Hart's War

by Mark Rivers

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present "Hart's War": the first candidate for this year's coveted "Jour de la Corde" Award. This film has everything that a World War II courtroom drama should have:

--a tyrannical, psychotic Nazi Commandant who kills innocent prisoners in cold blood;

--Nameless, dehumanized Nazi guards who are either scar-faced and somber or fat and bumbling;

--a defiant, yet wimpy, liberal Army lieutenant whose blindness to race makes him the hero;

--a short-sighted Army colonel whose devotion to winning the war makes him a villain;

--a pair of smart, articulate negro officers, one of whom is martyred, the other persecuted;

--a few thousand "racist" American dogfaces, who see the error of their ways by the end of the film;

--and, last but not least, a fleeting, yet meaningful shot of poor, pitiful Jews being carted off on a prison train, to be used in scene 34 of "Schindler's List III."

"Hart's War" takes place in Germany in the Winter of 1944-45. Lieutenant Thomas Hart (Colin Farrell), the son of a U.S. senator, is assigned to a cushy job at HQ. When an accident gets him captured, Hart is shipped to a POW camp, where he meets 4th-generation West Point grad Colonel William McNamara (Bruce Willis), a tough-as-nails, get-the-job-done kind of guy.

Hart is assigned to the enlisted men's barracks, where part of his job is to babysit the two negro pilots that were just brought in. Naturally, the Whites in the barracks refer to them with the dreaded "n-word," and object loudly to their presence. Hart chastises them all, especially the White sergeant, saying that the sergeant's two years with the East St. Louis Police Department didn't give a true depiction of what negroes are really like. In order to be truly enlightened, says Hart, one must attend Yale with a few darkies, most of whom have been hosed down, put into human clothes and taught how to tap dance.

One of the negroes is framed for having an illegal "shank," so the Nazis take him out and shoot him. We are treated to long, drawn out shots of granola-boy Lieutenant Hart pining away for this lost treasure. Later, one of the negro's fellow "Tuskegee Airmen" (you know, the negroes who won World War II for us -- thanks negroes!) engages in a dogfight over the camp, and shoots down a Nazi fighter. As the racist sergeant cheers, the lone porch monkey points out that the pilot of the American plane is a negro. Ha! Put that in your racist pipe and smoke it, Whitey!

The downed Nazi plane lands right on the POW theatre, which had been putting together a variety show featuring "In the Führer's Face." Awfully accommodating of the Nazis to let the men put on a show mocking their leader, eh? A few days later, the racist sergeant winds up dead, and the remaining negro is charged with the crime. Colonel McNamara tries to shame the Commandant into giving the negro a trial, and the Commandant agrees, mostly because he needs something fun to relieve his boredom.

The Commandant, also a Yale alumnus, invites Hart to join him for a little chat. In his office, the Commandant admits his weakness for negro Jazz records, which are, of course, strictly verboten within the Third Reich. He also gives Hart a Court Martial manual. McNamara is outraged that Hart would accept help from the Nazi, and Hart is outraged that McNamara would just as soon see the negro hang for the crime, of which he is obviously innocent. Remember, according to the movies, negroes don't commit crimes. EVER. Just bear that in mind the next time you are mugged and beaten by Rastus and his pals, or when your wife and daughter get raped and killed by a pack of the worthless savages http://www.newnation.org.

The trial goes on, and the negro makes speech after speech about how oppressed he is, how cruel and unfair the world is, how hypocritical the Americans are for being racists while fighting the Nazis, and boo-hoo-hoo, bla bla bla. Just like in "Glory," the noble apes putting their lives on the line for America's freedom and democracy are unappreciated and unsung. Hey, White Man, how about giving them your children to show your gratitude for all of the many millions of contributions they have made to improve your life?

Here's how the movie ends: Colonel McNamara has been working on a tunnel, the origin of which is in the burned-out theatre where they are holding the trial. Turns out he murdered the sergeant, because the no-good racist sergeant was going to squeal about the tunnel. McNamara plans to sneak out 35 officers during the jury deliberations, while the innocent negro is put to death. The officers, once out of the compound, will then bomb the nearby munitions factory.

Hart the homo, being the type of guy who prefers saving a chimp to winning a war, objects in the strongest possible terms by gritting his teeth and giving the camera a good hard stare. Still, Hart decides not to interfere with the escape. Instead, he sacrifices himself for the negro by confessing to the murder, and he is led out into the compound for his execution. McNamara, still thinking that the negro will be executed for the crime, re-appears outside the gates and is let in to face the music. The munitions plant blows up, and McNamara takes full responsibility for everything. The Commandant shoots McNamara in the head. Hart does a final voice-over about how the negro went home and taught his son the meaning of honor, as the music swells. The end.

Producer Arnold Rifkin is the only obvious Jew name that jumped out at me from this MGM release. Of course, it wouldn't surprise me a bit to find out that there were a lot more behind the scenes here and there. Remember, though...although Jews are calling the shots in most of the media these days, there are a few Whites who decide what Mom and Pop America see on the big and small screen. These Whites are no better than their kike counterparts; they play the exact same tune as the Jews do ("Blackie good -- Whitey bad"). Movies like "Hart's War" just stir up more and more anti-White sentiment, even among Whites, who see this movie, then determine that they must A) believe this was a true story, B) be really sorry for being such racists, and C) start taking steps to make up for all of the horrid things they have done to the negroes.

Don't be one of those White lemmings or collaborators. Join the National Alliance.




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