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August 2002


Disgusting practice should be left to the kikes. Don't be a stupid Christian lemming and cut off the end of your kid's dick. Be a man and leave it alone. And you stupid middle-class women who think it's "neat" like tasseled loafers, go knock the bric-a-brac shit you load up on top of the toilet on the ground and stick your head in the water tank. There's nothing wrong with real men, and they don't need to be snipped and prettified into muzak-men. Keep your neuroticism between your ears and behind your teeth. Men, do not allow your wife to make decisions affecting your child's genitals. Sex is not a role, it is reality. Boys and girls are not interchangeable, they are different creatures with different purposes who need to be treated differently. Teach your girl to be a woman, and your son to be a man. I know it sounds radical, but do it. Do not ship your kid off to Jew-agenda-serving "public" "school" where some functionally retarded dyke education major will dope your tot with ritalin because he wants to move and be free. PUBLIC SCHOOL IS A HATE CRIME.

Murder of Innocents: Good for Jews, Itz!

In your name, White man.

Ireland Bites Its Thumb at EU

Just say no to Euro-style kikistocracy.

No Citizen? Why Not Run for Office!

I like to live in Amereeka! Corn on a steek in Amerika! Lots of dumb keeds in Amereeka! Too fat to run from a Mexeekan! Here a poll on local governments flying Confederate flag. Here on homeless, as they call them. Here Emily's List fails to unseat exceptionally repugnant Aprican.

White Art: Riefenstahl

What Jewess ever made such movies? Jews create nothing. They break down while claiming they "fix." Their great minds all turn out to be frauds. You could squeeze the swindle out of the kikish race and not produce a single Riefenstahl. Jews, I laugh at you. We all do. Here on the value of single-sex education. Here Jew Epstein writing about Jew Bloom. Yet he himself doesn't seem to have a clue about how to produce anything approaching the aesthetically pleasing in his own writing. Aggressively paranoid people are not a likely source of beauty, now, are they? Jews don't look to appreciate, understand anything -- they look first, last, and always to break it down, rip it up, smash it to bits. And rather than acknowledge the destructive nature of their race they pride themselves on the squalor and ugliness they jewspeck on civilization. It's a rotten race of people. Jews are a vast gob of jerks, one finally concludes. Let's shoot 'em all, stack 'em up like cordwood, use 'em for heat this winter. Harold Bloom presents himself as a genius -- a genius battling his way through the dark forces of the ignorant. Yeah, the whole race is like that. Oy! We must break down the barrier between the aquarium and the viewer! How many jews would be published if merit were the standard? No pasaran! little aspartame bitches. The Big Idea, which was more modestly and lucidly first put forth by W. Jackson Bate, the biographer of Dr. Johnson and Coleridge, is that writers feel greatly haunted if not daunted by their predecessors, causing them to feel sorely belated, as if everything they wish to do has already been done before them. Like I say, every "great" jew is a fraud. Every "great" jew is the backfire of a neverending yahoodi wind tunnel. EVERY JEW A PEARL.EXE The essence of the jewish race: scheming, not being. Bloom seems happiest viewing the world locked in endless struggle. He sees himself, for example, in bayonet battle with the younger generation of English professors, among them feminists, new historicists, deconstructionists, Marxists, the rather pathetic motley that Bloom calls the School of Resentment. Again, how echt kikish. Hatred, resentment, paranoia, aggressiveness, grandiloquence, self-importance, destruction in the name of "reform" -- what a race of shit the jews are. Aryans like me admire and love, yes, love their predecessors: Wilde, Mencken, Twain. That is MY tradition and OUR tradition, and no fucking kike has 1/1000 of what it takes to understand these. Utterly, genetically, chemically impossible. You're all odiferous jewish crap. Physically ugly, mentally repulsive, suitable for gibbet-framing. Scheming, not being, the kike makes his roachy way. SPAY THE JEWS! Scheming, not being - the yooish recipe for success, itz! EVERY JEW A PEARL. Here on Madame Bovary. His style, he wrote, should be 'lisse comme un marbre et furieux comme un tigre' 'chaud en dessous et splendide à la surface.' Prose, he said, should be stuffed with things 'et sans qu'on les aperçoive.' What a very satisfying article, how 100x more interesting than the repugnant kikery the rest of the paper is filled with. The earth is polluted with jews. We are gaining an intergalactic reputation for it. Yes, lemmings, our Earth is becoming the laughingstock of the universe, as the other cool planets, stars and asteroids laugh and point fingers at us as the planet that puts up with Jews. We must defend our honor by sandpapering away the eczema called yidn! Consider this: 'Things have been going well for two or three days. I am doing a conversation between a young man and a young woman about literature, the sea, mountains, music - all the poetical subjects. It is something that could be taken seriously and yet I fully intend it as grotesque. This will be the first time, I think, that a book makes fun of its leading lady and its leading man.' A firm belief of mine is that 90% of humans do not think. They are parrots. They repeat word strings heard elsewhere, and even to come up with integumentary material beyond socially approved conjunctions taxes and frightens them. "Departures from customary verbal formulations" are highly disconcerting. Stop. Rewind. Pause. Consider. "What if that was your daughter? Would you let the nigger back on your team?" Turn red. Funny aint right. Good people iz dumb n slow... I'm a people person! Right sed ted: "I'm a radio freak!" Whatz the frequency, Kenneth? NEW WORLD ORDER. Can ah git some fries wit dat? Here on Chandler and reaction to it. Here Salon, where the freaks come out daily! Actually they never really go back inside. Actually, I like this guy's list.

Media: Jew Entertainment

Derthowitz and Dirtscheim, Inc. Here on the advent of pay-per- Net. List of newspapers here. Here on FDR's crooked historian fan Goodwin. Here on the Helium channel, beloved of inert gassers. Bon-bon eating couch manatees talking politics. Who needs that? Women are creatures that really do believe that labels have intrinsic meaning. They believe that "enlightened" means something. They do not perceive that it is simply a self-compliment. They believe that "Donna Karan" refers to some innate characteristic rather than a piece of cloth on another piece of cloth. This air-freshner mentality is unsuited to politics. Here on Tina Brown as Becky Sharp. You should indeed read Vanity Fair, nothing quite like it. Good insight into the world of publishing, and the tuftless titmice that inhabit it. This article will answer the question about women and thought. But you must read very carelessly. More here on women. Here on greatest movies ever made.

Media II: Jew Gottfried on Jew Critics of Taki-Buchanan Mag

As always, how you feel about the shitrace is the touchstone, lodestone, mother ship, earthlink, tweezer maximus, bottleneck, it and essence, be-all/end-all, alpha and omega, sigma delta tau, pie epsilon, the walrus, and last and least the peachpitz. Foer implies that the Old Right has painted itself into a leftist, anti-Semitic corner. This is not original: As I have tried to show in the The (British) Spectator (June 1, 2002), there is a convention of throwing together the non-neocon Right with the anti-Zionist Left into the same fascist, anti-Semitic heap. Whence the ease with which the entire neocon press, led by Charles Krauthammer, George Will, and Jonah Goldberg, rushed to equate the European pro-Palestinian Left with the interwar European anti-Semitic Right. Again, Jew Gottfried: On almost all social issues, starting with Third World immigration, feminism, and civil rights, neoconservatives are far closer to the Left than they are to the Old Right. The fact that neoconservative magazines are open to leftist writers, providing they're OK on Israel, but are hermetically sealed to would-be contributors from the Old - that is, pre-neocon, Right - reveals the true positioning of the rival camps. Just say it, asshole: JEW. Like Hal Turner in the VNN ad: JEWS! JEWS! ALL JEWS! Either you're a jew, or you're an anti-Semite. That simple, itz. ITZ COMING. Put on you bib, for tonight we sup on filet du kike. And note this from Jew Gottfried: Locke's heart is in the right place. He understands what are the only grounds on which one can get neocons to move on a vital issue. God knows it will not be the threat of Hispanic irredentism or even violent crime (most of them live in insulated suburbs or in safe, gentrified districts in Manhattan and Northwest Washington)! Telling admission of our thesis: Jews only care about what's "good for Jews." They could give two shits about America. THERE IS NO INTELLIGENT OPPOSITION TO WHITE NATIONALISM. ALL KIKES CARE ABOUT IS WHAT'S GOOD FOR KIKES.

The Framingham Files: Jew Censors White Speech

Not only is there no intelligent opposition to White Nationalism, there's no courageous Andrei Kievsky

Watermelons Hand-Delivered by Courtesy Gook to San Francisco Niggers!

You work so hard, take a melon break, everts! You deserve it! "Brutal, absolutely brutal. I can't believe somebody would do something like that, in this city," another cop said. Williams called the watermelon delivery a racist act and said he hopes the perpetrator is exposed. He said he had no idea who set the woman up but that some on the force would be looking into the issue. Imagine the weeping, the gnashing teeth around the station house. Those poower niggers, the horrors they undergo. And the paper calls this an "attack." When White kids are knifed by the sons of these "cop" niggers in the hallway at school it's called an "incident" or some other evasion. STOP THE HATE FRUITS.

Like Every Other Jew, Einstein Was a Fraud and a Thief

Jews are "special pets" who think up "special" theories of relativity that get "special" coverage in their relatives' papers. Decades later it all comes out in the wash. Cliff Notes summary? Scratch a kike, find a fraud. Einstein, Boas, Gould, Freud -- fraud, fraud, fraud, frooooouaaad. "'Special relativity!' shrieks the freak-haired mountebank; 'Race does not exist,' shrieks the racist; "Punctuated eardrum!" screams the shifty-eyed homonculus; "All men want to murder their father and sleep with their mother!" shrieks uncouth couch-mouth."

Britain Being Murdered

Nogs = poison.

U.S. Had Plans to Nuke Germany

Whatever helps the jew survive.

Indy Mayor Forced to Apologize to "Black Expo" Bonobos

Chimps outraged at receiving parking and jaywalking tickets -- because they parked improperly or jaywalked! Special non-rules for de peoples! We've all seen how these baboons brazenly disregard driving, parking and pedestrian traffic laws -- then expect to be treated with kid gloves. And, to no one's surprise, they ARE!

