Their Nature and Ours

by Marc Moran

I watched one of those nature videos the other night with my son, because regular TV is a no-no in our home. This one was about a pride of lions who looked pretty lazy and stupid, but when the dik-dik was on the hoof, they were able to put the pedal to the metal. It was not a study of motives or philosophy, it was pure unadulterated nature, the real thing with crunchy bones and sticky blood. You don't want to know how the dik-dik did. It was the purest exhibition of survival versus debate. All action, no thought. You could tell by the way they scrunched their bodies up close to the deck, tails twitching and lips licking. They weren't thinking about the nobility or the inherent value of the dik-dik beyond the calories it would provide.

Check this out: Every time and I mean every time someone on "our" side commits an offense, from using the "n" word to engaging in chat room debates that seem intolerant, the commissars of correctness swoop down like vultures to pick and gag at the flesh of the offenders, all the while shrieking in incoherent cacophony about the inseparability of thought and action. An abortion clinic is bombed, itís those damned Christians and their holier-than-thou rhetoric that lit the fuse. A PCP-addled felon leads police on a high-speed chase through residential neighborhoods until he is eventually stopped and nightsticked into grudging submission, itís the institutional racism of the police department that is held accountable. Gays bugger their young charges in a pup tent at the annual Jamboree and itís the homophobic attitude of heterosexuals that blows the whole thing out of proportion.

Is any of this making sense?

Of course it isnít. Itís war, and as they say, the first casualty in war is truth.

I have long been under the impression that war was a thing that was waged on battlefields. Hell, Iíve been on a couple of them myself and to be honest with you I didnít see many activists in bandanas picketing the activities. They always seem to prefer the safety of large numbers and patchouli oil aromatherapy to actual combat. Not that I blame them. In my dotage I am beginning to list starboard myself, preferring the calm of the library to smacking someone in the face with an entrenching tool because Iím low on ammo. Of course there are those who will take umbrage at the violent imagery of my language. To them I say, talk to my government. They are the ones who taught me. As a side note: I should be a tad more careful, the next time a leftist turns up dead with an e-tool in his skull, Iím the next Eric Rudolph. That's why I had a video camera implanted in my forehead and it runs, like the one in State Police cars, 24/7. Of course itís nearly impossible to use sarcasm on someone when he has no sense of humor. Ask the FBI guy who is reading this because I am now on his ultra-double-super-secret hate watch list. I bet he just looked over his shoulder when he read the last sentence. "Uh, how did he know I was reading this?"

The problem as I now see it, is that the war is everywhere. New Jersey today is no different from Dresden in í45. Weíre under bombardment, day in, day out, with the heavy-handedness of a Stalinist purge. Say what you want about the governmentís account of the number of immigrants that have come to America in the past ten years, I have two eyes. I canít take twenty bucks out of the MAC Machine without answering the question "English o Espanol?" This in a town where the only Spanish anyone knows is "pizza." Every morning I stop at a Quick-Chek in one of the Whitest areas left in the state, and the ratio of dark to light in the coffee line is 1:1, the great majority of whom rarely exchange a word of English. I know, I know, a lot of them are hard working, so was John Wayne Gacy, but I donít use such lame criteria when it comes to deciding who gets to be a citizen. The problem isnít that they come here to nap, folks, itís that they come here at all. When they do come they cost us far more than we receive in revenues from them. And thatís according to our own government and you know what big fat liars they are.

Letís try a little linear thinking. Ask yourself, or better yet, a liberal, why he thinks immigrants flood our shores. You'll usually get one of two responses: either 'because they want to be a part of the American Dream,' i.e., they want more money, which they promptly send back to Mudville; or, and this is my favorite, because we're the easiest place to dismantle, Would you want to live where, (pick-one) Ali, Carlos, Ubnigege, ShAkItnee or Mohammed comes from?

No, of course not and thatís why I am an American. Iíve been to more than a few of those places and believe you me, you wouldnít want to live there either. But you may get your chance if you donít wake up and smell the Kaffir. You see folks, the problem, in plain English, is not the physical location of your country. People arenít bankrupted, homicidal Marxists because they live below the 40th parallel. They are bankrupted, homicidal Marxists because that is their nature. You could import the entire infrastructure of the U.S. -- buildings, dams, highways, schools, institutions, money and documents -- and in less time than it takes to say "Olé!" you would have a third-world Marxist regime filled with diseased, poverty-ridden, low-IQíed, lawnmower men and their fertile wives. The only observable difference would be the number of gold braids on the big kahunas' uniform. If you doubt me do some research on Rhodesia or South Africa and read the stats on those formerly well-run by Whites who have since been slaughtered to near extinction because of the color of their skin hell-holes. You canít change the nature of people because ITíS THEIR NATURE, STUPID!

