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Black-Rapes-White Story of the Day

These stories are, in reality, as common as dog-bites-man... but are nearly always played down, back-paged, or run without mention of race of the perp in the "mainstream" media...This time the victim was an 11-year-old White girl...

Hitler and Franco Were Telling the Truth...

Newest research about what was really going on in the Spanish Civil War -- which, with its "Abraham Lincoln Brigade" of U.S. lefties fighting for Communism, is still the object of mythologizing by the traditional enemies of the truth -- proves that the real victors in WWII were the Soviets and Jews.

U.S. Threatens Boycott of U.N. Racism Conference

Why? Because (we're sure you've already figured this out) God's Pets are being (justly) targeted.

Miami Jewess, Paragon of Virtue, Killed in Front of Family and Neighbors

We-love-a-mystery...Everyone quoted/described in this story, from the victim, the family, the neighbors, the eulogizers, etc., is a Chosenite -- except for the killer. The jarring off-note is that the killing looks like a contract hit...

Sir Henry Bessemer

Inspiring story of one of the great White men who tranformed the world while niggers dozed, swatted at flies. Especially amusing -- Bessemer's invention of the "plumbago compressor," which gave us the modern pencil while putting a Jewish monopoly out of business.

Between the Lines: Iran is Mideast's Primary Menace

VNN tells you what the Oakland Tribune Jew won't.

Hate-Filled Kike Trolls Attack Free Speech in France

Juden 'raus. France for the French. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing, White man?

Selling the Wetback Flood

That's all the Controlled Media do. Here non-Mex illegals want special privileges too. Here Bush's move is about to create a border rush. Here on Cin cop policy changes.

Media: College Female Attitudes

Hooking up and virgins running neck and neck. As P.J. O'Rourke once said, practice as much private morality as you can, and keep your mouth shut. Everybody isn't a whore, despite what you see on tv. Here teachers can buy homicide insurance. This is what they mean by "diversity is our greatest strength." It grows the economy by occasioning the need for exciting new services: murder insurance. Here Jews tell you not to marry.


Fags make EU headway... We can only quote one of our loyal readers: Britain: Homo capital of the world. Skateboarding is not a crime! Here 15,000 wogs to descend on Harlesden. Wogs out. Britain for Whites. Now British nationalists are accused of Islamophobia. Of course, Islam states that its followers cannot live under (and therefore must destroy) a non-muslim government ... Here Zimb chimps move against BBC. Here Oldham flares again.


NATO continues to support its destruction at hands of murderous Albanians.

Jamaica: The Things Niggers Do

Miss Clio say, Stay away from de island, mon. These diyurty niggahs be up to no goood.


Protecting its war-criminals... Here professional Hmyie hatemongers cry that Brazilians don't know enough about the "Holocaust," whatever that is. Really, do we need to teach our kids anything else but profitable Jewish myths? Why? Here Israel kills Hamas member. Here our nifty home-grown ZOG seeks to punish Arafat. Congress indeed is Israeli-controlled territory. Here on Sharon's war crimes.

Human? Or Ape?

Mama cried and the ape lied.

First Case of West Nile Appears in Florida

Clearly a harbinger of things to come...

Houston Preferential "Minority" Hiring Ruled Illegal

The all-too-rare ruling -- from a federal judge, and based upon Texas state law, is sure to be the subject of "minority" protests...Meanwhile, in California, a judge, ignoring Supreme Court ruling, has ordered the CHP to "improve racial balance"...VNN wonders how much longer the black/brown/yellow "minority" designation can be claimed as the sole property of non-Whites. The word gives non-Whites a phoney "underdog"/victim status -- and lulls Whites into a dangerous and false sense of security.

White History: Confederate Sub, the Hunley, Is Found

And shows that, along with courage, the South had an engineering genius missing from accounts of the Confederacy in most history books.

On the Right to Bear Arms

By the clear intent of those dead White men, the Founders, it's not a "privilege" and not "granted" -- and therefore not subject to "compromise."

