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At Bastions of Mayflower Power, Jewish Preps Seek Place at Table

Jewish missionaries seek to dilute the non-Jewish content of non-Jewish institutions and force everyone to bow to the wonderful, supreme Jews.

by Max Gross Andrei Kievsky

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Only 14 million Jews in the world, yet everything must revolve around them. Here, some Zeidel or other...complains. Jews ignored! Jews misunderstood! "Zeidel's complaints were echoed by many other participants in 'Jewbilee,' the first-ever conference of Jewish students at New England's elite boarding schools." Where does the money come from? The teetering, mile-high tower of Jewish organizations. "The conference was put together by The Curriculum Initiative, a project of the Samuel Bronfman Foundation, the Jim Joseph Foundation, the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation and the Lyn P. Meyerhoff Fund." Give the yidn bagels, hire rabbis, turn the dining hall into a "Middle Eastern bazaar," and how do they repay you? "In his room, Epstein keeps an Israeli flag and photos of Israeli soldiers. 'I make myself comfortable,' Epstein said." Every Jew is an agent for a hostile foreign power, and every structure Jews inhabit is an Israeli embassy, a Mossad "safehouse." It's time for Whites to "make themselves comfortable." It's time for the New Hardness.

EXETER, N.H. - When fraternal twin sisters Sarah and Rebecca Zeidel first came to Phillips-Exeter Academy three-and-a-half years ago, they were shocked that Yom Kippur was just another day of classes at the elite boarding school. How dare any elite institution anywhere in the world not bow to Judaism? But don't you dare ever request that a Yeshiva observe Christmas or Easter! What's ours is ours; what's yours is negotiable.

The Zeidels' grandparents lived nearby and offered to take them to services, but the girls were nervous. Oy vey, there might be Gentiles who do not yet bow to Jewish supremacy, grandmother and grandfather! The nerve of those goyim!

"If you're going to leave campus you have to get an 'Out of Town' [pass] that all your teachers have to sign," Sarah said. "Then you have to get the dean's approval. For a new student, when you're trying to impress your teacher, you're going to be nervous." The Zeidels wound up spending Yom Kippur sitting in class. "I knew I couldn't do this for four years," Sarah said.

I am torn between my need to get the best grades and dominate everything, and to observe my numerous Jewish tribal vacations where we remind ourselves how much we hate Gentiles and beat on symbolic representations of them and eat cookies that symbolize the ears of Haman, a filthy goy who once dared oppose us. We never forget our enemies, we make religious celebrations out of the people who ever dared oppose us, quite unlike these silly Christians whom we stomp all over now!

Zeidel's complaints were echoed by many other participants in "Jewbilee," the first-ever conference of Jewish students at New England's elite boarding schools. Wonderful unity in our hatred of the goyim! We get together and plan ways to overthrow their sorry un-tribal and inferior cattle goyim societies! And we'll whine like crazy if you dare call it a Jewish conspiracy. Oy vey, anti-Semitic canard, leading straight to the death camps! The conference took place here April 13-14. Nearly 70 students from 11 different boarding schools gathered to hear panel discussions featuring Jewish alumni, learn about Israel advocacy from a former spokesman for Israel's U.N. mission and take part in typical "Shabbaton" activities such as games, movies, dancing and candle lighting. But we Hebes sure hope that the white goyim never ever catch on. It would be really awful if the Aryan filth acquired a tribal mindset and joined some awful "hate groups." It's "hate" when the goyim do it, it's "holy" when we do it, remember that!

But most of all, the students shmoozed about the delicate negotiations that come into play when students whose ancestors came over in steerage board with students whose forebears came over on the Mayflower. They talked about their moral superiority over blue-blooded Americans. We must not take into account that it was a hell of a lot easier to ship to America in steerage in the late 1800s than to come over on the Mayflower in the early 1600s. We noble parasites object to the fact that Americans didn't recognize the superiority of the Jews 120 years ago, and import us to America in the luxury we deserve.

Many of the elite boarding schools are still affiliated with a church and have mandatory chapel attendance. How dare they! The nerve of those goyim, after the Holocaust and everything! The Jewish students complain that they are misunderstood by their non-Jewish peers, and ignored by many Jewish groups. The goyim don't yet understand our superiority, and the Jewish organizations don't realize we can be excellent infiltrators into yet another non-jewish institution! Hillel, are you hearing us? Vee can take over this bitch and before you know it the president of Exeter will be a Jew wearing a yarmulke and forcing the goyim to bow to us!

The conference was put together by The Curriculum Initiative, a project of the Samuel Bronfman Foundation, the Jim Joseph Foundation, the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation and the Lyn P. Meyerhoff Fund. The Curriculum Initiative, which estimates that there are currently 50,000 Jewish students in non-Jewish private high schools, was created seven years ago to expose these students to Jewish texts and ethics and to send advisors into schools to organize Jewish student societies and events like Jewbilee. Missionary tikkun olam, it's. Conversion without the equality.

"This is the only program targeting, specifically, prep school students," said Richard Marker, executive vice chairman of the Bronfman Foundation. "These are high achievement kids... who will tend to be high achievement adults." Got to get the elites of the goyim cattle herd in line. One last bastion to infiltrate and take over.

