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May 2002

Bushy Unpopular in Germany


United Against Whites

Buchanan describes anti-White Democratic secret meetings. He doesn't have the guts to answer his own question, but of course that's why VNN exists: the Jews made it possible for coloreds to racially attack Whites, who are Semitically instructed they may never identify and fight as a race. White man, you are being murdered by Jews. There is no other way to put it. Learn this lesson, White man: the Jews have made a racial melange of the United States, and the only way out is to unite as Whites and drive the other races out. The other races are actively working in their own interests, and encouraged to do so by the genocidal Jewish media. Only your race is prevented from doing such, with lots of wide eyes and big words about hate. Don't listen to kikes, listen to me. Don't listen to Republicunts, brainwashed by kikes like Horowitz, listen to White Nationalists. We have what they are afraid of. We have the solution. The Republicans don't even pretend to act in your interests anymore. Wake up and join us. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction is a law of Newtonian physics. The same is true in politics. If it has become acceptable for caucuses that represent people of color to join against America's white majority, look for white folks to begin to identify themselves by race, rather than party or philosophy, to preserve what they have. Has the New York Times considered the consequences of what its reporter seems to be celebrating? Of course it has. Sometimes one wonders whether Buchanan really is as stupid as he sounds. The NYT is banking on Whites being too cowed to identify by race, and it has spent 100 years demonizing any who do. There is no way out but through the jew.

Columbia's Civil War

No, we want no part of it... I have got to tell you, every time I come back from Colombia, I come back with the same sick conclusion, and that is that the Colombians are going to do their utmost to get us to fight this civil war for them.

Dirty Jews

Both have recorded testimonies from those with criminal records detailing how they were offered freedom in exchange for information. Others were shown photographs of female relatives undressing in fashion store changing rooms, and told the images would be circulated unless they agreed to collaborate. "There are many taboos in Palestinian society that create opportunities to pressure people into collaboration," says Jawwad. You pay for this, White American. That's dirty Hymie for you, a pimp and a peeper and a parasite. Our task is to put the whole rotten race to sleep. Here Raimondo on Arafat. Belmondo again on the izzy spies and possible commission to look into/coverup 911. Jews want to ethnically cleanse Pals. Since they're Jews, that's fine. Any other race, it's called genocide. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Judaism is the Original Hate Group. The Jews want to drive out the Palestinians. We want to drive out the jews. Israelis love niggers when they're dating your daughter in America, they hate them in Israel. As Jeeves used to say, you are hypocrisy itself, Hyman. And we are well rid of you. Better get dressed, Hyman: Itz coming! You know the routine... Here on 9/11 and what the FBI knew, what Bush knew. We know the Israelis knew.

Race Mixing

It didn't work for Nicole, but, hey, maybe it will for your daughter. I mean, if Sumner Redstone/Murray Rothstein over at MTV says so, it must be true, right? Here on girls doing better in school than boys. That was the aim, and it's been achieved. Girls are less threatening to the powers that be because they are innately more passive and less creative and dangerous, more easily controlled. Yet another reason you do not want to subject your kids to jewish indoctrination. If you care enough to have kids, teach them at home. Do you really imagine it takes 16 years to teach reading and spelling and math? Of course not. Why waste those incredibly valuable years penned up in an institution. Free your minds, people. School is no good for anybody. School promotes false values and ties the smart to the stupid that everyone's self-esteem stay high. School bores the hell out of anybody intelligent. There's no need for it. Abandon it. Here a student supports the angry clam-jammers.

Bacon Essays

Read 'em here...

Celtic Cross as Working Tool

So claims a guy...

Judaism and the Sixties

On George Harrison not choosing judaism... Here on Wal-mart and coolie capitalism. Here on Wiesenthal and Jewish credibility.

Media: Corrupt Feebs Try to Keep Pearl Execution Offline

Lying as usual, no shame these feebs. Here on Hisps as maids. You can say anything you like in AmeriKwa, as long as some jew-pickt judge thinks itz nice. The country is entirely too feminized, and women do not comprehend freedom, as a rule. It's rather too much like going outside without a coat for their taste. Trummel, a former London journalist and college instructor, is semiretired; he considers himself a freelance writer and says he's a bona fide reporter. Doerty says he's not, because he isn't paid for his newsletter/online work. Trummel argues that his often-vicious criticisms are protected by the First Amendment like those of any citizen, regardless of journalistic affiliation. Doerty has ruled that that defense is inapplicable. The case bears some similarities to that of Vanessa Leggett, a Texas true-crime writer with virtually no reportorial credentials. She recently made headlines for being held a record 168 days in jail after refusing to turn over her notes to a judge in a murder case. The court said she had no standing as a reporter, thus no constitutional press protections. This cocksmoker judge named 'Doerty' should have recused himself because he obviously has a bias against people who can spell. Any time these pretentious poofs start throwing around jargon b.s. like "standing as a reporter," laughter and middle-fingers are the appropriate response. The First Amendment is all the standing you need, and even that is just a bunch of words affirming your right by nature to say whatever the heck you want to say. Screw the judge, he's just a lazy crook; a stinky old man dressed like a vampire, as befitz his occupation. Here on a really stupid even for Fox tv show. lucky winner, selected by Hef himself, will become Playboy's Miss July 2002. At this time, she will be afforded all the Playmate spoils: swimming in other people's Grotto secretions, getting to pretend she finds Hefner attractive, attending mansion parties where she'll be felt up by Jimmy Caan. Nicely written article, some good lines. Here on kikes and Cannes. Here on Jew Horowitz. Here on state of televitz.

Church and State

Lewpus expounds on the superiority of the one. It's better to hold "high" morals and not meet them than not even pretend, sez he. Hmm... Grow up, Lewpus: Lenin had it right, the question is Who? Whom? Who does what to whom? The Jews have been doing it to us, now it's time we start doing it to them. Taki here. The problem with Jews is they think think they're Golden Wonka Tickets, but they're actually used Ratts. No offense to Ratt, because I do like Round and Round. Here on Buchanan. The only undying Catholic principle: asses at masses. If you don't think the church can survive -- prosper -- filled with grub-eaters and Mexcrement, well, you don't think like church leaders do. It ain't religion gonna save you, White man. It's race. Don't listen to Jesus, listen to me. I only walk on ice. Here on democracy as tyranny. Now how could any system that lets an illiterate niggeress vote alongside an illegal pregnant invader vote be tyranny?

Star Wars

Here a Lewpus doofus on the movie we are proud already to have reviewed three times. Oy! make it stop. BTW, Lewpus, your re-layout is too wide, and not an improvement. Your old layout was one of the most elegant on the Web. Go back to it. Another LD chimes in. Note what this less-on says: Not avoiding the central issue is a remarkable review by Jonathan Last in the Weekly Standard a far more brassy publication than National Review if only because it is not shy about being dead wrong on just about every issue. The review comes as something of relief, if only for its sheer honesty. This is surely the only review of any Star Wars film to make the case for the Dark Side (however, I didn't bother to check what the Neo-Nazis are saying about the movie). On behalf of all VNN's Star War reviewers, I bite my thumb at the you-have-to-go-away-before-you-can-Return-of-the-Doofi.

White Anthropology: NAGPRA

NAGPRA turns over all pre-Columbian skeletons to Injuns for hiding, so that scientists can't study the bones and determine they were White men, as is the case with the 10 or so 10,000-year-old skeletons that have been discovered. If it became evident that Whites were here before the redskins, the Jews who write our school curricula would have to deal with a major prop kicked out of their Big Lie that Whites despoiled a beautiful virgin America teeming with Edenic savages. The past is political, and he who controls the past, controls the future. The Jewish race is carrying out the genocide of the White race. We must kill off the Jews before they kill off us. Here on ancient mariners as the basis of today's culture, survivors of ice ages and tsunamis.

