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March/February 2002

Race Traitor

Here's the headquarters of the Jew-sponsored "academic" political movement to literally kill off the White race. The theory is a bunch of horseshit, the practical meaning is that White demonization leading to genocide is jolly good. Here on Nazis and Pioneer Fund. Here's a race that would be better done away with than the White. Horowitz continues to promote reparations. Without Jewish lawyers, the concept would be inconceivable. He won't tell you that.

Fallavollita to Goldberg

Upbraiding the young punk. What a great life for Goldberg. Jews by nature are anti-American. Their presence here is a curse. They are solely responsible for turning American into just another turd-world manure pile.

French Thought These Days: Lévy and de Benoist

In the course of the exchange Lévy declared himself "shocked by the ideological and theoretical poverty" of de Benoist's writings, while de Benoist found Lévy's books "not worth a trifle." "I am filled with hatred for you," Lévy hissed. "I hate no one," de Benoist replied, for the sixteenth maxim of his code of aristocratic ethics (Les idées..., p. 52) enjoins: "Never hate, but despise often." It was the best show since Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley went after each other on television over a decade ago. The nouveau philosophe and the nouveau droitier, the prophet and the druid, seemed to deserve each other. What is needed is a New Hardness, a post-consumer artistocracy. Race offers a means to satisfy non-material drives. Save the race that built the world. Demolish the race that's destroying it. What better to dedicate your life to? We need to redirect the boldest and most daring into intellectual arenas and off the snowboarding slopes. Here's where the action is, guys. Kievsky is the perfect example: Xtreme politics. Just like you don't see on MTV, dude! We're the genuine alternative, we're the genuine rebels. Throw the Bacardi-by-night bs in the dumpster; clean and serious is where it's at. You know there's something better: this is it. More here, on Negri and Italia.

Good News from Germany

Church will help you if you don't abort. White children are valuable, even if illegitimate, girls. Do not murder them. Plenty of couples, brainwashed by Zogprop into waiting too long to have kids, would love to adopt yours.

Database with Cops, Anti-Racist Info

From Canada... Here on a militia murder plot in Montana. More here.


Jews are not able to defend the fact that of the 4,000 Israeli citizens who worked "in the vicinity of the World Trade Center" (reported in Jerusalem Post on 9/11/2001), NOT ONE OF THEM DIED. Not one. At the synagogue, Andrei Kievsky asked Jack Levin if he had any theories about how every single Israeli who "worked in the vicinity of the WTC" escaped death. Jack Levin didn't have an answer, and the Jews in the synagogue were put on notice that WE WANT SOME ANSWERS! Here the Jewboy Village Voice writer is only able to say, "In America they don't classify employees by religion." This is disingenuous -- the 4,000 figure refers specificially to people classified as Israeli citizens, and we know from the Jerusalem Post that there were 4,000 Israeli citizens employed 'in the vicinity of' the WTC." They all survived. What a coincidence, eh? Those are the facts, and they should be sufficient for putting Jewry on trial, convicting Jewry, and expelling it from all positions of power and influence in America. Here America offers a $5m reward for Pearl. Can you believe that? What White has America ever offered a reward for? More here on the hushing up of Pearl's Jewishness.

Web: Stalking the Wild Taboo

Good site, if you haven't see it. Here jewish furbelows bekid themselves. Facts about race here.


Typical of an age where the big questions are handled by gnomish jews out of sight of the public, which is only allowed to see this sort of sexually debased crap.

Media: ABC and Minorities

A 500-man database of nogs for comment. Here's what the world searches on Lycos, top 50. There's no denying it: we're brainy folks. "Oh, we're big stuff," as JimNob says, self-important shit that he is.

White portraitist Mike Blevins here. Main listings here.

Camp of the Saints

Coming true, as scrubhumans overrun us from the south. Here a nice Jew Gottfried piece on Buchanan's book.

Is Haider an Arab?

Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider claims descent from Arabic immigrants and is considering converting to Islam, according to Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's son Seif-al-Islam.

Prisons Overcrowded in England

Every single minority-created racial problem in America is being duplicated in England. Here on illegal aliens in Italy.


At the first "Holocaust" trial of German-born publisher Ernst Zundel, the premier Holocaust historian Raul Hilberg admitted that there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of the "Hitler gas chambers."

Jews: Hatable, and Hated

Day in, day out, Jews are getting blown up by the desperate people they oppress. The Palestinians know that there's only one solution to the Jewish Problem: No Jews. Just Right.

Who Knew? Who Didn't...

A week prior to the attack, an Iranian in Hamburg, Germany contacted police and warned them of an impending terrorist attack against the United States using hijacked planes. His warning specifically mentioned the World Trade Center.

Free Speech Is Not a Jewish Value

The Judeo-Judeo heritage is totalitarianism. Keep that in mind when they lambaste "nazis." The worst thing in history -- Bolshevism -- was entirely the creation of God's People. In this example we see that a vicar writing critically of His Eminence Bushy the Dyslexic inspires a police investigation. Only a terrorist would criticize the king. What next? Capital punishment for anybody caught poaching on Bushy's ranch? This is how life is lived under the Kikistocracy. For the hansels let me explain that kakistocracy is government by the "worst" -- has the same root as cackle -- 'cac' means 'bad.' And kike = kike. Kikistocracy is rule by the worst kikes. A tad redundant, but trips from the tongue.