White Lemming Parents Plunge Progeny Into Poop-Schools

Special "Charter" schools overwhelmingly black -- that's good! But if it means public schools will have more whites (called "creaming"), that's bad. Black = GOOD! White = Baaaaad. Just look at the photo! Mooncrickets and spacemonkeys gibbering and hooting at computer screens they'll never understand, while white kids are plunged into this mudpuppy world by lemming parents who seek "diversity" for their little darlings -- then crow about wanting their kids to "thrive" academically!? These stupid SUV-sucking yuppies are so brainwashed, so confused, they don't know which end is up -- yet. But when little Johnny or Susie comes home buggered, battered and beaten to a pulp, they'll begin to learn....

'Groid Rage Against the Machine

Here on Eastern Europeans working in the U.S. Boycott Chrysler.

Thin Car

Proper link this time...

A Kike in Love

Ughh... Here on jews embarrassed by sheenies.

Doctor Nigger, or Nigger

The rest of the story about the nog they let into med school ahead of a deserving White, Bakke.

Christian-Hating Jews of Israel Attack Lutheran Church

Stop the hate, Jews. Stop the stupidity, Christian Zionists. What could be more American than dying for Jews? Major power grab planned by jew neocons. America controlling the world in the name of Israel. Saudis justly accuse the Hate Jew controlling America of spreading hatred of them and their people. When will the hate stop, Jews? When the last of you is underground?

Where Do I Vote Against Jewish Genocide of the White Race?

No option? What do you mean? Not on the ballot? "If voting changed anything, it would be illegal." Deaf people and the "Holocaust."

Repulingcunts Field More Niggers, Spics 'n' Gooks Than Ever

How progressive. Who represents your interests, White man? Not the Republican Party. It's owned, staffed and funded by White-hating kikes like Davey Horowitz, Jew. Here an old one where Kendall blasts Jew Goldberg, trying to quash White immigration debate in terms remarkably similiar to Swain's "Don't go there." -- i.e., "Stop it. Now." This jewish child, precocious and pudgy, would tell the descendants of the men who made this country that they are not allowed to comment on what his elders of Zion are doing to destroy it. Jonah the Jew, we don't care what you say. We know that the intent of your jews is the genocide of the White race. I think we'll talk about that, even though you disapprove. What do you think about that, Jew Jonah? Here thooper troopers file suit.

Doping Males to Satisfy Bitch Dogma

Feminists should be hanged. Right after the kikes who squeezed the eclair filling into their doughy heads. Women are unable to read maps. No kidding. Women are myopic, and literally cannot conceive what is not immediately in front of their face, generally. They make their way around by landmarks with no conception of the interrelation of things, whereas men have vectors in their mind. Women are concrete, men are abstract. Women do not think abstractly about justice, fairness, they think: how will steve feel about that? Will Betty get angry? Whereas the man will think, Steve will get angry, but that's ok, this has to be done. The woman will find her way by going up to the Dairy Queen and turning left, whereas the man will think of it as southwest of here, no matter what buildings temporarily occupy the spaces. Why it's this way I don't know, don't ask me, I didn't set it up. But that it's this way is true. One particular aspect of the truth that men are far seeing and women are close seeing is that men belong in politics and women do not. The sob story in front of their eyes always impresses them more than the implications of treating that individual case with compassion. One is not better than the other, they both have their proper spheres. Each out of its sphere can be very damaging. Today the female is out of its sphere, and we have women who are firefighters who can't lift hoses and law professors who can't think or debate. Again, I didn't set this up, but this latter I can do something about. And so can you. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Kikes Move to Strip Arabs of Citizenship

ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Here on Ira Einhorn, jew murderer. He'll be off to Israel in a flash if he gets a chance. Kike swindler Waksal here. Here on guns from Jews who Pretend Jews aren't Behind Gun Control. Here Pal self-bomber warns pals off bus. "Uh...I think you may wanna wait for the next one, pilgrim. Just a little tip from your Uncle Larry."

Sunken Nazi Treasure?

Who gets it? Usually jew gets it. Meanwhile, four million jobless in Germany.

Jews Enjoy Free Synagogue Paint Job

What could be more philo-Semitic than free services rendered unto the jew by the shabby goy?

Meltdown in South America

Coming here, problems and "people." No la canta, bastarde!

Covert Warfare

Inside there any other? Here on TIPS.

Technology: Thin Car

Long way...

Media: Layoffs at Red Herring

Good technology/VC mag...

The Faustian West, The Propasphere, and "Signs"

Thoughts on remembering our Karl Kammler

Our Strength And Our Progress Lie In Our Diversity

While White Americans go without needed medical care and, $1,500,000 operation to "save" indispensable Guatemalan larvae with 1-in-2,500,000 birth deformity. What, dear reader, do you suppose are the odds on Wenceslao Quiej Lopez and Alba Leticia Alvarez and Maria Teresa Quiej-Alvarez and Maria de Jesus Quiej-Alvarez ever returning to their country of origin? Ha. Aaahahahaha. Yes, yes, we know. El Baby could grow up to write symphonies, run corporation, cure cancer -- even be Presidente. "Only in Am-er-ee-ka! Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-TAA! Land of opportuni-tee, hey-ey-ey-ey!" Much more likely, however, to be sloppy, slit-eyed, 190-pound girl retard sitting on front steps of L.A. housing project at vast expense to taxpayers. We're thrilled. Thanks, Jews, for laying the immigration groundwork. What would we do without you? Kick off our shoes and run laughing, carefree through Hitler Park, chasing fireflies in the gloaming. That's what. Here Rocker apologizes again and again and again.

Sons of Conservative Veterans

You can skulk, or you can stand tall. I enjoyed listening to Jim Giles on Hal Turner last night, and there's a model for you Southerners to follow. Giles is a southern White who NAMES THE JEW. You can be as proud and fireblooded as you want -- but at the end of the day, daring and boldness, though necessary, always yield to thought and preparation. You get your enemy wrong, you lose. Here a proud race-mixer infiltrates Klan parade. Yawn. Here on inscos avoiding jew properties. Fear of lightning. Here on taking your guns.

Jewish Counterfeiter Feted by Possibly-Jewish Queen

Double joke. Jews think U.S. government should function as Izzy propaganda amplifier. Here a white teacher dips herself in fondue, treated as a hero by the reporter. This is the sound of devolution. Next stop amoebaville.

France to Ban Radical Unity

Brunerie is alleged to have told police he hated Chirac and wanted to kill him "to save France." Can't have that. Here on supposed nazi collaborator in France.

ADLpates on Gliebe

Here on Jackie Kemp, livin' the high life.

Dancing Jigmies

Nogs make great entertainment, especially in cages.

Jews Molest Kids

When they aren't creating computer viruses or swindling billions.

Hated for Being White

One girl's struggle in Seattle. "White slut. Stupid white girl. White bitch, go back to Bellevue. This is our school." The problem soon escalated to a daily gantlet of merciless harassment both inside and outside class, the 1999 graduate said yesterday. She said she faced constant threats of violence; humiliating and lewd propositions; and insults from fellow students, most aimed at her race. Nigger bitches hate White women because White women are attractive and can grow hair past their ears, and not that nappy monkey-kink shit, but beautiful good-smelling clean hair. It sucks to be a nigger, and niggers know it. Hell, everybody knows it.

What Improves by Adding Mexicans?

Not even the town dump.

Media: Moyers Busted

LBJ henchman, ur-liberal dolt busted for DUI. Here on Jew Horowitz contra PBS.


Claims southwestern-asian farmers brought genes and techniques to Europe.

Rehabbing Mussolini

Could anything that produced that lovely granddaughter be that bad? Of course not. Here hear (ram) Oostrahlian raaadio interview with Irving opponent and highly-paid shabby-goy Evans. There's a rabid 'roo in the loo, mate!

Shitskins: Shoot on Sight

These human rats come into America, rape, pillage and murder, and jump back in the septic tank, disappearing among fellow turds like so many masked ARA shitlings. Shut down the border. Shoot invaders. An obvious problem a child of three could solve. Why isn't it then? Because Jews control immigration, and have used it to produce a revolution, out of sheer spite, hatred of Whites, and myopic concern with what's "good for jews," and to hell with any other consideration. America, home of the dickhead, thanks to Jews. Here a shark swims around Lake Eerie, looking for jews to eat. Animals hate jews, instinctively.


Party bongos never stop! Bah! to indoor plumbing. Bah! to widespread disease. Bah! to eating anything that doesn't grow on trees. Is there a Grub Helper that comes with instructions en francais? Here a home grown 'tang shoots cop.

Our Enemy, Israel

What kind of friend takes your money and makes you enemies? Israel! What kind of friend spies, lies and cries? Israel! What kind of friend steals your technology and sells it to your most dangerous enemy? Israel! What a great friend! How unfortunate there aren't two of them! Be sure not to miss his link to how much the Hate State costs us. The common figure given for U.S. aid to Israel is $3 billion per year - $1.2 billion in economic aid and $1.8 billion in military aid. As impressive as this figure is, however, since it represents about one-sixth of total U.S. foreign aid, the true figure is even more remarkable. It is difficult, however, to arrive at an exact number. Much of the money the U.S. gives Israel is buried in the budgets of other government agencies, primarily the Defense Department (DOD). Other subsidies come in a form that isn't easily quantifiable, such as the early disbursement of aid, which allows Israel to gain (and the U.S. taxpayer to lose) the interest on the unspent money. In every conceivable way, our relationship with Israel is bad for America. You can't read that fact in the papers because they are controlled by Jews. Reese agrees: Jews induce vomit. It's good to see that the Israelis are finally on the defensive in their long-running propaganda war. Fewer and fewer people are buying the absurd notion that one of the world's great military powers is "the victim" of unarmed Palestinians. Kikes, take a little lesson from yr uncle al, here: when you cast shit on the waters, you get elephant dung in return. Eat up, goobersteins! Note how direct is Reese's criticism of the Land Where Hate Began. Water's safe, come on in, writers! You can criticize the feculent kike and get away with it. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. There is no other solution. The Israelis think they can do anything to anybody anywhere and get away with it. So says Reese. That's why you need to show up in D.C. on August 24th, White man. More warmongering from Israel First, Last and In-Between crowd. Everyone knows the press are nothing but izzy shills.

