Super Troopers

by Mark Rivers

The comedy troupe "Broken Lizard" fancies itself as carrying on the tradition of Monty Python. I consider its brand of comedy closer to that of Mel Brooks, in that it relies heavily upon jokes about bodily functions, sexual perversion and drug use.

In Broken Lizard's film "Super Troopers," dot-head Jay Chandrasekhar directs his troupe-mates in a purposeless romp through "Whitey is stupid" land. The negroes in the audience howled in laughter when the White teens on the screen gobbled down loads of pot and mushrooms as the cops approached. They laughed harder when the troopers smoked pot later in the film.

"Super Troopers" is about a group of state police troopers who are confronted with the spectre of losing their jobs due to budget cutbacks, in addition to the constant badgering the city police dish out. The city cops even refer to the dot-head as a Mexican, thereby showing what ignorant racists they are. The city cops are also big-time drug smugglers, as the troopers find out later. Yes, as docu-dramas like "Corky Romano" have shown time and time again, the greatest contributors to America's drug problem are racist White folks.

The dot-head has a White girlfriend, a hippie chick. They have a mulatto son together, who is the only child shown in the film (hint, hint, ladies!). At one point, the dot-head and his partner meet a German wife-swapping couple in a stolen Porsche; the wife is a total whore and the husband is a flaming homo. The four of them have a little orgy together (hint, hint, married White folks!).

The fat and stupid cop spends the movie being fat and stupid -- repeatedly. The point is driven home over and over again that White cops are overweight, racist retards. We have a dot-head, a handful of race-traitors and a few Jews (producers Amy Cohen and Kevin Weiss among them) giving us yet another movie that makes White people look bad. This will keep happening until we put a stop to it.

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