Punks Busted for Burning Cars

Anarchists in Oregon...

Books: Günter Grass

Now writing about German victims...

The Most Rational Place on Earth

A thorough and thoughtful report on the American Renaissance The Cat Lady

New cartoon here.

New personal here, from Margie. Main list here.

The Right to Secede

Rights aren't paper products like Dixie cups. Rights are the child of will and weapon. If you want to be free, get out your sword. It's on you and me, pilgrim. Who? Whom? says the murderous Jew. We -- you, return we him. There's only one freight train running through my brain. And I think -- oh yeah -- I think you know what I'm saying...choochoochoo itz dopplering toward yahoo...No Jews. Just Right. Words we can live with. Come on people. Next time you wake up at 3:00 a.m., I want you to ask yourself just one question. Am I one of those Easter Bunnies made of solid chocolate? Or am I one of the hollow ones?

The Germans No One Talks About

Anyone who dares challenge a victor's history is, of course, considered a revisionist, and whereas the German people can be shamelessly maligned by the Daniel Goldhagens of this world (if Goldhagen is an historian, I'm a banana), anyone defending the memory of innocent German victims is up for lynching. The more I think of it, the more I like the idea of March 5 becoming a memorial day for those innocents who died under Uncle Joe Stalin. Thanks, Taki. Those who died in the Wilhelm Gustloff and during the bombing died while there was a war on. The later and far larger expulsions took place after the Potsdam agreement, after the war in Europe was over. Hundreds of thousands were raped, murdered and robbed, without a single American, British or French protest. The Germans, in fact, had become the new "untermenschen." Nobody has ever atoned for these dead, and no one has ever publicly regretted their fate. Acknowledging these sins now simply serves the consciences of those who tried so hard in the past to keep the victims as invisible as possible. So I have an idea. As the list of sacred days mounts up, why not add one more: a memorial day for the millions of victims of that festival of slaughter by the Red Army. And it can coincide with the memorial day for all the victims of communism in Russia, in China and throughout the world. March 5 would be appropriate, the day Joe Stalin croaked. One thing is for sure. I won't be holding my breath waiting for it to happen. But it can happen. Henceforward March 5 will be known as Victims of Jewish Bolshevism Day.

Banned for Criticizing Israel

Jews can't handle criticism. Jews are intolerant. Jews hate. Jews torture. Jews lie. And Jews murder. Jews steal hundreds of billions from your nation, White man. Jews are evil. Jews must be destroyed. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. Mr. Lofton proceeded to infuriate some listeners by effectively calling Israel a terrorist state and questioned the Jewish state's actions in the current Palestinian uprising. In the wake of a flood of irate calls, Mr. Lofton, who denies that he is anti-Israel, was banned for life from appearing on WCBM's airwaves. Kikes -- nothing but crybabies, day in, day out. The jews are laughable people, and a weak one too. The Jew has to slink around like a shifty-feeler'd cockroach because he can't face the light like a man. Jew -- you are loathsome. In our eyes and your own. You know what you are. Here on Hitler and Hanussen. Here ADLpates bemoan Holoprop jeers in Middle East.

Bananaman Using Mossad to Destroy Election Rival?

Anything, anything, ANYTHING rotten in this world, you slice into it, and goddammit if there ain't a kike in the middle of it. Just as Hitler said.

Did a Government Kike Mail the Anthrax?

Appears likely. This certainly fits the kikish MO: they are bitter little losers who practice chickenshittery behind the scenes because they are too cowardly to confront their problems head-on. How kikish to mail anthrax then blame it on an Arab colleague. "Chosen by god," LOL! God "chose" the Jews. No really. I'm not kidding. I'm -- bwahahaha! More here.

Jews Detested by Kangaroos, Wallabies and Australians

You always have to read these reports with a jaundiced eye, of course. Jews are notorious liars, and if there's a percentage in exaggerating something, they definitely will. The " Holocaust." The gift that keeps on giving! Don't you wish you could have your own "Holocaust"? Well you can't. They're only for Special people.


Kikes are crooks. It's that simple. Pierce on Jew swindler Winnick, with comments on VH1 "hate" rock special too. Slob liar out with a new book. If you think the trouble with modern art is not enough continuous loops of Cubans jerking off, you're in for special treat, my sick friend. Latest on the nigger body junkyard operator.


Israel vows revenge. Was Pearl a spy? Is his head for sale on Ebay yet? Oy! Echt yooish martyr, we've! Oy! income-producing, it's!

Spying: MS's "Media Player" Tracks Downloads

Microsoft's new version of its popular Media Player software is logging the songs and movies that customers play. ... "If you're watching DVDs you don't want your wife to know about, you might not want to give her your password," said David Caulton, Microsoft's lead program manager for Windows Media.