Media: Agitprop

The ridiculous De Coster actually has a decent one about the WWII American agitprop. Of course, the best thing about her column are the reproductions, but credit where credit is due. Here on Aristotle on rhetoric and spin. Here on the DVR and its threat to advertisers. Here on the Moonie rag that battles the kike rag for capital readers. "Moonie rag" is just what D.C. area Jews call it, then look at you perplexed when you call their parakeet liner a "jew rag." That's anti-Semitism. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. Note that Lewpus actually called Jew Jew Dr. Jew Laura Jew Jew "self-obsessed" in his title lead-in to this article. VNN laments this kind of vicious and unwarranted personal assault and hopes Lew will recover his Southern dignity with an earnest apology. Do not judge, lest ye be injudicious, Lew. VNN believes in separating the sin from the sinner. We use a filet knife. But note this: Pruden said that the owners have never imposed their religious beliefs on the newspaper staff. "They have never, ever, not even once, told any of us to put anything in the paper, nor have they ever asked us to take anything out," he said. "As the editor, I have complete and total independence from the owners." Do you see how it works? Itz ON THE TABLE whether Rev. Moonie-tunes is CONTROLLING the editorial. If I ask the same of the cunt writing this snippy article for her boss yids, why, I'm an anti-Semite. Echo and the bunnyman say: ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. The jews have gone so long without genuine opposition, they are completely unconscious of how ridiculous they appear to anybody who can think straight. Folks, there is no way out but through the Jew, and developing genuinely alternative media completely free of Jews is the way to start. Hence VNN. Here on blogs. As always, hype hyping hype.

Media: Rags All Over Farah's Tail

The good news keeps on coming. Poor Suckpoop Joe, but naturally the stupid-ass ragheads completely blow their case against the suck-ass by misspelling the very names of the creatures they criticize. You ragheads basically suck at everything you do except wiping your ass with your hand. Half your suicide bombs don't even kill anybody; I guess they get three overripe pomegranates and 35 hermaphrodites as a consolation prize. "Teach your children well" that they may blow izzies to hell. You really are a miserably incompetent lot, and if you wonder why you can't push the dirty kikes in the drink, well, the at least 50% of the problem is in the mirror. You've got these trillions of petrodollars and you can't even buy anybody who can write proper English? Jesus, you guys are clowns. Even the nutjob Moonio can do that. "Slasinger, in her widely listened to program" -- "Slasinger" -- she's a kike, you stupid tablecloths, not a tennis ball. You can't even blame the bottle for your malocclusions. You've got to be the least competent ethnic group on earth this side of the Bonobs flipping rocks for appetizing invertebrates. You're incompetent, intolerant, wear ridiculous clothes, believe 1,001 things that are palpably ridiculous -- once you lose your necks you're going to be indistinguishable from pinhead Christians!... God, somebody, PLEEZ, discover a new continent pronto, I'm ready to ship out.

White Art: Lichtenberg

This guy was a German and a genuine wit, not a cheap jew jawjacker like Art Buchwald - god what am embarrassment to the subhuman race he is, these horrible sub-witticisms delivered by this post-strokian Pet are as painful to watch as those guest appearances by Special Olympian "comedians" on sitcoms in the '80s. Germans are not funny taken as a race, but funny Germans -- Nietzsche in particular -- are far funnier than Jews or English, with their blockheaded Monty Python seal-flipper man-in-a-dress humor that -- and this is what matters -- isn't funny. Shakespeare had his moments, but Oscar Wilde is the only genuine wit the British Isles ever produced, and he was more Dutch than Irish, if you look at him. On the other hand, Nietzsche was basically a Polak. White is White, let's leave it at that. Anyway, if I had read any of Lichtenberg's work, I could prove what I say. Of course I am prejudiced, and of course I am right. He was also one of 17 kids and a Lutheran hunchback, not unlike the ones employed by Rolly Defecationbog to import diabetic goatherds to grow the economy of the Upper Mississippi Valley. Even though he was a hunchback, light-mountain was a good one: Later he mused that "If Heaven should find it useful and necessary to produce a new edition of me and my life I would like to make a few not superfluous suggestions for this new edition chiefly concerning the design of the frontispiece and the way the work is laid out." Were he a hunchback and on top of that a kike, he would have cried nonstop and lain shitting and spitting and shrieking on the doorstep of the Burgermeister, demanding redress, free doc visits money, a column in the local paper, reparations, right to censor local passion play, daily rubdowns from the St. Pauli girl and a special hunch-Puli hand-threaded by his tailor of choice. I'm just guessing, based on my intricate knowledge of ways Hebraic. A new republication of his aphorisms, translated from German, is now available. First published by Penguin in 1990, Hollingdales translation of 1,085 aphorisms amounts to perhaps a quarter of the material that Lichtenberg collected in the nine volumes of his notebooks (two of which went missing in the nineteenth century, along with portions of two others). Lichtenberg began keeping his notebooks in his student days in the mid-1760s and he kept scribbling in them until a few days before his death, at fifty-seven, in 1799. You will never learn this stuff in school, and the few who do will learn it in the horrid study-it-to-kill-it grad school way that gets in your nose like frog-diss fermaldehyde until you can't smell the sweet flavors. If you have the turn of mind, take and peruse these books, study to appreciate them first, only secondarily for technique, and there's where you'll find your gold. You don't learn from people who disagree with you; they are simply wrong. You learn from people who agree with you about the deepest things, and who know more than you, whether they are people and alive or dead writers of books. Here's an interesting term: Sudelbücher; sort of an informal notebook where you keep your trip expenses, that sort of thing, collections of thoughts, random, flashes, worked sentences. The freaky thing is that, in spite of or because of his peculiar condition, Lichtenberg hunch-scrumped young locals like a hutchful of rabbits on viagra, naturally the local wanks who controlled his stuff posthumous cut out all the "Hunchbacks gone wild!" sections of the diaries. We will have to rectify that one of these days. I smell infomercial. Lubricious, aphorism-spouting hunchies are in! Note to writers: always leave your stuff to someone in your spiritual line, not your physical line, otherwise the rest of us lose out. And NEVER leave your unfinished books to females; it is 100% certain the woman you entrust will not understand what you are about. Never! And what is this typical neo-con Anglomaniac line! Like the better sort of German then and later, Lichtenberg became a ferocious Anglophile. That's the spirit that got us into two world wars and murdered the British Empire: British-Jewish hatred of Germany. Wake up, people! The best Americans, Washington and Jefferson -- fought England and were the farthest thing from Anglophiles! And my German ancestors fought with them! WE are Americans. Not Jews, not gibbering male-cunt Anglomaniacs. America belongs to US. British hatred of Germany hasn't killed Germany, but it has killed the British Empire. Hicc-Winnie lies neath the sod, palm and pine long gone. Where are you, White Briton? Germany never hated Britain the way Britain was taught to hate Germany. That's a fact. It is late in the day, and we have one last chance to pull together, Kelt and Teuton, Anglo and Saxon, Slav and Italian. I pray we do. Enough: Wine is accredited only with the misdeeds it induces: what is forgotten is the hundreds of good deeds of which it is also the cause. Now that is a great quote for this stupid age we live in that continually yawps about drunk driving. That quote deserves to be classed with Madame de Stael's remark about safe sex, namely that the condom is a "cobweb against danger and a breastplate against pleasure." God, how much we have lost living in the Judaized West, where everything is dumbed down that free-range niggers may almost comprehend it. When we kill off the Jews that vex the world, we can devote all our time to this, and won't that be a pleasure?

White Art: Orwell

All the same, there is something rather wonderful about last year's report of the Zimbabwe Daily Mail's decision to serialise Animal Farm. No one, it seems safe to say, was in any doubt over the identity of Napoleon, the despotic head pig. More here. Orwell could be tongue-in-cheek about this, too, as when he wrote to his friend Brenda Salkeld in 1934: "I had lunch yesterday with Mr Ede. He is a bit of a feminist and thinks that if a woman was brought up exactly like a man she would be able to throw a stone, construct a syllogism, keep a secret etc. Note this: Every one of the female characters is practically devoid of the least trace of intellectual or reflective capacity. Unlike real life. Where at least two out of three (sound of flying dust) hundred are capacious. Let's see now. What can we say in Orwell's "defence," says Jew Hitchens, who my erstwhile boss was wont to call 'Christabel'? He fell in love with Celia Kirwan, one of the most brilliant as well as one of the most beautiful of her generation, and proposed marriage to her without success. So he was near the most brilliant/beautiful woman of his generation AND wrote the best English books of the century AND felt that way about women. The conclusion is inescapable, although it escapes Hicctchens easily enough. Does, I say, does it escape you reader?

White Art: Austen

They made a movie of one of hers the other year: perfect. Perfect Whites being White, and the reason White racism exists. People can't put their finger on what is wrong: Jew. Nor what is right: White. White's what you want, whether you call it civilzation, culture or whatever; and Jew's what you don't want, whether you call it liberalism, barbarism or whatever. Here on Doestoievsky. More here.