Black on Portland School Board Pays Usual Penalty for Mentioning Truth about Jewish Domination

The pattern should, by now, be depressingly familiar to everyone: First, a non-Chosenite states the simple truth -- that Jews dominate, control and manipulate every facet of public life (and have a strong foothold in control of private life); next, a huge yidlet swarm descends upon the transgressor from every direction and threatens his/her career and "reputation"; finally, an "apology" is wrung from their victim, thereby confirming the truth of what he/she had to say -- and serving as a cautionary example to anyone else contemplating candor on the topic. More here and here.

Ape Control

Doctor, under apartheid, allegedly bought a zoo to test chemical 'groid control agents on wild animals. Why is it so bizarre to conduct such a test upon the negro's nearest relatives? If he's charged with anything, it should be cruelty against critters.

Defendant Sharon

Camel-faced Ariel Sharon will soon be "defendant Sharon" and asked to answer for his planned massacres of women and children in the Shabra and Shatilla refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982. Under the Butcher of Beirut, a Christian Zionist militia (Farah types) spent a couple of days killing women, children, babies and old men after the Jews had lured the able-bodied males out by launching another attack elsewhere. Mr. Sharon has a long record of provoking Arabs and carrying out massacres and property theft against his neighbors. Close to a decade ago, he suggested (on the floor of the Knesset), that the Jews militarily take over all of the "promised" land which includes a great deal of the Middle East. The proposal was rejected on the grounds that too many Jewish lives would be lost. As the Talmud instructs, Jewish lives are -- after all -- the only genuine humanlives, while other, Gentile, lives are the equivalent of those of cattle.

Anti-Racist Cult Kills Three

Confused whiggers seek out a motive for their homicidal tendencies..what better place to gravitate toward than an anti-racist cult...

Jews Digging Up Vatican Bones in Ongoing Shakedown

This must be the prototype for future holocaust shakedowns. Jews digging in Vatican records to find information to use in blackmailing Catholics into compromising their principles, defaming their leaders and departing with their dollars. They have already bled Germany and its allies dry and continue to receive massive foreign and military aid with which to kill Palestinian babies. They've secured money from companies which dealt with the Nazis (willingly or not). They have hounded and persecuted anyone who has spoken out against them. They have cleaned out the European nursing homes of men who were drafted into the Nazi army. They are now working on getting reparations from those who "didn't do enough" and now they have found a gold mine, the Vatican. After they have totally destroyed the reputations of their Saints and former Popes, they'll go after those who associated with the Catholic Church during the war. Look out Red Cross! The Jews are coming! The Jews are coming! And they are bent on revenge. The World War Two generation is dying, so now they are looking for BONES to dig up. What will they do after there are no more bones? They'll think of something...they always do.

Raimondo on America's Cynical Alliance with KLA

What's really been going on in U.S. involvement in the Balkans makes dirt seem clean...

Feeling White

A spiritually sick White race fails to resist Jewish C. Corey

Movie Review: Along Came a Spider

Morgan Freeman, king of the negroes, co-produces and stars in a film about a negro hero cop who fights White villains. Who could have guessed it? Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Cats & Dogs

This movie made me laugh out loud. I still don't recommend it. What's my problem, anyway? Mark Rivers

Chagas Disease

One of the blessings of diversity from south of the border...

Macedonian Mobs Attack U.S. Embassy

...and with good reason. NATO, the enforcement arm of the NWO/ZOG in Europe, showed Serbia what any nation in Europe could expect if it tried to hold on to its identity and sovereignty as a people: social multi-culti micro-management by creatures such as Madelaine Albright. Now it's Macedonia's turn. More here.

Mugabe Promises "Return" of Farmland to Blacks

This story's write-up could serve as a textbook example of how words in news copy are carefully chosen to support the Propasphere's consensus reality. The sharp and bloody truth is the reversion of "Zimbabwe" to generic black African conditions and mentality. The anesthetizing reporting, however, makes the issue of wholesale violent expropriation of the farms of Whites sound as innocuous as a spat between school board members.

Israelis Vent Hatred of Wagner

The Chosenites know that they can expose their deep-seated, bred-in-the-bone hatred of everything Aryan without inhibition -- they need only associate the target of their venom with that Lucifer of the Holocaustian religion, Hitler.