Anti-Ursine Hate Crime in Chinkistan

Electromechanical major Liu Haiyang, 21, said he had read about the bear's acute sense of smell and thought it contradicted the popular belief that bears were not intelligent, the official Xinhua news agency reported. "I wanted to test whether or not they really are stupid," Xinhua quoted him as saying. Thanks to our insane, Jew-friendly immigration policies, there are tens of thousands of these slants running around in mountains and swamps, looking for bears to kill for their gall bladders, eels to make creamy soups with, and rare mushrooms. The hills are alive, not with singing but with with fauna- and flora-filching gooks. Hear their excited squeals as they find what they came to steal.


Interview with novelist Simmons. "Our 'serious fiction' has not been serious for decades. Fiction has become a succession of literary games that amuse other game-playing writers and the reviewers who scamper to catch up to the game-playing and help create the arcane rules of 'excellence,' to applaud every self-serving, self-absorbed new piece of useless fantasy. But it's not serious fiction." In other words, it's been judaized, no quality need apply. Since jews have arrogated the right to supply the answers to all serious questions in politics, and since widely disseminated literature touches the political sphere, literature -- as academia, newspapers, films, everyday life -- has been Semitized for their protection. And Jewish goods; goods Jews approve, are of inferior make. You want the highest quality, you don't kauf at Witzstein's Deli. Any serious writer, or humorous, or horror writer, who can produce quality work should forward it and we will post it. We must be the culture we want to live in. We alone. Here's a good one: It's fascinating that in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, the only author in demand on the TV networks was Tom Clancy. As a writer, as a handler of language and character and metaphor, Clancy ranks somewhere slightly below the sixth-graders I used to teach. But he knows something -- about terrorists, about weapons of mass destruction, about the world we live in with all its fanaticism and teeth and cynicism and terror. Very good distinction. Good fiction should not only entertain, but instruct, in things small (details of submarines) and general: pschology of submariners.

Trouser Snake Wreaks Havoc in Göttingen!

Quoth Sideshow Bob: This will silence the critics who say I'm too...uptown for the tots! Can you dig it?


Jewish religion is Pure Hate. Jewish holidays are celebrations of Jews' bloodthirsty triumph over their rivals. What will they name the day they celebrate the genocide of the White West? Here a gush for "Holocaust" Deb's little book of horrors. Jews can't handle the truth. Lying Debbie Lipshitz judging Irving's historian's credentials is like a cocktail weenie judging a filet mignon. One funny thing about Jews is that usually they are found in the vanguard of the relativists, at pains to deny the validity of any absolute judgment -- but the minute you come within ten miles of their interests they shriek as one in horror about Evil and Lies and Racism. Kikes -- by their bitter fruit ye shall know them. All decent people spit them out, for they are bitter and evil men. That's not my conclusion, that's the conclusion of every nation they've insinuated themselves into.

Christopher Blocher

Story on a Swiss who doesn't support the New York Times's agenda for Switzerland. The jewfags stigmatize him because he doesn't want Switzerland to join the UN. Here Haider visits Iraq. Pim Fortuyn, a fruit and rightist Dutchman, is quite popular these days, as the anti-invader ranks swell, especially among the young. In the offending interview in De Volkskrant, Mr Fortuyn, the author of Against the Islamisation of our Culture and a former academic and television talk show personality, said: "I think 16m Dutchmen are about enough," when asked about immigration. "This is a full country." If he were in power, he said, he would cut the number of annual immigrants and asylum seekers from 40,000 to 10,000 "in no time at all", and would close the borders. Islam, he claimed, was "a backward culture" and Muslims allowed into the Netherlands looked down on the Dutch. "Moroccan boys never steal from Moroccans. Have you noticed that?" he said. "Gun" crime -- nog crime -- triples in London. More on Swiss against UN here.

Ecce Jude

What they are, what they do -- a perfect example. Here negroes cry at criticism of Black Studies. Here Kime killer gets 15 years. How many will he serve? Probably 3-4.

The Korrupt Kikes of the ADL, Guilty Again

If the U.S. were controlled by Whites, this group would long ago have been shut down as an organized criminal racket, its members deported or hanged. Instead, it pays a few parking-ticket fines, goes on subverting police nationwide. Scratch a jew, find a criminal -- always and everywhere. It's how they are, it's what they do. Usually you don't even need to scratch. ADL agent Roy Bullock was discovered to have a floor plan of murdered Los Angeles Arab American leader Alex Odeh and a key to his office. The ADL supplied confidential information to foreign governments that it obtained from police and federal agencies in the US. Having infiltrated the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), the ADL's "fact finder" performed a COINTEL-type operation at the convention of the Holocaust-denying Journal of Historical Review when he put ADC's literature on convention tables as a way of smearing the committee for "working with anti- Semites. The ADL has organized to silence and eliminate all critical voices of Israel from academia and the media and has targeted professors , particularly those who are African American, and who are critical of Israel." There's only one proper policy toward Jews: No Jews. Just Right. Here on spies posing as journalists.