It's not just for breakfast anymore. All this fucking and no kids. Hmm.... Do you think this book would have any problem being self-published? Aside from itz being a book and all, ignore lame joke, never needed to worry about that now, brought out by major house to big applause. Anything can be published these days -- except anything critical of Jews. That is the taboo. And we break it with aplomb daily at VNN, and the kikes gnaw their tongues for pain. Keep gnawing, jewboys! We ain't goin' nowhere. Y'all is. Here the Jews are suing "junk" food mfts. "Junk" is just a term greedy kikes use to disparage the curious attractiveness of non-kosher comestibles. When you live with jews, this is the sort of thing you can expect. When the last jew is underground, White men may eat and speak freely. Here on gay baseball player. VNN takes a wild guess it's Piazza, connoisseur of the sperm smoothie.

Jewish Liars We Hate

Steven Jay Gould, a jew like other jews, yet perfect among them: promoted by Jews, sold to Gentiles, full of shit. Rot in your grave you miserable kike bastard. Every prominent jew intellectual is ultimately revealed a Big Liar. Every single one.

Movie Review: 'Star Wars: Episode Two - Attack of the Clones'

Great special effects, poor dialogue, but worth seeing Count Dooku III

Schopenhauer's pool cleaner's thought for the day: The problem with all prior expulsions of Jews is that they were vertical when they should have been horizontal.

Colombine's Klebold a Dirty Jew

Not exactly news to anybody paying attention, but some people still don't realize that Kikemedia lies when it calls him a nazi. Michael Moore interviewed Kleb's parents for his new movie, left the interview out, but: He did say that in the unused interview they talked about a lot of "misinformation" regarding Dylan."The idea that Dylan picked the date of the killings because it was Hitler's birthday, that's ridiculous," Moore said. "People don't realize the Klebolds are Jewish. That would not have been Dylan's reasoning." Here a nog "professor" doesn't like being questioned. Note the Jew comments at the end. Always got to be a kike to give us the big picture, to interpret the Deeper Meaning; always a kike interpreting, explaining, mediating, evaluating, legitimizing -- and always one of those kikes with two mouths: imagine this kike shapiro saying the same thing about a prof controlling his class if that prof were an intelligent White racist. No, then his twisted jew mouth would blow the other way, about democracy and student free-speech rights. Kikes are congenital liars, and your biological enemy, White man.

Worshipping Jews

Sobran at his best. I was literally cackling with glee at this one: Even if you disagree with the new believers, you have to admire their raw courage. While they stop short of suicide, believing it to be immoral, they court martyrdom. Heedless of their own careers in journalism and politics, they defy the Arab tycoons, the powerful Arab lobby, the huge Arab voting bloc, the Arab-controlled media, the Arab advertisers, and the peer pressure of the countless Arab-Americans who try to monopolize public debate in this country. They can't be bought not with Arab money, anyway. They snap their fingers in the faces of the Arabs who sign their paychecks. That's the way itz done! More! Harder! Keep it up, Sobran, more more MORE in this vein. These Republicunts and suckpooping sycophants require fresh whippings daily. Latest Carol Ward article here. Here's her previous one, "Manchurian Greenies." Great stuff, as always. And always available from/on VNN, because the weinerless munchkins at Lew Rockwell dot com are afraid to post it. ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR JEWS TO TRIUMPH IS FOR WHITE MEN TO DO NOTHING. Thanks, Lewpus. I'm sure the South, the Celts and the Catholic Church are real proud to claim you. Jews know best who hates em - how much - and why. And they're terrified. They should be. The end is near for their worldwide scam. Jews were at the top of their game. They've done a brilliant job of dominating the economy and politics of the planet, to the benefit of their own people for just over 50 years. And now it's crumbling - all because they couldn't stifle the avarice of their arrogant old country Jews. Thanks Mohammed. Islam is the straw that's gonna break the back of this garlic-breath behemoth. The world thanks you - quietly - if behind closed doors. Here on izzy spies in U.S.

Why the Insane Christian Support for Israel?

Gary North explains... If you can believe in a "Rapture," then what in the world are you doing reading VNN? You'll feel much more comfortable on a standard "niggers are our equals, jews our superiors" page. According to pre-tribulation premillennialists, who are known as dispensationalists, Jesus will come secretly in the clouds and raise deceased Christians and only Christians from the dead. Immediately thereafter, every true Christian will be transported bodily into the sky, and from there to heaven: the Rapture event. The passage cited to defend this view is found in Paul's first letter to the church at Thessolonica: "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up [harpazo] together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord" (I Thes. 4:16-17). Is it me, or is that funny as hell? Jew Saul deposits a load of crap and people eat it up like filet mignon. I don't believe because it is absurd. But this is an important article to read and understand, because it will deepen your comprehension of just how far in the depths of Christian idiocy many of our fellow White men have sunk.

Jew Opinion Writers Love Anti-White, Pro-Jewish Admissions Bias

Jews, 2.5% of the population, get 25% of the slots at the ivies. White Christians, 75% of the population, also get 25%. Fairness, itz. Jews never suffer under the laws they impose on Whites. You will never see this talked about in their media. They will never tell you that the system that prospers Jews and niggers and cuts White men was created by and for jews. The only policy we need in response is to stick to the doctrine: No Jews. Just Right. This story requires registration, try vanguard/vanguard for the name and password. It works for more than one registration, hint. Here the feebs bloviate about domestic terrorism and right-wing groups. How many Wacos is the White Right responsible for, murderers?

Germans Hate Euro


Should Jews Be Allowed to Dictate What Whites Can Say?

The Hebrew Klan says yes, yes we should. We say no. Typical article in which the reporting doesn't report. What did the free speakers "suspected of committing hate crimes" actually do? "Hate" crimes is a bogus category dreamed up by professional kike liars, and now it is used by their media as though it denotes something we all understand and agree on. The jews may indeed be the "great masters of the lie," as Schopenhauer said, but their ownership of the media is what makes their lies effective. Here we see the only type of illegal invader that has to worry: the pro-Palestinian. What if America were controlled by Americans? NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. Workers of the world agree: Jews suck. Read these funny reviews of ADLpate site here: Recently sued for millions for DEFAMING people, the ADL is a radical anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, Jewish Supremecist group. With a yearly budget of 50 million dollars, they print lies and slander about anyone who criticizes Israel. They aggressively advocate censorship of anyone critical of Israel. Recently they have been whining and crying about a shipment of Kalashnikov rifles and hand grenades sent to Palestinian refugees. Nevermind the fact the Israel has the third largest nuclear arsenal in the world, a genetic weapons program, an aggressive policy of murdering their political opponents, the most advanced tanks and aircraft in the world thanks to the US. They have repeatedly waged aggresive invasions of Arab lands in 1948, 1967, 1973, and continue to do so today. Well put, CCC, although anti-White is precisely to the point. Here on Jew-written "hate" bill Kennedy's pushing.

Einstein Rapes Human

I don't know what's going on here, but it doesn't speak well for anybody. I don't really know what's going on here either, but that's kind of how you feel when you read Jewish papers full of Jewish "reporting" about the AmeriKwa Jews have created. Confusion: good for the Jews, it's. Here on what niggers do when they're not in school pretending to get their edumacation. And we have readers ask why I advocate nigger genocide? Look at the picture. Hey, I'm perfectly content to put up the one-in-a-million Tom Sowell in a nursing home, but the rest of these coons ought to be shot on sight. If I were dictator, there would be a pay-per-pelt for Mexcrement and niggers and graffitists. Guamoid murders.

Monkeyshines in Indy

...police were still trying to figure out the reason the driver was wandering inside a Warren Township elementary school and why he ran when confronted by police. Doesn't this just sound like a nigger? "When we asked him what was happening, he gave us a story, then he gave us another story," said James George, chief of the Warren Township Schools police." Yep, sure does. "The man, later identified as Michael Tarvin, first told the school's principal that he was doing landscaping work, then said he was visiting an aunt at the school. As far as police could tell, he had no relatives at the school. When police demanded identification from the man, he walked outside the school to a parked four-door Nissan sedan in which three other people (ed., spooks) were sitting, cursed at officers, jumped behind the wheel and drove away, nearly running over school police." Just another day in negroland... No doubt da broh's Cibil Rights be violate, and he be due some repamarations. Fact is, on the far east side of Indy, this kind of shit happens almost daily. ALL the elementary schools there are pickaninny factories -- chock full o' chocobunnies -- and adult male Afro-Chimps are constantly pushing dope on school grounds. Not high school, mind you, or even jr. high, but on elementary school grounds. It happens all the time... But remember, White man: Choco-bunnies are only the symtom: JEW IS THE DISEASE.