Jews Enjoy Special Rights Denied Others

ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Here on Posse Comitatus. Here jews huff and puff about anti-Semitism in Europe, in Iceland, under the Polar Ice Cap, in the middle of the earth where evil old Adolf is spreading his pernicious doctrines to lost explorers, dinosaurs and space aliens. We're Not Listening Anymore! The media are nothing but a big kike-echo chamber. Step outside to the Marlboro country of VNN. Here on a Jew who was righteously lynched for what he did to a White girl. Traitor these days means anyone who doesn't put Israel first. More special privileges for the Hate State here.

Look! It's A Jew With A Book To Sell!

Can you believe it? Surely such a thing has never happened before. Here, Jew peddles reminiscences about childhood. "Charyn, now 65, belonged to a 20-odd-member gang (all but one of the members were Jews) called 'the Bronx Boys.' Charyn mixed coffee milk shakes ('black and tans') for Meyer Lansky, played bodyguard for a heroin-addicted prostitute and served as a money collector and card sharp for various gangsters -- all before his 14th birthday." Was your upbringing like that, White man? My, but these criminal Jews hate normal White America! "Ozzie and Harriet, Pleasantville, June and Ward Cleaver, white picket fences!" they spit. No Jews. Just Right., comes our heartfelt rejoinder.

Red, White, And Jew

...says the latest title of this ancient piece of ten-thousand-times repeated Jewish propaganda, this never-ending pretense of "open, frank discussion of the delicate issue of dual loyalty." Everyone knows that a Jew is a Jew is a Jew, and that is that. Period. Look at this, White man -- a hook-nosed Uncle Sam, wrapped in the American flag. Your national symbols, shamelessly co-opted for the Jewish purpose of ensuring a smooth, continuing, quiet flow of $10,000,000,000 per year to Israel. Is It Good For Jews? Then nothing else matters. "Schwartz is preparing for his July 4th barbecue...with enough food to feed a small third-world nation, Schwartz's barbecue is a true celebration of American freedom." How utterly degrading, insulting -- all that America stands for, represented in its highest form by some kike's barbecue? Please. Here, more Jewish bullshit -- the desperate we're-just-like-you insistence of a totally alien race. Close your eyes, goy, and let the Master Storyteller weave his spell. "The delegates met in the summer of 1787 to form a strong central government and produced the Constitution of the United States...A rather similar state of events ensued in ancient Israel. Roughly 150 years after the Jews had entered the Promised Land under Joshua's leadership, the political situation was still unstable. Many parts of the land remained under [sic] Cannanite control..." This never stops. We Aren't Listening Anymore(TM).

The Street

Jews hate your guts. It's official. Everyone but Jews is now called "the street," filth, something to be swept aside so that Jews may pass, heads held high, as befits a people "chosen by God to be above the world." Here, Yids demand that potential criticism of Israel at UN conference be prevented, silenced. "American, Israeli and U.N. officials concede they have very limited leverage on NGO proceedings. However, the Bush administration and the South African Jewish community have talked to the government there about the need to control the street. 'The authorities gave us reassurances,' said Yehuda Kay, national director of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies...Jewish groups had contacted major environmental groups such as Greenpeace to sensitize them to Jewish concerns." Only 14 million Jews in the whole world, yet our every waking moment is filled by their special-pleading. "'We have to be alert because things can change quickly,' an Israeli diplomat closely monitoring the preparation of the summit told the Forward." "Dina Siegel Vann, U.N. affairs director at B'nai B'rith International," is also busy, peering at minute Jewish details. What "UN affairs director" looks out for your interests, White man? Aren't you glad there's VNN? These may be the only words you read today that have not first passed before Jewish eyes for approval. Believe it.

Do, But Don't

Here, the standard-issue Jewish neurosis, common to those who walk a tightrope between the abyss on one side and the chasm on the other. "Well, you want them to keep us in mind, but at the same time of course you don't want to draw too much attention to us," Yids squirm. Hadassah "fears that protests inspire Israel's foes." "Jewish-led boycotts could backfire by lending legitimacy or encouragement to anti-Israel boycotts." Sit back and laugh, White man. Watch 'em wiggle on the hook. No Way Out But Through The Jews. Hey! Shmuel! Coming, it's!

Is It Good For The Jews?

Everything, everything is viewed by Jews through this single lens -- it is all they know, all that they understand. Here, Yids laud the hybrid auto. "Seeking a way to give Arab oil barons the collective finger, [Jews] want to reduce American dependency on imported oil...if America could reduce its oil consumption, its foreign policy would be less beholden to [Arabs]. This strategy is being supported organizational level -- a recent American Jewish Congress ad in the Forward touted hybrid cars as 'One of the best things to happen to Israel in 5762 years.'" Make no mistake about it -- if Israel had huge tar deposits you could run an engine on, there'd be asphalt stations on every corner, and we'd all be coughing up black. Say it again, people, and understand the Jew -- "a constantly shifting set of temporary alliances and expedient associations that confuses the casual onlooker." VNN? Not Good For Jews. We never swerve, never vary, never equivocate. No Jews. Just Right. Count on us.

Savage, Slavering Shepherdsteins To Secure Snug Semitic Settlements

Here, Jews -- the ultimate racists -- affect to grapple with "issues" while training huge, vicious dogs to attack anything non-Jewish. "In terms of images of German shepherds and Nazis...concentration camps..." they pretend to wring their hands -- as they fence Israel off with barbed wire and import "a special sand-colored breed of 150-pound Caucasian shepherd that would attack 'anything on the border of a [Jewish] settlement...' Faith Segal, liaison to the federations at the Jewish Agency for Israel, 'saw a tape of those dogs,' she said. 'I have never seen anything so amazing in my life. It sits still like a statue and then it jumps out so fast -- if the man in the video wasn't wearing a protective suit, he'd be dead on the spot.'" Jewish women like this stuff -- some of them even fuck attack dogs. Eyes glittering, "Segal took it upon herself to write a project proposal...and send it to American Jewish federations" [for funding]. Plink! The nickel dropped into the pushka by a Jewish third-grader gets an Arab kid's face torn off. "It's the little things that count." Another Yid group, "Pups For Peace," plans to train hundreds of bomb dogs. "Muslim groups note that dogs are considered ritually impure in Islam and say that using them at checkpoints adds an extra level of humiliation." Jews -- ya gotta love 'em!

Is, But Isn't

Here, the standard Jewish treatment of White "extremists.' No threat, but deadly threat. Mock, but take seriously. Here, White "supremacist" made out to be "joke, village idiot," yet cannot be set aside without endangering Jewish paychecks. "It would be a mistake, said one extremism expert from the Anti-Defamation League, to dismiss [August] Kreis altogether. 'The problem is, in this day and age, you have enough firepower and enough technology that you don't have to be intelligent to be dangerous,' said the analyst, who spoke on condition that he not be identified." Here, ADL's Foxman similarly secures his paycheck with more is-but-isn't. "People come to us at the Anti-Defamation League from all over the country with private complaints -- they lost their jobs, something was said, an attack took place -- all attributed to one motive: anti-Semitism. Our job is to take each case seriously; the first step being to assess the information..." It's a living. It's Good For Jews!

Better Garbage Than Gelbfisz

Here, even niggers, spics decide that they prefer dumpsters to Danglesteins. "Community Board 3 in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn unanimously approved [a] garage because it would rather house garbage trucks in the neighborhood than a yeshiva [Hebrew school]. 'For many years CB3 opposed the use of that land for the garage,' said Israel Framovitz, secretary treasurer of Congregation Adas Yereim of the Vein chasidic movement, which planned to build a yeshiva on the plot. 'It seems that the yeshiva with hundreds of Jewish children may be worse than having garbage trucks.'" You're getting the idea, Izzy. It's not as though Jews don't already control the area. "Chasidic up and raise the prices of real estate...the groups then exclude other minorities from living in their new housing developments...Officials of the 500-student Yeshiva Bnei Shimon Yisroel elementary school, located some 22 feet from the entrance of the planned garage, also oppose the plan, saying the traffic would pose a danger to students. 'I can't imagine the children crossing the street without being in danger of being run over by the trucks,' said Miriam Meisels, the wife of the founder and dean of the yeshiva, the Grand Rabbi Herman Meisels. 'Can you imagine the smell, the noise?'" Yeah, it's really a mess when a Yid goes under the wheels. Oi! Feh! Get the hose, already.

With Logical Sliced Raw Fish

That's what it says on this Korean web site -- betraying the shallow, low-context, copycopycopy Oriental execution of the White man's high technology. What gives the Ants the idea that they speak English? We haven't a clue. All sorts of fine instrumentation available here; the "cause of death meter," the "birds mooring and flow meter," the "drink meter," the "America crow meter," the "foot rarity," and the "electric field burglar total." We are especially intrigued by the "virtuous person generator." VNN has engaged Kim's Tech to construct a Jew-Eating Squid Attractor. We'll keep you posted.

National Alliance

Cleveland Jews offer a kike take on recent happenings... Here anti-rally poster from the White-haters. The only thing the jewies like about the White man is his woman and his wallet. Here's a better one. They say they're anti-racist. They say they're anti-fascist. They mean they're anti-White. Why not call yourselves what you are, guys? "We are jewish tools who have been brainwashed by our jewish masters to hate our own race." Another NA distribution here. Here the springy penis-lickers criticize the SCV as racist. Here on Pennsylvania learning "tolerance" from intolerant Idahoans re Aryan Nations. Note the implied admission that the decision in the Butler case was political, had nothing whatsoever to do with the law. Stop kicking me, says the jew, as he kicks you.


A nut wants it.

Camel Gets Third Hump!

Bang the drom slowly...

The Jewish Twist

You ever seen what they do to a baby bonsai tree? Flat as Kansas compared to what kikes do to history and the news. Jews demand McFilte Fish.