Chimp Ready to Bolt

The Harare Harangutan may be on the way out. The jig's up for Bananaman. Spate of articles here, in this Guardian special report.

Kike Has High Position Advising on "Security" in New Jersey

Cipel started working in the newly created $110,000-per-year position Jan. 15 without a formal announcement by the Governor's Office. Administration officials acknowledged knowing few details about his job duties or background until reporters inquired about Cipel last week. An official resume was made available late Wednesday afternoon only after repeated requests made by reporters over the past week. Cipel, a former Israeli sailor who is still an officer in that nation's reserves, worked in a variety of public relations positions in Israel and the United States before joining the McGreevey campaign in spring 2001. During the campaign, he was both an informal adviser on security and liaison to New Jersey's Jewish community. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Jews lead us into wars, then they take the plum "security" positions their anti-American actions have created the need for. The Jew is your enemy, White man. He knows it. Do you?

Not Out of Africa

Just another Big Lie... Mayor McCheese sez, Nigga pleez! He also claims that John James Audubon is a nigger. Hmm... Fast with the food, fast with the facts.

Click here to see what would happen if America were controlled by Americans, rather than Jews.

Hey, Kids! Diversity is Our Greatest Strength!

Look at the pretty pictures! Coming soon to your neighborhood, AmeriKwa.

Texas Governors Debate Translated into English

This is probably one of Chittum's milestones. Meanwhile the feculent brown tide continues. Mexicans are not human beings. Mexicans are sewage. If we were a nation we would shoot their invaders and send the army to burn down their capital and hang Fox. Here a troop of baboons and its barrators lick their everted lips at all the watermelon and fried chicken they'll be able to buy after they shake down companies who dealt licitly in mammies and remuses lo these many decades ago.... Monkey see Jew, monkey do too. Niggers. They're so cute when they're room temperature.

More on Sudeten Germans

Austrian ones want recompense. Only 160,000 Sudeten Germans remain in Austria -- a fraction of the 2.5 million Germans expelled from postwar Czechoslovakia. The Czech government categorically refuses to make apologies for the Germans' removal from their land without compensation.

Semitical Correctness in Europe

Public insults of minority groups will be outlawed by draconian laws being written as I write. As everyone is now part of a minority, all this legislation means is that the EU can jail one with impunity, and if the political case is convenient, throw the key away. People like Jean Marie Le Pen and Jorg Haider will really have to watch their step. Mankind's long battle against intolerance will now end with the most intolerant laws of all being applied to 350 million supine Europeans. Whether these laws will be brought to bear on Islamic groups is not clear. Anyone insulting Christians is, of course, immune, as is anyone insulting whites per se.

Ventriloquent Bush

Whenever a dimwitted -- that is to say, Republican -- president utters a striking phrase, it's only a matter of hours before a speechwriter steps out from behind the curtain to take a bow. Why should the ventriloquist let the dummy get all the credit? In this case the ventriloquist was one David Frum, a Canadian Zionist journalist for whom "evil" means "enemy of Israel." The word "axis" was intended to equate the odd threesome of Iraq, Iran, and North Korea with the original Axis of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Never mind the minor distinction that the original Axis really was a working alliance, whereas the "axis of evil" trio aren't even on speaking terms. Did government insider send anthrax? Of course. Will they tell you about it? No more than they will what they did to set up the McVeigh cell or the extent of kikish spy infiltration.

Jews and the Evil They Do

Long list of articles, etc... Here's one on Wolfowitz and the Axis of Evil Hate Jews. No Jews, no war. No Jews. Just Right. Do you want your son to die for Israel, White man? Of course not. Let Hymie die for Hymie. More here on the warmongers.

Attacking Iraq

It's on Israel's agenda, and so the colony gears up. Here McConnell chips in against the real problem: access of kikes. Keep in mind that the term 'kike' was coined not by a nationalist, but by a Jew. What if America were controlled by Americans? Do you think we'd have a Washingtonian foreign policy?

Jewish TV: Just Another Addiction

Jewish hallucination box is worse than drugs. Kill the Jew in your living room before fedgov makes it a seeing eye. Here Jew Hitchens reviews the new book about the term 'nigger,' a term seldom used now that first-class Jews have made second-class coloreds legally superior to third-class Whites. The fact is, which Christabel refuses to recognize, nigger nails precisely the general truth about coons kikes like he deem it a hate crime to speak about or write laws to segregate against. They don't want you thinking about blacks as a group unless you're trying to get them to vote Republicant. The only solution is White revolution. No Jews. Just Right. Good news! Paula Poundstone seems to be licking her problem. Here on the "we're all gold-medalists" culture the shifty eyed beefmasters have set up for the barcoded bovines, drooling with their tongues out watching the comedic uplift of the featherless bipeds in "Up with People." Is that horrifying group still around? Don't tell me. I can't face the answer.

Lincoln: Gaunt Homosexual Dictator, or Tyrannical Jew-Beworshipped Nig-Enabler?

