fulmer

The movie was not interesting enough for me to take complete notes, but I do like horror and sci-fi movies so I managed to make it through this one. Below I spoil the suspense of who lives and dies, but it was obvious from the beginning. The only reason to see this movie is for the special effects and if you're hard up for entertainment. The whole point to the movie is that the only one who can save everyone is the half-breed murdering convict. The Jews behind this movie once again cement their anti-White propaganda.

This movie is an "Alien II" type with a seemingly doomed crew and passengers marooned on some planet far, far away. The white female pilot miraculously saves the day managing to crash land, while the white male crew member whimpers in fear. The survivors take stock of supplies and line up for the audience's political indoctrination.

The cast:

White female ship pilot : strong, tough, open-minded to anyone but white males. She dies because she would not run away with the half-breed prisoner.

White male cop/bounty hunter: liar, bully, dumb and only concerned about himself. He dies because he wanted his half-breed prisoner to kill the white teenage girl in order to save his own skin.

Half-breed prisoner/murderer: strong, worldly, streetwise, fair. He lives because he was a victim of the white society and received special eye surgery that allowed him to see in the dark, in order to protect himself in the dark dungeons the whites had thrown him in. This murdering convict was stronger, smarter, meaner and just all around better than everyone else

White male passenger: snobby, rich, miserly. He dies because he was a cowardly, spoiled and said mean things about the half-breed convict.

White female teenager: worships the half-breed murderer, open minded, trusting. She survives because she worships the half-breed prisoner and stared at him with adoring eyes

Black male Islamic: wise, religious, kind. He survives because he's black, non-Christian and potent. This movie is pre-9/11, when such were still considered better than white Christians.

Three half-breed Islamic sons of above black Islamic: kind, curious, trusting (all die). They die because they are just innocent victims of their own goodness.

White female crew member: tough, business-like, does not trust half-breed murderer. She dies because she never trusted the half-breed prisoner and would not follow his lead.

Non-White male: carried a gun and used it in perceived self-defense (dies).

This movie could have been okay if they did not have such an obvious social agenda. The special effects are pretty good and the aliens that live in the dark are menacingly scary. The acting was not so bad that you would have to turn the movie off.


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