Irving Property Seized or About to Be

In the long run, Irving's truth will triumph over the lies of the Jews who hate it -- and him for revealing it. Hoffman comments here. Here on taxes in Tennessee.

Jews: Known Liars

Israelis plant tiny, ineffectual bomb on own gasoline tanker truck, then heroically douse small fire that results. World yawns, they've cried wolf too many times by now. They're beginning to genuinely panic, virtually no one cares or believes them anymore. Here on French Israeli embassy fire. Here Jew Ehud Barak accuses Arabs of being congenital liars. Now that's comical. Here on how Israel builds its fifth column. Here the Mossadists claim the worldwide war against the yahoodi is heating up. Rabbis hate the truth more than any group of "humans" you'll ever meet. Hoffman here, good and intriguing as always. Here on Pearl.

The Sorriest Fucks on Earth

North Koreans, reduced to dreaming of dog soup while subsisting on worms and bark while prating about self-reliance.

Pro-White Message Spread in Wilmington, Mass.

More than 20 houses received the long newspaper-type bags, which contained pamphlets and booklets that aimed angry words at minority groups. Police now are trying to find out who distributed the bags. Why are police, who don't even bother trying to track stolen goods, interested in tracking free speakers? Perhaps because, after their Hebrew Klan indoctrination, they've become political police? Although such materials are not illegal, the police want to identify whoever is spreading the material throughout Wilmington. ''We just want to know who we're working with,'' King said. It's not the business of the police to track people using freedom -- unless the police have been subverted by, let's just take a wild guess, a Jewish hate group that has been convicted of bribing cops in the past, but which is still allowed to indoctrinate them that its enemies are "haters." The ADL Klan is the real threat to our civil liberties, and the real home of hate. Here a school is renamed after a shegress.


In Dutch...

Coloreds, Our Jewish Curse

Spanics, negroes, and American Indians lack self control, make stupid choices in life, demand that working citizens support them anyway. Here invaders fear local cops more than INS. Here Bank of America helps Mexcrement. Here ace boon coons threaten nigcott of Cincy. Here jiggios threaten Coke. Here on EU against invaders. More here. Here the jewish cunts at the INS kick out a solid American because the Original Hate Group known as jews doesn't want him here. This is the price of living in a Jew-controlled country, White man. There is only one problem - Jews. And only one solution to that problem: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Most Izzies Came from U.S.

Kahane preached that it was impossible for a real Jewish state to be democratic because Arab inhabitants shouldn't be considered citizens or allowed to vote. In fact, Kahane wanted the Arabs expelled from all of biblical Israel. God gave the entire Land of Israel to the Jews, he said, and if the Arabs and rest of the world don't like it, too bad. Even in Israel, Jews are nothing but troublemakers. We don't need Jews. Jews need us. You can't suck blood out of grass. Swindling is first nature to the yahoodi. Remember New Square? An elderly former fugitive in a multimillion-dollar fraud case that became part of the Clinton pardons probe was sentenced yesterday to six years in prison. Chaim Berger, 76, had spent more than two years fighting extradition from Israel for his key role in a long-running fraud of government money in the Rockland County town of New Square. Here a kike urges no goycott of Israel. Ignore him. Anything you can do to damage a Jew is good. Their "religious" law teaches just that: open season on Christians. Which makes it clear that we must deal with them AS THEY SHOW THEY WANT TO BE DEALT WITH. The Davis rule, not the Golden Rule, is the way to go. The jew acts as a rabid dog among men, thus he must be put to sleep.

Attack Iraq?

Some non-Jew U.S. officials doubt the wisdom. It's funny how once in a while an errant zoggy slips up and thinks of America. Here hysterical izzy agitprop about computer-assisted terrorism. Oy! Shut down the 'Net! Oy! A terrorist recruitment tool, itz! Here we hear a yid yidding that izzy is about to face a wave of suicide bombers. Always have to ask yourself what is izzy's motive in saying this? What interest is he furthering? For instance, here we see the ludicrous claim that NYT is biased against Israel. More of the same eyewash here, from a hoosier bloviating about similarities between midwesterners and izzies.

Media: WCOTC White World News

Very nice page, and the WCOTC is heading in the direction all White Nationalists of whatever party or stripe need to: full-on, full-bore, 24/7 multimedia assault. Read over the Viacom shareholder letter we posted; read through the letter from the Hollywitz insider in Letters 131 -- we have to work together to build alternative media that offer the reader a true picture of the world. Why would anybody buy from a jew if he could buy from a White man? Here Jew Rubin gets a televitz show on foreign policy.

Media: Televitz News Is Fluff

No kidding. Here on the regulations around Internet broadcasting. Here on the war on terror and civil liberties. Here on crabbing at a Viacom shareholder meeting. CNN parody here. Here on PBS, a real downer. Here on femmies wanting to reclaim tithood. Here some decent points about the reality of "free press" in a democracy. Go down to your local newsstand and try to find one paper or magazine that openly criticizes Jews. No, keep looking -- we have a free press, so it has to be there...

Movie Review: 'Brokedown Palace'

Foreign prisons suck. But so do films intended to deepen Judeo-multicult indoctrination, even if they do star attractive white women. Lefty/multicultural/feminist messages doom "Brokedown Palace" to consignment in my reject pile J.R. Colson

Movie Review: 'Star Wars: Episode Two - Attack of the Clones'


Movie Review: 'Star Wars: Episode Two - Attack of the Clones'

I rank "Attack of the Clones" alongside my favorite "Star Wars" film "The Empire Strikes Back," and in many ways it is an even better film. Both films are the centerpieces of a trilogy. Both have a darker quality and a harder edge....And, as if to intentionally goad the Jews, the loathsome Watto appears this time with a wide black hat above the huge hooked proboscis, making him look not just Jewish, but Hasidic! You heard it first on The Cat Lady

New Sven Promo here.


Mencken was above all a stylist; his writing-rollicking and exact-demonstrates more than any other American critic's a perfect conformity of style and ideas.

Denmark Moves Against Muds

Denmark, which argues it has a more generous system than most EU countries, plans to force immigrants to wait seven years, rather than the current three, to gain permanent residence, and nine years, rather than seven, before being eligible for citizenship. The blueprint - now sure to go through parliament - will mean Denmark granting asylum only in cases where it is obliged to do so under international law, and would also make it more difficult for refugees to bring family into the country. The correct move would be immediately to disallow any non-White asylum and begin booting ragheads, niggers and other undesirables out of the country. Obnoxious kike lecturing on Europe and immigration here. Here on burglaries in Britain. Here dumb-ass Debbie on saying no to France.

Canadian Bacon-Avoiders Bomb Synagogue to Widespread Yawns

Canadian jews plant small bomb at own synagogue for propaganda purposes, discover that no one cares...


On the unholy devil-suckpoop alliance... Here feebs say suicide bombings are inevitable in U.S., kind of like feeb terrorism, eh?

Russia and Skinheads

The authorities keep no specific data on skinhead violence, but according to some reports, more than a dozen foreigners have been killed and 100 injured by hard-right extremists in recent months. Pravda newspaper says the authorities were slow to recognise the extent of the problem which is now "quite pressing." "Certainly, Russian officials promised to settle the problem, but skinheads still keep on attacking Asiatic and Afro-American foreigners in Russia," said the newspaper's English online edition.

Reps Luv Latino Summits

Here's a radical idea: why don't Republicans hold a "Caucasian Summit"? I mean, think about it. The country's still over 50% White. Surely it makes sense to reach out to White people by appealing to White interests? Can anybody spot the flaw in my reasoning? What? Jews don't allow White people to have interests? Oh... Never mind.