You make the call. Choose wisely! I am proud to say that one of my ancestors, Usher Linder, worked for Stephen Douglas against the nation-killer. These two writers may be blind to facts and reality when it comes to Lincoln but the great literary critic H.L. Mencken was not. In criticizing what historian Garry Wills approvingly calls Lincoln's "open air sleight of hand" in the Gettysburg Address, Mencken pointed out that, "It is difficult to imagine anything more untrue" than the bizarre assertion that Lincoln's army was fighting for self government. "The Union soldiers actually fought against self determination; it was the Confederates who fought for the right of their people to govern themselves." But now comes the time to redeem both lost causes in the war against the Jew. The Jew's been in the field fighting our folk for over 100 years. Only now are millions of people beginning to realize the name and nature of our true enemy. And building that recognition, more than any other reason, is why VNN exists. There is one policy and one policy alone that will see us through. You know what it is. Sing it with me: No Jews. Just Right.

Gun-Owner Controllers

They want to prevent private sales. More here on their latest tactics. 'Gun control,' like anything else infected with yids, is a misnomer. It's one aspect of gentile political control. And, per Hoffman, Jews see politics as essentially a form of gentile pest control. They hate you, White man. Whatever they actually do, they blame others for doing. Jews lie. Jews hate. Jews murder. Jews don't belong in civilized society. Jews don't belong in a White nation. Jews are unhealthy for you, your wife, your kids, your relatives, your friends, your neighbors, your community, your state, your nation. The only good jew is Danglestein.

A new personal from Carrie now posted here, check it out! And here from Jim.

A new promo here, and in Portugese here.

Gross Queers and National Pedophilia Radio

They don't call 'em Massholes for nothing.... A disgusting look into the Semitic insanity we are forced to subsidize in our schools and over our supposedly "national" Andrei Kievsky

Czech Republic: No Right of Return for Germans

The biggest mass expulsion in world history, brought about by conniving Stalin and kike-friendly Winnie the Sod and Jew-surrounded Roosevelt. Germany has long condemned as ethnic cleansing the Benes decrees, under which most of Czechoslovakia's ethnic Sudeten Germans were stripped of their property and expelled, with the victorious Allies' acquiesence. Now there are growing calls for the decrees to be lifted. Mr Zeman, however, argues that they deserved their fate. Many of Czechoslovakia's ethnic Germans supported Hitler's annexation of the Sudetenland, the border region where most of them lived. After the defeat of the Nazis, the Czechoslovakian government expropriated their homes and businesses and expelled them en masse. Many died in the forced expulsions. When 3m Germans are expelled, murdered, whatever, it's perfectly legitimate to scout for reasons. When Jews are involved, no reasons need be sought. The very discussion of Jewish behavior is taken for proof of criminal intent in most of the White West. Funny how everything Jews do is excusable, nothing Germans do is. The solution to the world's Jewish Problem? No Jews. Just Right.

Gov't in the Lying Business

Say hello to AmeriKwa, colony of Israel, kikistocracy at its worst. U.S. not interested in revealing who it detained or why. No need for kikocrats to explain themselves to mortals. Here on maquiladoras suffering downturn.

White Americans

SCRoberts says you're second-class citizens. Actually, as VNN has said many times, you're third-class citizens. Jews, niggers, then you. Nothing will change that fact until Jews are destroyed. This be not treason, this be truth. No Jews. Just Right. The watchword that will see us through. But no quarter for Roberts. He, like the rest of the cons, is a coward because he won't name the Jews he well knows are at the root of the symptoms he describes. Pure, simple cowardice. And the reason we're in the state we're in. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for Semitically Correct Robertses not to name them. Is that all you got in you, Roberts? Can't you do any better than that?

H. Rap Brown, Nigger's Nigger

No White guy could get away with 1/100th of what this clown has done. Not here in Zogistan.

AmeriKwa, a Wolfowitz-Gelbfisch Production

Here's a little taste of the country that Kike Horowitz covers up. Diversity sux. Mexcrement sux. Jew Horowitz says America can survive, even if it's 90% non-White. He means Jews can fare well in that environment. It will suck for you, White man. You'll have to leave it, just as you've left Southern California because you can't live comfortably among shitskins and similar animals that kikes like Dishonest Kahnmunist-Kahnservative Kike Horowitz filled YOUR country with. Do you remember signing over the right to decide the political future of America to kikes like Horowitz and Jewish hate groups like ADL? Me either. It's time to cashier the kikes and reestablish White control. No Jews. Just Right.

Cult Nigger Uses Jew-Brainwashed White Women While Cops Twiddle Thumbs

Wright didn't preach any cohesive religion, Singer said. His personality was the draw, along with his ideas of cleansing karma. A black man, he persuaded the white women to serve him "physically, financially, sexually" to atone for past transgressions whites in America had committed against blacks, Singer said. This is the sort of evil that takes place when Jews are allowed to control a White nation. Nigger sex cults are a symptom, Jew is the disease. No Jews. Just Right. The conservatives are too cowardly to tell you that -- that's why all their spokesmen are girls.

