Loyalty Is Our Honor

by John Michael

July 30, 2002

Of all the fascinating ideals that belong to Aryan philosophy the magical mantra of Honor is perhaps without equal. The incantatory aspects of this great ideal bring to mind such things as the glory of a bloody self sacrifice, the stone-chiseled chin of an Aryan soldier as he salutes the flying ensign of his Nation, and the Teutonic knight in shining armor. It evokes thoughts of Courage, gentlemanship, and the man of high moral character. It also summons the concept of Justice as right, no matter how harsh the penalty. If one searches the genetic circuits of his Aryan subconscious, he will discover that the thought of Honor will resurrect an image of a time when a man's word was his bond.

It was not long ago in this decaying territory that we call "America," that men still had a real respect for the word spoken by their kinsmen. The word a man spoke literally could mean life or death, to himself or others. If a man gave his word, his neighbor could expect that is how it would be, for if the giver did not keep his word, he lost his Honor. Honor was a very grave thing to lose. Duels to the death were fought in historical America over ill-spoken words. However, so many politicians and media scum were being gunned down in the streets for false character attacks on others, this ancient Aryan practice was outlawed. What a shame! But is it not surprising, considering the current unreliability of even those who would claim to be a "comrade," that a relatively short time ago failure to remain Honorable even in speech was met with death?

It was once upheld that it was worse to lose one's Honor than one's life. This is because Honor and true manhood are inseparable. When one lost his Honor he was looked upon as a coward, or worse, a traitor. When one lost his Honor, he also lost his manhood. Any time spent living thereafter was a living death, for Honor can only be lost once. After Honor was lost, a man became a shameful apparition of walking dead -- any chance of really living was forever gone. Such a desolate state of shame was something our noble sires could not live with. They would rather die than be viewed as a liar or a "turncoat."

"Death Before Dishonor" had a true and deeper meaning to the once mostly Aryan U.S. Marines, because the concept of this binding oath rang true to their noble blood. However, can it be said that the large number of mud-blooded souls who now have invaded their ranks have the ability to truly understand this ideal? Their Negroid ancestors did not even have a word that meant "Honor" in their native tongues. They merely now mimic, like a simian, an Aryan ideal that is entirely alien to their true Nature ( steal, kill, rape...). Those brave Marines once fought for the Honor of protecting their kinfolk and their Nation, which in fact is true patriotism, but what do these "muddy" Marines fight to protect? The "New World Order"? Marxist equality doctrines? The swarthy Jew and its wretched hide in the sewer of the Middle East? Or even their own muddy kind?

There is another aspect of Honor that we desparately need to resurrect within our Aryan psyche if our race is to survive. This aspect is Loyalty. Without Loyalty to the cause of protecting our Noble blood, the only hope of an advancing culture on Earth will perish. This Loyalty must begin to glow in a greater way from the spirits of the common man as well as the warrior, from the child as well as the father, and from the doctor as well as the layman. Loyalty to our kind, to our Folk, and to what is good for our children's future. Selfless Loyalty -- there is nothing more beautiful -- ego has no place.

We few and brave Aryan souls who remain Loyal to our race at present, now suffer beneath the persecution of this Zionist regime. However, just like the old S.S. and their oath " Loyalty is my Honor," we must press forward toward victory over this Jewish atrocity. As for those who have yet to raise their battle axe against the destroyers of our sacred children, how can a man say he is brave or that he has Honor if he is not Loyal to his own? Loyalty to our Folk, to the flawless Aryan maid, and to our bright-eyed children demands that we sacrifice our personal pursuits, our ego, and if necessary even our last drop of warm blood to ensure there will be a clean homeland for our children's children. If a man fails at racial Loyalty he also fails at Honor, and therefore manhood. He becomes a walking dead man - devoid of hope and any worth, fit to be tossed into the stinking mass of mud.

The very fabric of our Honor has been rent and burned in the minds of our people by Jew-inspired tripe. All biped creatures in this society but Aryan man are encouraged to have "loyalty" to their cultures, religions, and races. Even the pervert homosexual is praised for having loyalty to their own in the supposed fight against "hate." The White race however is denied the freedom to obey its Natural instincts. We are "passively" forbidden to be proud of our rich heritage. We are crucified by society for wearing our pride for all to see. We are legally and also illegally forbidden to be proud enough to fight for the survival of our race. If the greasy Negroid wears a black fist pick in its 'fro, it is praised for its "love," but if a White man displays a Swastika, an ancient symbol of good fortune, it is hatred. Honor has become something most Whites don't have because they don't know what it is. To lose Honor one must first learn it and gain it, and today, they must also fight for it. Nothing like a good fight for a good reason!

Honor and racial Loyalty are Natural and necessary parts of the Aryan machine. Without these gears in place it just does not work. It is Natural to wish to be with our own, to protect our own, and hell yes, to fight for our own! No reason to be ashamed of Nature. It is Natural to feel revulsion at the sight of an Aryan maid wrapped in the arms of a great ape. It is Natural to wish for our children to sprout and grow in a garden of their own kind. It is Natural to have anger at this sick system which is crushing our race, and it is Natural to hate the enemies of our people.

What Honorable knight would have cowered behind a tree while the muddy Moorish horde ransacked his kingdom? What Loyal knight would flee while the maids of his kingdom were raped by the Negroids for Allah? What knight, after comitting such treachery and cowardice could still refer to himself as a man? The truth is that they would fall upon their own sword rather than be cursed with such a fate -- to live on as a traitor.

At the center of our Aryan soul spins the light-giving orb of higher Life and upward growth - that is what makes us better. Our race, throughout the dusty pages of history, has stood tall upon a mountain, high above the masses of pitiful brown failures. Our race has given the only light to an otherwise dark and stagnant world of biped refuse. Although this light in recent days has grown desperately dim, it can be resurrected into a blinding New Dawn of culture and invention. May we take the necessary strides to prime the Aryan machine into a grinding juggernaut by restoring the driving gears of Loyalty, manhood, and Honor.


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