Breaking Down

"We are breaking down, breaking down, breaking down [fill in blank]!" -- the eternal cry of the Jew, the destroyer. Proud of it, too. Here, some Rivka Solomon or other, a destructive Yid with a book -- a book to sell! "That Takes Ovaries." "When we hear about a woman doing something that's breaking the rules, the courage is infectious...Solomon's own life has required some of this willingness to break 1989, Ms. Solomon traveled to Germany days after the Berlin Wall fell. To pay off the debt she piled up with the trip, she chipped almost a hundred pounds off the wall, selling them in front of Macy's in Herald Square, until she got arrested for vending without a license." Picked up the cement chunks from in front of her apartment building where they were fixing the street, more likely...the primordial Jew, caught at her vending. Every Jew A Legend, claim Jews. They really think you believe these wild-eyed, self-promoting, book-selling stories. Feh. Every Jew A Pearl, say we.

Hebrew Hate In Hebron

Here, 1,000 deranged, heavily armed Jews force themselves in among 100,000 Arabs. "The land must be 'cleared' of those who bring harm to Jews, Levinger said. 'They do not have a place in this land,' said the rabbi, who served time in jail for killing a Palestinian...'We can't falter. In a war, everything must be done.' He called on God to 'avenge' the death of Leibovitz...Someone within the crowd screamed: 'We should do it! Revenge!'...'Renew the Land,' they sang slowly...the chorus was repeated over and over. One of the singers slipped into a sort of primal scream...a chasidic Jew jumped to the stage and pushed the singers aside. 'God, we are waiting,' he screeched. "We are calling to you. Reveal yourself! How many years of exile are needed?' His words started spitting from his mouth. 'We need to take revenge! We have to kill! What are you talking about, 'renew the Land?' We have to renew our revenge! We want revenge! Revenge, revenge, revenge!'" All "anti-Semitic canards." "Haters" like those of us at VNN make all of this up. Just keep telling yourself that.

Decline of Seattle

White are murdered at random, the niggers and jews who run the city just laugh. And the wiggers don't even notice, shlooking their spermolattes and moving their lips, fings over their greasy tattoo menus. Here some witless sha-yoodi says promiscuity is good for American Whites, and if they practice it they will be as successful as some really important tribe of dusky freeteats gamboling midst the speek equivalent of tse-tse flies on the bank of La Humidora, donde piranhas and chimi-changas run free, and answer to no man. Stick a gourd on your cock! It rocks! Stick a plate in your lip! It's hip! Stick a bone in your nose! It grows! Itz so...veryvery like Keri. Bedaub yourself with ochre! Congress yourself with acur! Eat vaginal-cultured yogurt! Brand Nubian? Yes! Poke her! Kaleidoscopic shifting lies a thousand feckless alibis but one way gets us through the night PISS ON THE JEWS -- NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. More here on duhworseity.

Zimbaboonios Evicting White Farmers

And no one lifts a hand to stop or even criticize the Zimby-Coon. Can you imagine the outrage if the races were reversed? What if a white government, whose white army veterans had slaughtered black farmers, raped their wives and daughters and then stolen their lands under "squatters' rights," finally evicted all its black farmers? Think the media would just sit back and watch? Don't you think the Jew York Times would howl bloody murder? Wouldn't Alan Derschowitz bitch and whine and raise the cry of "racism"? Murderous mooncrickets are merely a symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE. More on the precious chimps. Let 'em strip bark.

Diversity and Multiculturalism Fail Everywhere

And everywhere includes Fiji. But of course, failure is in how you look at it. If your goal is to break down the United States and make it digestible for jews, then diversity is a great success. Itz "good for jews." Jew-run public schools fail. By intention. That means they succeed. Is your agenda taught in public school, White man? Is anything against the Jewish agenda taught? There's your answer about who controls the schools. The 'why' is to deracinate your kid: leave him an unskilled know-nothing who hates his own race. Home-school your kids. Never subject your kids to anything propagated by jews. Here Sailer on race, never quite getting around to explaining the Jewish racism behind Jew Boas's claim that race does not exist. Q. If races exist, doesn't that mean one race has to be the supreme Master Race? And that would be awful! A. Indeed it would, but no race is going to be best at everything - any more than one region could be the supreme master region for all human purposes. For example, this mountaintop is a stirring place to put a Presidential Library. But if you want to break the land speed record in your rocket car, it's definitely inferior to the Bonneville Salt Flats. This is the kind of, uh, drollery that Semitical Correctness invariably leads to. No master race, says Steve. See, Whites invent, build, maintain civilizations. Niggers run fast. Thus, claims of master status are balderdash. I'm sold. Diversity reeks.

Whites Active in Livonia

Here jewish freepers try to spread outrage, however synthetic, over dead "Americans" who are, of course, not Americans but jews. Here on Hitler as show-stopping argument: reductio ad hitlerum. Here the Fake Opposition Party reaches out to negritudinals.

One in Seven German Neos a Govie?

Could be... More here. Jew criminals thrive in Russia.

Beyond Belief

Here, the never-ending vicious wrangling over the billions of dollars controlled by Jewish "charities." "'I have a strange sense of humor and find some of it tragically funny,' [Richard] Wexler said of the goings-on he chronicled, as he enjoyed a lunch of salmon tartar and tuna steaks at Manhattan's Sea Grill." A spot on my fork! Waiter! "'We have so many problems as Jews,' [Joel] Tauber, a Detroit manufacturer, said in a telephone interview from his summer home in Aspen." Oi, the suffering!

The Jewish Whirl

Defining, redefining! A "tide change!" Everything always "accelerating" with these Jews, "undergoing a fundamental shift," "refocusing perspectives." Spare us. Jews are simply cleaving to the One Commandment -- Is It Good For Jews? Here, displaying once more what VNN's Chuck Pearson has called "a constantly shifting set of temporary alliances and expedient associations that confuses the casual onlooker," Jews "go Republican" -- for now. There's a better chance of getting the stupid goyim to wipe out Iraq for them that way. Any other questions?

Jews Blow Own Horn. Again.

"Fifty Most Influential Jews in America," claims this Jewish web site. Remember the big mystery there was about this list last year, when it was taken down "due to concerns about terrorism?" World Trade Center in ruins, thousands dead, and these phony, put-on Yids affected to worry about the safety of "Leon Wieseltier...D.C. socialite [and] the literary editor of the New Republic." The country'd surely descend into chaos if anything happened to him. How ridiculous. Here's the damned thing again, more Jewish old clothes to peddle. A shame to let it go to waste. The material's not worn through yet, Avner, we can still sell it. This is just a harmless, cocktail-party sort of list of trendy, feelgood Jews, not the dangerous corporate titans, globalists, and manipulators. Pay it no mind.

Jews, Breaking Through

There is no popular American culture. Here, the "'breakthrough' of Jewish...writing into mainstream American literature by the end of the 1950s." Here, the proposition that "America as a whole...over the past half-century has taken on Jewish humor as its own," studied, analyzed at the "Jewish Humor Summer Program 2002, a five-day conference on Jewish humor that took place last week at the National Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Mass." Hard to believe that there are only 14 million of these miserable people in the whole wide world. "A highlight of the conference was a sneak preview of 'A Gift for Laughter: Comedy and the Jews...' produced by Ben Thum. According to Thum, Jewish humor derives in large part from Jewish culture's fascination with questioning authority and exploring differing points of view. 'The film asks why, if 2% of the population in the U.S. is Jewish, 70% of American comedians are Jewish,' Thum told the Forward." Jewish media domination a myth, you see, an "anti-Semitic canard." Everything judged according to Jewish standards -- "Jews had 'a special vantage point on what's going on. It took Eastern European Jews to explain to Americans what they were like, what the American dream was.'" Yeah, we know. In fact, "God made the Jewish people to be above the world." Does that cover it? Repeating -- there is no longer any American popular culture -- or even an America. It really began to crumple under the Jewish assault in the 1950s, when the White man's TV was immediately turned against him. We're sick of it. Pack your bags, Hymie. Go "break through, break down" somewhere else.

Dollars For Danglestein

While you work two jobs, driving around with a cracked windshield you can't afford to get fixed, the $10,000,000,000 per year of your tax money which flows to Israel subsidizes a luxurious, segregated way of life for God's Chosen People. "More than three-quarters of settlers moved to the territories for 'quality of life' issues, not for religious or national security reasons. Successive Israeli governments have offered heavy financial incentives for people to move to the West Bank and Gaza and provided further subsidies for them to stay there. Combined with beautiful landscapes and bypass roads that allow easy access into Israel proper, government funding has provided settlers with an attractive lifestyle that they otherwise could not afford inside the Green Line." Put off buying that toothbrush, White man, and make do with the one you have -- Pinchas and Perla need a new dishwasher. No Jews. Just Right.


...was a hero to millions, but he never meant shit to me. Hey, if there are any FBIsters reading these words right now, I'd like to speak to you directly alone. Everybody else look you realize you are working for an institution that knows who mailed that anthrax, yet refuses to arrest him, for fear of Zion? Are you proud of taking a paycheck from such a corrupt body? What kind of a man or woman are you? What do you stand for? Ever ask yourself these questions? Is it possible that you are a well-paid cog in a machine geared to destroy the very race that created the things you thought you got into the FBI to protect?... Loyalty is a very important thing -- so important that one must be as close to absolutely sure as humanly possible in knowing the true nature of that to which one grants it. Do you truly know whom or what your loyalty serves, Agent White? Are you sure? Are your grandchildren going to be able to look back on what you did with pride after the revolution? Or are they going to have to grin and keep their mouths shut and hope nobody asks? Your Jewish bosses taught us after WWII that Nuremberg rules apply. "I was just following orders" will not be an acceptable excuse the day you answer to us. Now's the time to do the hard thinking, Agent White, because it is coming. Here, yahoodis vend ecstasy.