Special Privilege for Kikocrats

They're "trusted travelers" -- Easy Ted Kennedy and the jewfag lawyer blowing in his ear -- you're a dog turd, fit to have some obese she-nigger wipe a filthy wand over your nuts. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. The only solution is White revolution.


In the annals, this comes out pretty close to the top. Featherweight McGurn, perhaps using techniques he picked up in some Asian massage parlor, strokes away all the pressure. If only more nogs could be hand-educated in religious schools, all our problems would disappear. No mention of kike twistings behind Brown vs. Board of Education; no mention that kikes hate vouchers because they hate Christians and Whites. Nope. What we all care about is that "Toshika" -- niglet, not some off-brand Jap watch, as you might suppose -- get her math education. McGurn's a good example of what Sobran said about the real problem not being Jews but being gentiles. These guys like McGurn well know where their bread is buttered, employ all the euphemisms that pay, and that's what makes them despicable. I'll say it plain: We have no freedom because we have Jews. Like the tulips or the pigs in the Saki story, you can have one or the other -- not both. No Jews. Just Right. It's the sound of freedom.

Louie Hooey

From sea to shining sea, AmeriKwa is an increasingly unprepossessing Carol Ward

Movie Review: 'Super Troopers'

A dot-head co-wrote and directed this film about how cartoonishly stupid White police officers Mark Rivers

Two awesome new Tsun promos here and here; one hair-raisingly scary Wolzek promo here.

French-Fried Freedom

Truth takes second place to Jew tears.

On Art

How we got here: As a disheartened Delacroix complained in his journal in 1847: "The traditions are exhausted. All the great problems of art were solved back in the sixteenth century." Hence, we find modern artists not so much trying to build on the achievements of the Old Masters as breaking them down to disclose art's hard quintessence, abandoning one by one every visible means of support: narrative, figuration, feeling, space, and -- in works by the Fluxus group of the early 1960s -- even authorship. Here on Riefenstahl. As always, Nazis are the only ones we are allowed to judge. Judge anything else and we're "judgmental," a bad thing. But allow me a revaluation of values: Kikes are evil. Nazis aren't.


Equality meant nothing to him; he believed that it would inevitably push everything down to the lowest common denominator, that of the "democratic herd animal." Life, he insisted, is tragic; it is necessary to choose between justice and aesthetic perfection. In his late writings he expressed fantasies of annihilation, with "degenerates" gotten rid of to make room for the highest type of man. The figure who embodied his hopes was the Übermensch, not to be confused with his virtuous comic-strip namesake. The Übermensch is a possible successor to man, self-created by bringing to consciousness all the strong and contradictory forces that lie beneath the human surface, acknowledging the omnipresence of the will to power, and re-valuing all existing values, through the assessment of their genealogies, from the perspective of this enlarged acceptance of life. Here a new book on nationalism. Here on the failure of Marxism.

Snowdrifts: Part Two

The Movement and William Randolph Royere III

Do-It-Yourself Hate Letter

Ever wanted to articulate your displeasure with what VNN has to say? Look no further! This ready-made form letter expresses your thoughts better than you ever could! Mark Rivers

Movie Review: 'Hart's War'

The first entry in the 2002 "Jour de la Corde Awards" is here! Join the National Alliance today, to ensure that proper recognition is delivered to those responsible for this Mark Rivers

Bennett's Run-In With Wolves...

The subject of Bennett's first advice column fires Snow Wolf

Bongo Madness in Zimby

Chimps are hooting and looting as usual. Niggers are little more than monkeys; to pretend they can handle political power makes us fools.

Izzy Bill Seeks Racial Cleansing

Wait. Segregation is outlawed in America. America ships hundreds of billions to the kikes in Israel. They seek to racially cleanse the Jewish racial state by law! In this country if a single student at a university has a loan from fedgov, the institution becomes public, subject to all the anti-White hate laws the Jews have passed. So why isn't the recipient of hundreds of billions subject to same? Because Jews control America. That's why America is turning to shit. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Trust Jefferson, not Horowitz. Horowitz is a kike and a liar. Jefferson was a White man who spoke the truth when he said "The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government."

Norway: Drug Deaths Mount

Niggers and drugs come to Norway thanks to NWO and Jews. Here on the growth of the rightist Progress Party. Now the second biggest party in Norway, it seeks immigration limits.

Criticize Israel, You're Anti-Jew

The very existence of non-Jews is anti-Semitic, the sheenies think. Another reason they're hated by everyone they encounter. Hate Jews in Israel are shooting journalists like they're Palestinian kids. Here on Bushy buddy who may head "Holocaust" Council.

Media: The Strange Case of Stephen Schwartz

On a curious "expert" oft-cited in the controlled media these days. It is almost a joke that a man like this is being allowed to publish a scurrilous and evil work defaming the faith of Islam, just as he did in his history of the Sailor's Union, derided by his fellow anarchists, and just as he did in his history of the POUM, derided by POUM survivors. He is alone the stereotype of what has happened to America's publishing and media industry as it has collapsed under the weight of Jewish censorship and Israeli lobby interests - any Jew, no matter how wacky, is being allowed to print any insane and degrading nonsense he pleases, while all non-Jews, no matter how reasonable and well-researched their arguments, are being denied a platform for their principles. His power over US policy on Saudi Arabia is as insulting and degrading as the power to torture that the Jewish Bolshevik commissars wielded over the good and simple men and women of peasant Russia.