Hey, I thought liberals were huge fans of Nature. How is that whenever Ďnatureí tears a gaping hole in their hull, they pretend itís the ship-builder's fault? Because they know that people will believe it, if they just keep saying it, over and over and over in a high-pitched, screechy, whiny voice. You see, if you move every single Ecuadoran peasant to New Jersey, you wonít wind up with several million more New Jerseyans, youíll just wind up with a little Ecuador in N.J. When they get tired of living twelve to a room in the local church rectory, while you and your wife live in five bedroom, two-and-a-half bath splendor, you can bet your posterity that the local Shining Path wonít be another term for the new sidewalk at the elementary school. Every morning as I go to work I see how these guys march around in little squads with leaf-blower back-packs, scoping out alternate fields of fire for the day when we become the minority. Those who choose to poo-poo this line of reasoning should read, "How the West Was Won." I am sure that when the first wagon loads of "White-Eyes" rolled onto the prairie, some good natured squaw in the big teepee remarked to her disgruntled husband, "Mellow out. After all, theyíre hard workers."

The biggest problem today with explaining why you would like to live in an all-White America with White ideals and corresponding institutions that go along with it, is the fact that no one seems to be aware that this kind of world ever existed. Weíre told so often and so convincingly that we are a nation of (multi-cultural, multi-racial) immigrants, that most people assume itís true. After all, why would anyone lie about that? It makes you wonder why they donít get puzzled looks whenever they come across an old Life magazine at the flea market and see all the White faces. "Where is that?" they must ask themselves, "Iceland?" I remember it, but that is due, in no small part, to the fact that we killed our television and began reading in earnest. I know that someone like Rosie OíDonnell has reached more people with her opinions and philosophies than, say, Thomas Jefferson, but it doesnít make them valid, just omnipresent. If you really believe that Rosie OíDonnell is a good parent, or has anything to offer the debate beyond TV trivia and celebrity fawning, then stop reading what I write, because we are never going to agree.

So here we are, right back where we started. We are at war. As far as I can tell the enemy certainly isnít Osama or Saddam, although if either of them moves to New Jersey, heíll make my list. The enemy are those who slaughter and burn, bomb and maul, rape, rob and hijack the truth. The enemy is the advocate for gun control who tries to convince the masses that George Washington preferred large governments with standing armies, only he couldnít raise them at the time, so they put the militia line in there specifically to restrict gun ownership by individuals, and after all, big government was what the founding fathers were all about, right? The enemy is the guy who tells you Lincoln didnít mean what Lincoln said, again and again, about Whites and Blacks, that it was all Ďcode-speakí to get around those who would have disagreed with his hidden policy for a Kumbaya America where all the races could mix it up in loving, utopian bliss. The enemy is the schoolteacher who has your 9-year-old kid study the Holocaust, but avoids American history because it might affect how some students "feel about themselves." The enemy is the reporter who cannot write an article about White racial awareness without asking the ADL what it is that these "hate groups" really mean and how we can help to stamp out the threat of White hegemony and what we can do to limit their freedom of speech, because after all it is "hate" speech and there is no place for "hate." Hate, hate, hate. Hatey hater, hate, hate.

The enemy are the people who will shriek bloody murder if someone passes out a leaflet suggesting that anyone who breaks the laws of the land by sneaking across an undefended border under cover of darkness to steal a job to send money back to a foreign country to finance the travel of still more illegals ought to be deported post-haste, while at the same time they try to calmly explain to you that the 21-year-old Scout leader who buggered your 17-year-old son is not really a homosexual, but a pedophile, and that most pedophiles are heterosexual, and heterosexuals are more likely to be wife beaters, so there is no reason to prevent homosexuals from being scout leaders because it is better to be a homosexual than a pedophile, although there has been some compelling evidence recently that pedophiles actually are beneficial to those they rape and that maybe we ought to be a little more tolerant unless you donít agree with them in which case you will not be tolerated and are you confused enough to give up and let them have their way yet or do they have to hold their breath and kick their feet?

I donít know about you, but my head hurts just writing this stuff. Imagine what itís like to think this way.

That, my friends, is called a battle of attrition and battles make a war. They win, not because they can take us on the field, e-tool to e-tool, but because we canít stay awake long enough to understand what the hell they are talking about, as if they have a point to begin with. Remember, a sleepy soldier is not much different than a gimp-legged dik-dik. I am all in favor of nature taking its course, and in this case I believe it will.

War is a part of our nature and nature, regardless of how unpleasant it seems, is not to be denied.

I just hope that weíre the lions.

So if youíve learned anything today, donít be a dik-dik.


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