Propasphere Targets White Scientist

You didn't think the media/fedgov propaganda machine would finger a JEW, did you? Oh, noooo, here's the guy. Look! He served with the elite SAS and the WHITE Selous Scouts of Rhodesia! AHA! White RACIST! He MUST be the Anthrax Killer! Uh huh. Also, here and here And the fact that all these articles are researched and written by JEWS is merely a coincidence, right? The constant chorus of semitically-correct "news" is an all-encompassing "propasphere": an atmosphere of propaganda. And it's all Yahoodish. Just check out the names: Article 1: By Mark Miller and Daniel Klaidman. With Tom Masland, Mark Hosenball, Howard Fineman, Michael Isikoff, John Barry, Eleanor Clift and Mike Cadman. Research by Ruth Tenenbaum. All Jews, courtesy of Jewsweek Magazine.... ("Miller" is a stealth-Jew name in Jew York, and we're not too sure about "Barry" and Ultra-Lib Eleanor "Clift"). Article 2: By American Prospect's Laura Rozen -- Jew. Article 3: Tom Brune and Isaac Baker, of Jewsday. Jews change their surnames to fit the host organism. Although Baker doesn't sound like the name of a Chosenite, that first name's a dead giveaway. T'other one, Brune, could originally have been a Brunstein or a Bernbrune. So, we have Jewsweek writers Klaidman, Masland, Hosenball, Fineman, Isikoff, Cadman and Tenenbaum chiming in with American Prospect's Rozen and Jewsday's Isaac Baker to tell us who the Anthrax Killer is.... Ah, the Jewish Chorus...maintains the propasphere like nothing else. Instead, we say NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

White Hot in Denver

Nice lead with the dangling participle, dumbass "writer." "It's an outrage," said one, while longtime resident Jay Clough added that, "the outside world is finally here. For the last 30 years we've been able to escape this kind of thing." Not swarms of south-of-the-border turds, but the horrifying Invasion of the Pro-White Pamphlets. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk! Really, did anything as ridiculous ever appear in TASS? Permit me to doubt. And this: Deputy Sheriff Charles Gutshall Saturday morning reported that, "He was contacted by many different citizens about a flyer that had been put onto their property without their permission and they did not see who did it." If this is true, then we see the feds have the average American measured: scared shitless of anything unApproved. Big hero, you American. You wave your flag, but somebody drops a leaflet on your driveway, you shit yourself, run to the phone dial up the sheriff to assure you gave no permission!

Jig-Beanie Tensions Grow

Plenty of black parasites know a bloodsucker when they see one. Here some good analysis of the way the kikes of the Land Where Hate Began try to isolate the United States and make it as hated as Israel. A cursory look at the product of Israeli lobbying effort reveals a foreign policy strategy that is designed to isolate the U.S. from all countries in the Middle East. Banging the drum for an Iraqi invasion, resolutions condemning Syria and Iran, labeling Hezbollah as one of the foremost terrorist organizations in the world, the vilification of Arafat and the P.L.O. and the public relations campaign against Saudi Arabia are all examples of furtherance of this long-term strategy. There's no such thing as a jewish friend. A jew is the enemy of every non-Jew. Here Niagara Falls acts as border control.

The Bonobo Whining Quotient...

...has shot off the scale in Indy. Indianapolis, like most midwestern rust bowl cities, is forced to host various black jamborees each summer, in which teeming thousands of loud, violent, reeking, filthy niggers descend upon the downtown area for a solid week of vandalizing, robbing, looting, mugging and murder -- all done to the accompaniment of mindless, jungle "rap muzik." Many of these bonobo chimpazoids cannot park or read traffic signs, such as "Don't Block the Driveway," or "Pedestrians Only". As a result, over 1,180 citations and 376 parking tickets were issued by Indianapolis Police Department (IPD). Can you guess what the negroidal reaction was? Cries of "Racixt! De Racixt POH-lice Be Disrespectin Us!" have gone up like the reeky tar/rancid chili odor of their unique and pungent B.O. Now the spooks are demanding a boycott and/or a lawsuit to teach whitey a lesson. "Rep. William Crawford, D-Indianapolis, chairman of Black Expo's board....said Black Expo was considering a lawsuit against the city. 'We've been in Downtown Indianapolis for 31 years, and the Police Department still hasn't gotten it right on how they should respect us,' said Crawford." Apparently, that means allowing the apes to gambol, defecate and urinate at will, disregard parking and pedestrian signs, throw their trash and diapers everywhere, assault whitey at their leisure and be praised for their "kulchure" while doing so.

More Jews Call for Ethnic Cleansing

To say hebe is to say hypocrite. Keep in mind what you've said about Pals when we cleanse you from American, jews. U.S. military is split, as this low-level email to instapundit reveals. (Scroll, and it will disappear at some point.) Plenty of folks in the military understand the U.S. simply serves Israel's agenda, which is counter to America's true interests. Let the jews attack Iraq, real Americans want nothing to do with it.

Canada: Socialism = Slander

Semitically Correct, still mildly interesting. There is only one way to beat the Jews: organize around being White and wanting to live in a White world.

Blonde's Chat Forum Disses MacDonald

Real ideas are as icky as fishworms to this "hot" gal and her mealworm minions. What an odd hairstyle she has. It's like she dyes the top of the hair yellow, but then the bottom part -- where it goes into her head -- is mysteriously charcoal colored. Mysterious, itz! Like crop circles! Aid to Israel here. Here on final moments of Flight 93.

Swedes Make "Fag" a Crime

Not faggotry, but calling someone a fag. Sweden has become so tolerant that it is taking the next step: prosecuting those whom it considers intolerant, even if this means throwing out freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The Swedish parliament has passed a constitutional amendment that would make it a crime to teach that homosexual behavior is immoral.

Seals Need Mud

Do you think they'll raise or lower standards to accomplish that aim? Will that make the nation safer or less safe? Is diversity, then, a strength or a weakness? Itz not merely a weakness, it's a weakness with a multiplier effect: we do things that are bad for us while claiming they're good and preventing anyone else from saying otherwise. Here on some sexcapade around the McVeigh trial.

Piss-Balloonists Organize Against Whites

What are the jew-led White Haters made of? Emotionally disturbed teenagers, heavers of AIDS-infected urine balloons, mask-wearing cowards who attack only at ratios of 12:1 or better. Not hard to see why "anti-racism," as the jews mislabel it, attracts so many fine people. Here on psychological fascism.

Bulbous Billy Boasts of Bolstering Beanie Babies

This walking, talking piece of shit refused to fight for his own country, but SAYS he would gladly pick up a rifle and jump into a trench to fight for Izzy... Oh, sure he would... This wretched felch-monger is capable only of picking up his putrid pecker and jumping into fat Jewish girls' panties to fight for kosher kooter. Do these yahoodies actually believe anything he says? Especially about him "fighting" for anything? If so, they're a lot dumber than we knew.


Chimps dig the tube, especially the pre-Oprah she-apes! Sending clowns in to battle clowns. A good old-fashioned clown-off, itz! J-school, why? Very good piece, with one missing piece. How are you supposed to get interested, talented, curious people into journalism when they can't write what they want? Naturally when you have a Soviet climate you're going to attract TASS hacks. There's no need for free debate and open discussion when the jews have decided all the big questions. Here jew Horowitz sues PBS. Oxygen gasping for breath.

Language: Fuck

It works. Eat, breathe, sleep, fuck, shit -- klip und klar, sind. Fags have more rights than Whites. Here on evil AOL.

Technology: Fuel Cell Vehicles

Getting there...put-put-put...

Heritage and Hate

Quit placating niggers and their jewish owners, Southrons. There's a time for peace and a time for war -- and this ain't the time for peace. The South doesn't need crouch-and-lickers, it needs firebloods - thinking N.B. Forrest

Russian Skins on the Prowl

Real Russians fight jews and nogs. Jews make things worse. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. The 16-year-old is one of about 7000 Moscow skinheads, a fast-growing group who are blamed for a string of attacks on foreigners in the Russian capital. "The media try to portray us as 'dumbheads' who cannot string two words together. Do I look like one?" he asks as he sips beer in the street cafe next to his old school. Viktor spends his evenings with his skinhead pals in their neighbourhood on the outskirts of Moscow. They drink beer and listen to Western skinhead bands or their Russian copycats. Then they go out hunting for victims - dark-skinned traders from the former Soviet republics, African students, Afghan refugees, South Asian guest workers. It is very good when jews walk around scared. Jews rebuilt America so that Whites would be scared, have to stay inside their homes. Let's return the favor. Out of our wallets, out of our lives -- underground now with the dirty kikes.

Jews Hate Whites

If the average Jew could press a button and make the White race disappear, he would do it. The Jews hide this face from you, but itz there. And that's why ITZ COMING. Are jews hypocrites? Oh, yeah.

Germans Fight Jew-Imposed Taboos

The Germans are a great race. Jews are shit. It doesn't matter how many pants-shitting jew-feared Prudence Wesleys at the Washington Times say otherwise. You're a coward, Pruden. And you know it. Your own editors say so. Remember Dr. Pierce here.

Bitch Bit by Boomerang

Reader spintros: Perennial Stalinist harridan and Zionist whore Julie Burchill gets boomeranged by the same laws her ilk initiated in the first place. Meanwhile Jews get special legal outs for their gimcrack "religion," known to honest men as a race-cult crime syndicate. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US.

Kissing Zionist Ass

Another ragin' Christian slobbers on the race that hates him. Woe to Christians if the Lord has to ask why we didnt choose to help His people when we found them terrorized and embattled. Same theme as the next article too. The jews, frightened, are pushing all the levers. They don't believe in heaven themselves, but if itz "good for jews" to threaten you with eternal damnation dare you brook them, why, they do it in a heartbeat. Or do it through sapless hapless gals like this writer Kennedy, to maintain a certain distance. The marionette show doesn't work so well when you see the fingers pulling the strings.

Kindergarten-Level Reasoning from Jew Prager

God has blessed Americans with tens of millions of mestizos because itz been good to jews. I think of Germany (and Austria) as the cultural and intellectual center of Europe, if not the world, before World War II. Then Germany (with Austrians' help) murdered nearly every Jew in Europe. Germany lost over seven million people, was divided for a generation, and while it now thrives materially, culturally Germany has become irrelevant. Ask anyone, even an intellectual, to name one living German. By culturally relevant he means: trumpeted by the jewish propaganda machine. In the obtuseness of jews like Prager -- who really do believe that a third party put their sorry race on its pedestal -- lies our chance. Jews have been a disaster for America, just as they were a disaster for Spain and Germany. It is not going too far to say Jews murdered America. They turned it into AmeriKwa, a land of fractious, litigious, multiracial ethnoslivers perpetually at war. And they honest to god can't see why we mind. I mean, izn't "good for jews" everybody's standard? They really do think that way, and that blindness provides our opening.

