The Scorpion King

by Mark Rivers

I quit watching wrestling at age 14. Why, I thought then, would I want to watch something that was so melodramatically bogus? These days, the fakery that is Professional Wrestling now appeals mostly to the members of the White American Rabble who are not quite sophisticated enough for "Springer." Wrestling proponents (which is kind of like saying "NASCAR afficianados") will argue that wrestling is REAL -- it's just that the outcomes are pre-arranged. Well, folks, that means that it's fake. For decades, kids and mentally-challenged adults have been lauding the notion of two oiled-up aspiring stuntmen having a choreographed "fight," and pretending that it's real. And we wonder why White society is on the decline.

More depressing still is the fact that these same yahoos will see "The Scorpion King" and actually BELIEVE that it's real, just because Hymie the publicist said so at the press junket, and the papers reprinted the lie. This movie features the non-White "The Rock" as a pre-pharaoh Egyptian hero. He is accompanied by a Chinkette, a Semite and a gaggle of negroes and mud people, and they all face a predominantly White enemy. The main bad guy is a White man with an English accent, and his partner -- get ready for this -- is a young White man who murdered his wise old king father (who wanted peace with the muds) and joined forces with the other evil White guy.

The main intent of the filmmakers (whose ethnic origins, at first glance, are nebulous; do some digging for yourself if you want to find out exactly how many Jews were involved, and at what levels) was clear; make the non-Whites look good, and make the Whites look bad. This is becoming such a standard in Hollywood, it's almost a given. However, the filmmakers are also guilty of ripping off "The Beastmaster" and other movies of the genre. Further, they seem to have missed (or ignored) the essay "How to be a Successful Evil Overlord" by Peter Anspach, which can be found here: Take special note of numbers 6, 8, 12, 17, 19, 21, 30, 33, 46, 70, 76 and 80, as these rules were utterly disregarded by the makers of "The Scorpion King."

Besides being full of Conan-era film cliches and playing favorites with the dark folks, "The Scorpion King" has little worth mentioning. Skip it.

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