MTV Misleads White Girls

Poll shows 14-24-year-olds prefer to get their news and information from MTV. That is extremely bad news. MTV is a fount of misinformation and dangerous advice. It advises White teens to hook up with niggers. It makes movies preaching same: Save the Last Dance. MTV is a biological attack on Whites by Jews. Do you imagine the kikes for a moment would allow MTV Israel, encouraging Izzy femmes to seek Pal beaus? ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR THE REST OF US. Here on pro-fag policy at college. Preferential treatment for Special Jews too. Here Lucas called racist. Here on queerfest in ratopia. Here Suckpoop Joe defends Milquetoast Bill, biggest self-important crybaby this side of Alec Baldwin. O'Reilly's decent enough as his type goes, but he's also a self-satisfied, self-preening, self-important schmuck who flits over the surface like the rest of the waterbugs. His girlish yammering about murdering Jew Drudge was loodicrous, as Mike Tyson put it.

Mosaic Mad Scientists Create Creature Uglier Than Most Jews

A reader writes, Here's an unbelievably disgusting "invention" by Israeli "geneticists." It's a featherless chicken.

Nig Nogs Nig's Noggin

And these are the bonobo monkazoids our sainted Luther-Jews want to import to our neighborhoods... Mooncrickets and bubble-lipped headhunters are equal to whites, didn't you know that? Their importation to our towns and suburbs make us more "multicultural" and shows our "diversity," which as everyone knows is our "greatest strength." Disagree, White man? Then you're a "racist" or a "hater," possibly even "xenophobic." So be it. Damn the slurs, full speed ahead... Join the National Alliance.

Bilderbergers Meeting in Virginia

Howl!...NOTE: From May 30-June 2, 2002, the ultra-secret, ultra-elitist Bilderberg cabal will meet at the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Va., seven miles south of Washington, D.C. The big question is: will the local and national media cover this extremely crucial event? In mid-April, 2002, the Trilateral Commission met for four days at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington, D.C. As they do every year, this highly influential group of world leaders from North America, Japan and Europe plotted ways to promote their globalist agenda. Some of the items on their nefarious list this year were: - America's upcoming invasion of Iraq, and how to lure Europe and other Asian nations into supporting our War Machine. - Further create a multinational financial octopus, with the United Nations as the head of a one-world government. - Keep pumping money, technology, and computers into China, bolstering them as the next premier global superpower. - Funnel more American aid to "under-exploited" foreign countries, leading the way for the implementation of a World Tax. - Finally, prevent the Israeli/Palestinian war from turning into a complete powder keg, thus endangering our Middle Eastern oil supplies.

Sly Hymie

This is supposed to make all the "Christians" dislike Russia and sympathise with the hymies. The minute Jews come under attack, all of a sudden it's Britain or Russia or Christians that are really under attack. And note that the Jews were the ones who outlawed Christianity in the Soviet Union they created. Now they act as though the state of Russia is attacking the church, just as it's attacking them.

Laughter: The Final Frontier

Rich, happy and fighting for Truth and Race is a good way to go through life, Marc Moran

Racist in High School

If you don't want to participate in "Holocaust" indoctrination, guess what? You don't have to. Force the issue, make the kikes and the liars bend to YOUR agenda, White Demi Weissmann

Newark's King Nigger Out-Niggers the Half-Nigger

Nairobi or New Jersey, nigger nature never changes. "The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." Jefferson's Truth is as true as the day he said it, and only jews and those afraid of jews will try to deny it. Quit spitting in the wind, White man. We owe these nigger cocksuckers nothing, and the kikes who foisted them on us even D.W.


...are a curse. They belong in Africa, scratching their heads, trying to outwit other brands of ape, happily screwing/slurping whatever they can fit their pecker into/everted lips around. Here a boolio in a cruiser vends talcum powder, and not that cheap stuff, either, but the hard-working effimacacious kind. Sheeit, you know why talcum powder's White? Ya want it ta work, don't you? And itz 1-8-7 on the ubba-of-ground kike. Here the usual 'holes are crying about televitz nog deficit. I seem to remember a study found that the average tv watching American thinks our nation is 1/3 negro minority, and the laughably competent, wise, benevolent Holy Negro has been a cliche since before we were born. As Jew Stein pointed out in The View from Sunset Boulevard, televitz is nothing but a sick record of jewish fantasies about the way the world works. Nigs are made bad by the Aryan-built System, therefore they must be portrayed on tv as possessors of special virtue rather than the stupid violent criminals open-eyed humans know them to be. America's free-range nigger policy is the direct result of jewish legal twistings. Read up on the history behind Brown v. Board and see jewish chicanery -- called "creativity" by professional kike suckpoops like Paul Johnson -- at work in destroying civilized White America. Jews snuffle in shit. They love it. Home to them, itz. Spendthrift America pours trillions into nog "education" that might have been usefully spent on pig singing lessons, that the little swine might grunt more tunefully. Here a judge is in trouble for calling a bonobo 'boy' and for cursing.

Wog Tops in Oldham

The mayor is a non-Englishman named Riaz Ahmad. No flags for Britain. The wogs might start crying. Here on BNP taking seats in Burnley, while ANAL farts 'n' froths outside. Here a poll claims 86% of Britains don't believe you have to be White to be British. How long til the Thames is full of corpses? Come here, little Tommy. Do you want some Gandhi? Ooga-dooga! Chock full of heady goodness!

Le Pen and Europe

The 2001 election campaign made clear that Denmark has reached a turning point. At its core, the country's immigration debate is about social solidarity and the nature of the welfare state -- about who is entitled to remain in the Danish state's benevolent realm and who will be pushed outside of it. Such questions go to the heart of Danish social democracy, and they are quickly becoming Europe's central political dilemma. Europe stays White or dies. There is no third option. The Jews must be driven out, then the coloreds. Jews pule and pule and pule, but remember: we don't need them. They need us. Here the rufous-necked tamarinds at the UN cheep at Mother's Day. Conservatism: when pretending is enough.

Kike Kikes Kikily

Plug your ears for this Violin Special... I belong to a people who brought the Bible to the world, transmitting the tradition of the Torah, the Ten Commandments, and the idea of One God from generation to generation. Jews can't do anything right. They are terrible at dirty, and hyperdisgusting when they attempt solemn. Nothing but a maudlin threnody for a vile race of shameless parasites. Here a nice take-down of a typical hectoring "Jabba the Hut" ugly fat-assed kikess bitch. Not all izzykikes are happy with feminism. How come jews never get blamed for anything? Ever notice that? If jews were everything they pretend to be, the world would be paradise.

French Nogs Knock Jew Jaws

A group of North African youths violently assaulted five young Jews last night, and several of the latter suffered broken jaws. A local police officer reported that the attackers numbered 10 people. Even sub-ape Congoids know that Jews should be canceled. Here be oyers.

Nobody Likes Jews

Germany, some Germans at least, is starting to criticize the Land Where Hate Began.

Ten Commandments of Jewish Racism

How jews actually operate... More here. Here on what they did in Latvia. Whenever you hear a jew cry about persecution, remember that he is crying to cover up what he and his people did to yours. Jews aren't persecuted innocents, Jews are guilty mass murderers. Jews have no right to exist, and the minute we can can get rid of them for sure, we should. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Whites on the Way to Becoming Fourth-Class Citizens

Jewish lawyers will insure that bonobos and other prominent non-black members of the ape family are fitted into the space between Whites and coloreds. The truth is that in America jews are first-class citizens, niggers and mex and other coloreds are second-class, and Whites are on the bottom. Make way for apelings! is the new hue.

McCarthy Was Right

Of course. He came reasonably close to naming the right names, and the jews fell over themselves for fear. Let's do it again, and do it right this time. But...NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. There is no other way to go; if you involve jews, as does Jared Taylor, you will be coopted. Anybody can blame niggers; that's not hard. What's hard is placing the blame where it belongs: on the kikes who overturned the jar of nigroaches in our kitchen. For that alone the Jewish race deserves to die. All focus on the kike, because the kike is the source of our problems. Here on Johnny Walker Rag. Talks about growing numbers of dual citizens. Every jew outside Israel is a foreign agent.

White Archaeology: Major Early Bronze Age Find in Britain

A 4,000-year-old grave found near Stonehenge contains the remains of an archer and a trove of artifacts that make it one of the richest early Bronze Age sites in Europe, archaeologists said Thursday. "It's a fantastically important discovery both for the number of artifacts found in that grave and the range of artifacts. It's absolutely unique," said Gillian Varndell, a curator of the British Museum's prehistory department.

Flat Tax Works in Russia

High taxes are another Jew tool for White genocide. Whites have to work longer hours to pay for the niggers and Mexcrement who feed off them. This leaves them less time to breed and raise families and enjoy life.

