The Framingham Files: Jew Censors White Speech

by Andrei Kievsky

August 8, 2002

Myself and another NA member were going to make a speech at the Framingham Human Relations Commission meeting, but they didn't let us. We didn't get to make our speech, but I realized something about grasping your two minutes of free speech at these forums. Here's what happened.

The topic was hiring more people who aren't White men in Framingham's town government. The featured speaker was the craven coward Robert "I'm off the clock" Joy, director of the Town of Framingham's Human Resources.

During the question and answer period, William West interrogated Joy, and the high-school-educated, U.S. Marine veteran West forced the college-educated Joy to admit that Framingham hired based on racial quotas, which are illegal. West got Joy to admit that one in three hires has to be minority or female, no matter what the qualifications. When West pressed him on the fact that racial quotas are illegal, Joy refused to continue the conversation, and Human Relations Commission Chairman Ralph Woodward seized the floor and said that this line of questioning was not relevant. Joy started to leave the room, and NA member Mike asked him why won't he quit his job and give it to a minority to further his goals of hiring diversity? Robert Joy answered, "I'm off the clock" and literally fled the room in terror. That's what happens when White men and White women stick up for their race - the enemies and cowardly collaborators either cut off discussion, or flee.

Then we raised our hands for more comments, but HRC Chairman Ralph Woodward said, "We have to move on to other business." I figured that there would be time for public comment at the end, but I was wrong. Another NA member, Jeff, looked at the agenda and warned me that they wouldn't allow any time for us to speak, but I replied that I was confident that they'd let us speak at the end. I was wrong, and now I realize that we have to push to be allowed to speak during the time of the featured topic, and not wait with hope against hope to get a chance to speak at the end of the meeting.

They purposely dragged the meeting to 9 p.m., basically filibustering with nonsensical talk about forming committees to form committees, and then at 9 they got to the end of the agenda and I asked Ralph, "What about our two minutes of democracy? We have speeches prepared."

Then the Jew Bob Ehrlich said, "I propose we adjourn" and then Jew number two Bob Schecter quickly said, "I second that motion" and then the corpulent collaborator Ralph Woodward said, "Meeting adjourned," and that was it. I said, "Bolshevik Jews!"

The reporters from the Boston Globe and the Metro West Daily News came up to us, and one of them asked us if we were going to sue the HRC for not letting us speak. We said that we will if we can find lawyers willing to help us. Both reporters agreed that it was quite obviously a sham to prevent us from commenting on the Commission. They saw that we sat well behaved through two hours of the meeting, just for the opportunity of our two minutes of free speech for those of us who had comments, and clearly the Human Relations Commission used every tactic possible to prevent us from speaking. I told the reporters that it was a tremendous irony how the Jews have used the First Amendment in combination with their media monopoly to push their destructive agenda, and then when some real Americans object, they censor them with every slimy Jew trick possible. It's truly infuriating, and even as I write this I am still angry. The Jews don't have the sense to allow us to blow off a little steam, but instead they seal off the boiler with more and more wax in the form of their dirty little kike tricks that they developed over millennia of nation-destroying and swindling, ensuring that the backlash will be as extreme as possible. In my experience, Jews are congenitally opposed to free speech that opposes their agenda, which does nothing more than ensure that they set themselves up as oppressors versus the oppressed, and then they bemoan the perennial uprising of the oppressed and call it "a history of anti-Semitic persecution." Well, Jews Bob Ehrlich and Bob Schechter just outsmarted themselves and provided yet another reason to hate Jews!

Another interesting thing was that a Brazilian nationalist named Caesar kept challenging the benighted Human Relations Commission. He caught them doing things that were not authorized by law, he challenged their definition of affirmative action, and he spoke against them to a Latina reporter of the Metrowest Daily News. Ol' Caesar seemed to have healthy instincts, he seemed to be a right-winger who understood the laws and smelled something rotten in the Human Relations Commission's collection of Jews, White race traitors, and token Black, token Hispanic, and token Muslim. He gave 'em hell, and he was given a full two minutes to speak, and then given more time to speak when he challenged the legality of their actions.

I remember telling the Human Relations Commission last April that when there were enough Third Worlders in America and it was a non-White mess, there would be no Human Relations Commission anymore, but there would be chaos, race war, and poverty. I asked them if that was really what they were spoiling for? I pointed out that they all seem to be quite comfortable bourgeoisie types, far less adaptable to the conditions of true racial diversity than the hard-edged crowd of survivalist White racists that were sitting in the audience. I told them that I liked things like human rights and constitutional government, and I was trying to protect that, and they were destroying it with their pro-diversity policies. Non-whites simply will not maintain a world of human rights and constitutional government, or even non-slavery. China and Africa both practice slavery, but Whites do not tolerate it in White-controlled countries. Bringing diversity to America ensures that the Chinese and African models of civilization, which include slavery, will choke out the White-European model of civilization.

And even now the non-White nationalists are attacking the Human Relations Commission, accusing them of not doing enough for Brazilians. The Brazilian nationalist doesn't understand - hey, if you are so pro-diversity, why don't you just hand over the keys to us now and get it over with? The Human Relations Commission is trying to tell him, "Look give it a generation of high Brazilian birthrates and anti-White policies, Framingham will be like Sao Paulo before your grandchildren are your age!"

