Can You Count? Part 2

by Frank Mimms

July 30, 2002

Patrick Henry (1736-1799) married Dorothea Spotswood Dandridge (1757-1831) in 1776. Dorothea was a Granddaughter of The Governor of Virginia. Patrick was 21 years old when Dorethea was born. They had 15 children:

1) 1778--Dorothy Spotswood Henry (Dorothea started child bearing several years later than many of her contemporaries but she did OK).

2) 1780--Sarah Butler Henry

3) 1780--Kitty Henry

4) 1781--Martha Catherine Henry

5) 1783 Patrick Henry

6) 1784--Henry

7) 1785--Nathaniel Henry

8) 1785--Fayette Henry

9) 1788--Alexander Spotswood Henry

10) 1788--Henry

11) 1790--Henry

12) 1792--Richard Henry

13) 1794--Edward Winston Henry

14) 1796--John Henry

15) 1798 (one year before Patrick Henry's death)--Jane Robertson Henry

Dorothea Spotswood Dandridge was Patrick Henry's second wife. Patrick Henry and his first wife Sarah Shelton had 6 children:

1) 1755--Martha (Patsey) Henry (Patrick sired his first child at age 18).

2) 1757--John Henry

3) 1763--William Henry

4) 1767--Anne Henry

5) 1769--Betsey Henry.

6) 1771--Edward (Neddy) Henry.

Let's see. 15 plus 6 equals 21. Four died early. That leaves 17.

Can you count?

The blood of Patrick Henry and Dorothea Spotswood Dandridge flow in the veins of 10,000,000 living Americans today. Do the numbers.

Well, can you count?


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