$670 More Million into Drug War Maw

This time it's going for more military intervention in Colombia. The fedgov wouldn't dream of interfering with a woman's right to control her own body, even when another (at least potential) human life, that of her unborn child, is involved. But billions of your money have been spent to prevent people from ingesting drugs (except for alcohol, of course, which is arguably the most harmful drug that's widely used). They have thereby created a nearly limitless black market -- and a rationale for laws which have done lethal damage to your Constitutional rights. It's a con game which is very much a part of NWO strategy.

Graham, Doyenne of the Washington Post, Bites the Dust

Reading the coverage of her funeral is instructive for the names of attendees mentioned. This Jewess with the goy-sounding surname merits all this attention by the media because she possessed the one thing they respect: power.

Jews Have Virtual Veto Power Over R.C. Canonization Process

Pope Pius XII has been under consideration for some time for canonization. But God's Pets object (he didn't stop the "Holocaust," you see). The pitifully enfeebled condition of the R.C. Church is no more strikingly revealed than by the fact that a panel of Jews was allowed to have input over such a matter.

Israeli Tail Wagging American Dog No Longer Played Down by U.S. Jews

Articles like the title link, appearing in Jewish papers, magazines, and Internet Websites, make it obvious that ZOG power has reached the point of consolidation where discretion is no longer deemed necessary. Historically, their fatal mistakes have always begun with the onset of this phase of overweening arrogance.

We Have Seen the Future and It Is DSS...

The various Departments of Social Services have what amounts to true totalitarian power to abolish parental rights based upon just about anything they choose. Their combination of velvet-gloved, smarmy, we're-here-to-help-you condescension, together with the pseudo-science of psychology, social worker interventionist mentality, and fuzzy law, make the DSS the logical government agency to evaluate parents according to their conformity (or not) to politically correct opinions and practices. Children now have the power to report their parents for abuse (spanking) to their local helpful DSS.

Chosenites Caught with 450 Pounds of Ectasy Pills

Can you imagine how many of these it takes to make even one pound?

Waiting for Attack

Pals or Solzhenitsyn, Jews hate anyone who criticizes the syndicate.

News for Jews...

Reaction to invasion.

Yids 'n' Niggers: Ewing and Kaplan

How they act, what they do, who they are... Latest on York here.

Conan O'Brien Apologizes for Jew's Use of "Chink"

Two points: 1) Why doesn't the Jewess Silverman apologize herself?; 2) How many times in the last year has somebody used White trash on the show?

Click Here!

Washington Corruption

Extensive article on the endemic corruption of Washington. Both parties agree on free trade, open borders, and flooding the country with non-white immigrants. Here on "the most powerful" Bush. Klamath Falls here.


The she-yid hates "white trash" and dyes her hair the blond she hasn't got in her Jew genes. Maybe one of her nigger "musicians" can favor us with Ho Outta Haifa.

Media: Diller Imports British Channel 4 Exec

"Queer as Folk" programmer now working for USA Networks... Here on Planet of the Apes and racial implications. Here the latest shock radio peddled by Shitmonger Sumner. Toilet humor, sexual innuendo -- wow, how radical. Here the music-related stylings of Fatboy Slim. More on Disney consolidation here, through Fox purchase. More consolidation here.

The Church in WWII

No more ammunition for Catholic-Jewish committee.

Where Is Eric Rudolph?

The FBI would like to know. Dozens of its heavily armed teams couldn't find him, despite the group's omnicompetent reputation fading faster than fast these days.

Argentina in Trouble

Investors getting out... Japan not doing well either.

Media: Mass Mind Control

Comments on Who Rules America?...

Voz De Aztlan Claims Levy seen in Israel

Voz cites Israeli journalist Cohen; good analysis of Israeli intern/spy network in Washington. More Jewish intern theories here.

Movie Review: Legally Blonde

There were some things I liked about this movie, some things about which I'm indifferent, and some things I didn't like. I guess that makes this the most positive review Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Shrek

There are a few things to like about "Shrek," but not enough for me to recommend Mark Rivers

Nigger Idiocy: Sex-mad ghost scares Zanzibar

More advanced thinking in Africa... The ghost or genie goes by the name of Popo Bawa and people believe that it sodomises its victims, most of whom are men. Say hello to your equals, White man. Now get in the pot.

