Jason X

by Mark Rivers

"Jason X" is the tenth installment in the "Friday the 13th" series of amusingly bad, low-to-medium budget slasher films (as opposed to the high-falutin', Oscar-worthy slasher films). It is not, as a negro couple at the theatre thought, the long-awaited sequel to "Malcom X."

In this movie, Jason the unkillable killer is cryogenically frozen from 2010 until 2455. He is revived, along with a 21st-century prison official (who just happens to be a beautiful woman), and the two of them have to duke it out on a space ship, along with a bunch of perky, twenty-something models in tow. Foremost among the crew are two negro males, both of whom sacrifice themselves to save the others. In fact, the strong negro military man "kills" Jason at the end by piggybacking him back into the planet's atmosphere, burning them both to cinders.

If you have seen all of the Jason movies up to this point (like I have), you can give it a look, just for tradition's sake. There are a couple of clever lines, and a humorous tribute to the "horny teen slasher pics" that made Jason a household name in the 80's. Just be aware of the negrophilic references within.

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