The Market

Bears scrutiny these days. More here on South American economic dominoes.

The Invasion Revolution...

...or the White Counterrevolution, take your pick.


Battling over length of prison terms for those who don't toe jewline.

Chimps in Chaos: Inside Zimby Today

Liberal logic in action: Mercy on the boy, he killed his parents and now he's an orphan! Mercy on the chimps, they killed their farmers and now they're starving! Anytime someone uses the word "responsible" they're trying to label you out of the picture. Don't allow it. YOU set the terms. The Jew is the hater. The jew is the enemy of freedom. The jew is the crybaby, the extortionist, the swindler, the ecstasy seller, the White slaver, the forest fire unto nations. The jew is a human parasite that must be eradicated. Dig the headline: For Zimbabwe's White Farmers, Time to Move On What, shouldn't they stay and fight? Should they rally to protect their racial rights? Not when the jew's writing the headlines. Group rights are for jews and their colored tools, not for the hated Whites. VNN has one purpose, White man -- that you understand that the root of quite literally every major social problem destroying your country -- whether you're in Oz, Britain, Germany, France or U.S. -- is the Jew. THAT is why these kikes keep trying to shut us down. The safe sites that pule and maunder they don't care about. We are cutting them. And they are howling in fear. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. We are on the right path, people. Everybody who possibly can should be at that August 24th rally. Our government is rotten. It is made up of dirty kikes who've coopted white cowards and money-hungry race-traitors -- none of whom really believe what their jewish masters say in the first place. WE HAVE THE TRUTH ON OUR SIDE. That is our strength. I cannot emphasize strongly enough, they don't believe what they say, because they know they are lying. WE HAVE THE TRUTH. The solution to our problems is clear and simple: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Here's another home truth: the hatred of Whites on the part of Jew-chipped coloreds is stronger than the desire to avoid starvation: By Aug. 8, the government has announced, most of the nation's white farmers must leave their farms for good. As the deadline approaches, many farmers are packing their bags. The threatened expulsion of 2,900 white farmers has shaken a country already reeling from drought, a collapsing economy and the political violence condoned by an increasingly authoritarian government. Some say officials are punishing the farmers for financing the opposition in the presidential election last March, an election that most Western officials believe was rigged to ensure Mr. Mugabe's victory. Let me just say that the New York Times is a bunch of jewish cunts, and I don't mean just the women, I mean the men, or, most precisely, the fags that operate it. Jews -- these very same -- killed Zimbabwe through their media, along with their Jew cohort, Mugabe-backer Jew Hoogstraten. They got political power turned over from humans to chimpanzees, knowing full well this would be the result. Folks: fight jews, or don't get out of bed in the morning. Name the Jew, fight the Jew. Anything else is beanbag.

Nigger Brain Disease Kills in Louisiana

West Nile virus, it's not just for the third world (New York) anymore. Coming soon to a skeeter near you! Here nigger to lazy to wait for free cheese wagon noshes nother nigger.

Media: Kikes Kill the Messenger

Completely sycophantic coverage isn't enough. Kikes can't stand any opposition in any form anywhere ever. Here Bushy sets up international PR office to put a good face on our relationship with Mass-Murderer Ari and the Land Where Hate Began. Televitz now serving self-stew, 24/7.

Alternative Media

White Alliance, ISP... 1stAmendment...Here on Internet radio under attack by Hollywitz. Animated "Ducks and Hens" here.

Movie Review: 'Signs'

An excellent movie about masculinity -- and crop circles -- by White-respecting Indian The Cat Lady

Hey, kikes! We're baaaaaaaa - aaaaaaaack! Sucks doesn't it? Days, months, YEARS filled with nothing but Shmuel-truth, as far as the eye can see. You thought you'd killed us for good, didn't you, shittlers? Ah, but VNN's not some ten-year-old Palestinian girl. Maybe, Shmuel bar Shlomos, you should gather at the local pizzeria, make new plans. Don't forget to invite Tweezer Man -- that guy in the corner's looking kind of jumpy! As for VNN, we're drinking up preparatory to pissing on your mass grave. ITZ COMING -- now more than ever. How long before Israel is booted off itz server? See you the 24th, White man. $10 MILLION A DAY TO ISRAEL

Warmongering Kikes Must Be Stopped

Jews and their trained seals want war, who cares what's good for America? Are we threatened by Saddam Hussein? Hell, no! We're threatened by Jews. Nuke Israel, make the whole globe safer. Jews are the only people in the world who are so evil that ordinary men and women are willing to give up their lives to stop them. You will never see this last sentence, which is true, in any newspaper in the free world because they are all controlled by the same evil jews. They say Jews were "chosen" by God. The truth is, when Jews die, God is pleased. See, that's the neat thing about God. Any jerkowitz can put words in his mouth. Here CIA on psy-ops. Here on the real cost of supporting that shitty little country, Israel.

Diversity: Good for You, Bad for Jew

Such hypocrites, these jews. Their every word contradicted by their actions. They are a race competing with other races - by deception and manipulation. Nog party womb here.

Whites Active in Santa Cruz

Oy! Fliers! Here on supposed anti-Semite, whatever that is, coming to Ottawa. Sobran on Lindh here. He was no terrorist, by any stretch...

Jews Hate Traficant

Here, yidn snicker at congressman's conviction.

Nothing To Do With Us

"With plans for a U.S. attack against Iraq being formulated within the Bush administration and garnering front-page headlines, American Jewish leaders are wondering how loudly to raise their voices." "Regime change," these Yids call the massive, bloody invasion they've agitated ceaselessly to bring about. "Jewish leaders from across the political spectrum support the plans for regime change in Iraq, believing it would be in the best interests of both Israel and the United States. But some analysts say Jewish leaders are trying to keep a low profile out of concern that critics might say America is attacking Iraq to benefit Israel." Wouldn't want anyone to get that idea, would we?

Circumcision Not Right, Not White

Are you some sort of African savage -- or, even worse, a Jew? If not, why do you want to mutilate your children's sex organs? Here, info on same.

Hey! Goy! Have You Ever Tried To Sell A Diamond?

Here, Jew exposes entire Jewish diamond scam. Must reading.


America is not an "idea," America is a woman like Emily Van Nest, her family, her community, and her nation -- organically linked and indivisibly soldered through the Marc Moran

Advice for the Would-be Vocal White Nationalist

Responses to arguments made by anti-White P.L.W.

A Moment of Clarity

Tens of thousands of White women are raped each year by negro bucks. The black man is the jew's tool for committing genocide against the White Jack Boot

Unremarkable -- Black Mob Kills Two Of Own

Here, nigger police chief vows to catch niggers who killed niggers who drove like niggers, crashing their van into a nigger-filled building and injuring niggers. Did we miss anything? No -- unlike other web sites which never, ever, ever finger Jews as responsible for all this rampant "civil rights" and " equality." Don't waste your valuable time reading endless lists of symptoms; not only will VNN tell you what the disease is, but we have the cure. No Jews. Just Right.

Ignore Our False Basic Premise And Take Us Seriously. Please?

An Oldsmobile is an aquatic microorganism. No? Uh...machine screws are a tasty snack. No? Uh...bagpipes grow on trees. No? Uh...the white race is a historically constructed social formation. No? Damn!

All kinds of new promos and graphics. All of which you can copy and use at will. First, a new VNN banner here. And here is a cool promo by Jim. And here's a "where are they now" for Fat Albert. Here's a graphic that can expand anybody's instinctive dislike of the shit race. I'm sorry. That's a little confusing. I don't mean the South of the Border shit race, I mean the Southerwestern Asia shit race. Here's one you definitely want to show your kid if he doesn't understand why our buildings get bombed and the kikes are eyeing him for the draft. Josie and the Goldiekatz don't have the balls. They need White boys for that. In all those commercials you're that pussy-whipped Circuit-City feeb, but when Izzy's on the line, you're Tommy Atkins. Don't fight the kike's war, White man. If they try to draft you, laugh in their face. Let Jews die for Israel. Jew puts the chip on blacky's shoulder that the White man's keeping him down. But who steered the ship that brought blacky to America in the foyst place? And here's a classic, that neatly captures in a single graphic the way the jews murdered America. And here's a beautiful neo-Fips. I think suitable for framing, don't you? And finally, let's wrap it up for now with four cool animated gif promos on the same page. Thanks, Jim! GREAT WORK, EVERYBODY. The hoofbeats grow louder...ITZ COMING

The Unsalvageable

Here, terminally deranged professional whigger. Look, look, look at this character. "Ignorant, yet filled with self-esteem." They're all the same, mass-produced, as alike as peas in a pod -- MTV incarnate. The White Nigger has, quite simply, become a consumer product. Dig the stern I'm-on-a-mission, better-not-say-the-N-word-around-me, hall-monitor look, the standard-issue earrings, the vain little spic beardlet and the obligatory carefully-cultivated stubble. These boys spend hours preening in front of the mirror, turning this way and that, absorbed..."[Mike] Ficarra is a good example of someone who walks his talk. He's the only white member of an all-black softball team that toured the nation. His right biceps is ringed by a tattoo depicting white hands clasping black ones in a continuous loop. His girlfriend, Arlin, with whom he has two young children, Jada and Lela, is Puerto Rican." "There's an army I'm creating," says Ficarra -- a disorderly brownish cohort of miscegenation, dirt, and noise, whose uniform Ficarra hopes will be his very own line of nigger-baggy "EFAR" clothes. (Why do these ridiculous people always casually add the German umlaut pronunciation symbol to their product logos? It's not as though they know what it is or what it means. No matter. Looks kewl.) "It's not a lily-white world," insists Ficarra. "Who would believe that a white man would go and do something that would go against a way of life that totally supports being a white man?" We believe you, Mike. People do stupid things all the time.

