Feeling White

by C. Corey

I believe it is reasonable for me to assume that most who will read this have a concern for the plight of the White race. I feel also that it is safe for me to assume that you, readers, with few exceptions, believe that a racial double standard exists in our society, a double standard in many areas with varying manifestations, but a clear double standard nonetheless; a double standard with negative ramifications for our people. However, this societal double standard against Whites is a paper tiger, because we have the ability to eliminate every trace of anti-White social hypocrisy and to set things aright again, if only we would begin to feel White and act accordingly.

What does it mean to "feel White?" When I say that I feel White, I mean that my racial background, the genotype I carry, is an integral part of my being. My personality and my actions reflect the fact that I place my race above EVERYTHING else that would distract or deter me from the course set before me. One thought that should haunt and prod every one of us throughout our daily lives is that we will have to struggle to secure the existence of our race as a unit. Do not think for a second that the Jewish culture-distorters would hesitate to round up anyone exposing their influence, if they only had the ability. In some European countries, it is illegal to write, speak, or whisper the truth about Jewish social manipulation, and organized Jewry in America is pushing as hard as possible to undermine freedom of speech here as well.

Jewish power is an indisputable fact, and we absolutely must expose the Jews with frankness, persistence, and the utmost concern. Even so, Jewish power is not the fundamental problem before us. Our White race is spiritually sick to a degree beyond which it seems impossible to decay. Let us face this fact: the Jews can only exploit pre-existing weaknesses. By exacerbating our weaknesses, the Jews have come to appear as an evil force haunting the innocent White race, but this picture fails to acknowledge the situation of mediocrity prevailing among White people, a mediocrity which prevails because White people are failing to feel White, hence failing to act White.

What specific Jewish trait has given the Jews their power? A commitment to their tribe alone, exclusivity, a group-feeling. The group-feeling of Whites has never been similar to that of the Jews, because the Jews approach this world with subversive intent, whereas our people aim to build up and make healthy. We are supposed to be creators, they are and have always been the destroyers and of what we create. Whether cooking up Marxist doctrines and Freudian psychology, or producing and funding films promoting race mixing, the Jews always work against the natural White way of life. However, if our people were living naturally, the Jews would never have the chance to exploit us and undermine our way of life. A sick group fails to act as it would if it were healthy. A spiritually sick White race fails to resist Jewish attacks.

Other groups, such as Jews, Negroes, and mestizos, have not lost their group-feeling; in fact, their group-feeling conditions their actions, as evidenced by their various political lobbies and self-promoting organizations. To the average White, a group advocating loyalty to the White race is an object of scorn, moral condemnation, or mockery. More important, each of the non-White groups work against the White group, while the White group, when it comes together, comes together with the aim of restoring a natural hierarchy based on quality.

To feel White, we must re-order our thinking to the point where we feel ourselves a remnant, the human material of the present, rooted in a strife-filled past, with strife ahead. In another time and place, perhaps cephalic index and purity of Nordic ancestry would be of the first importance, but given our current, dire, situation, we must renounce all quibbling, and those of quality among us must bear the load of history and of facts. Either we feel ourselves White, feel ourselves brothers, and work to spread the White race-feeling among other receptive Whites of quality, or the future belongs to the Jews, Negroes, and mestizos.

C. Corey

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