Not that the former bastions of WASP power haven't come a long way. Jews have had a presence on the Exeter campus since the 1930s, and began appearing in something greater than token numbers in the 1960s. Andover and Choate have rabbis on staff. Earlier this year, Andrew Dubin was hired as the first-ever Jewish chaplain and teacher of religion at Phillips-Exeter Academy. Exeter's 2001-2002 school year has produced a rash of Jewish events. Together with the Islamic Society and the Middle Eastern Society, which Dubin also heads, the Exeter Jewish Community held a "Falafel Ball" earlier this year, at which students turned the dining hall into Middle Eastern bazaar. The proceeds for the event went to Seeds of Peace, an Israeli-Palestinian co-existence group. Keep those silly cattle goyim confused by making them think we really want to "co-exist" with the Palestinians, lest they take a position contrary to the almighty Jewish agenda. Oy vey, we have enough trouble with the anti-Israel left talking about Israeli apartheid!

"I was hoping for 200 kids," Dubin said. More than 300 attended.

Dubin arranged High Holy Day services last year, borrowing Torah scrolls from synagogues in Worcester, Mass. and Portsmouth, N.H. Dubin has hosted regular Friday night dinners at his house, takes students to services in Portsmouth and brings students bagels on Sunday mornings. And may the White Gentiles never express this sort of solidarity with one another. We Jews hope they never start reading VNN or join the National Alliance.

"It helps to have a teacher who's supportive and passionate," said Sara Heitler Bamberger, national director of The Curriculum Initiative. "A teacher will facilitate, will change things." Tikkun olam, it's! Help the Juden larvae expand the colony!

Jewish activities compete with a common complaint of the boarding school student: that they're "over-programmed." Saturday is a regular school day at Exeter and many of the other elite schools. Oy, don't you know Saturday is reserved for our celebrations of hate against the Gentiles? We might start to forget how much we hate you if we don't have our judeo-satanic hate ceremonies every Saturday and several times a year. And though classes end at 1 p.m., many students go straight from class to their extracurricular activities. Throughout the Jewbilee weekend, the Exeter students participating in the conference drifted in and out of meetings when the time came for crew or band practice.

"Their lives revolve around school from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.," Bamberger said.

Aaron Epstein, who is in his second year at Exeter, describes himself as an Orthodox Jew. "I try to do as much as I can," said Epstein, who wears his tzitzit under his clothes, wears a yarmulke under his caps and keeps a vegetarian diet in the dining halls. Dress goyisch, think Yiddish. And demand that everyone treat you like an insider anyway. You are entitled to your secret racial nationalist identity and exclusivity among your own people, but nobody else ever dare do so, or it's "hate." Asked about Saturday classes, Epstein said: "You make sacrifices for an education." Oy vey, the sacrifices we make on the path to taking over the Gentiles! Epstein prays during his free-period on Saturday morning, and skips classes on the High Holy Days.

In his room, Epstein keeps an Israeli flag and photos of Israeli soldiers. Yahweh forbid that, for example, a person of German descent keep a Nazi flag and a picture of SS soldiers in his room! "I make myself comfortable," Epstein said. He adds, "I wouldn't [be comfortable] if I was a blatant Orthodox Jew here." This place isn't totally kosher yet, but give us time to burrow in and demand change.

If anything, the current Middle East crisis has made students more reticent about being visibly Jewish. "Kids might feel very comfortable organizing a 'Free Tibet' rally," Bamberger said, but not a pro-Israel demonstration.

"There's a very vocal Arab population here," said Lolly Gorodetsky, a student at Exeter. During a class on South Africa under apartheid, students and teachers compared South African apartheid to Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Many of the Jewish students were silent on the matter.

And while many might think that the antisemitism of the "Gentleman's Agreement" Gentile-man's agreement era is a thing of the past, many students say that they have experienced it anew. Sarah Zeidel describes how non-Jewish students have said things to her like, "It sucks to be Jewish," and "Jews killed Jesus." Little Sarah will be thinking of these goyim at her next hate holiday, envisioning beating them or perhaps eating their ears made out of cookies. Those who are not our slaves, our slavering shabbes goyim, are evil haters!

"It's not said out of maliciousness," said Zeidel. "It's more out of ignorance." I'm just so morally superior, it's unimaginable.

The battle against ignorance, said a number of students, begins in the dining hall. "They put ham on everything," said one girl, "even the grilled cheese!" Damn these goyim! We will make them conform to our wishes and our needs because we are special and must be accommodated and recognized as superior beings! Ben Grad, a math teacher at the Putney School in Putney, Vt., said that on Passover the school ordered a special treat for the Jewish students: challah.

Many of the students, most of whom identified themselves as Reform or Conservative Jews, said they were more upset about their school's ignorance of Jewish diet and calendar than about cultural concerns. "In order to get culture, you have to start with the religious," said Jaymie Testa, a student at the Northfield Mount Hermon school in Northfield, Mass. "Being Jewish starts with food and holidays."

The conference, however, remained upbeat and positive. As he introduced the panelists, Dubin said, "We look around and see that being Jewish at a boarding school is not the challenge it once was."

And all the panelists who spoke were amazed that such a conference was taking place at all.

"In a million years, I never would have thought Phillips-Exeter would be in the Forward," Dubin said after the conference. That's right, goyim. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated as our slaves, rather than us being satisfied with assimilating as merely your equals. Equality with goyim makes us uncomfortable -- the struggle for equality is just a stop along the way to Jewish supremacy and goyim enslavement.

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