Brixton Riot Pics

Look at the browns destroying Britain... Here on Cin riots. The old parlor trick: cons arguing what's in black interests, while spitting at anyone mentioning the interests of Whites. Here Sowell, no nigger he, on America no more.

Rather Buckwheat

Gunga Dan says something cons call "racist." This is the kind of me-too loserism the day-late, dollar-short cons always lose with. Here on Flight 800 and fed lies.

Suckpoop Joe Kisses Arafat Goodbye

The Christian ejaculates prematurely as his Jewish heroes prepare to murder his fellow Arabs. Jesus would be proud.

Lost Boys in Utah Now

They're spreading from the Dakotas outward, thanks to the nation-killers' fellow travelers among the Catholics and Lutherans...

Bushy and the Sewer People

It really would be poetic justice if one of his daughters were injured by the shitskins their father let into the country -- as so many other fathers' daughters are.

Evil Christians Aid Mexican Invaders

By your fruits ye shall be known: helping turd-worlders shit all over our White America. More here on The Invasion.

White Shot Several Mexicans Dead

Good news -- some of the invaders have been put to sleep by a "crazy" White man. Why has this story been kept on the down low? Here on immigration corruption.


U.S. helps its favorite terrorists...

Jews Publish Hate Ad Urging Arafat Murder

Dubbed "a snake is killed from its head," the ad calls on soldiers and civilians to kill Arafat, stating it is the "most moral, correct, and efficient way to defend our people." MK Michael Kleiner (Herut) published a statement backing Zo Artzenu's position. Kleiner said that Arafat is No. 1 on the wanted list. "It is unacceptable that within the government's policy of shooting terrorists who are considered ticking bombs, it does not target the person who gives the orders."

Heroic Yids Roust Another Septuagenarian

On our White dime, these vermicious knids carry out their ancient vendettas... All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Here yids pump for Beria, the Himmlerian reformer.

More on Irving

Denied right to appeal... Jewish reaction here.

Okie Ogam

McGlone and petroglyphs...

Media: Book Reviews Disappear with Readers

In a world of tv-drenched niggers and wiggers, who needs book reviews? And of course 99.9% of the books that are published are in line with The Force. Here on chaos, complexity and contingency as cop-outs...

White Art: Gaugin May Have Sculpted Van Gogh

Art is serious business. Here on Eudora Welty, who just died. A woman who kept her mouth shut; a woman who thought and wrote and will be remembered. Nice break from the self-obsessed Madonnas. Here on Orwell.

Teen Girls' HIV Infection on the Rise

Partly because they're having sex with niggers. Who encourages these girls to have sex with jazzbos? Could it be...Sumner Redstone and his Jews at MTV? Eureka! Drop your kids off at the mall to see Save the Last Chancre, White mom. That's being responsible. Nothing you can do, kids will have sex anyway, right? WRONG. Your kids listen to you. Teach them to sneer at Jews and stay away from niggers. Teach them to be proud of their White heritage.

Movie Review: A Clockwork Orange

Whether or not he himself was aware of it, Chosenite director Stanley Kubrick was telling us something which White nationalists would do well to Alexander Macdonald

The Affenocracy

South African monkey minister tries interesting AIDS cure. TNB (typical nigger behavior) in New York here.

Brixton Prepares...

...for more wog riots...

Babykillers Stir Resentment

Pals hate U.S. too -- because we subsidize the hate nation that murders their children...

Jew Levin Procured Strippers for Clinton White House Lap Dances

The type of thing Dr. Pierce gets accused of making up.

Japanese Debts

Japanese government debt, as a percentage of GDP, is the highest in the industrialized world. If the government is stuck, and the banks are stuck, and business is stuck because of the deflation and never- ending recesion -- something has to give eventually.

Hannukah Gifts

They're magically delicious!...

Iran Might Have Nukes in Four Years, Says Israel

Probably agitprop...

Media: More Kids Channels May Soon Be Under Jewish Disney's Control

May buy Fox Family Worldwide for $3.3 billion...