Anyway, here are two speeches that we were planning to give but were censored....

Before I talk about the insanity of taking people who create Third World dictatorships in their own countries and giving them positions of governmental power over us, I want to mention that I am outraged at the building of a Jewish day school in Framingham. Remember the busing riots of 1974? The working-class Irish folks in South Boston would have loved to have had a Whites-only Irish day school, but the Jewish liberal establishment would decry that as hate and racism and never allow it to happen.

Do you see the double standard here? How much non-Jewish diversity attends the Jewish day schools? How about let's integrate those Jewish day schools with Black and Hispanic diversity? All Jews in favor of racial integration for Jewish day schools, raise your hand and say "aye!" -- what do you say Bob Ehrlich or Bob Schecter? I hope to see that as a future topic of the Human Relations Commission - integrate the Jewish day schools!

The Jewish Liberal Establishment doesn't want diversity for their Chosen children, but they do want to foist diversity on White children. Don't you see a double standard there? I think White children should have Aryan day schools, to preserve our Heritage and our Way of Life, and our People. What, do you think I don't have any heritage worth preserving? I can play Bach on the violin, I can read Dostoevsky in the original Russian, I know the difference between Classical Paintings and Impressionist Paintings and I certainly don't want to send my children to the dumbed-down, equality-mad public schools. But I don't have any other choice, all the while the Framingham Jews are complaining that they have to drive their chosen children 45 minutes to their segregated Jew schools in Newton, Brookline or Worcester. Oy vey, 45 minutes! Wasn't six million enough already?

And now to top it off, the liberal Jewish establishment and the Framingham Human Relations Commission is pushing for more Third World dictators to have positions in our government. A good friend of mine, the Reverend Tony Menear, was recently sent back to prison on a parole violation by his Third World dictator black parole officer. Menear's offense? His religious convictions and only his religious convictions. The black parole officer told him to publicly renounce his religious convictions and to publicly apologize for even having these religious convictions in the first place or be sent back to prison! That's where we've come - the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth for religious freedom 382 years ago, and now we have black Third World dictator parole officers sending people to prison for their religious convictions.

One more example -- today, August 8, 2002 is the deadline for White farmers to leave their farms in Zimbabwe or be killed as reported last week in the
New York Times. That is the order of Robert Mugabe, the black dictator of Zimbabwe. It was Jews and Christian Communists of the same ideology as the Human Relations Commission that agitated for black government in Rhodesia, and the White Rhodesians gave in to the agitation. Now they are being ethnically cleansed, raped, murdered and driven out of their homeland by the same black dictator that the liberal Jewish establishment brought to power 22 years ago.

You think it's harmless to give power to non-whites today, but I'm sure the Whites in Rhodesia thought they too would be treated fairly 22 years ago. It didn't take long for Zimbabwe to devolve into savagery, did it? It won't take long here either.

Andrei Kievsky

Cities engaging in preferential hiring practices based on race do their communities a lamentable disservice, the effects of which have the potential to spill over into other, cleaner communities. It is well known that persons of color tend to gravitate toward the larger cities. This is due the combination of attractants found there such as others of their own kind, more highly developed welfare programs, and an environment more closely resembling the fetid squalor of their spawning grounds.

Increasing the influence of these types through racist hiring practices cannot but serve to enable the third worlders in molding this community into one which more perfectly resembles their natural habitat. This will entail increasing the relative numbers of these minorities, which in turn will be accompanied by a surge in crime. Welfare costs will swell and your bustling methadone clinic will burst at the seams -- all necessitating another property tax override similar to the coup of June 11.

When it comes time to squeeze the white tax slaves a little harder the word "schools" and "children" will be on everyone's lips but not on everyone's mind. No, at that time, minds will be filled with visions of a rainbow menagerie of happy brown, black and yellow townspeople joyfully celebrating a sports victory in a "carnival" atmosphere with only moderate numbers of stabbings occurring.

All the while diligent white workers slip unnoticed to and from their jobs while avoiding those "problem areas." And the increased costs will purchase a precipitously declining quality of service reflecting the diminished capacity of the awardees. The cure, no doubt, will be more taxes.

For those of you inclined to doubt any portion of this, might I suggest the likes of Thabo Mbeki administering your AIDS programs while you prepare for an epidemic of baby rapes? Or how about Mugabe's War Veterans helping to make zoning decisions showcasing Framingham's diversity in government and their own refined sense of cross cultural magnanimity? Or might we hope that the New Framingham would be as well administered as Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro? You know, the natives there prey upon tourists -- fair skinned tourists, generally. There, according to the law, stoplights are treated as stop signs during certain hours for fear of carjackers.

Here in Framingham, predators have a target-rich environment. This will persist until white flight, immigration and non-white fecundity tip the balance, at which time your colored gems will spill over into neighboring communities as the Framingham "favela" becomes an unproductive hunting ground.

Turn your back on these fraudulent and suicidal diversity schemes. Hire according to merit. Allow immigration with an eye toward community contributions and not the pleasing of a few cultural alchemists and brown skin-fetishists.



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