A Moment of Clarity

by Jack Boot

July 31, 2002

When I lived in Atlanta in the early Eighties, there was a fellow there known as the Birdman. He was in the habit of running along Peachtree Boulevard in his shorts and tennis shoes, flapping his arms up and down and squawking like a bird.

Most everyone thought that he was just a harmless nut.

One night I saw an interview with the Birdman on a local TV News channel. The reporter had interrupted the Birdman's daily routine to ask him a few questions. At first I was angry at the reporter for bothering this poor nut case. But his TV "presence" was rather jarring: the Birdman was composed and articulate. He was a White man, a well-educated professional. He was in his late fifties, and he explained that he had suffered a heart attack a couple of years before. He asked his doctors what to do; and they described the best kinds of cardiovascular exercise known to medicine, which amounted to running around and flapping your arms up and down and squawking like a bird.

So that's what the Birdman did. He couldn't care less if he looked like a nut; he was doing exactly what the doctors told him to do to save his life. What the lemmings thought was nothing to him.

The Birdman was the sanest man in Atlanta.

In 1999, Buford Furrow walked into a jew day care center and opened fire with an automatic weapon. He injured five and killed one person, a filipino.

Since then, most White Nationalists have said that Furrow is a madman, what he did was insane. They say that White Nationalism can't be associated with Buford Furrow, or the shooting of little children, jew or not.

Is that so? Let's consider this clinically. Have not the jews unleashed a total war against the Aryan race? You must be awake to that fact or you would not be a White Nationalist. You White Nationalists here know full well the litany of jew crime in America; there is no need for me to repeat it here. And this war is not merely a cultural war, but a war of very real violence and bloodshed and death. Was it not the jews' scheming under the rubric of "civil rights" that set the negro on his course of destruction and criminality? The free and uninhibited negro buck is a very dangerous thing indeed, especially to our White daughters. The negroes rape more than twenty thousand White women every year; they murder some six thousand Whites every year, male and female, of all ages; and hundreds of thousands more are attacked and robbed by these negroes -- every year. How many of OUR children have died at the hands of these brutes, how many of OUR daughters have suffered rape by them? We Aryans have lots more than five wounded jewlets in a nursery to scream about.

It is a direct result of jew meddling and propaganda and the jew quackery of egalitarianism -- a dogma every jew KNOWS is false, but foisted upon us, with malice aforethought, to destroy Aryan hegemony and secure jew power.

They do it deliberately. They care nothing for the deaths of a few thousand Aryan dogs or the rape of a few thousand Aryan shiksas. That is what they WANT.

What is the purpose of an army? To kill people and break things. What is the mission of a soldier? Ask General Patton's ghost -- he'll tell you: to kill the enemy. Though there are moments of glory and heroic deeds in war, for the most part it is an ugly and obscene business. War is a duty most men must force themselves to do at the utmost provocation.

This is a race war. The jew knows that full well; their hands run with blood in Palestine, the blood of women and children as well as men - and nobody calls them crazy. What doubt do you have that they would not hesitate to give us the same treatment here in America - but they have the negro proxy to do it for them.

This is a race war. A jewess produces little jews. Little jews grow into big jews.

Maybe Buford Furrow realized that. Maybe Buford Furrow had a moment of clarity.

Maybe Buford Furrow is the sanest man in America.


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