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Investors Sought for Pro-White Mall Cart

Andrei Kievsky is willing to tend a pro-white mall cart in a mall in Massachusetts or a nearby state, but he needs an investment of between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars to get started. It is a risky venture but the financial stakes are relatively low. Massachusetts may not be the best area to start this cart, but we have a cadre of reliable people with business experience and retail experience.

The product line will include pro-White CD's from Resistance and Panzerfaust, pro-White t-shirts, heritage adornments (e.g. pendants, bracelets we will tell customers and the media that we avoid the term 'jewelry'), posters, cigarette lighters, bumper stickers, and literature (including free pamphlets).

We'll also sell ideologically neutral products, such as socks and blank t-shirts, as well as shirts with obscure references that don't immediately identify with pro-white. The t-shirt logos will be small breast pocket types, not gaudy advertisements. The point of this is so people can spend money on us instead of on the race mixing stores.

Myself and some local NA and WCOTC members are willing to put our mugs out in public to staff this thing and take whatever the brainwashed public, the non-whites, the ARA, JDL and ADL can dish out.

The cart will have advertisements that show White people and say things like "White people with White people for a change!" "Support this store, because we'll never show racially mixed advertisements!" It will fly in the face of the multicultural and race mixing advertisements in the stores. We are ready to defile the temple of multicultural consumerism if you can put up the startup capital.

And if the store does succeed, you will most certainly be given a healthy return on your investment. The store will be run by a group of people with a strong sense of honor and managed by an MBA. If you can put up 1,000 or more (maximum 10,000 is all we need at most and don't put up your retirement money either -- this is money you should be ready to lose, though you have better odds than you would in Vegas!) contact Andrei Kievsky at rfreez@gte.net and I will get back to you if sufficient capital is offered to actually go ahead with this.

Andrei Kievsky

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