Double the Scum

American population to double in 60 years. Non-desirables, like Mexicans and other waste products.

FDR, Liar Extraordinaire

Cultural change in U.S. government when this oilster took over. Here on anti-war traditions. Here on pro-Pal rally in Berkeley. One less yahoodi at Syracuse.

Irving on Milosevic

As an Englishman I am distinctly uneasy about the trial now proceeding at the Hague. It is as lopsided as the 1945-1946 "International Military Tribunal" at Nuremberg -- which was neither International, nor Military, nor a Tribunal. Here, auf Deutsch, on evil right- wingers.

No Jews. Just Right.

Learn it, love it, live it -- or you'll be sorry. As nation after nation has discovered, kikes are evil and must be dealt with severely. Here's what happens when American terrorists under the direction of the Jew chemically poison Iraq with depleted Uranium shells. Not pretty. Then we wonder why we're hated. How many Jews actually control this country? How hard would it be for us to get rid of these evil Jews?


The media plays up a White resister to Mugabe. Called "Tawanda" by his friends, he speaks fluent Shona and has delivered impassioned speeches at MDC rallies. Crowds of up to 45,000 people have cheered him on."He defies the perception Mugabe has tried to create, that whites are all arrogant, unpatriotic, racist parasites," said Tendai Biti, a black opposition MP and lawyer who has represented the teenager in court. "He's one of us." You can resist a nigger dictator, but only if you're multicultural and anti-racist. Here's a typical nigger story. They're animals. That's all you can say.

Rebel Flag Up in Florida

Other black leaders said the prominent display expressed hatred toward minorities. "It may be his private property but it's in the public," said state Rep. Frederica Wilson. "That's advertising hatred." That's about the level of reasoning a nigger's capable of. And that's why, as Jefferson knew, the two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. When they do it's called Zimbabwe. Here on nogs and the kooky crematory. More here. Niggers are good at beating overturned paint drums. Beyond that, they're pretty much useless. Gook diversity sux too. And here on niggers in St. Paul.

Canada: CanWest and What You Can't Say

No Izzy-crit allowed...

Media: Sam Francis Forum Will Close on March 1, 2002

Why? Ward's latest here. Discusses censorship at Feeb Republic, among other topics. Cops don't like it when you post information about them on the web. They just want to collect information on you. And money. Duke's interview with Hal Turner here. Great "Ethnic Cleansing" ads! Here on Evola and National Socialism. Here Bill White and Kike Horowitz go at it... Now there are two kike papers in Berlin. Here charges are dropped against

White Art: Sinclair Lewis

"I love America," said Lewis, "but I don't like it." Here on Brookhiser's new book on the Adamses. John Quincy's diary is brilliant -- he hates everyone -- and ought to come back into print in a one-volume edition. Henry's book on the Middle Ages, Mont Saint Michel and Chartres, is a masterpiece: beautiful and painful. Here review of new PBS documentary, more or less, on Scopes Trial, including typical Jew-ridden National Review attack on racism. Darwin was a racist and a proponent of eugenics, and both were rooted squarely in his account of evolution.Darwin spent quite a bit of effort in the Descent trying to determine whether human races had evolved sufficiently to be considered distinct species. "Some of these, for instance the Negro and European, are so distinct that, if specimens had been brought to a naturalist without any further information, they would undoubtedly have been considered by him as good and true species." Here's a choice Darwin quote: So it was that Darwin predicted "At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes [that is, the ones which look most like the savages in structure] . . . will no doubt be exterminated. The break will then be rendered wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope...the Caucasian, and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as at present between the negro or Australian and the gorilla." I can believe I evolved from a monkey. I often feel like a monkey. I cannot believe I evolved from a Mugabe. Here a look back at Waylon Jennings.

Media: Hating the South

Some stupid points, but some decent info in this piece. Greenfield show canceled. Big surprise. Another yid drip trading solely on his yahoodihood people don't want to listen to. Heck they'd rather listen to a moronic, unprepared "peanut butter is good!" yahoodi like Larry "King." Here on vampire attacks in Colombia. Here on the fedgov forcing booksellers to reveal what you bought. Here on weblogs.

New VNN promo here, courtesy of Victor Wolzek. And here too. Got Jews? Got problems. No Jews. Just Right. USE THESE...


Not even the pretense it's a nation anymore.The GOP is sending leaders to Spanish language immersion camps, holding "Hispanic Day" events, and, as Rove put it, making the Latino vote "our mission and our goal" requiring effort of all Republicans "in every way and every day working to get that done." Anti-Jew, pro-White is the only way to go. The Republicans are just jewish socialists of another stripe.

