Gross Queers and National Pedophile Radio

by Andrei Kievsky

Today I was driving around Boston and I tuned in to National Public Radio with Terry Gross, Jewess. She was interviewing author/screenwriter Todd Solondz, Jew.

Let me preface my remarks by saying that I don't like picking on people. I know some of you might be inclined to interpret what I say that way -- and picking on people is in fact an idee fixe in Solondz's work -- but I want to assure these remarks are in no way intended to belittle these poor little weirdos.

No, I consider Terry and Todd fair game for one reason, and one reason alone, and that is the Jewish media monopoly. Jews not only control the private media companies, they also dominate the publicly funded "National" Public Radio. That alone makes them and what they say our business. Still, if White folks (pro-self/kind non-Jewish Whites of wholly European descent) had their own radio stations and TV stations and newspapers, I probably wouldn't give Terry and Todd a second thought, because I would have a choice to tune in to quality Aryan radio. But I don't. Jew 1 talking to Jew 2 is effectively the only game in town -- a fact I resent very much -- so I am going to be as harsh as I can.

Gross was interviewing Solondz about the latter's latest movie, "Storytelling." Apparently the main character is an aspiring author with cerebral palsy, and the politically correct message we are supposed to get is that people perceive the main character only through the filter of his disability. It's the 1001st variation on the same old guilt trip they use to promote and "privilege" (as they like to say) every group except able-bodied White heterosexual non-Jewish men.

And this is the broader point of "Storytelling," yet another lesson in "sensitivity." But Solondz throws in some Jewish perversions and Jewish humor to spice up the political message. First of all, the main character's father is a pedophile, and the main character goes to his pedophile father to talk about his misgivings about his penis. Terry Gross at this point breaks in and says something to the effect that "every boy at some point does this, but isn't it funny how his father is a pedophile and has to have this talk with him." Well, I never had this problem, and I never talked about my genitals with my parents, and also I don't find anything humorous about pedophiles.

However, I do believe that Jews are making a concerted effort to normalize pedophilia/pederasty. I'm not going to go so far as to say I have proof, but I shall present what I believe is a preponderance of evidence. Exhibit A is this article in Insight magazine. And here is an article about the teaching of details about homosexual sex in the classrooms, including having students fill out surveys forcing them to "question their heterosexuality." This is insane, and any normal Gentile who looks at this realizes it borders on institutionalized pedophilia already, and definitely constitutes psychological abuse. Now, as for tying this particular society destroying campaign to Jews, I offer three pieces of evidence.

First, the towns mentioned in this article -- the egregious offenders, the so-called "cutting edge" in bringing homo indoctrination to the schools -- all have very large Jewish populations. Newton and Brookline are practically Jewish shtetls in their own right, but Ashland and Framingham too have significant Jewish populations.

Second, remember that the Anti-Defamation League in Boston has thrown its support behind homo indoctrination in Massachusetts schools.

Third, remember when the Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts had the freedom of association rights to exclude gay scoutmasters? The Reform Synagogue of Judaism pulled its sponsorship of the Boy Scouts on account of this, and the whole lot of us out here said, "Phew, good riddance!" Well lookie here! Yep, makes you say, "Oh, that's why the Reform Synagogue dumped the Boy Scouts! Normalization of pedophilia is part of the big "tikkun olam" plan! When pedophilia is decriminalized, rich Jews will be able to buy poor children for sex slaves, and it will be a "hate crime" to "judge" them! Where will they stop, after all? Do you see any end in sight? I don't.

The Catholics may have their own problems with pedophilia, but at least they aren't fighting for the "right to access to children" the way the Jews are. At least Catholicism as an institution officially works against sexual deviance, and against destroying the innocence of children. Even if this is merely "lip service," it is a lip service that helps the little people out here who can use all the help they can get in persuading the masses to fight the descent into a completely degenerate society. At least the little old Catholic ladies still agree with us that homos shouldn't be allowed to adopt children, and that gays should not be scoutmasters. My lemming cousin believes in all the racial equality nonsense, she is 95% Semitically Correct, but at least she was still shocked when I showed her the articles about homo indoctrination in the schools.

The media monopoly has led to a certain solipsism for the Jews. They go around saying, "everybody does this," and "everybody thinks this," and "this happens to everybody," (like pedophilia and asking one's parents about one's genitals) but they are wrong. The Jewish experience is most definitely NOT the universal experience.

However, I think they are counting on getting away with this, just like they got away with everything else in the past. Even though my lemming cousin still doesn't like homo indoctrination in the schools, she is in every other way "softened up" to the New World Order program. As Grant Bruer says, she's making the typical CONservative fallacy of "I accept lies A-K but balk at J-Z." I tried to tell her, "Look, if you play by the 'house rules' of the synagogue, the 'house' always wins."

But you know, things are cumulative. White folks have been accepting greater and greater piles of steaming feces shoveled their way from the studios of Hollyweird and Jew York, but if the day comes when they reject it, we will make sure they reject the whole program, lock, stock and barrel. We will show them how they have been deceived by the Jew ever since it first started disembarking from Ellis Island in the late 19th century, how Jews have been planning the current U.S. invasion since they first got off the boat themselves.


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