by Mark Rivers

From Dreamworks SKG (SPIELBERG, KATZENBERG, GEFFEN) comes Shrek, a PG-rated kids' movie with lots of profanity, violence and references to bodily functions.

Shrek is directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. If they are Jews, their names don't make it obvious. The Jew names associated with this film are:

1) executive producer Steven SPIELBERG
2) executive producer Penny FINKELMAN Cox
3) co-executive producer David LIPMAN
4) producer Jeffrey KATZENBERG
5) writer Joe STILLMAN, and finally,
6) writer Roger S.H. SCHULMAN.

It's rumored that the (White) villain, whose kingdom looks like Disneyland, is modeled after Disney CEO Michael EISNER. KATZENBERG used to work at Disney, and couldn't resist taking a jab at his Jew co-conspirator. He doesn't make him look like a Jew, mind you; just a short, tyrannical White man.

Roger SCHULMAN, incidently, was the executive producer of the 1990's negro sitcom, Living Single. Speaking of negroes, Eddie Murphy plays a comic relief donkey in Shrek. Besides his accent and mannerisms, there is no negro presence in the film.

That doesn't necessarily mean you should see it, however. I realize that as of this writing, most people have ALREADY seen it. However, you can still consider whether you want to have it on video for your kids to watch over and over again.

Shrek is about an evil White Lord who exiles all of the fairy tale creatures to the swamp, where Shrek (Mike Meyers) lives. Since Shrek likes his solitude, he appeals to Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) to kick them out.

Farquaad agrees, if Shrek will rescue Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) from a faraway castle guarded by a dragon. Farquaad intends to marry the princess, you see, so he can become king.

Shrek and his pet monkey--I mean donkey--rescue the princess. She falls in love with Shrek, and the female dragon falls in love with the donkey. When Shrek and Fiona kiss, a curse is lifted from her, and she turns into an ogre like him. The dragon eats Lord Farquaad, and they all live happily ever after.

"Hey, White kids! If you kiss someone who is different-looking, that just means you're EXTRA tolerant and loving, and whatever ape-like creature you embrace will suddenly become just like you!"

Besides that obvious Jew deception, here is another: when the fairy tale creatures are exiled into Shrek's swamp, they start invading his tree-trunk home as well. Seven dwarves shove Snow White's glass coffin onto Shrek's table. He says, "Ohhh no...dead broad off the table." In the TV commercials for the film, however, he says "Dead GIRL off the table."

Not a big deal? Think about it this way: if Shrek had called Snow White a "broad" in the TV commercial, do you think that might have offended some of the more feminist-minded soccer moms, who then would not have taken their kids to see the movie?

The Jews don't want to offend anyone until it's too late. Even then, they want to "soften the blow" by warming the White public up to jokes about flatulence and urine, race-mixing and "the tyranny of Whites." Why, back in my day (dagnab it), movies for kids were a lot less feces-oriented, and featured a lot less miscegenation.

But this is why the trailer for Save the Last Dance didn't actually show the White girl tongue-kissing the monkey. The Jews knew that such a scene would have set off alarms amongst the White public.

Since White parents only saw a nice, clean-cut negro platonically helping out the White girl, they let their teenage daughters go see Save the Last Dance. As a result, more White girls are now under the delusion that the average negro is nice, helpful and intelligent, and that every White girl should have one.

But I digress. The Jews made Shrek for three reasons:

1) to make money. This is the end-all be-all of their existence. Their strategy has been: once in control of the money, they can buy the opinion of the easily-influenced masses by controlling the media. So far, Whites have been letting them get away with it.

2) to amuse kids and adults. Since Jews are sickos, they find repeated references to flatulence and urine amusing. Sadly, many Whites have sunk to the Jews' level in that respect. Don't be one of them.

3) to shape young minds. When Shrek turns away the donkey from his dinner table, I could hear a yuppie parent whisper to her six-year-old daughter, "What should he have done, Amber?"

"Share," came the reply. That's a noble sentiment, but if Super-mom had asked Amber what the moral of the story was, Amber might well have answered "Don't treat people bad just because they look different."

Again, this is not a bad idea, but the way the Jews have manipulated it to suit their needs makes it mean something false and abominable. The kids are learning that not only should they respect other people's differences, they should accept them as their own.

They should "mix and inter-marry with those who are different, because we are all the same underneath."

They should "disregard differences in appearance, because that doesn't change what is inside a person."

They should "not be racist Whites; they should accept and embrace negroes, Mestizos and Asians. We should all live together in peace and harmony, hooray!"

That's exactly what a small group of White people in Wichita used to think. Their names were Jason Befort, Brad Heyka, Heather Muller and Aaron Sander.

Instead of seeing Shrek, why don't you spend an hour or two finding out who those four people were, and why they are not with us anymore?

If you already know who they were...let somebody else know.

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