Media: Rivers v. Ebert

Somebody at this site decided to match up review quotes. How a guy like Ebert and nearly every single other non-Rivers reviewer can "analyze" movies while ignoring the Jew impetus behind most of them boggles the mind unless you see it as just another aspect of the kikes' complete media vertical integration: production, distribution, criticism... Here good old nebbishy Woody-for-my-coochy-coochy-gooky speaks against kikecott of Cannes. Here on the new movie about Jew Burros, posing as a German nationalist. After the movie won at Sundance, Bean screened the film for Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the assistant dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Cooper announced that he didn't like the film, and Bean found himself unable to find a distributor for one of the most praised recent American independent films.

May 11, 2002, Israeli Embassy Demonstration a Huge Success for Pro-White Activists

Hundreds of White Nationalists -- were YOU there? -- stand up FOR the White race and AGAINST Israeli terror in the nation's capital -- to the growing consternation of fat ugly kikesses decked out in tablecloths and the "reporters" who source them as "Palestinians." Itz coming, Hyman!...Pics are here, three pages, don't miss 'em. Oy! Next time 500. Itz coming! Victor Gerhard


Sobran criticizes the dopish jezuz-jumpers licking their lips for Armageddon. There is something sickly fascinatingly about watching these homunculi spit and gibber about Izzy's right, nay duty, to kill everything in its path. Why do these professional Christians always call to mind pile-on biker girlfriends, or those women who cut up the remains in the Kipling poem? There is something unhealthily feminine about Christian male leadership these "late" days. Real men don't tongue about luvluvluv 24 hours a day, while their gleaming eyes lust after Approved Hate, like Br'er Swaggart scenting a truck-stop whore. It's hard to be a man, and maybe that's the appeal of Christianity these days -- like faggotry, it offers an easy escape. Mere boughtness alone can't explain the pop-eyed slavering whenever the prospect of Israel pretaliating presents itself to the puppet pulpeticians. These public christies are some of the most dangerous suckspaces in the world, they have that same early-Beavis pyromaniacal draw to Izraeli brutality, this quite literally insane belief in "Rapture," mixed with simple hatred of non-stupid, non-unhappy people with necks. The thing I can't get past is that these dangerous, foolish clowns follow a book that says their hero was murdered by the same jews they worship! I guess they aren't teaching that these days. They occasionally reproach us at VNN for hate, perhaps because we advocate, say, deniggering Africa to make room for more tasteful species, but nothing we say or do approaches the hallucinogenic hyperhate and perfervid mania of the clown who wrote Revelations, which can't be Hate Literature because somebody labeled it the Good Book. Hate is just a word used by jealous folks to explain the curious attractiveness of others, as a certain O.W. more or less said. Admit it, dumb Christians: you hate like everybody else. But yeah verily, I call you unto a Higher Hate. Anybody can hate off the approved list; I call you to hate what's hatable.

Pim Party Wins 26 Seats

The election results proved Fortuyn's party, the Christian Democrats and their allies could marshal a comfortable parliamentary majority for a right-wing government.

World Rule by Jew

This is what is intended. More here. When the last jew disappears, the world will be free. Here on the con con and its changing nature. Here Taki on Haider.

Yid Dershowitz on Chomsky

Jew flings moralizing cant. Is anything more repugnant and representative of Jewry than Jew Dershowitz? One man criticizing Jews is a hater. Two is a 'pogrom.'

Can't Hide It Much Longer, Kikes -- "Itz" Coming!

Anybody with a brain knows that the Izzy spy scandal suppression demonstrates that A) our "free" press is nothing but Semites and sycophants, and that B) the kikes hate us, use us, lie about it daily. Another decent Raimondo column, full of his tiresome self-praise, but with some enjoyable and deserved attacks on some WSJ wanker. "Israel is our friend, squawk!" "Israel is a democracy, squawk!" Anybody out there even wanna pretend America's anything but a big Israeli supply bag? Of course not.

Reverse the Invasion: Shoot the Invaders and Take Their Land

More here on the rich diversity, of criminal life, aliens bring, ask any college deanpresidentadministrator, lowest form of life on earth, even lower than kikes, much as it pains me to say it. How lucky we are to have them. Who else would grow the market for body-outline chalkers, prison holding cell vomit cleaner-uppers, bail bondsmen, skip tracers, cookers of tamales, chorrizos and corncobs-on-a-stick? Improving your economy by breaking windows? Same thing as improving your economy by importing Mexicans. Mexicans don't pay, Mexicans cost.

Jews Agree: Good or Bad for Us is All That Matters

Jews cannot be loyal to anything but other Jews. It is a grave mistake to regard them as fellow Americans, Englishmen, Frenchmen -- they aren't, can't be. Jews are a race that preys on other races, principally the White race. They must be destroyed. Here a court confirms that a man's White skin may be used against him when it comes to opportunities for schooling for the highly paid professions. This, too, is how the Jew destroys you, White man. He prevents you from defending yourself from the nigroaches he loosed on you; he prevents you from obtaining the schooling you need to improve your family's life. Just why, again, do we tolerate the Jew in our midst? I don't see any reason. Do you? I think we ought to kill off the Jews and live free, like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, my ancestors and your ancestors intended. Don't you? The kike only cares about what's "good for Jews." Well, I only care about what's good for Whites. And what's good for Whites is Jews underground. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Accept no substitutes. There's not one person reading these words right now who doesn't know that what I say is true. Jew, White, colored, FBI rabbit-death-scream tape-operator -- every one of you knows that Jews are as poisonous as nightshade to any civilized White country, and, going by logic, ought to be destroyed, root and branch, hooknose, shifty eyes and crooked fingers. More here. Admissions stuff isn't particularly interesting or telling, so we don't link to it that much. But it is important, in that day in, day out it's a source of White misery and cynicism, as Whites are denied opportunities that coloreds and the Jews running the System may prosper. Nothing will change until we physically destroy the Jewish race. There is no voting your way out of genocide, White man. It will require physical destruction of the Jews murdering us.

Media: Brock On his days at Berkeley...

The Tale of Camp Hepburn

Jews control everything, even the YMCA. No, this is not a joke, and yes, the White man needs to wake up and crush this noxious Kevin Hannan

Movie Review: 'The New Guy'

Jews directed and produced this film about White nerds and the negroes who save Mark Rivers

Great new Herschel cartoon here.

NA Rally Photos

More on rally here. And here from the Washington Times. "The problem is these guys [from the National Alliance] bring more and more people each time they come back," said a 31-year-old Baltimore man who identified himself as "Duke" from the North Eastern Federation of Anarcho Communists. He did not give his real name, fearing retaliation, he said. Ever notice how these "reporters" never interview anybody? They aren't trying to "report," which means to tell you what actually happened - what you would have seen and heard if you'd been there, but to fit the story into a framework that snugs with Jew ideology. That accounts not just for the bias but the bloodlessness of these reports-without-reporting. Read stuff written 100 years ago and you will see the difference.

Calliham Hush Crime

This is the South Carolina guy beat up by a nigger for being a Southern White. SC Yates won't tell you why the attack occurred -- even as he pats himself for being the only guy to report it -- because he's a Christian fantasist who prefers Biblical hallucinations to biological realities. The Jews who control the news rigged the laws to encourage exactly this sort of nig-on-White attack, with the end goal of White genocide. It's that simple, and that brutal. Yates, like most Christians, is too weak to handle the truth. VNN readers should not be. VNN readers should always peel, and peel, and peel until they hit fruit. If I peel short, then readers should point it out and peel further. It really doesn't take a great ability to think to figure out what's going on, it takes determination to get beyond the label-level explanations. There is one policy the Jews creating the Caucasian-killing-context fear, and that is the policy we must follow: No dialogues, no interfaith, no reaching out, no nothing but...NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. When the last jew is underground, the world will be free. ...And what a dumb name: 'reverse hate crime.' In every way, rhetorically and factually, this term is a failure. Niggers and minorities commit most hate crimes, so the true reverse is the rare instance a White does it. But blessed are the poor in brains, the cowed, the suckpoops, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Jesus said it, and he "walked on water," so who am I to doubt Him? Seriously, folks: if you can believe in a jew who comes back from the dead, why do you stick at racial egalitarianism? Stop letting Christianity warp your mind. The proper term for soot-on-White "hate" crimes is 'hush crime.' A Ph.D. fool and Christian weakling like Yates will never use that because it sounds threateningly efficacious, and there's no recorded instance of anyone else using it first. Ph.Ds don't lead, they footnote and follow, fear anything fast and fective. There is one interesting twist near the end of Yates's comments. He almost -- not quite, but almost -- draws the accurate conclusion that the Golden Rule is a whoppingly stupid and dangerous idea. Treat others not as you want to be treated, but the way they show you they should be treated. Would you treat a rabid dog the way YOU want to be treated? Or would you shoot it? Well, mutatis mutandis -- the Jew being substantially worse than a rabid dog -- that's how you should treat the Jew. Again, I'm simply stating what's obvious, but the Christianity that produces the mindset that encourages -- nay, demands -- that normal people sacrifice their brains, bodies and babies to the most fantastical and life-negating hallucinations the world has ever seen has nothing but scorn, disdain and fear for dirty-farmer-hand facts. Itz so bad that we have Christian flanderses literally saltating over curbs to thank drunken, oblivious niggers for running over their kids. Christians, somewhat like S&M freaks, obtain some sort of weird sexual-mental orgasm out of being wronged and "forgiving" their wronger. Now, I understand a taste for the gutter, but Christianity goes way beyond that: a goddam perversion, itz -- like the kind you find back with the strawberry enema ads in your local "alternative" newspaper. Am I wrong? Any Christian in this bar who can knock me on my ass, well, here I stand, I can do no other. Bring it on, or admit that I am correct and join us.