God Chose The Jewish People To Be Above The World

...that's what it says right here, on this Orthodox Jewish web site. "Haters" like ourselves make all of this up, you see, all "anti-Semitic canards." Do you doubt for a moment that Jews think you're dirt, White man? Let's look at some charming rabbinical prohibitions. "Chalav Akum -- non-Jewish milk: Milk that was not milked in the presence of a Jew is forbidden by Rabbinic injunction. Gevinas Akum -- non-Jewish cheese. Wine touched by a non-Jew: Rabbis prohibited the wine of a Jew if it was touched and moved (or even if it may have been touched) by a non-Jew. These laws are complex and of importance to anyone who has non-Jewish cleaning help.Bishul Akum -- non-Jewish cooking: One may not eat food cooked by a non-Jew. Rabbis feared that this may precipitate an inappropriately close personal relationship between Jew and non-Jew. Pas Akum -- non-Jewish bread. Stam yoinom -- non-Jewish wine...One may not drink wine of a non-Jew...This prohibition is also based on the concern that drinking his wine may cause a personal relationship between Jew and non-Jew." C'mon. These people aren't worried about a "personal relationship." They're afraid of being poisoned. We can't for the life of us understand why.


Hurrah! Here, a powerful, dangerous new White weapon. "Hoozajew is a program for determining the proportion of a list of names that is Jewish. It is intended to be a tool in the struggle against the Jews and their destructive influence on Western values." The software can be downloaded from this site. "Hoozajew consults several databases of thousands of individual's names which are used to derive frequency lists of first and last names sorted by ethnicity...Applied to a list of names, it can establish an estimate of the number of Jews in the list." Here's an example -- percentages of Jews in the print media. New York Times reporters 48% Jewish? Sounds perfectly fair to us -- America's population is, after all, 2.3% Jewish. Keep in mind that even this software may not be picking up Jews with completely Anglicized names -- if there is any error, it would tend towards detecting fewer Jews than there really are. Henry Ford explained it thusly. "Commonly, Mr. Abraham becomes Miller. Why Miller should have been picked on for Judaization is not clear...Aarons becomes Arnold -- there are a number of Jewish Arnolds. Aarons became Allingham. One Cohen became Druce, another Cohen became Freeman. Still another Cohen became a Montagu; a fourth Cohen became a Rothbury and a fifth Cohen became a Cooke." VNN stayed VNN. No Jews. Just Right. say we. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow...

Day Of The Jew-Eating Squid

Don't go near the water, Hymie. Even marine life reads VNN these days. You don't have to have vertebrae to know the score. Here, thousands of squid make for land in California -- snapping, twisting, hurling themselves out of the water in their mad quest for living Jewish meat. It gets worse. Here, horrible sixty-foot monster specimen emerges from sea, drags self towards nearest synagogue, beak gnashing. The terrifying squid-voice has been recorded; a profound, gurgling infra-bass mutter, a bone-chilling threat from the depths. Sh'ma Yisroe-e-e-l. Baru-u-u-ch Adonoi Elohainu-u-u... The devilish creature is mocking you, Sammele. Best run for the deli -- at least the pickled herring in those refrigerator cases won't suddenly wrap itself around your neck and bite your face off. Not kosher, these kraken, no, no. "Whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat; it is unclean unto you..." Crunch, crunch, crunch -- down the hatch go Cohen and Cohan and Cohn! Lo, these capricious, capacious, contented calamari! They're really somethin'.

Kievsky seeks investors for a pro-White mall cart here. And Jake up in New Hampshire is looking for the right woman for motorcycle tours, as well as like-minded friends. Get in touch, you never know.

Savage Nigger Mob Slaughters Two Motorists

An as-we-write breaking story from Chicago. A Chicago radio station gave the address of occurrence as the 3800 block of South Lake Park on the city's south side, a 100% black area. The two men who lost control of their rented van were dragged from their vehicle and killed -- reportedly beaten with bricks. It's worth your life to drive through black areas -- we've heard several stories like this lately. Niggers are always looking for an excuse to "get Whitey;" they attack immediately, unquestioningly, and as one. There's a lesson here, people. VNN will be watching this story closely. We do not yet know the race of the victims.

Fiction: Eight O'Clock in the Morning

A parable about Jew-controlled America. Are you out of bubblegum yet, pilgrim? Ray Nelson

Loyalty Is Our Honor

Honor and loyalty alone can rebuild the Aryan juggernaut we need to crush our John Michael

A Glorious Defeat

Thoughts on the right way to live and John Michael

The Death of Free Speech and Individualism In the New World Order of America

We can't work within the system any more to effect meaningful change because the system won't allow Edgar Steele

Thoughts on Revolution

On making and consolidating revolutions with respect to Morris' and Adams' contentions and historical evidence from France, Russia and Freiheit

Concord and Salem

A chapter from The American Scene, on the excellence of Concord, the American Weimar, with mention of Emerson, Thoreau, and Salem's Henry James

Can You Count? Part 2

A rundown on the descendants of one prominent American family as a wombstick for today's Frank Mimms

Moving Day

Jews murdered America. Here's one of a thousand sad tales demonstrating the quotidian misery of that reality. Thanks, Sharon A. Hutchinson


Here, the usual Jewish tangle of ideas, the phony left/right dichotomy performed again upon the stage. Jew blames "multiculturalism" for the confusion of the "Jewish left." Who's responsible for multiculturalism? Jews. Jew blames Arabs for Arab terrorism. "This appallingly superficial grasp of history prevents leftists from fathoming that Arab and Muslim civilizations are engaged in an existential struggle with modernity, not due to American imperialism or Israeli aggression but to their own long history." There is some truth to this -- but it's not as though Jews aren't fighting their own desperate battle against the Western civilization which sustains them. Jews are a cancer which destroys its host. The Jewish answer? More cancer, more chutzpah. If anything's wrong, it can only be because there is not enough Jewyness. "It is time the American Jewish left sacrificed its self-hatred and became more interested in projecting self-pride." It is time for Jews to depart our society -- via El Al or up the chimney. We Aren't Listening Anymore (TM).

Jews Less Than Completely Popular in Russia

Russia for Russians. Jews out. They just name the same two or three incidents that were likely the products of jews themselves.

Race Is Real

"Race Is Seen as Real Guide to Track Roots of Disease," says NYT subtitle. That's about as close as you'll ever come to the truth from a jew.

Diversity Encephalitis Is Our Greatest Strength

Coming soon to a lung near you: "'s clear the virus first detected in New York City a mere three years ago has become a permanent summertime threat in most states." -- Thanks, Jews! Another Delightful Diversity Bonus Brought to You by Our Jew-Controlled I.N.S. This is the first article we've seen that actually mentions the disease's origins -- AfriKwa. So...what's this epidemic doing here, in 33 states in just three years? Well, it's like "diversity" and "multiculturalism:" it's inevitable, you can't resist it, so you might as well just get used to it. That's the message from our Jew masters. Here, they repeat the technique with the calm, reassuring, fatalistic tone so common to Jew diversity-mongers: "...West Nile virus has struck other countries for decades, from the tip of Africa up to Europe and throughout Asia, so its move here probably was inevitable." No, it wasn't. Nothing about AfriKwan diseases spreading to the U.S. is "inevitable" without our Jew-tikkuned Immigration Bureau. We'd never even heard of West Nile Virus until the Jews began cramming our country full of AfriKwan bonobos and savages. Don't like it, White man? Then you're a "hater," a "xenophobe," possibly even (yikes!) a "racist." But remember, VIRUS-SPREADING SPOOKS ARE MERELY A SYMPTOM; JEW IS THE DISEASE

Diamonds and the Zircon That Vends Them

Actually, diamonds are not rare, and the idea of diamond engagement rings was completely a product of an advertising campaign back in the early part of the 20th century, by DeBeers. Wake up, brainwashed Americans. Here a burning-hat jew sues fast food. Big Grease beware!

Tattling Is Patriotic, Suckers

Weak nosy people love to rat on others, bring them down. If you can't achieve anything, criticizing others is the next best thing: That's the inspiration behind TIPS! Here neokahns slyly promote Internet censorship to get at the many enemies their evil has created for them.

France to Outlaw Right-Wing Group

Criticize jews and jewish control, you're a criminal. Spew virulent hatred of Whites, you're an editorial writer. There is no legal solution to this. White Revolution Is the Only Solution. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.

Stephen Lawrence

The Byrd of England. That is, a 101 nog- or wog-on-White murders take place to absolute silence, but a insignificant one-nog depletion and the jews scream for years. Hatred of Whites is the same wherever you go, because it all springs from the same source: Jews. There's only one way to stop this: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

UN Human Rights Commissioner Out

Don't criticize U.S. Itz always right.

The Deep Jew-Rot

If you grew up in America, nearly everything you "know" is wrong. Even the comic books of your childhood were of Jewish origin, polluting your formative years. Here, "Stan Lee" (Stanley Lieber) and "Jack Kirby" (Jacob Kurtzberg) of Marvel Comics continue to hammer, hammer, hammer their point home with a Jewish superhero for your children to worship. "The Thing is no mere token Jew; he's not some Jew who's never seen the inside of a synagogue. Although the Thing no longer attends services, he still remembers his prayers. Kneeling over Mr. Sheckerberg, who appears to be dead, the Thing recites the Sh'ma [Jewish prayer for the dead]." All this, and Yids affect not to understand why so many wish them dead.