Jews Heap Hate on Christians

It never ends. Poor Izzy. The trials and tribulations he suffers in this cruel, cruel world. You deserve the death pit, Hymie. You can find a thousand articles like this, but hardly a single one talking about what the Jews actually did when they were in control of the Soviet Union. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. THE JEW IS BENT ON WHITE GENOCIDE. Jews no longer control the discussion, and that has them very, very worried and seeking to censor the Internet. To put it bluntly, the truth is the enemy of the jew, and he well knows it. "Even the best of the goyim should be killed." That's what Jews truly think about non-Jews. They hate you and want to kill you. And history has borne out that they practice what they preach. Beat them to it, White man. More letters in reaction to Buchanan and Locke's piece on his new book here.


Here progressive labor puppies act like cheap punks. Good Raimondo column on the Olympics.

Pals Destroy Izzy Tank

Good news.

Bush Pushes Amnesty for Mexcrement

And here's a nice example of the kind of thing public schools are always demanding more money for.

Media: Jew Poe Departs Frontpage

Oy! Media kikes are like buses; there'll be another one along any minute. Here on media and Congress and Shays-Meehan attempt to control political speech.

Jews Conclude Austria Shakedown

For now. Jew shakedowns never really end, they're just quiescent for periods...

White Art: Carlyle

For all his literal and metaphorical flatulence, Carlyle was a man of extraordinary integrity who refused to be seduced by the lure of either fame or fortune (doubly admirable given that he was over 40 before The French Revolution gave him an inkling of either). He was also touchingly kind to ordinary working men, the people from whom he had sprung and who, he believed, were the biggest losers in Britain's shift from an agrarian to an industrial economy. More here on his life with wife Jane Welsh.

Sophisticated Homespun Advice, #1

Listen up, Lady Bulldogs: No matter how hard you hoop, bungee and kayak, if you don't have balls, then you're not a man. That simple. Fräulein Bennett kick-starts the latest VNN feature with some painfully salubrious castor oil for the Runs-with-Wolves Elizabeth Bennett

Twist Inside

A short story about A. Joe Gregory

On "Fight Club": Militia Subversion Without Racism

As stylish entertainment it's more than a technical knockout, but as radical politics it's Jew-approved shadow-boxing with kid Victor Wolzek

Ten Niggers Arrested for UVa White Attacks

"The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." -- Thomas Jefferson. This is what he meant. Kike Horowitz says Jefferson was a liar, but then Kike Horowitz is a kike, isn't he? And lying's what they do, isn't it? Note that the article says some of the coons admitted they attacked Whites because they were White, yet the mayor says the motive isn't known. Here Francis on Virginia and other hush crimes. Just another jerk-job column, probably written in his sleep. Nothing will change until Whites are willing to stand up for Whites. The way to do that is to destroy the Jew who has laid the conditions for White genocide. We must do to the Jew exactly what he is doing to us, while hypocritically bleating "tolerance!" and "diversity!" Niggers are only allowed to rampage against Whites -- to rape, infect, murder, rob and assault them -- because Jewish lawyers made it that way. Jewish lawyers with the money and across-the-board support of organized Jewry and the Jewish community. If collective guilt is appropriate in speaking of any group of people in human history, Jews are the place. There is nothing short of destroying Jews that will work. Their entire multi-thousand-year history shows that they do not change their spots, though their words and eyes are plenty shifty. Canny Sammy knows all this, but he's afraid to tell you. Because it wouldn't be good for his career, and if he's anything, he's a Career Girl. A Jew down in Virginia might complain like last time and get another paper or two to drop his column. And then he'd lose his valuable pulpit from which to jerk off the masses. Pitiful, it's. But remember always: Apes attacking Whites with impunity and jerking White columnists are merely symptoms: Jew is the disease. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. THE JEW IS YOUR ENEMY, WHITE MAN. His every action proves it.... No Jews, no immigration. It's that simple. We Whites have never wanted it, just organized yahoodis. Here Vdare and MacDonald comments on Nordicism.

ELF-ALF, the Real Home-Grown Terrorists

The professional Jewish hate groups and the oft-quoted individual liars, you know who I mean, love to defame pro-American Whites as "terrorists." These bunnistas are the real thing. One good way to protect nature, elfs, would be to destroy Jews. Without the immigration policies they forced on the rest of us, there would scarcely be 100 million people in the U.S., and they'd be more than 90% White. And Whites are the race from which are filled almost exclusively the ranks of stinky and cretinous dirt-firsters.


Not enough niggers and kikes to satisfy the zogoffs. Utah was built by Mormons, not Indians. If you've ever met any of the Indians in Utah, they're basically good for four things: stealing clocks, spreading VD, keeping "state liquor stores" in business, and messing up buffet salad bars. The fact is there's plenty of booze in Utah, and far too many fags and Mexicans and liberal press morons. It's just as S.C.-homogenous as anywhere else: we want to be a galaxy-class economy for the 25th century, we luv people from every planet, even blind crater-trogs from the dark under-caves of Sniffula XIV, outstanding international university of international repute visited internationally by foreign internationals of interplanetary -- nay -- intergalactic importance. Here on Jewhagen, anti-Christian.

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