Mexicans are Shit

Here a lupe rapes a 94-year-old woman. Weeds or excrement, whatever you want to call them these lip-sucking hominids are useless and ought to be shot if they attempt to cross to this side of the Rio. What ever got better by adding Mexicans? Only Dems' political chances and Jewish racial interests. But remember, none of these Mexcrement would be in our country without Jews. Jews opened the borders to Mexcrement. Mexcrement is only a symptom, Jew is the disease. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW. Bushy loves the Mexcrement. What if America were run in the interest of Whites? "That victory continues to inspire liberty-loving people across the globe," Bush said. "It reminds us that the cost of freedom is always high, but it is never too high." Here Jew-controlled INS releases shit into American bloodstream. Any country that allows Jews to circulate among its citizens will, in time, be destroyed. Jews are the enemy of humanity. There is only one policy toward jews that works: No Jews. Just Right.


More here on the old sperm chugger. Here on international law seeping into the U.S. through treaties.

Puling Kikes Make Me Vomit

It never ends. Jews persecute, harass, "break down," "re-make" and destroy to their heart's content, and the minute the tables are turned, our biological enemies are crying their ducts out about poysecution and hate and intolerance and all the things they exhibit fulsomely. Jews are locusts in human form. Time to spray. More here. Gee, you dumb kike bitch, how many Aryan studies departments are there in this country? Where do the ideals and ideas of Hitler get a fair treatment? Nowhere. Not one single university has the guts to take Hitler head on. There is no intelligent opposition to White Nationalism -- just the sempiternal persecution carried out by Jews against honest White men. Jews aren't victims, jews are victimizers. I say it again, and I'll never stop. Death to the Jews. The only policy toward the jew that will work is: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Dig it, or dig your own grave, White man. The Jew is your biological enemy. He cries, he cries, he cries -- no. Look at what he does. Forget what he says, look what he does. Wherever the jew rules, the non-jew rues. Jews in the Soviet Union killed unknown millions of Whites. Nobody ever says word one about it. That's why VNN exists: to promote the truth that Jews are killers. Sounds funny like that, doesn't it? Don't ever hear it anywhere else, do you? But it's true. It has the virtue of being true. And I glory in saying it, because I know that cowards like Suckpoop Joe and Cal Thomas, for whom I have illimitable disrespect, never will.

King Lincoln

History bears on the present; history is just the same battle in different forms, and one is as good as another. If you think the U.S. should be cetralized and run by Jews to serve Jewish interests and kill off Whites, then Lincoln was a great guy. If you think Jews should be killed off and Whites control their own future, then you see him for what he was: a Jew-useful dictator. Here on the jewing of American foreign policy. Apt cartoon here. Here Chomsky on U.S. role in Middle East. Here oinking and oying from A.H.'s non-explainer yid Rosenbaum.


Typically blank-brained me-ist spewdrool. Libertarian decanting on state v individual, the libty dumbty dogma for interpreting reality, as effective as looking into a kaleidoscope to see out your front window. Jews work together the way bees do to destroy any enemy of the hive. Every libertarian should look into biology. We've learned a bit since 1700 about that "human nature" you're always referring to. Does the spaniel or the chihuahua or the doberman or the weimaraner exhibit "dog nature"? They all bark incessantly and eat shit. How do we know they aren't Christians or little terriers like you? Label-reality "ain't cuttin' it." This dope Wallace quotes the Burke we often twist, urging his readers to do something. We are to reclaim our culture one individual at a time, with individuals using their individual freedom to become lawyers, professors and other useful types and to work as individuals in their newfound professional capacities for the triumph of individualism. Likely that's not. Hmm, raceless, groupless individuals operating out of shared opinions will come together to defeat a race that has worked to destroy every other for thousands of years. Don't see it happening. If you are a libertarian, here's the only way you're ever going to get near the freedoms you claim you want (The reality is you're too scared to use the restricted freedoms you now have, much less reclaim any.): as a by-product of White Revolution. Freedom is not something abstract that individual consciences sign up for, it's the outgrowth of particular people in particular circumstances. That's a fact, not an opinion. The fact is that the freedoms you scared libertarians claim you want didn't come about the way you think, and they haven't been destroyed for the reasons or by the sources you blame. You write a thousand dud columns blaming the state, not one pointing at the actual anti-freedom carriers. Group reality is every bit as real as individual reality, but your dogma prevents you from acknowledging that fact, let alone doing anything about it. Race is the only possible basis for opposing the Jews who destroyed America en route to committing genocide against the White race -- and murdering individual freedom was a necessary part of their plan. The battle today and always is not between freedom-lovers and freedom-haters, but between racial groups struggling for space. You are confusing one aspect of internal-White debate -- the scope of the state -- with the big picture. Without a stable White racial basis, any talk of freedom is ridiculous. Again, if any of you were interested in history or biology, you would see this. If any of you were real men not afraid to USE the freedom you blather on about, you'd write it. But you prefer to remain yappy little terriers. Perhaps that's your real nature and I'm a fool to imagine you could act otherwise.

White Archaeology: Germans Unbury Dipylos Kouros

German archaeologists digging in a Greek burial ground have found a 2,600-year-old statue that appears to be another masterpiece by an acclaimed but anonymous ancient artist. The find a nearly complete statue of a young man called a "kouros" bears the stylistic hallmarks of works attributed to a sculptor known only as Dipylos after the neighborhood where his works were found."After 140 years of excavations ... no one could imagine that a new work by the Dipylos sculptor would come to light. But it happened," Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier, head of the German archaeological digs in the area, said Friday. While the Germans were digging up works of genius, niggers occupied porches and jews wrote tv sitcoms depicting them as intelligent and non-useless.


Purports to explain "culture of credulity"... Here Jew Medved pules for the Land Where Hate Began. Jews and Whites are in a biological war. Good and evil, while we use those terms because they are conventional, have little to do with it. If you can imagine that the jew-owned, -operated ane hired-fag-edited New York Times could be anti-Israel, then you are just the sort of sucker-reader WorldNetDaily and Jew Medved seek. Jews' pretense that EVEN THE PAPERS THEIR BROTHER KIKES OWN AND OPERATE are persecuting them is one of their time-tested strategies, similar to the way a mother bird feigns a broken wing to draw your attention. Here's the egg she doesn't want you to eat: Jews are a race in competition with your race, White man. And Jews have decided that the White race must die -- hence the end to segregation and the importation of murderous coloreds by the family-pak. If it doesn't name the jew, sham politics, itz; beanbag and beachball-batting Republicanism; useless me-too loserism, unworthy of the heirs of the White racists who founded our world.

Christians Once Again Under Jew-Attack, Too Cowardly to Resist

Piss Moses? Piss Christ. How come we never see -- anytime, anywhere -- Jew values, Jew icons, Jews themselves -- under assualt, as Christians are here in this non-Jew's play, promoted by Jews and Jewpapers and Jewkultur? I'm sure it's not on purpose. It just sort of works out that way -- always. Did you know that it is Jewish religious doctrine that Jesus is boiling eternally in dung or excrement, depending on which rabbi you favor? How come that nice jew gal Mona Charen never mentions that? Or any of the groovy kikes at Horowitz's rag? More here on queers and their diseases.