Jew Writes Book About Nothing

Chop down the forest! Make more paper! It's another Jewish book! This one's "Virtually Jewish: Reinventing Jewish Culture in Europe." It's a book about something that isn't there! "The 'Would Have, Could Have' of a Nearly Extinct Yiddishkayt [Jewishness] Is Felt, If Not Heard, in a Tour of Europe's Empty Jewish Spaces," claims the review. Thus, the fabled Luftmensch -- "From thin air, the Jew makes himself a living." Listen to this chutzpah. "Had the Nazis succeeded in their goals, what would have become of the surviving cultural artifacts of the Jews? Would the postwar Judenrein [free of Jews] European generations have been filled with nostalgia for that much-maligned race their parents and grandparents had brought to extinction? Would they have yearned for the sights and sounds of the lost people that once lived vibrantly among them, hankering to experience their idiosyncratic foods and beautiful synagogues, their ancient cemeteries and soulful, lively music?" Gawd. As well to wax nostalgic over ringworm, to pine for one's excised tumor. "Gosh, I miss the flu." We see here, however, the result of decades of ceaseless Jewish guilt induction among Whites, in the claim that "Jewish culture is being manufactured, Jewish history reconstructed, by these Judaizing milieux -- by German experts of Jewish culture [who] enact Jewish culture from within German biographies and from within German history; this has an important bearing on the type of Jewish culture that is actually being produced: a culture that is not lived, that draws heavily from the museum, and this is still no less genuine for that." The effects are certainly genuine -- well-trained Whites live to Jewish standards, look over their shoulders for Jewish approval, even when no Jews are present. Time to stop this. There are only 14 million Jews in the whole world. We can make our own corned-beef-on-rye once they're gone -- we shall kick up our heels, chase pretty girls through the meadows, and picnic in Hitler Park (built on the former site of ADL headquarters) and we'll laugh as we savor every morsel. No Jews. Just Bite.

More Jewish Nothing -- To The Exclusion Of All Else

The Jewish race constitutes one giant mutual admiration society. Here, Jew has terminally cute party -- "a meaningful welcome for a wee double-X-chromosomed person of the Hebraic persuasion," writes article about it, gets paid. "My husband, Jonathan, and I ran out to Russ & Daughters, around the corner, to stock up on whitefish salad and pickles. Relatives arrived in a flurry of air-kissing and cheek-pinching...In the grand tradition of Jews everywhere, we noshed." This material gushes forth like water. Now, try finding a realistic mass-media assessment of the role America's support for Israel played in the September 11 attacks. Ha.

Summer Double Standard

YMCA, Boy Scouts bad, horrible, racist -- Jews work to "break down" sensible barriers, force admission of niggers, queers, kids with HIV, invertebrates with eye-stalks. Segregated Jewish summer camps all to the good. "Over the years, camps were used as a tool for building Jewish identity by providing Jewish education in an informal atmosphere." ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE.

No Splat For Sarah And Sammy; Yid Kids Stay Safe

Affluent Jews, afraid that little Perla and Shmuel might get blown into the treetops for the Tweezer Man, keep little yiddl home where it's haimish, congenial. "Organizations that sent hundreds of North American teens to Israel two summers ago have seen participation in their summer tours decline by between 85% and 98% during the last two years." Go to the mall, instead, they'll. Air conditioned, it's!

Zimby and the Frankengrain

Must accept genetically rewritten grain or general famine will result, says Uncle Shmuel. Here the hell that is South Africa as the humans gave way to animals. More here on the Harare Harangutan's seizures, farm and otherwise. Here an African just doin' what comes naturally. Here on urgent need for bongo bassoonists. More zimby zaniness here from That Wacky Monkey.

Why the Republicans Aren't the Answer

Sucking up to spics around the clock -- in North Carolina and nationwide. "We get one shot at this. If we blow it, we'll lose them. We'll lose them for a whole generation," said Rick Tyler of GOPAC, a national Republican organization. "It's life or death for our party." Actually, Rick, you're already dead. Me-too jewism is the only route left for the Reps. Who represents your interests, White man? Only VNN and the National Alliance. "Engaging Hispanic Voters," huh? What about "engaging White voters." Why, that's racism. All the while the Jew, who let all these Hispanics in to start with, laughs up his sleeve, at these cowards who will never acknowledge the real game being played. If you're neither cowardly nor stupid, you might consider joining a group, supporting media, that advance your interests, White man. Am I making sense here? Why does your "conservative" Republican Party care more about Jimi Changa from Watemala who just crawled out of the rio than you? Is that the kind of country you want? Well that's the kind of country you're getting. UNTIL YOU GO WHITE, NOTHING GOES RIGHT.

Another Death In The Race War

A minor story on the radio, forgotten in a few minutes. Here, White man with heart problems, Baldimar Tetrowski, dies alone in the summer heat. "Police were told Tetrowski kept his windows shut because he didn't feel safe." This wasn't a matter of "perception," of "feelings," as Jews with their cheap victim-blaming, work-on-yourself-while-the-problem-continues popular psychology like to make us believe -- he really wasn't safe. The once-livable Chicago neighborhood is now a hellhole of porch-hiding spics and fence-climbing niggers. He is not the first elderly White to have suffocated, cooked to death under these circumstances, not the first to have died right under our noses from Yid-promoted "diversity" -- but we're supposed to cry about mythical Jews "going to the gas," long ago and far away. We're sorry, Baldimar. Rest in peace -- we will not forget you.

War With Iraq? Let Josie & the Goldbergs Fight It

They talk it, after all...

Dirt Not Moving Fast Enough, Say Jews

Never enough smelly, rag-bedecked, ululating disease carriers crossing our borders to suit Jews. Here, "several hundred Iranian Jewish refugees have been stranded for months in Vienna, some living in squalid conditions, as a result of the FBI's enhanced security reviews of Middle Eastern nationals bound for the United States after the September 11 attacks." The usual both-sides-at-once Jewish whipsaw -- "Make us safe! Secure everything! Screen everyone!" Then "Fascism! Repression! Let them in!" Jews do this just for fun.

Jailbirds Ordering Kosher

Here, another benefit derived from the presence of Jews in our land -- nothing-better-to-do prisoners demanding kosher meals. "Menachem Lubinsky, whose marketing firm runs the annual kosher food trade show, Kosherfest, said every year more corrections officers turn up at the show to scope out products for prison kitchens. Maryanne Jackson, president of My Own Meals, which manufactures ready-made meals that don't need to be refrigerated, recently reinvented her company as a purveyor of kosher meals to corner what she sees as a growing niche market in jails." It's Good For Jews!

Jews "Brace For Impact"

So very dramatic, everything to do with these Jews! "Jewish religious groups appear to be sitting on their hands as at least one Christian youth group plans to launch 1,000 new after-hours clubs in public schools nationwide this September." Oi! Building gas chambers as a class project, they'll be! That's apparently what it'll take to stop this endless Jewish complaining.

Jewish "Concern" -- Always Phony

Here, Jews pretend to grapple with the morality of dropping a 2,000 pound bomb on an apartment building full of innocent people in the middle of the night. "The general public...seemed torn between the two extremes. A banner headline in the daily Ma'ariv captured the nation's mixed emotions: "The Liquidation -- and The Embarrassment." Yeah, The Embarrassment. If only they'd been able to keep it quiet...

More Jewish Play-Acting

Here, the put-up show continues for the benefit of the goyim, with Jews pretending that there is great controversy among themselves. A New York "vigil...[focusing on] Palestinian suffering...[which] at its peak drew a crowd of three to four dozen participants and onlookers, was sponsored by Jews Against the Occupation, a New York-based organization." We are reminded of a favorite old Charles Addams cartoon showing a man being pulled into a sewer by a giant octopus, as a throng watches. "It doesn't take much to draw a crowd in New York," says one passer-by to another. A few throwaway Yids -- out of the world's 14 million -- affect to protest while $10,000,000,000 per year continues to flow smoothly to Israel. Jews win.

10% of Norway on Disability

No kidding...


Interesting new research. A team of scholars led by University of Cincinnati professors Nicholas and Vernon Scarborough found evidence of a major environmental transformation that helps to explain a puzzle that has stumped Maya scholars for decades. Why would the Maya live in an area where the primary water source is little more than mud half of the year? The discoveries reveal why many early Maya centers were abandoned about 1,600 years after the civilization first appeared in the lowlands of Latin America. They also document why the Maya moved to new areas where they created elaborate water storage systems that allowed their civilization to thrive for several more centuries.

Scotland Not Completely Disarmed

Talk wrong on the phone in Wisconsin you get ticket. Land of the free, and all that. Another pay raise for the criminals. The good news just keeps on coming. Here on Hitler art booty. Always funny to see jews describe Hitler. All that non-judgmentalism and tolerance and respect for difference goes right out the door when you hate non-jew-approved targets.

Aid to Israel Must End Now


Fight Over Fighting Iraq

Some still make a distinction between America and Israel. Jews want war with Iraq. Whites, Americans don't. Boycott Israeli goods here. Izzies three main exports? Ecstasy, swindlers and crybabies. Every jew a swindler, every jew a pearl. New Zealand says no to Iraq invasion.


Here on Thai women hooking up with niggers for a ballet du AIDS. Do you think the criminal justice system is "fair" to Whites? Read this. It's put together by Richard Barrett, nevertheless it is telling. Pierce is mentioned on this thread. Here kikes say zoning used to keep humans safe from blacks.

Former America: Destroyed by the Jew-Fostered Invasion Revolution

Thanks, jews. Thanks for murdering America and turning it into AmeriKwa. Another foreign import threatening to run amok.

Gook Has 21 Kids

He's not in AmeriKwa. Yet. Here a shitskin discriminates against Whites, hiring only tia marias.

Heartless Bitches and Wimpy Guys

Pretty accurate. What's wrong with Nice Guys? The biggest problem is that most Nice Guys (tm) are hideously insecure. They are so anxious to be liked and loved that they do things for other people to gain acceptance and attention, rather than for the simply pleasure of giving. You never know if a Nice Guy really likes you for who you are, or if he has glommed onto you out of desperation because you actually payed some kind of attention to him. Home life sucks these days, since women listened to jews and made remade themselves beteated males. Here a woman burns down Arizona for free.

Diversity Triumphs -- Nine Jewish Miners Rescued

Here, multiculturalism's day in the sun. Using sophisticated Somali technology and a powerful drill rig invented in Mexico, a determined, Assyrian-led team of Puerto Ricans, Hmong and Filipinos bored through hundreds of feet of solid rock to save nine Jewish coal miners trapped by a sudden flood. "It was very, very, very difficult indeed, all of this drilling, drilling, drilling," said Vidhal Mukerjee, the rescue squad's Hindu spokesman. Don't you believe it for a second.

Itz Not Easy, Being a Groid

Itz a holiday in Tanzania! Want to play?

Media: Jewish Hollywood

Here Montana college wants to eliminate student paper.

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