IDF Prepares to Call Up Reservists

Thirty years ago, Americans who were "suspected" of fighting in a foreign army got their passports pulled. If you went to Rhodesia, and were on "the list," your passport was confiscated when you returned. Apparently the law doesn't apply to Israelis. One standard for Jews, another for the rest of us.

Devising SAT to Screw Whites

Latinos in the U.S. should be hated. They are here illegally, and they are nothing but problems and parasites and eyesores. Now their professional brown leaders are pushing them to be admitted to college over qualified Whites. Mexicans are a people which has given the world next to nothing. Mexico is a human septic tank that leaks, nothing more.

Food Leads to Low Fertility?

On soy products...

Movie Review: America's Sweethearts

There is one sure way to get every woman in the world to see your movie: put Julia Roberts in it. Joe ROTH knows this, and has responded Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Jurassic Park III

Will wonders never cease? There is only one negro in the film, and he is eaten within the first hour! The rest of the movie isn't that great Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Cash Crop

Stay low, don't get beat. It's still possible to farm, no matter what Hollywood Rob Freeman

Anarchists, Cops Go Nuts in Genoa

Battles rage as anarchos battle to avenge their fallen comrade... Here on UN and Klamath Falls. More here.

Irving Loses Appeal: Yids Oink with Pleasure

Revisionist historian David Irving loses libel appeal. Jews likely to press for complete bankruptcy. Enjoy the laughably biased Guardian report. Irving a "discredited" historian, you say? Show me the Jew who's his equal. I want to read it. A word to the wise: Download Irving's books from his website now -- no telling how much longer they'll be available.

Redneck Manifesto Review

The author of this piece, Mark Penman, just died, apparently... Goad's book is a must-read. Although he isn't one of us, he has a deep understanding of our history and of the mentality attacking us.

Crime Surges in Britain

Government admits to dramtic increase in violent crime. Some Britains may recall the government saying that when they took the guns away, violent crime would fall. It didn't, but no sign of giving guns back... BBC here. Here brownwog knifes White girl.

Cincy Jigs Living It Up

Demoralized cops refuse to arrest for fear of "racism." Either/or: Either niggers live in fear of Whites, or the reverse. It has always been that way. More here. Still more TNB here.

Levy, Lewinsky: Jewish Whores

Here on the Jewish whores servicing our corrupt politiical elite...

3,400 Dirt Criminals Coming Soon to Neighborhood Near You

Thanks, Ashcroft, judges, libs -- Jews... Here support for the invasion.

Hungarian Jews Pule for Extortions

Never again? Ha! "Never enough"' is the real Jewish motto. Here they whine for Bush to appoint a better shekel collector. Jews built their fortunes on Other People's Money, just like the infomercial.

More Problems in Britain

'Groid rage grows. As Dr. Doolittle asked, "Why can't an ape be more like a man?" Because it's an ape!

Global Tax Slavery in the Offing

Working on setting up global tax system ... Here on KYC regs. Here on face scans and their incorporation into cross-linked government databases (scroll down).

Vet Rewrite of Declaration


Canadian Jews and the "Holocaust" Relic

Supposedly made of human hair and tooth that starred in the "Holocaust," whatever that is.

Sobran on Madonna

Sobran notes that Madonna is safely rebellious: she is a public purveyor of the sexual license that has been traded us for our freedom, just as Huxley foresaw. Safe, profitable rebellion, she offers: politically? She's surrounded by gay niggers and other emotional freaks. Safe as can be. Semitically Correct material girl. She offers "vicarious, self-absorption" -- this is Sobran at his best. "Like most pop music, Madonna's songs are about love. But love is the subject about which she shows no understanding at all. She is the perfect expression of an age that has reduced the erotic to the sensual: the gratification of the self rather than the yearning for union with another. "Lovers" become interchangeable and succeed each other quickly, each being merely instrumental to the self and its cravings. Real love is like art: it demands the subordination of the ego. Kinky, exciting, shocking: these are the attributes of love as she conceives it. It would make no sense to tell her that sodomy is at best a stunted and misdirected form of eros, since heterosexual love, as she exemplifies it, has the same character. The purpose of this love is neither permanent union nor procreation, but pleasure and ego-enhancement. For her, in fact, the erotic isn't all that different from the autoerotic, except that there happens to be another person present."

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