Media: Rat-Biter Attacked by Rabid Suckpoop

Some like to bite the heads off a bats; some like to eat toads and worship nation-wrecking Savior-killers. There's no accounting for taste, eh, Suckpoop Joe? He pules cuntily: Satanic lyrics, evil worldview, disgusting mouth, no musical ability, drug abuse. This is Osbourne. He is a depraved moral terrorist, seducing young kids who don't know any better into deadly lifestyles. You encourage your readers to swallow jewish shit, Supersucker, and that's a lot more infectious than a perfectly healthy flying rat. Yeah verily Jesus said, It is not that which goeth into the mouth that defileth a man. He hadn't met Suckpoop Joe or he would have had second thoughts. Here on Milquetoast O'Reilly. ...he had apparent brain flatulence and went ballistic on the air with Don Imus and mimicked Alec Baldwin calling for Henry Hyde to be stoned to death. "There is no other cure than to kill Matt Drudge," O'Reilly charged on the "Imus in the Morning" radio show on Wednesday. Now that's funny. Milky sounds like us talking about the kikes, ha! Kill your televitz: itz just another jew between you and reality.

National Alliance May 11th Rally

Reports on this event are rolling in. Here, an initial report from The Washington Post. The white supremacists, from states including Ohio, Florida and Georgia, gathered outside the embassy on Van Ness Street in upper Northwest Washington to protest U.S. support for Israel. Notice how the Palestinians they quote always say something like, "They (i.e., Whites) steal our cause to promote their own racism." They never say, "These Whites are right. The U.S. is occupied too. These protestors are the few who realize it and are brave enough to resist. Jews are the problem. Not just Zionists or Israelis. Jews. All of them." Why? Because, at the end of the day, sand niggers care only for their own kind. And they are right. Any White Nationalist worth his salt is not a "Palestinian Freedom Fighter." He's a White Nationalist Freedom Fighter who sees Palestinian resistance to Jew tyranny as a first step, a global running start toward White resistance to Jew tyranny in the U.S., in Europe, Australia, Canada, anywhere the Jew menace has wreaked havoc unchecked for more than a split second. Note to whining "anti-racist" Arabs: We are taking advantage of your cause to promote ours. So, if you're in OUR country, taking advantage of the JEWS' co-opted media -- the same media "your people" "back home" lambaste as Zionist Occupied -- to push your agenda, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Think Big Or Die

Advice on infiltrating the White elite remnant, winning its members over to the cause of White Andrei Kievsky

People For the Ethical Treatment of Whites

The spirit is willing, but the brain is washed: White men line up to murder and die for animals, but not for the one race that cares about them. Who will protect the protectors? D.W.

Spidermensch, It's!

Here, CBS-Jew Dan Raviv with a book about Jews -- a book to sell! Raviv "lived in a house in which Hebrew was spoken and news reports from the Middle East were a way of life." No "diversity" for Jews. Oh, the book? About the Yid-vs.-Yid battles for the helm of Marvel Comics. There is no American popular culture -- it's 100% Jewish, right down to your childhood fantasies. "The real heroes of Marvel Comics are the two Israeli men at the company's helm, Isaac (Ike) Perlmutter and Avi Arad." Able to leap tall piles of money at a single bound, they're! "The story of Marvel is a Jewish one indeed." Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, the creators of Spiderman and the Fantastic Four? Jacob Kurtzberg and Stanley Lieber. "The business side...'is not that different than investing in media companies, where there have been a lot of Jews.'" Jewish media control -- right down to the comic books children read -- is all a myth, an "anti-Semitic canard," you see. Don't let your kids buy this shit, and be sure to explain to them why they can't. "Jews are bad people. They even lie all the time about what their real names are." Make your own culture, White man. De-Jewify your life.

Every Jew A Pearl -- Or So They Say

Ask a guy what he did in the Army, he'll tell you that he was "military intelligence," Ranger, Green Beret. You'll never meet one of the truck drivers, the cooks and clerks, the can-counters and file-folder-fussers who constitute about 9/10ths of the force. Ditto with the world's 14 million Jews -- here, an entire family of nothing but piano prodigies. "In 1999, Golabek, Renee Golabek-Kaye and her daughters Michele, Sarah and Rachel were the featured artists at the 60th reunion of the Kindertransport in London...performing Debussy's "Clair de Lune," a favorite of Lisa's, live on the BBC." We are supposed to believe that this is typical. Watch that "Holocaust" material on TV -- everyone being whipped into line for "selection" is either young, svelte, and attractive or old and wise with lots of smile-wrinkles. They're all compassionate doctors, brilliant musicians, or kindly shopkeepers -- not a yammering, sharklike Jew lawyer or a fat, thieving Jew landlord in the lot. No loud, obnoxious, petty Jewish women to argue amongst each other -- "Zel-da! You're breathing all the gas! Leave some for other people, already!" -- and nary a someone's-else-wife-screwing rabbi or bearded, slavering, boy-fondling yeshiva scholar anywhere in sight. Jews really think you're stupid.

Jewish "Humor"

Here, some Borowitz or other with a piece in that classic Jewish "pull-a-piece-of-lint-out-of-your-navel-and-write-a-column-about-it" style, that not-clever, not-amusing, beat-it-to-death, labored yiddishe would-be merriment over theft, swindling, plagiarism -- all the high points of Jewish existence. "Moses was exemplary...he did not order 17,000 copies of his own book with the alleged goal of catapulting it onto the best-sellers list. True, 17,000 stone tablets probably would have taken up more space in Moses' garage than he could realistically have spared." Oh, ha ha, you're killing us, ha, please, no more, ha ha, no more. These people actually get paid money -- good money -- for this. Do you understand now, White man, what the word "parasite" means? One can only hope for some dusky, hammer-wielding narcotics aficionado, some lethal intruder to creep up Borowitz' fire escape -- now, that would be "laugh-out-loud funny."

Jewish "Culture"

This week, VNN stands back, holds its nose, and drags the lid off the septic tank of Jewish cinema. "Israeli director" -- so who else? -- "Dover Koshashvili's debut feature-length film 'Hatuna Meuheret' (Late Marriage), opening May 17 at Lincoln Plaza Cinema in Manhattan." So where else? In this "production," "Zaza and the prospective woman-of-his-life chat awkwardly in the bedroom, a love charm fashioned from an infant's foreskin having been kicked under the bed in advance for good luck." We are not making that up. These are the very same Jews who invent wild-eyed tales about "Nazis" boiling Grandma down to soap and using her skin to make lampshades. Look who's talking! Stick a bone through your nose, hang human scalps about your person, smear yourself with man-fat, you're called a primitive tribesman, a barbarian, a savage. What are we to make of this? Huh? Don't fret about VNN's No Jews. Just Right. slogan -- look at the excellent reasons behind it. Do you cry over cockroaches? No sane person would miss the world's 14 million disgusting, baby-dick-bedecked Yids. Oi! Feh!

Stop Press! Jews Support Jews!

The perennial bells-clanging news bulletin about how Jews are on the side of Jews. "N.Y. Israel Parade Draws Broad Spectrum of Marchers." That means 500,000 Jews. "Whatever political differences people have seem to become less important because of the serious danger and risk Israel faces," said Susan Ticker -- Oi, these awful, snipped-off names! Who could love a "Ticker," man? -- "Israel Educator for the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation of Metropolitan New York." Jews set, up, Jews knock down. Jews set up, Jews knock down. Ho hum.

Reliable Sources

Big news! Here, the "usual suspects" -- Elie Wiesel, Alan Dershowitz, Abraham Foxman, Mortimer Zuckerman -- urge Bush to back murderer Sharon. There are only 14 million Jews in the whole world, yet their concerns occupy our every waking moment. No Jews. Just Right.

Sheenies Squabble! Shocking Semitic Scandal!

Everyone is supposed to bend over backward to subsidize, comfort, protect, get along with the world's 14 million Jews -- who are busy setting fire to each other's synagogues, making lewd remarks, groping women in the cloakroom, screwing each other's wives, and suing each other. "In a community of only 200 Jews, there are currently four lawsuits under way involving at least two dozen of them." Then they act all shocked when Whites, seeing what Yids're like and wanting no part of it, howl "DEATH TO THE JEWS!" Go figure.

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